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The fans have spoken, and now it's our turn!  The Winchester Family Business Admins - Ardeospina, sweetondean, and Alice - have complied a list of awards for Supernatural Season 8 using totally unscientific, completely subjective, and  somewhat questionable methods.  Just like in prior seasons, these awards were selected by bored minds who have had plenty of time this season to overanalyze various things.  But we think they're right.  In other words, the kind of thing a "Supernatural" fan would love!  

So, without further fanfare, on with the awards!  

Ardeospina's Awards:

Worst Use of a Totally Awesome TV/Sci-fi icon:  If you've never watched the classic TV show "Barney Miller," you should do yourself a favor and go find it because it is awesome.  Hal Linden is stellar as the title character.  I was pumped when he showed up in "Everybody Hates Hitler" as Aaron's kooky grandfather.  And then he was dead.  Come on!  He's way to awesome to die so early in an episode!


Most Overused Plot Device:  Oh, there's a powerful demon/monster we have tied up/is lurking around, so let's walk away/split up.  Really, how many times have they split up only to have that bite them in the ass?  You'd think they would have learned by now.  It drives me nuts.

Most Overdone Gag/Overused Words in a Season:  Dean and porn.  He likes it.  We get it.  Moving on.  We really don't need to be hit over the head with this fact every season.  (From Alice - However, I did love Dean discovering the predecessor to Busty Asian Beauties, Voluptuous Asian Lovelies!)  

SPN 0118

Best Use of the Castiel Squint of Smiting:  Minimart runs out of pie.  That poor minimart employee is going to forever remember the day the hot guy in a trench coat knocked a bunch of stuff down, squinted at him, and then busted out the wrath.

Best Monologue:  Tie.  Crowley and Crowley.  The first one goes to his "What's the line?  Saving people, hunting things.  The family business" evil villain speech in "Clip Show."  That was terrifying.  The second gs to his "I'm having all these feels because you're turning me human" speech to Sam in "Sacrifice."

Episode I Loved That I Wasn't Expecting To: "Bitten."  This episode was so different.  I loved the whole thing.  The story was great, the way Sam and Dean were worked into it intrigued me, and I even liked the filming style.  It probably wasn't well-served by airing as the fourth episode, though.

Best Bait and Switch: "Sacrifice."  The ending was so epic that you didn't even notice that NOTHING got resolved in the rest of the finale.

Best (and only allowable) Use of Comic Sans: "Hunteri Heroici."  Comic Sans is literally the worst font ever, but it was used to great comic effect in this episode.

SPN 1229

Best Montage: Charlie trying on clothes in "Pac Man Fever."  That was really, really fun.  And the fact that she even called herself on the montage thing was a great in-joke.

Best Series-Long Myth Put to Rest:  What the Hellhounds really look like.  I was a little worried because imagination can sometimes be scarier than truth, but the whole FX team really nailed the Hellhounds.  They were super scary.


Plot Device Introduced That Should Be In All Episodes:  Reverse exorcism.  That was hella smart.  And useful.

Best Appearance By A Supposedly Important Figure That Didn't Go Anywhere:  Naomi.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the character of Naomi.  I was just really hoping for more from her than getting a drill to the brain and dying.

Worst Retcon:  Tie. Henry Winchester and the Grand Canyon.  I don't mind the MoL storyline, but does literally EVERYONE in the Winchesters' backstory have to have some kind of connection to the occult?  And don't even get me started on the whole suddenly they went to the Grand Canyon thing.  No!  No!  Remember your own history, show.  Come on.

Best Attempt At Making Dinner:  Peanut Butter Cups on a Plate.  Peanut butter cups are damn good, but really, serving them on a plate for dinner?  It was a nice effort by Dean, but there's running low on supplies and there's eating like you're a freshman in college.

SPN 0173
Best Dean Tries To Parent Sam Moment:  Attempted airplane feeding.  Ha ha ha ha, who hasn't wanted to do that at one time when a sibling is being surly?  Treating your little brother like a picky toddler is definitely an older brother's prerogative.

On the next page, sweetondean's Awards! 


leah unlogged
# leah unlogged 2013-07-09 19:56
Love these, thanks Alice, sweetondean and Ardeopsina!
My favorites:
Best Use of the Castiel Squint of Smiting: Minimart runs out of pie. That poor minimart employee is going to forever remember the day the hot guy in a trench coat knocked a bunch of stuff down, squinted at him, and then busted out the wrath.

Pitch I’d Most Like To Have Been In The Writer’s Room For: “See, there’s this male witch and his familiar is a dog and they’re in love...” “AWESOME! Write it! The fans will love it!”

Best Appearance of a character from previous seasons to get killed off rather hastily: Thank you Sarah Blake for at least giving us eight years of Sam/Sarah fan fiction before you were brought back in a flash just to be killed. We hardly knew you, yet we knew all about you in ways you'd never imagine.
# hlnkid 2013-07-10 11:50
Best Monologue..YES! Oh man, if that Crowley speech while the boys were desperate to find the hex bag to save Sarah, wasn't SPN, nothing was. What a perfectly conceived scene.

I agree about Naomi...I was expecting more there, esp after devoting so much time to her. But...despite her death, maybe things aren't finished there yet. I'm glad the end of S8 was left so open...leaves so many possiblities for S9.

And LOL, I didnt notice about Sam's hair...the ends flipping up like that...ha! Florence Henderson, look out!

Great work you guys putting this all together. Thanks for the fun read!
# Sylvie 2013-07-10 15:33
Thank you ladies for this, it was highly entertaining. And Sweetondean, I agree with you about picking a best moment for Dean, they were all good. ;-)
# Bevie 2013-07-10 16:19
Thanks administrators. Your choices were all great and entertaining. (except for "Bitten", for me, a big bore, sorry :eek: )

And sweetondean, I too agree Dean's best moment were all of his moments! :P
# krystal 2013-07-10 18:12
These were awesome! Loved each and everyone of them! Thank you!!!
# Bardicvoice 2013-07-11 15:52
These were fun! I agreed with many, but one I totally didn't: sorry, Ardeospina, but I thought the reverse exorcism was one of the STUPIDEST things introduced this season (and there were a few others vying for that title ... wait for my article on things that made me want to hit my head against a wall!). The words of exorcism make sense if you know Latin; they exhort a spirit to leave and call upon the power of God to compel it. Saying the words in reverse order would have no meaning at all, so that was a "Bzuh?!?" moment for me.

My award for "Best Visual Reveal" of the season would go to the brothers turning on the lights and realizing what they had in the MoL bunker in Everybody Hates Hitler: my jaw dropped at the magnificence and beauty of that set!
# PENNY JAIME 2013-07-12 19:31
THANK YOU! Glad someone else mentioned the horrible Zeus. As good as they are with so many different monsters, I couldn't believe that is what they did with Zeus. They could have dumped the "love story", and focused on Zeus. SweetonDean, great minds think alike, as usual! Glad you are so articulate
# debbab 2013-07-12 22:48
After Best Friends with Benefits, Remember the Titans was a wasted opportunity. Even Sam's attempt to take the young boy away from his pain was not well written although it did make a point for Sam about choices.
# debbab 2013-07-12 22:37
In TOTAL agreement. I cannot get the recon about the grand canyon out of my head. Was Sam making it up from his feverish state and Dean just agreeing? This one really is a goof.
# debbab 2013-07-12 22:46
I cried, I laughed, I sighed, I winced, I held my breathe, I screamed at the TV yes, no, what the Hell? all in season8. And Taxi Driver had some good moments, it just could have been a two part episode with more attention to detail, but oh well such is TV with a short budget. Amazed at what SPN does on short money with long hours on set. Best Friends with Benefits is certainly much worse as in terms of arc continuation and monster of the week than Taxi Driver so I too am baffled by the dislike. Again it was truncated into one episode.
# debbab 2013-07-12 23:05
Sam's hair was at its worst when he emerged from the ice bath, but it was supposed to be. Okay, we do sort of treat it as a separate character from time to time:-).
Dean's tricky use of the cell phone to distract Sam from the Benny/Martin drama was pretty low but the skill with cell phones came in handy to track Charlie. I too would like to travel long distances during commercial breaks and scene cuts- we must suspend our disbelief- and the torture of Samandriel was just the most gruesome of the series. I do think the review of Sam and Dean's time in Hell during BFB served as a review for newer viewers but you already know how I feel about that episode as a whole.Let me add- Most wasted use of a guest star. Hal Linden. His best work was probably left on the editor's floor. The episodes are shorter with more commercial time crammed in the last scene than earlier seasons. Thanks and Good work, Alice