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Welcome to the next chapter in my original fan fiction Christmas story! If you missed the beginning of Sam and Dean's surprise holiday hunt, catch up on Part 1 before continuing. As we slowly move toward the heart of the story, we will see and hear about some lovable characters. The speed should fully pick up by chapter 3.

For this chapter I thought it would be fitting to add a clip from 3.08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas" because it is one of the reasons I decided to write this story.



It's a Supernatural Life

Chapter Two

Dean: Hold up. You alright?

Dean stepped in front of Sam and rested his hand beside Sam's chin like he always does when he is worried about him. Dean checked the frost bite on Sam's neck. Sam nodded and glanced at the damage on his brother in return.

Sam: You?
Dean: I'll live.
Sam: I need some hot coffee. You want some?
Dean: Don't know if it will help. Jumping in a volcano on the other hand...

They had piles of snow on their head, shoulders, neck and boots that they needed to shed. Dean flicked up the collar of his jacket to shake the snow off his neck. They both stomped their feet on the floor to get the snow off of their shoes. The sound from that lingered through the quiet halls and corridors.

Familiar footsteps echoed on the metallic stairs and Sam flicked up the barrier. Dean was shivering so badly you could hear his teeth tapping to one another. Castiel was researching some information from books when he looked up and saw the brothers. If this was a cartoon, Castiel would have had huge question marks beside and above his face. Dean nodded at Cas as a greeting.

Dean: Everything okay Cas?
Cas: Yes, why wouldn't it be?
Dean: Never mind. I need a warm long shower. Sam can tell you all about it.

Castiel eyed both of his friends and he noticed the marks on their necks. He walked to Sam and brought his hand over the frostbite and handmark. He got a slight magical shock from it. His normal puzzled look formed on his face while he glanced at his hand.

Sam: What is it?
Cas: A curse. Removing the mark will lift it but the effects might stay for a while.
Sam: Can you take care of it?
Cas: Shouldn't be a problem.

Dean stopped in his tracks when he heard that. This was no laughing matter for Dean - he was slightly edgy about marks that contain a curse. He wanted the frostbite gone as soon as possible so it was no surprise that he wanted Cas to remove it. Also the chills were going through his spine even thinking about it.

Dean: Get it off of me.

Castiel swiped his hand over Sam's mark and it vanished, then he walked to Dean and removed it from him too.

Castiel: You both were lucky. If you had been in contact from the spirit longer, this would not have been this easy.
Sam: Thanks Cas.
Dean: Yeah, thanks. Sammy, make that coffee, will ya'?
Sam: Yeah, yeah.

Dean hollered about being cold all the way to the shower.

Castiel: So, what was it?
Sam: A Yuki-onna, something that shouldn't be here but still was. I guess nothing is unusual where our lives are concerned.
Castiel: I see... And it has been taken cared of?
Sam: Yeah, but if what you said was true, the blizzard will stay outside a while.  We might need warmer clothes.
Castiel: We are safe here. It can't come through the barrier.

Sam nodded and walked to his room to change from his wet clothes to something more comfortable - a warm sweater and sweat pants. He smiled and sat down on his bed that was neat and tidy as usual. On the bed stand, he had a flat box that had no writing nor markings. He leaned towards the stand to pick it up. Sam seemed to stare at the box a while before he grabbed a newspaper, wrapped the box like a present and tied a cord around it. Then he hid it under his pillow. It is a miracle he could keep the present a secret from Dean. He knew that his brother often came into his room to do pranks and Dean with presents are like sugar and water.

Sam had finally caught the holiday spirit. They got their mother back (even though it was complicated) and his and Dean's relationship felt like it used to. Castiel had grown to be a close friend and felt like an extended family for them. Sam was still keeping in touch with Sully and Eileen - Eileen had sent him emails about the hunts she had been to - and Jody remained a close part of their lives. For the first time in Sam's life, he had gotten more Christmas wishes than reports about possible hunts. His thoughts were interrupted when he remembered the coffee so he finally headed out to the kitchen to make it.

Meanwhile, Dean had finished his shower and was heading to his room. Since he was drying his hair with a towel while he walked (and wearing one on his waist), it was a miracle that he even saw where he was heading. Luckily he ended up at his door and he opened it. Dean had a similar present already ready because he also wanted to surprise Sam. It was wrapped in a newspaper on his bed.

Dean whistled happily. His thoughts were pretty similar to Sam's. All was good in the world, or at least as good as it could be in their lives. He checked that the present was where it should be. It is rare to see the second Winchester smile from ear to ear. He hummed some Motorhead song while he brushed his teeth, used dental floss and even mouth wash, gurgling it away. He also put on more comfortable clothes before he headed out to the kitchen to get his coffee cup, still whistling.

The door of the bunker rattled and Castiel could hear the footsteps on the floor. Sam also looked puzzled as he walked to the table, ready to sprint to get his gun if the Yuki-onna wasn't dead. But the truth was more than he could hope for. Cas stood up and smiled when Sam asked in disbelief,

Sam: Mom?

There she was. Mary Winchester stomping her feet on the floor. She had a warm jacket, a winter hat with a ball on top on her head, a colorful scarf, and mittens on all covered in snow. Her cheeks and nose were red like Rudolph's. She dragged two full, big traveling bags in her hands and one on her back. Sam rushed to take them off of her. They were pretty heavy so it must have been a chore to get them here because of the snow and weather.

Sam: Let me help you with those.
Mary: Did you see the weather outside? It's like Grandfather Frost has gone bonkers.
Sam: Or a curse from an evil spirit...

Mary glanced at him. Sam shrugged a bit.

Sam: It's a long story.

They walked down the stairs. Mary slowly undressed from the snowy clothes and rested her back bag on the floor. She lifted the other two bags onto the table and sighed in relief. Sam didn't stop looking at her because he was afraid she would vanish again right in front of his eyes.

Sam: Mom... What's going on?

Mary glanced at him and smiled a bit.  She was also unsure if this was alright. She removed her mittens and Castiel took all her wet clothes away to dry. Meanwhile, Dean had heard the ruckus in the kitchen and headed to the vestibule with the towel hanging on his neck and steamy coffee cup in his hand. Mary opened her mouth to speak but she was interrupted when Dean arrived.

Mary: I...
Dean: Where's the fire? Oh...

Dean stopped in his tracks. He looked at Sam and then Mary. For a moment, there was an awkward silence while Sam and Dean stared at Mary.  She decided to break it before she had second thoughts and escaped the way she came.

Mary: I... I was thinking the other day... if we could spend this Christmas together... and I told Jody about it. We have been texting... And she insisted on helping and... Well, she made double Christmas dinner and gave us the second one. I bought the rest and some decorations...

Mary was really nervous about the situation and how her sons would respond so she continued babbling. She opened one of the bags and showed what was inside by picking the items up. Castiel also had come back and he eyed the situation. He had gotten used to the Winchester family drama so he just observed the conversation.

Mary: See! The food is almost done. We just need to prepare the turkey with stuffing in the oven and finish the mashed potatoes. There is eggnog, candy canes, Christmas cookies that I made and gingerbread, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I also made popcorn thread like I used to as a child... and... I know it is sudden but...

Dean was quiet but Sam stepped in as he noticed how nervous Mary was about the whole situation. He calmly and softly picked up Mary's shaky hands and looked at her in the eyes. Dean glanced at Sam and back at their mother. He had turned into a little kid again, still holding the ends of the towel. He was afraid that this was a dream and he would loose this if he even thought of it to be true.

Sam: Mom, it's great. We would love to have you with us. Right Dean?
Dean: Huh?.. Oh, yeah sure!
Castiel: It would be an honor.

Mary relaxed immensely and Sam let go of her hands. Dean walked to them, lowered the coffee cup and checked out the bags. Jody had been thorough. Dean's belly grumbled when he looked at all the food. The bags even had apple cider and fruit cake. He pulled out the cookies and gingerbread house and put them on the table with the cake.

Mary: I don't know if I am able to finish them correctly though. I will need some help.
Dean: I can do it. It's easy!

Dean picked up the bags and his coffee cup and headed towards the kitchen. Mary blinked and watched as Dean rushed off. She was not sure if he really wanted to help or if she had said something that offended him and him helping was just an excuse. Dean noticed the glance when he lifted the bags and just retorted,

Dean: What? I cook.
Sam: Yeah, he does. And pretty well I might add,

Sam affirmed when he saw Mary's look.

Dean: Just make everything else ready, will ya'.
Castiel: I will check out the situation outside and how far the blizzard goes.
Sam: Right, be careful out there Cas.

Cas headed up the stairs and outside. He needed to push the door open because there was a lot of snow behind it. He blasted the rest away from the opening. The blizzard was brutal (even though it didn't affect Cas) but checking out the weather was only part of the reason for his hasty exit. Mary needed some we-time with the brothers so this was the easiest way to do it. Make it safe for those he regarded as his real family at the same time didn't hurt.

The kitchen was ready and clean when Dean arrived there with the bags. He took all the food that needed to be finished out of the bags and ran both his hands back and forth through his hair.

Dean: What was I thinking? I am not a Master Chef... How the hell am I going to do this. Alright, think Dean... Think!

He eyed the perfect turkey and the salmon, the mashed potatoes and honey-roast carrots. Then it finally dawned on him. He picked up his phone and dialed a familiar number. Jody's friendly voice answered the phone. 

Jody: Shouldn't you be doing something else at the moment Dean?
Dean: Well, hello to you too. Jody. I know you are a sheriff but I didn't know you are Santa's little helper as a side job. That is why I need your help. I'm on kitchen duty here.
Jody: I thought Mary... You offered to finish the food didn't you?
Dean: Yeah, I did. Always the good soldier, aren't I?

Dean sighed and tapped the phone to his forehead for a moment when he realized what he had said before he continued. Jody rested the phone on her chest because Alex and Claire were bugging her about who called her.

Jody: Shush, it's Dean.

Then she moved the phone back to her ear.

Jody: Nonsense... Anyway, I knew you guys might need some help so I left some notes in the side pocket of one of the bags. You're welcome.

Dean opened the zipper on the bag and picked up the notes, still holding the phone on his ear with his shoulder. He looked through them.

Dean: *mumble* Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 6. Put the turkey in the oven and cook for 15 minutes then turn down the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4 about 2 and a half hours *mumble, mumble*.

Alex and Claire: Merry Christmas, Dean!

They leaned into Jody and yelled to the phone.

Dean: Merry Christmas!
Jody: Hey, scoot. Get the popcorn ready for the movie. And take the cookies!
Alex: Yes mom.
Claire: I still don't get why we need to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every Christmas.
Alex: Say what you want. You like it.
Claire: Nuh-uh.
Jody and Dean: It's a classic!

Alex picked up the bowl of popcorn and Claire picked up the tray of cookies.  Returning to the den, Claire tossed herself to slouch on the couch and Alex sat beside her. They immediately started bickering about which was better, the cookies or the popcorn.

Jody: Hey, hey!

Jody yelled and they stopped. Alex turned on the TV and Claire tossed few popcorn kernels into her mouth. Jody returned to the phone call.

Jody: How are you two holding up?
Dean: It goes... It is complicated.
Jody: It is as complicated as you two make it to be. But remember if you need to talk...
Dean: You are there for us. I know.
Jody: You better.
Dean: Thanks for it all Jody. Well, you know... and the notes.
Jody: You're welcome and give my holiday greetings to Sam and the rest too. I hope Feathers is fine. Merry Christmas Dean.
Dean: Merry Christmas.

Dean hung up the phone and turned on the oven. He went through the notes, took a good sip from the cup of coffee, then started to do what they said, step by step.

Mary was also nervous being left alone with Sam. She rubbed her hands together a bit. Sam was taking the decorations out from the back bag. Mary glanced at her son then leaned on the table with her hands.

Mary: Sammy, I think... we should talk.

Sam straightened up and looked at her when she said that. What would happen next? Was this only the calm before the storm? Dean was happily making the dinner and Sam was in the middle of decorating for Christmas. What could go wrong?



Continue on to Part 3

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