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 The list you’ve all been waiting for! The second half of the season eleven hits and misses. Let’s dive right in…

Miss: Family Dynamics

spn1122 0653The intention was great and the parallel of “family” was fabulous; unfortunately the teenage “father/son” bickering effect between Lucifer and God was just too juvenile at times. It was less divine all-powerful beings and more bad 90s family drama.

Hit: Meta-Redemption

11.20 156 metatron manuscriptEvery now and again, a character makes a turn around in just the right way. Metatron was a villain not lacking in flare or drama, and after all he did - a narcistic sadist more or less – I was okay with not seeing him again. However, Metatron managed to learn a lesson and deliver his apology in heartfelt action. All without overstaying a return.

Miss: Rowena **nitpick alert**

s11e10 409After so much betrayal and back and forth with Rowena over her time in the show, it’s just not unexpected anymore. And while it was okay that she had that “protected from death” spell on herself, Rowena became a bit….overdone in season eleven.

Hit: The Rise of the Darkness

BabyCrib 92Okay, as time went by this went a different direction but in the beginning the ominous nature that began this season? It was truly dark and treacherous feeling. Between the disturbing unknown that was the baby cum (creepy) little girl with the Mark and that plum of black, poisonous cloud: there was lot of potential that started us off.

Miss: Chitters **nitpick alert**

s11e19 277 adult chitterA cicada bug monster that emerges every 27 years and crawls in the mouths of humans. Again, this is just my fussy mind, but this didn’t do much as far as monsters of the week.

Hit: Red Meat

spn1117 0331There are so many reasons this is a great episode: it was emotional, shocking and dramatic from start to finish. Sam dies – via murder by the people he’s trying to save. And then Dean dies by way of overdose to communicate with the reapers and make a deal, not knowing his brother is alive and making his way to Dean to warn him about the werewolf who killed him in the first place! All the while, it’s intense and sad with some incredible acting. Hit all the way.

Miss: Wasted Potential – the Darkness

SPN 0168Like I said, started off strong and it could have gone in a big way. And granted, it was a new direction to not have the big bad need an explosive show down but have the family reunion instead…but a demonstration of the awesome power God’s Sister must have somewhere along the way – that wouldn’t have hurt.

Hit: The Return of Chuck

11.20 597 WeShouldTalkAbout time! It was a great episode when Chuck finally revealed himself to Metatron and then the realization on Sam and Dean’s faces too. Let’s hope he comes back again in the future.

Miss: Castiel Says Yes

s11e14 163We understand why the Casifer thing didn’t work in execution (though Misha gave some prime material during this portrayal). However, it’s the actual logic of the possession that’s the Miss here for me. Remember in season four and five – that “special vessels only” that we spent two seasons on? And obviously any vessel will do – as season 12 has demonstrated now - but Castiel didn’t even start to peel. Yes, this is probably a fussy thing (again) but the nuances make all the differences!

Hit: Bobby & Rufus

spn1116 0488Watching these two great hunters team up in the flashback was epic! The now classic deliver of Rufus’ line to the neighbour – “It’s officially none of your damn business, ma’am!” – will continue to be one of my favourite moments from this show for a very long time. Sometimes characters have wonderful chemistry and these two are characters with larger-than-life chemistry that I’ll always watch.

So there you have it, part two of the Season Eleven Hits and Misses. At least, my take on some of the classic and not-so-top-end moments of the season. If you missed it, make sure to go back and enjoy Season 11 Hits and Misses: Part One!


Let me know your best and worst of the season below!