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Hi, everyone! I'm back with another Top Ten Supernatural list! This time I'm going with my favourite undercover disguises. With there being so many disguises over these past fifteen seasons, I chose my list by picking the first ten that came to me. I figured these impacted and affected me the most. 

Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten disguises do you think of first?

1) "Nightmare" (1.14) - Priests


I believe this came to me first as "Nightmare" was the very first episode that I watched and my first time seeing them dress undercover.                                               

2) "The Purge" (9.13) - Aerobics Instructor and Kitchen Help


Sam as an very fit looking Aerobics Instructor and                  


an unimpressed Dean as the kitchen help.     


3) "After School Special" (4.13) - Gym Teacher, Janitor and Hospital Intern

vlcsnap 00046

Dean got to play the Gym Teacher....                                      

vlcsnap 00043

while Sam played two roles as the School Janitor and                          

vlcsnap 00020

a Hospital Intern.


4) "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragon Tattoos" (7.20) - Baggage Handlers


The scene was very short but I loved how they got back at Dick Roman.         


5) "Devils Trap" (1.22) - Firemen

vlcsnap 00056

The brothers dressed as firemen to rescue their father.   


6) "Frontierland" (6.18) - Cowboys


The brothers got to go back in time and live out one of Dean's fantasies. 


7) "The Benders" (1.15) - State Troopers


The boys posed as state troopers to investigate a missing person.     


8) "Shadow" (1.16) - Alarm Inspectors


Sam and Dean took on this unusual disguise to investigate a bizarre death.


9) "Folsom Prison Blues" (2.19) - Inmates


Going undercover to help out an old Marine buddy of their dad's, the boys ended up in a prison.


10) "Phantom Traveler" (1.04) - Homeland Security/FBI


Although seeing the brothers dress in suit has become common place, I picked this episode as this was the first time seeing them dressed up. They looked so sexy.         


Honourable Mention

"Changing Channels" (5.08)  - I put this as an honourable mention only because they were forced into these roles by our beloved Trickster(Gabriel). However, the episode was too good to ignore.  

vlcsnap 00098


vlcsnap 00357

CSI (Crime Scene Investigators),                

vlcsnap 00315

Sitcom Actors,                                            

vlcsnap 00286

Game show Contestants,             

vlcsnap 00306

Genital Herpes Victims on a Commercial                                  

vlcsnap 00399

and lastly, Sam becoming The Sampala!


Ok now it's your turn. What were your top ten Undercover Disguises? 

Please be safe and stay strong during these uncertain and stressful times.

And a THANK-YOU to all Front Line and Essential workers!

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