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Year 2016 was not an easy one to live through. After my accident, the year seemed to turn into a horrible monster in a horror movie that had randomly decided to kill my childhood heroes and heroines.

Also the world itself seemed to go bonkers. It all started in January and continued the whole year. Even the holidays were grim with news. We lost young and old and I can say that nothing has made me sadder in a while than when we lost Carrie Fisher. I grew up as a Star Wars fan and she and Princess Leia meant a lot to me.

Because of all that happened during the holidays, I got an idea for a story. I wanted people to feel better. I wanted people to have hope and I wished I could lift their spirits. It dawned on me when I watched the Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas day - Maybe I should write a fan story that follows the same idea?


I know my story will not be a masterpiece like "A Very Supernatural Christmas" or the original movie but I still hope that you will like it. I kept those classics in mind while writing this. The story spans a few chapters and as it would not be my article without a fan vid, here is one that I posted last year.

It is a good vid to watch and listen to before the story.



It's a Supernatural Life

Chapter One


Two figures are running in the snow like the devil is behind them.
Sam: I told you that it was a bad idea Dean!
Dean: Shut up and run Sam!
Sam: I knew she would get pissed.
Dean: It was a Yuki-onna, a Yuki-onna Sam. Once in a lifetime monster!
Sam: That can freeze you with her breath or, maybe, I don't know... CURSE a snow storm on you!
Dean: Son-of-a-b---!


What had the Winchesters gotten themselves into this time? Christmas day had started well. Both Sam and Dean were in a great mood so they decided to walk to the city because it was a nice day, and head to the gas station to buy some snacks for the game that evening. Mary had sent them Merry Christmas wishes in a text message. Castiel was binge watching every Christmas movie for reference purposes and Jody sent them season's greetings from her family too. 

Everything would have gone well if they hadn't decided to take a short cut through the park while laughing and chatting happily. They were happy, which only means something would go very wrong soon. So it did.

As they walked along, the air started to turn colder. Of course they both noticed it immediately when they breathed out cold air. It had been warmer than usual so such a drop was surprising. Sam swung his shoulder bag with the groceries around his shoulder to his side and he pulled his gun. So did Dean.

Sam: This is a bad idea...

He muttered and they separated to cover more ground faster. Soon they heard the sounds of running and a person falling down in the distance. The man they heard was in shock. He was pleading and yelling in Japanese at the one who was chasing him. Sam rushed to help the man up, at the same time keeping an eye on his surroundings. Then he saw it. Among the leaves and behind the trees floated out a beautiful woman with black long hair and blue lips. Her white kimono was sparkling with frost crystals. The ground was freezing from her bare feet but she left no foot prints. She was whispering something while she moved.

Dean appeared on the other side pointing the gun at her.

Dean: Hold it! You scary frosty Elsa!
Sam: Elsa?
Dean: Another guilty pleasure of mine so sue me!

The woman turned her head towards Dean and repeated her sentence "Nande uragitta no?"

Dean: Huh? What did she say?
Man: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!!

Sam grabbed and shook the man by his shoulders and repeated the question in a demanding voice.

Sam: Look Mister...
Man: Kai, I'm Kai.
Sam: Alright Kai, what did she say? Tell us.
Kai: She said: "Why have you betrayed me?

Kai said in a whimper like he knew he brought this on himself. He hid behind Sam who protected him with his left arm. Sam's presence had made Kai feel safer but he was still in shock.

Dean: Betrayed? Betrayed how?
Kai: I told my wife about her... that I met her.

Dean tilted his head and eyed the spirit that was now standing still. The leaves close by in lower branches and the ground around her froze bit by bit. While Dean glanced at that, something seemed to dawn on him.

Dean: Wait... Hold on... Is she a Yuki-onna? She is, isn't she? Wow... My childhood dream was to hunt one.
Sam: Dean, not now…
Dean: No Sam. I know how to put her down. She will vanish when her true self is shown to her. We need a mirror!
Sam: Where are we going to get a mirror in the middle of the park?!

The Yuki-onna snarled at Dean and then advanced towards Kai and Sam. She clearly knew that something was up. This time she hissed something different:

"Watashi wa yoake mae ni kōru yō ni anata o norou. Samu-sa ga watashi no fukushū ni naru!".

Kai translated it immediately.

Kai: "I curse you to freeze before the dawn. The coldness will be my revenge!"
Sam: Well, that doesn't sound good.
Dean: Get away from them you hairless Jeti!

Dean dug out his wallet from his jacket pocket, opened it and took out the small mirror he had there. He started to keep one because some of the motels didn't have mirrors and he needed one so he could shave (or maybe he had one just so he would be ready if he met a Yuki-onna someday!). He tossed it towards Sam who snatched it from the air.

Dean: Catch!

The spirit was still advancing towards the duo when Sam pointed the mirror at her. Needless to say, the spirit didn't take Dean’s gesture kindly. She waved her arm and her dress sleeve slapped Sam far away from Kai. He did not land softly down on the ground but he still kept the mirror and gun in his hands. Sam let out a loud "oomph" from the impact.

Dean: Sammy!

Dean immediately saw red when Sam was attacked. Dean shot a few rounds at the spirit as a diversion and to get the spirit off of Sam. Angering the spirit made the weather go even more ballistic, though. She whipped her sleeve at Dean's gun, tossing it into the snow. She then flicked it around Dean's neck and lifted him in the air. Her touch turned Dean's skin bluer by the minute.

Dean: Is t-t-that all t-t-that you'v-v-ve got?

He tried to be his smartass self but it didn't change the fact that he really was freezing. He felt it through his bones. Dean could hear Sam yelling his name like in a dream. Everything Dean was seeing was getting blurry. Dean saw Sam push Kai away, then heard Sam order him to run. Putting his gun under his armpit, Sam knelt to get a snow ball from the ground and tossed it as hard as he could at the Yuki-onna. Because of Sam's attack, she tossed Dean to the side. Dean took advantage of momentarily being free and rolled to get his gun.

Retaliating, Yuki-onna's tentacle sleeve snatched Sam by his throat. She pulled him closer, even more furious that Kai had escaped. Her eyes were fixed on Sam's. Dean immediately shot his weapon, aiming carefully so that he hit the spirit and not Sam. Sam stuck the mirror in front of the spirit's face while it was distracted. It screamed out loud and repeated the threat before blasting an all out blizzard in their direction. Her "hand print" glimmered on the skin of their throats while the full impact of her curse hit them. Dean crawled and sprinted up to reach Sam. Bracing against the wind, they got up using each other as leverage.

Sam: Dean, this is b-b-bad.
Dean: Not now, run!
Sam: You r-r-really wished to hunt t-t-that thing?
Dean: Busty Asian B-b-beauty with a supernatural twist. She w-w-was my dream crush.

Sam chuckled in disbelief. It was so like Dean to have a thing for a Japanese spirit. They both ran back towards the bunker as fast as they could but the curse was still following them. Her wrath had already dumped a lot of snow on the ground. The closer they got to the bunker, the more they struggled. A gust of wind tripped both of them and they felt the chill in their bones. They needed to get to shelter fast. At least as they ran they got warmer.

Sam: I told you that this was a bad idea Dean!
Dean: Shut up and run Sam!
Sam: I knew she would get pissed.
Dean: It was a Yuki-onna, a Yuki-onna Sam. Once in a lifetime monster!
Sam: That can freeze you with her breath or, maybe I don't know... CURSE a snow storm on you!
Dean: Son-of-a-b---!

The visibility was getting worse but luckily they were not far from the bunker door. Sam and Dean held on to one another the whole run so that they would not get lost in the blizzard. They rushed down the small stairs and Dean slammed himself against the door of the bunker yanking it open against the piling snow. They both tripped in the door. Sam pushed the door shut and sat against it. The Winchesters were out of breath but relieved that they made it inside.

Dean: Ding dong, the Wicked Witch is dead! Hehe…

Sam gave Dean his best bitch face while he grunted and stood up from the floor. He stretched out his hand to help Dean up. They both brushed off the snow from their clothes and hair. Sam headed inside with Dean as the warm welcome of their home caressed their frost bitten faces.

They were safe for the moment, but they could hear the blizzard raging just outside the door. Did they kill the creature or was the Blizzard her revenge? They knew they couldn't stay inside the bunker the rest of their lives so they would have to brave the storm at some point. Luckily, they had a friend there that could help.

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