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Here we are. The last part of the story. Only the epilogue is left after this. If you missed the opening chapters of this story of Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 before continuing. 

I hope you have liked this very different Christmas story! Sorry if it turned pretty grim on some points (this part will also have some graphic violence so be warned). I have always thought that Sam deserved a episode similar to "The End" and at the same time I have missed a new Christmas episode, so I combined both my wishes into this story. Hopefully, this story ends on a happy note for you (I saved that for last). If you need more, here is a small season's greetings from Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles - a little Christmas joy in the middle of Hellatus.



It's a Supernatural Life


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Sam met an old friend and he heard the truth, or did he?

Chapter 5

It was the click of the safety that set things in motion. Sam had no chance of winning but he wanted to try. Maybe it was because he knew that Gabriel couldn't get hurt and Sam just needed to punch something. Gabriel was a great candidate for that - except that he went full Matrix against Sam. He dodged the bullets from left to right and once he even bent backward while moving closer to Sam. When he was within range, Sam swung his machete but Gab vanished immediately before the hit, letting out an amused laughter. Sam grunted angrily and roared at the trickster while falling on his knees. He leaned forward to rest his knuckles on the ground and to catch his breath. Gabriel was nowhere to be seen but Sam could still hear his voice.

Gabriel: Fine by me Sam. If you want answers, go to Stull cemetery. You need to ask yourself why.

Sam heard Gabriel's whispers vanishing into the wind. He turned his hands so that he could rest on his palms and then he leaned back up. He stared at the hand he once hurt and Dean fixed with stitches. He heard Dean's words in his mind and he tried to pressure the old wound to wake up from this nightmare. The scar did not hurt anymore but it didn't matter. It didn't work. The whole thing was a long shot anyway. Dean and everything he knew was still gone.

Gabriel: That will not work Sam because you weren't there to hurt your hand.
Gabriel: As you wish. When you are ready, call me.
Sam: I don't know what you want from  me!

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Sam yelled and he did not hear Gabriel's voice anymore. The wind was blowing his hair when he checked all the directions around him. He stood up slowly. While his arms were hanging down at his sides he felt a small lick on his fingers. He turned his head to look down and saw a dirty, skinny street dog that was a mix of german shepherd and wolf smelling his hand. Or at least it looked like that. The dog was actually the first thing that made Sam smile.

Sam: Hey, where did you come from buddy?

The dog sat down and stared at him. Sam checked if it had a collar and it did have an old one. What Sam could make out was that the dog's name was Ripley and apparently, it was she, not he. Sam patted it and scratched it behind its ears. Then Sam stood up and walked to his bike. The dog followed him and it sat again close by.

Sam: Ripley, I can't take you with me. Go, scram. Your owner must be close by.

Ripley just tilted her head and wagged her tail.

Sam: Come on. Get!

Ripley moved a little when Sam was shooing her away but then she sat again.

Sam: Right... Now I am arguing with a dog. Fine, well I am going and if you want to tag along then you need to keep up. I'll drive slower.

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Sam sighed and walked to his bike. He sat a moment on it while staring at the road ahead. Ripley followed him and sat close by, patiently waiting.  The hay was wavering in the wind while Sam looked in different directions. The scenery was so different whereever he laid his eyes. In one direction the land had been taken over by nature. Another direction was sandy wasteland with rusty abandoned trucks on the road and long pilar angel swords that broadcasted trouble a mile away. Sam shook his head and then drove off towards Stull cemetery leaving sand and dust behind him. Ripley ran nimbly beside his bike, easily keeping up with it.

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Sam was thinking about Gabriel the whole time he was riding towards the cemetery. He was still boiling inside. He felt just like in the old times when he had that anger inside of him. He had made his way a while when he glanced at Ripley panting beside him. She was not going to quit on him anytime soon. Sam eyed the road ahead for a pitstop and he saw an abandoned gas station there. He drove to it and checked out if it was safe. Then he rummaged inside the store and found a bowl for the dog and some water. He also found a can of food for himself and a ball for Ripley.

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Nothing had changed outside. The weather was still dry and weird. The air had a light bronze tint color on it. Sam glanced to the side and walked a little further when he saw a proper resting spot. He poured water in the bowl for Ripley and put it on the ground. After that, he jumped to sit on the hood of an old car and opened the can of food. He used a spoon he found to eat from it. He stared into the distance while Ripley drank from the bowl and she then hopped also on the hood beside Sam. He glanced at the dog and gave him some meat from the can too.

Sam: You know... My brother says he hates dogs. I wish so much he would be here to say it... but I don't think he really hates dogs. Not really. He is good with kids. I think any dog he might get would win his heart in a heartbeat.

Ripley gave his talk a small bark and she wagged her tail.

Sam: You don't understand anything I said, do you? Well, at least you seem to be the only one that doesn't hate me in this God forsaken world...

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He patted the dog and scratched its side with his fingers. Sam was still keeping a good eye on his surroundings. It seemed like he was not followed and that he was off the hook. Ripley jumped down from the hood and Sam took out the ball from his pocket. He tossed it up and down in his hand a few times and it made Rip stare at the ball intently.

Sam: You want this? You want it? Go get it!

He tossed it far away into the grassy meadow and Ripley ran after it and brought it back. Sam repeated the same thing a couple of times. The happiness of the dog did make him feel better even if it was only for a moment. She was now happily chewing on the ball but Sam knew that it was time to go. He jumped off the hood and then he gathered some vital things and put them into a back bag he found. Ripley followed him all over, and again ran beside him when Sam hit the road. It did not take them that long to finally arrive at the cemetery. Sam parked the bike outside the gates. A shiver ran up his spine. The place seemed to be under a storm all the time. Leaves were flowing around and the clouds had red lightning flashing on them pretty often. The land seemed sick.

Sam: Ripley, stay.

Rip sat and tilted her head at Sam. He nodded and then he advanced forward. The first shock he got was that he saw the Impala on the side, trashed almost beyond  recognition. Nature had taken it over but it looked like it had been run over by a truck. Sam walked to it and ran his hand over the one intact surface. His breath choked for a moment. Baby was Dean's car but it was important for him too and for a small moment Sam's eyes seemed watery. He leaned on the window frame and looked inside. Sam sighed and then leaned back up. Then he turned and his eyes widened in horror at what he saw further away. It was a massacre in front of him. Skeletons and rotten bodies. He walked forward and stepped over them carefully but he did not see Bobby nor Castiel among the bodies. In the middle of the massacre was a blast zone. The grotesque sight made Sam gag. The chaotic energies seemed to focus on that point.

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Sam: Adam...

Adam, or should we call him Michael, had been brutally ripped apart and made into a bloody statue marionette in the middle of the clearing. His ripped off wings were floating beside his kneeling body, half burned and turned to stone. His hands were tied behind his back and his face was twisted in a horrible grimace, horror frozen on his face. The wings were still bleeding and had polluted the ground around him. The whole place was whispering in Sam's mind and he stepped back shaking his head. A black crow croaked on the branch of a nearby dead tree.

Sam: This is not right... I am so sorry Adam...

He brought his hands to the back of his head because he was crushed. The past years were passing in his mind at the speed of light. Everything he and Dean had accomplished and fought for had disappeared into thin air, and his brother and half-brother, his friends and family, everything was so messed up. Sam was so shocked about Baby and Adam and the rest of the scene that he was not as careful or alert as usual about his surroundings so he did not hear the small thumb behind him until it was too late. The thunder that rumbled at the same time also obscured the noise. Ripley's barking did alert him but the hit to his neck was already coming. He fell unconscious on the ground.

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If Sam wasn't knocked out, he would have recognized the familiar face looking over his body.  There were a couple of other people with him as well. The best description of Sam's assailant would probably be frenemy but even that was stretching the line. He was among the few that had gotten under Sam's skin in a bad way. Yes, it was none other than Gadreel. He knelt on one knee and examined Sam's face, using Sam's chin to tilt his head from side to side. Ripley was still barking in the distance. Then Gadreel leaned up and lifted Sam onto his shoulder. He was wearing his usual clothes - black hoodie and over it a black leather jacket and black jeans.

Gadreel: Nice vessel material but we'll let Lucifer decide.

The other two nodded and then they vanished with the sound of Gadreel's wings swooshing in the air. Ripley sprinted to a destination unknown. The only evidence that Sam had ever been there was the motorbike and his back bag leaning on it.

Something shifted in the scene of hopelessness and terror that Sam had faced. A burst of black crows filled the air. Their voices were the bringers of doom.

In the meantime

Dean went into full-action mode after the tree fell on Sam. Sam was stuck under it and had a nasty gash on his forehead. Dean went to get Mary to help. She brought out a lot of warm blankets and a tent cloth just in case. They tried to move the tree but it's branches were already frozen to the ground and Sam. Dean retrieved branch cutters from the bunker but because of the bad weather, cutting the branches was taking too long. He stopped and assessed his progress after a while. It was pointless. Mary tied the tent cloth over Sam and did the best she could to get him covered with blankets. Under the cover she lit a storm lantern to light the spot. Dean tried everything to move the tree but Sam was completely stuck. He had no ideas left.

Dean: Mom... I don't know what to do. He is stuck there and - and we are running out of time!

Dean was freezing too and the blizzard was ruthless. He blew onto his hands even though he had gloves on, then he angrily hit the nearest tree. It must have hurt but he did not complain. Mary walked to him and took his hands, gently blowing warm air onto them.

Mary: You will know what to do. We will get him out.

Dean was going to disagree but then he blinked. He had forgotten something in his panic. Mary lifted her eyebrow when she noticed her son was annoyed with himself.

Dean: How can I be so stupid. Cas! I should have called him in the first place.

Dean picked up his phone and he pressed his call list. Thankfully, he had Cas saved in his contacts because if he would have needed to dial up his number it would have taken a decade. It was still slow because of the gloves and his fingers being nearly frozen. Dean tried to call but there was no reception. Mary tried to use her phone too but it had the same result.

Dean: Great! The one time my phone should work, it won't.
Mary: How... about praying? That should work for angels, shouldn't it?
Dean: Nah, that doesn't work. Cas is cut off from heaven, that means for prayers too. He can hardly even hear their radio...

Dean brought his hands to his waist in defeat. He knew what he should do but he stopped short of saying it aloud because it would hurt his mother.

Dean: I have to go find Cas mom but I can't leave Sam here a--
Mary: - alone you mean. I understand why you think that but this is not the time to talk about it. I have not been there for you two, but I promise I will keep Sam safe. Go find Cas.

Mary hugged Dean fast and she nodded at him reassuringly. Dean looked surprised and a little bit bewildered by Mary's gesture.

Mary: I will keep him warm and do whatever I can. Stay safe, Dean.
Dean: Thanks... I'll be back before you know it.

Dean grinned and covered his face with the neck scarf. He hid his hands in his armpits to keep them warm then he turned, walked and vanished into the blizzard to find his friend. Mary crouched inside the tent. She nudged herself close by Sam and covered them both in blankets. The light from the lantern danced on her face when she rested her head on Sam's shoulder. She half hugged him.

Mary: Sammy, hold on, you hear. We are trying to get help. I promise things will get better. I know I have not been much of a mom of late but I can be. So keep fighting and I promise we will work it out.

Mary sniffled and wiped her slightly watery eyes on her hand. She had so much guilt about everything she did in the past that only now could she show some of the emotions she had wallowing inside. She gave his forehead a soft kiss but that only made her realize how cold Sam's skin was. But she would not let herself panic.

Mary: You know... I don't have any stories you wouldn't know and I sing like a crone but Dean always liked the song I sang for him as a lullaby. It calms me too so be kind if you hear me. I just... I need to do this...

Mary shivered and then she started to sing in a low calming voice.

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better


Hey, Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better


And anytime you feel the pain,
Hey, Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool
Who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder


Nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah nah

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The light of the lantern was vanishing in the distance but Dean kept fighting his way through the Blizzard. He had no idea how he could find his friend nor if this plan would work but he had to try. He continued to attempt to get a signal on his phone as many times as he could but every time he used it, his hands fell victim to the biting cold. It was like the "Game of Thrones" winter was here and it was not taking any prisoners. Dean had never been in a blizzard that was so rough and air that was brutal like this.

Dean: Son of a b-b-b-bitch... it's cold.

Dean breathed out frosty air and looked around again. His eyelashes were getting frosty and his nose was red like Rudolph's. Snow, trees, more snow, and more trees was all he saw. His footprints were vanishing slowly under the snow.

It took a while but finally, something moved in the distance. He focused his eyes on the figure.

Dean: Hey, HEY! Cas! Is that you?!

He waved his arms to the figure and then he ran forward. He tried to get to the person but it was too late. Whoever it was vanished right in front of his eyes. He saw the same figure in the other direction and now he advanced towards it silently and keeping calm. Something was not right here. Dean's warning bells were ringing at the moment and his skin crawled. He could not make out who it was.

Dean: What the...

The figure seemed to move like a glitch in the distance and Dean dashed forward to try to catch it. He failed and grasped only air again but when he turned around he was facing the Yuki-onna face to face. She blew frosty air straight on Dean while her black hair was floating and glimmering in the air. It froze all over him making his movements stiff, and causing him to fall down on the ground of snow. His phone flew two feet away from him in the snow. Dean slowly crawled to it and dialed the last number he called. He hoped it would reach Cas before he bit the dust.

Dean: W-w-w-we g-g-got rid of y-y-you... w-w-w-white witch.

Then he passed out from the cold. Luckily, the call did get through after ringing a few times. The phone was still resting on his hand when Castiel's deep low voice answered the call. Dean, of course, could not talk on the phone.

Castiel: Dean? Hello?.. Is something wrong? Are you making a prank call? Is this a joke? It's not funny. Hello? DEAN?!

Yuki-onna was floating and watching Dean. This little troublemaker was a thorn in her side. Castiel kept demanding that he answer his phone. I guess Dean finally heard some of it because he slowly wrinkled his eyes and reached the gun from his back under his jacket. He fought to make the gun ready and with his last strength he rolled on his back and he shot once up in the air.

Castiel: *gunshot* ... I heard that. I can find you. Hold on!

Dean breathed slowly and laughed with a hoarse voice. The Yuki-onna snarled and snatched Dean up by the neck. Her touch made ice flowers immediately spread on his face and his eyes turned bluish. Dean was not responsive anymore but his last thought was that he did everything he could for his brother and he could only wish it was enough. That had left a smile on his face that the Yuki-onna tried to wipe off at the moment.

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A moment ago

Castiel had checked out the surroundings for a long time and was already heading back. Fortunately, Dean did have some luck on his side. Because Cas was not far away, he heard the gunshot and immediately ran in that direction. So when the monster was holding Dean in the air, Castiel lifted his hand and blasted it further away from Dean. The Yuki-onna lost her grip on her victim, dropping Dean to the ground. Castiel ran to him. He pressed his hand on Dean's chest and warmed the frost away from his bones. Little by little the color came back to Dean's eyes and skin. When Dean finally awoke, Cas helped him stand.

Dean: We thought we got h-her before but it didn't w-work. I am so glad to see y-y-you man.

Castiel nodded but then the Yuki-onna attacked again. He stepped in front of Dean and tried to freeze him, and slashed a few fast strikes towards Cas with her fingernails. When nothing happened, she retreated a bit. Then she tried to hit Castiel with a few blasts but he blocked them immediately with his hands. Her powers did not work against an angel of the Lord so Castiel grabbed a hold of her sides when she was close enough and blasted her to smithereens on a sub-atomical level. There was a burst of snow all around from the blast but the blizzard seemed to calm quite a bit after that. Dean gripped Castiel's shoulder with one hand and squeezed it.

Dean: Sam, he is in trouble. We have to hurry.

The snow was already up to Dean's knees when they turned back and headed to Sam and Mary. Cas, on the other hand, walked on the snow. Dean was walking as fast as he could. He was not feeling cold anymore. Determination and adrenalin were keeping him warm. He looked like a snowman with all the snow that was on his shoulders, head, and clothes compared to Castiel who looked like usual. Even snowflakes had no influence on our feathered friend.

Back to Sam

Cities low

Flashes from the places in this destroyed world filled Sam's unconscious mind again - all the destruction that happened because he was not born. Cities in ruins, people dead, and all the time he felt that these were shown to him for a reason. Sam felt the loss of everything he had fought to save that were now gone, and that feeling was crushing him. He did not realize how much his existence meant to everything but he did see it, and feel it, now. He really meant something to the grand scheme of things, in spite of all his mistakes, but who of us would be able to say they have not made mistakes. Making mistakes is just human.

Even though the angels' flight lasted only for a moment, all these images appeared to Sam in that time. Gadreel for sure didn't know about them when he landed and lowered Sam down. Sam had a bag on his head when he woke up. He figured Gadreel must have put it on him after he hit him. Sam was on his knees. He heard people chatting around him and he saw vague figures through the cloth. He recognized Gadreel's voice. His firm grip on Sam's shoulder kept Sam from moving. The air was moist and clearly had a rotting metal smell. He also smelled oil and the ground under his feet felt like pavement. Suddenly the firm grip pulled Sam up.

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Gadreel: Is he coming? I think our sleeping beauty is awake.

Gadreel pulled off the hood from Sam's head. Sam shook his head and wrinkled his eyes to get used to the light again. The only person he knew from the group that was surrounding him was Gadreel, who was holding him. Sam wasn't tied up or anything. He guesssed they didn't think he was much of a threat to angels. That could end the situation in Sam's favor.

Demon 1: He will arrive shortly. The rest of the seven will be with him. We have had some movement at the border.
Gadreel: Nothing that we can't take care of. We are doing heaven's bidding after all.
Demon 1: Yes sir.

Sam's mind was racing, "The Seven"? Was that the seven deadly sins or something else? It would be long before he would find out. Somebody dropped down on the ground like a comet and blasted the pavement, sand, and dirt around him. His wings flashed against the factory wall before they vanished and Sam's heart dropped. He could not believe his eyes. Not even after everybody had told him about it already. Lucifer, or should we call him Deanifer, eyed Gadreel and Sam with his piercing eyes. Nothing of Dean his brother was left in that thing. As always, Lucifer's presence made Sam's skin crawl.

Sam: D-d-dean?

Deanifer wasn't the only one that arrived to the party. Beside him from nothingness appeared Eve, Cain and Abaddon by his side. Eve had still only that nightgown on. Cain looked like he was not interested to be there, like always. Abaddon winked at Sam who swallowed, because his odds of escaping were getting worse. Only one other angel dropped down and flashed his wings. He was holding the sword of a Grigori in his hand. Sam gasped because he was vesseled in Bobby's body. This day just kept getting better and better.

Azrael/Bobby: My Lord, they are advancing.
Cain: You think that matters somehow? Let's spill some blood.

Azrael glanced at Cain who just shrugged at him. Next to him appeared a Leviathan that took form from black goo. It was Dick Roman. Last but not least Ruby walked up from behind the corner of the warehouse beside Lucifer and now Sam knew who the seven were. His worst nightmare. Ruby eyed Sam up and down. Sam started to feel even more uncomfortable if that was even possible.

Ruby: Now... Who is this?
Roman: He looks good enough to eat? Don't you think?
Abaddon: I don't like your taste in food.
Ruby: Nobody does.

Lucifer examined Sam. This brother/Lucifer was not dressed as usual. He had a white shirt with long sleeves that were turned up a little bit under the elbows. Over it, he had a light grey vest closed with four buttons, with another black cotton vest over it that was open with two ornament buttons and pockets. He also had fashionable old looking jeans and a black loose belt around his waist. And his hair was slightly longer than usual.

Lucifer: What do we have here?
Gadreel: He was snooping around the memorial and it reacted to his presence.

Gadreel let go of Sam and moved to the other side beside Bobby. Sam fixed his posture and stayed quiet. His defiance amused Lucifer and when he finally blinked Lucifer vanished from where he stood. Then Sam heard a voice behind him and he immediately turned around. Lucifer leaned closer and seemed to smell him. Sam stepped back and looked, horrified. Lucifer walked around him like he was eyeing a prey. Sam stayed put even though every fiber of his being wanted to follow Lucifer's every move. He did turn his head from side to side to follow him with his eyes.

Lucifer: Interesting... You are one of Azazel's special children. How we did not find you is a mystery to me. Now, who are you? And what abilities do you have?

Sam had gone paler than white, then he seemed to get angry and his voice trembled. He did not want to remember that time of his life and least of all to talk about it. Lucifer sensed it immediately.

Sam: I was purified. I have nothing to do with his "special" children anymore.
Lucifer: You can't change who you are and what you can do. You should know that by now. Everyone he chose was special already. We just gave you the push you needed. Now, I won't ask you again. Who are you?

Yes, this was his worst nightmare. Sam clenched his fist and he glanced around counting his options. He turned his head and stared Lucifer in the eyes. He was scared but angry at the same time. This had pushed him past his limit. I guess he found his inner Dean at that moment.

Sam: My name is Sam Winchester. My mother was called Mary and my father's name was John. You arrogant bastard.

Lucifer's eyes flashed red and he smiled that creepy crooked smile that was like a snake preparing to strike his prey. All the members of the Seven eyed one another and then back at the two. Lucifer lifted his hand up and squeezed it slowly into a fist. Sam fell to his knees and gasped blood. Lucifer kept squeezing Sam's insides with his powers.

Lucifer: You are saying you are my brother, little ape? That is hilarious, although I don't sense that you would be lying. My brother, my vessel's half-brother is dead and I don't have another.

Crowley appeared behind Eve and whispered something to her. Eve glanced at him annoyingly over her shoulder. She turned her cruel gaze to Lucifer. Sam blinked when he saw Crowley but was he surprised? Not really. He guessed that here Crowley was still a mere Crossroads demon. Crowley winked at Sam and then he snapped his fingers and vanished whence he came.

Eve: Lucifer, we got him but they are about to attack us. We need to leave.
Lucifer: Bring him to me! And do you really suggest that I, Lucifer Morningstar would run?
Eve: No my liege.

Gadreel and Bobby fluttered their wings and they vanished. Lucifer let Sam lose from his grip and Sam coughed on the ground. Lucifer kneeled and took a hold of his chin a moment. It did not take long for the angel duo to come back. They held someone on his knees. Sam snapped his chin away from Lucifer's hold, he crawled back up and he stood shakily. Sam stared at the prisoner and then at Lucifer, who still smiled dangerously at him, then he turned his head back to the man. Gadreel walked and whispered something to Lucifer and then he returned to hold the battered and bruised Castiel.

Bobby: Hold still traitor.
Sam: Cas?
Lucifer: Glad you could join us Castiel but unfortunately, we need to keep it short. I would like to have the opportunity to torture you for an eternity before I end your life but I heard your army is coming and they are not coming alone. I guess you finally stooped so low that you asked the hairless apes to help you.

Castiel looked up and coughed out some blood because he had been tortured. He glanced at Sam but then his defiant expression changed. It was like he recognized Sam or who he should have been. He shook his head at him to signal not to try anything, then bowed his head because he knew what would come next. Lucifer took something from his pocket and moved it to his hand. When he opened his fist, he had many large metallic marbles that he started to roll around on his palm with his fingers.

Lucifer: Castiel, I sentence you to death for being a traitor to your own kind. It will be carried out effective immediately. Remove his wings.
Sam: No, stop! What are you doing?!
Lucifer: Whatever I want.

Lucifer leaned close to Sam's face and smiled. It was actually quite horrible to see Dean's body used by Lucifer and be him. He then retreated and focused back on Castiel. Cain and Abaddon came to hold Sam's shoulders so he could only be a witness to what they were going to do to Castiel. He did try to fight himself free from the hold but to no avail. That did not prevent him from yelling, though, to try to make them stop.

Gadreel and Bobby took a hold of Castiel's wings while Lucifer held him in place with his power. They ripped the wings off and a burst of something, let's call it angel blood, splattered all around him. He let out a scream that made Sam shiver to his core and suddenly no words could come out of his mouth. Gadreel and Bobby put the wings on spikes on both sides of Castiel and they were dripping with his blood. Then Lucifer floated the marbles up in the air and flung them through Castiel's body. Every shot made his grace float out and then Sam understood what those metallic marbles were. They were melted from angel blades. Sam could do nothing but watch his friend die, the same way he could do nothing when the hellhounds were ripping Dean apart. And at that moment, something clicked inside Sam.

constantine 1514310881263 4892 low

Sam yelled and blasted both Cain and Abaddon away from him. Not too far away but still he got free. He stretched his arm towards Lucifer and surprised him. The Morningstar was blasted back and a sharp metal stick lashed his cheek leaving a small cut on it. No one was as surprised as Sam that he was able to do that. Cain and Abaddon had already jumped back in the game and they took a hold of Sam's shoulders. Lucifer stood up and wiped his cheek with a handkerchief. The sounds of battle were closing in on them from the compound's borders.

Cain: That was not smart my son.
Abaddon: Flatterer... He is an idiot.
Cain: Not now Abaddon.
Sam: Why are you doing this?! Dean, you are stronger than him. Come with me back to my world. Mom is alive there. You don't need to do this! You can beat him.
Dean: Who says I want to? I am fine where I am.
Lucifer: See, we are buddies.

Something did flash in Lucifer's eyes on that brief moment but it was only for a second. Family and Sam did not mean anything for Dean here, at least not for this Dean. Sam would not get through to him. Lucifer walked slowly towards Sam. He brought his hand to Sam's neck like Dean did when he was checking that his little brother was alright, but it was not a friendly gesture.

Lucifer: You have spunk, I can tell you that, but you should not have tried to go against me. That is what is wrong with you people - Free will and no rules. That is why you will perish. That is why Eve and I have created the perfect beings from light and darkness to replace you. You see, I am better than my father. I am the true God and Grievers are my children.
Sam: You are insane... You think you are better than God?

The angels and Jody's army were already close by. While Lucifer was focusing his fury on Sam, Eve lifted her arms up and entities of light and darkness rose beside her and attacked with her in the lead. She could run like the wind. Others had a hard time keeping up with her. Gadreel and Bobby followed her lead and Roman did the same after he summoned a few Leviathans to his side. Ruby still stayed put with her demons.

Abaddon: Hiding from battle again Ruby? Why am I not surprised.
Ruby: I could not care less what you think.
Cain: Ladies...

Ruby sighed and then she said to Lucifer,

Ruby: Master, we have to go.
Lucifer: In a moment. I will take care of this unfinished business first.

Lucifer lifted his arm up and pointed his finger at Ruby. He looked over his shoulder at her.

Sam: You know what. You are a fake. Where I am from you lost and can you guess why? Your arrogance and pride. I beat you with my brother. Put you down in the cage because I was your true vessel and you could not win me over. There you were in your eternal prison. The great Lucifer.
Lucifer: Now Sammy, that is not a nice thing to say.
Sam: Only my brother is allowed to call me Sammy.

Dean was with him even though they were far apart. Sam had gotten more strength than he bargained for when he realized what he should have known already. He mattered - like a lot. Sam closed his eyes and then he heard a familiar barking and he smiled. When he opened his eyes again he saw Ripley running towards him and he thought he saw an angel light flash in her eyes. Then he understood everything. He was not alone here. He had help.

Sam: I mean more to this world and its people than you ever could. I must go back.
Lucifer: Oh Sam, you are not going anywhere ever again.

Ripley howled towards the sky and Sam stared at her. She immediately turned back from the dog form to Gabriel, who snapped his fingers in his usual way and with that signerature smile on his face.

Gabriel: As you wish.

With a swift twist, Lucifer snapped Sam's neck. He had no emotions on his face from the act. The only thing he seemed to be worried about was that he needed to touch human filth and even that he shrugged away. Sam's body dropped down to the ground and behind him, his body was guarded by Castiel's lifeless statue. The sunset was coloring the now welcomed moon, red like blood.


Dean and Castiel were running and making their way to Sam. They already saw the tent and the lantern light that was flickering inside. They heard Mary's voice like she was speaking to Sam. Dean ran to remove the tent from above the huge tree frame and then he pulled Mary up. Castiel gripped the tree frame with Dean and Mary and they ripped it up from the frozen ground so that the frozen branches let loose from the ground and Sam. Then Castiel knelt to heal his frostbite and other wounds he might have gotten. Just when the alternate Lucifer snapped Sam's neck, Castiel put his fingers on Sam's forehead and he awoke from his slumber.

Dean & Mary: Sammy!

Sam rose to sit and he was stiff as hell. Dean and Mary knelt to hug him from both sides. No words were needed. Under the flickering light of the lantern, Castiel stood smiling and guarding the trio while it was still calmly snowing. Silence and peace had spread out all over them. The snowflakes cloaked the relieved members of the Winchester family's embrace.

Hug 1 low

To be continued...

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