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Editor's Note: Each week Karen visually recapped what she felt were the best and most memorable moments of the new Supernatural episode. The list varied from week to week, depending on what transpired in the episode. Towards the end of the season, we skipped a few episodes, though, usually for scheduling reasons. "Don't Call Me Shurley" was one of the episodes we had to skip, so we've never had the chance to share this visual review with you. As some consider it Robbie Thompson's finest work, it is appropriate that we present this to you now, during The WFB's Robbie Thompson Week! Enjoy!

Karen's Note: This was one of those episodes where I found it extremely difficult to keep my most memorable moments down to a reasonable minimum. From start to finish, this episode was not only the best of everything, it was also so intertwined.

Best Broment

It was difficult to pick one moment as all the scenes between the brothers were pretty much Bro-moments, however, I'm going with a string of moments, starting with ....
Don t call me shurley 516
Sam being over taken by the fog

Don t call me shurley 519
Telling Dean to stay back

11.20 526 SD infected
Dean going to his brother despite the risks

11.20 527 SD in fog
Sam losing faith due to the fogs effects..."You're gonna chose Amara over me"

11.20 536 Dean yelling
Dean demanding God to "Stop this! You hear me you dick!"

Don t call me shurley 584
Dean hanging on to Sam as he slowly succumbs

spn1120 3077
A sudden glow in Sam's pocket emerges

spn1120 3087
It is Dean's amulet

spn1120 3090
The surprised look on Dean's face when he finds out that Sam had it all this time and that it's glowing

spn1120 3092
Sam's look of being found out and that it's glowing.

Best Sam Moment

spn1120 2391
Sam's gentle touch as he retrieves the little girl from the car

Best Dean Moment

spn1120 2608
Seeing Sam being overtaken by the fog and refusing to leave his side

Best Guest Star Scene(s)

Don t call me shurley 015
Metatron's new found friend. He didn't have a lot of lines but his....

spn1120 0033
action scenes ...

Don t call me shurley 070
facial expressions ....

spn1120 0078
sitting quietly as the camera scans across the bar....

spn1120 0767
giving comfort ....

spn1120 2987
and just being there for his friend... said it all

Best Bad Ass Moment

spn1120 2152
Metatron calling Chuck/God a coward

spn1120 2228
Of course Metatron paid for that one

Best Creeper Moment

spn1120 0783
Chuck/God creeping over Metatron's shoulder

Most Nostalgic Moment

spn1120 0501

Best Metatron Moment

Don t call me shurley 560
Metatron admitting to his and humanities flaws, but also acknowledging their strengths

Cutest Chuck/God Moment

spn1120 2158
Expressing his human form is adorable

spn1120 2963
Giving himself a shot on the shoulder for a great job.

Best 'Awwwww' Moment

spn1120 2581
The little girl reaching out to Sam when he falls to the fog

Funniest Moment

spn1120 0339
Dean sprinkling beer on Sam's shirt while ironing

spn1120 0389
Sam smelling the beer....

Don t call me shurley 091
and demanding Dean to stop ironing his shirts with beer

Best CGI/VFX scene

11.20 445 Fog in town
The fog rolling in

Saddest Moment

Don t call me shurley 383
An infected Deputy admitting being forced to kill her husband as she watched herself do it

Best Set Design

spn1120 0076
The bar with the soft lighting of the table lamps, the stage and Hippie version of the American flag....

Don t call me shurley 035
with the vintage furniture and juke box

Best Camera Shot

Don t call me shurley 487
Sam looking out of the window with the reflection the trees softly covering over him

Best Angle Shot

spn1120 2634
The down view shot of Metatron and Chuck/God

spn1120 1448
Another down view of Metatron and Chuck/God with the papers fluttering down around them

Most Scenic Scene

spn1120 1715
Although these scenes were foggy...

spn1120 2016
I still liked them

Best Lighting

spn1120 3036 
I loved how the light went from the softness of the yellowish glow to...

11.20 558
to the spot light

Best Musical Cue

11.20 560
I loved the music in this episode  with the Stone's 'Gimme Shelter' and The Beach Boys' 'Good Vibrations', however the montage of Chuck/God singing 'Fare Thee Well' was epic which led into ...

... Most Moving/Powerful Moment

spn1120 3113
Everyone recovering from the infection of the fog

11.20 576 SD Amulet 1
while the brothers follow the amulets glow

Don t call me shurley 629
Metatron reacts to the last page of Chuck's/God's manuscript

Don t call me shurley 631
while Chuck/God sings the words 'One of these days and it won't be long. Call my name and I'll be gone, Fare thee well'  

Biggest Reveal

Don t call me shurley 067
Metatron  and ...

Don t call me shurley 640
Sam and Dean being informed ....

11.20 597 WeShouldTalk
that Chuck is God

11.20 566 Glowing Amulet
and that the amulet does glow in his presence.

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!