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More story nerdity ahead.

Final Score:

The issue with telling the characters "this is the only way" is that it invites the audience to start coming up with numerous alternative methods that should work. Like off the top of my head in this case...
  • Why didn't the guys drain Michael's grace when they had him prisoner in 14x10 "Nihilism"? Not only does that stuff seem super useful in the general (maybe it can help keep Jack alive without him losing his soul?) but it would also weaken Michael to give them more time for solutions.
  • Once you've got the grace, open a portal elsewhere and toss Michael in there. If you find a place without humans, can you then expel him from Dean, leaving Michael without a vessel and thus unable to ever return?
  • Why doesn't Dean sleep in that box? True it would be uncomfortable but wouldn't it be best to nap in there just in case Mike gets out while you're dozing?
  • Again, WHY NO CAGE IN HEAVEN? We keep hearing how the place is going to shut down any day now, maybe Dean should trap himself up there to keep the place running?
  • Or just ask Naomi and the remaining angels for help or an idea?
  • What if we got Mr. Goo involved? Would the Big Empty take Michael instead of Castiel when the time came?
  • Once upon a time Death 1 said he would reap God - and apparently had the scythe to do it. Is that gone forever now or did Billie get her own special scythe when she was promoted? If that thing could have reaped God, why can't she use it to reap Michael?
  • Did they even try the regular angel exorcism spell? Can Mary make a smaller puzzle box based upon the big box design and they lock Michael's essence in there once it's out of Dean?
  • Can they ask Ketch to help them make another expel egg?

And that's just with five minutes thought. That's not even getting into trying multiple things at once. That was one part I liked about 14x09 "The Spear" is that we saw the boys at least aim for multiple solutions at once.

Again, I know there COULD be explanations on why they don't these things, the issue is that we should be seeing them in the show.

Also what happened to Garth? Has he been left in the trunk this whole time?

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