Final Same Day Ratings
18-49 - 0.3
Total Viewers - 1.090
Although Supernatural usually is the second or third most watched show on the CW, that will not happen this week. The Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover did great in the ratings, usually hitting either 0.6 or 0.7 in 18-49. Good for the Arrowverse shows, but it will make our standing this week look anemic.
 Overnight ratings for Supernatural season 15 episode 7 'Last Call" from Showbuzz Daily.
18-49 - 0.3
Total Viewers -1.066
Final Same Day Ratings for "Golden Time" We slipped this week for the first time Legacies beat us in 18-49. Chart from Showbuzz Daily.
18-49 0.2
Total Viewers - 1.15
The final Same Day Ratings for "Proverbs 17:3
18-49 - 0.3
Total Viewers 1.303.
CW Rankings for the November 11-16.
Show Live +SD 18-49 Live +SD Total
Supernatural 0.3 1.303
Batwoman 0.3 1.009
Legacies 0.3 0.856
Riverdale 0.3 0.829
Supergirl 0.2 0.792
Nancy Drew 0.2 0.728
All American 0.2 0.717
Black Lightning 0.2 0.711
Charmed 0.2 0.657
Dynasty 0.1 0.376
With Flash and Arrow in reruns Supernatural was the number 1 rated show on the CW.
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Final Same Day Ratings from Showbuzz Daily
18-49 0.3
Total Viewers 1.104
Atomic Monsters did not make the top 40 shows to increase in ratings in either total viewers or 18-49.
Rankings for the week of November 4-10
Show Live +SD 18-49 Live +SD Total
Flash 0.4 1.186
Supernatural 0.3 1.104
Batwoman 0.3 1.094
Supergirl 0.2 0.844
Legacies 0.2 0.786
Riverdale 0.2 0.757
Nancy Drew 0.2 0.619
Arrow 0.1 0.615
Charmed 0.1 0.582
All American 0.1 0.352
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Supernatural lost to Shadowhunters as E1 People's Choice Award for The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.
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The finale will by Monday, May 18, 2019.
The show will be moving to Mondays on March 16. This is a totally new day for Supernatural. Previously the show has been scheduled on Tuesdays, Fridays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. No one can say we survived this long because people always knew what day we were on!
The first half of the season will run on Thursdays until December 12, with a one week break on America's Thanksgiving. The show will return on Thursdays from January 16-30, It will then go on hiatus and will return to its new day, Mondays, on March 16. Mondays will take us through the finale on May 18. Based on the number of weeks and the expectation of 20 episodes, it looks like there will a short hiatus sometime during that final run.
Here is the schedule as per The Futon Critic
Season 15 schedule
The end is drawing closer.
Live + 7 Day Ratings for The Rupture (All numbers in the table courtesy of Programming Insider)
  Final Same Day Live +3 Day Live +7 Day    
18-49 0.32 0.47 0.53 +65.00%  
Total Viewers 1.239 1.762 1.93 +55.63%  
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Supernatural will not be shown on the CW on Halloween, but TNT has us covered. They are running a marathon from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

So sit back an enjoy some great episodes on this spooky day and night.