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Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Best Broments

normal Don t you forget about me 066

Discussion on the 'Elvis' doughnut burger
Sam :Dude, I'm not gonna survive hundreds of monster attacks to get flatlined by, by some double doughnut monstrosity.
Dean: The Elvis!
Sam: Whatever it... How many calories are in that thing?

s11e12 k22 

Sam reaction to Dean taking the last of the potatoes 'Dude!'

Brother's in Unison

s11e12 105

Sam and

s11e12 107 

Dean's reaction to a home cooked meal.

s11e12 k197

Walking in the same stride down the school halls

Best Sam Moment

s11e12 199

Talking to Claire

Best Dean Moment

s11e12 167 kitchen talk

Dean's talk with Jody while helping with the dishes

Most Chilling Moment

s11e12 k227

Jody getting hit by a shovel in the garage

Saddest Moment

normal Don t you forget about me 367

Alex finding out that her boyfriend was a fake , that he never loved her

Best 'Awwwww' Moment

normal Don t you forget about me 104


s11e12 93

.... from Jody


Sam all proud of his leftovers

Funniest Moments

The entire dinner scene....

s11e12 k50

Claire exposing Alex's secret

s11e12 k55

Jody's reaction

s11e12 k54

Sam and Dean realizing that maybe they should leave...

s11e12 116

Jody telling them to 'Sit! Stay!'

s11e12 144 dinner jody

Jody looking for the brothers to support what she was saying

s11e12 k90

and the brothers showing their support...

s11e12 k119

by agreeing with her.....'What?'

s11e12 k123

leaving an exasperated Jody 'Seriously?!'

s11e12 k137

Jody downing her wine before getting more potatoes

s11e12 k152

Dean commenting how 'this was fun'

Best CGI/VFX scene

s11e12 k287

The vampire teeth

s11e12 k359

The slicing through with the machete

s11e12 k362

and the beheading

Best Camera Shot

s11e12 k331

Baby's exhaust

Best Angle Shot

s11e12 k186

The down view

s11e12 188 

Over view 

Best Scenic Scene

s11e12 k03

At the lake

s11e12 k206

and the river

Best Parental Moment

normal Don t you forget about me 082

Jody so proud of Alex adjusting

normal Don t you forget about me 095

Jody noticing the birth control 'fitting right in'

s11e12 k33

Ordering to put back the wine glass

Best Yummy Moment

s11e12 550

The girls' breakfast

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!



# spnlit 2016-02-12 08:14
Hi Karen. Thanks again for this wonderful feature article. I really enjoy the recap and the opportunity to take a fresh look at the episode with close up still shots. You nailed it again and brought our attention to a few moments that may have been overlooked or look cool as a still. For example : The boys walking in stride down the hall of the school is classic. Catching the moment of slicing through the vamps head and the blood in midair- really shows the work of the CGI/ VFX team. Jody was great in this episode and I too liked her various expressions of being proud and exasperated. I agree the smack with the shovel was a serious chilly moment. The river scene with Alex was quite good and it did juxtapose the good (beauty of nature and what we thought was an understanding boyfriend) with the bad (Alex's confessing the past). I agree with your saddest moment; Alex learning her boyfriend was a fake and monster really sucked. I also thought the vampire story was horribly sad and pointed out how Alex sees that the monsters as people too. All the scenes with Sam and Dean were good as usual. For me, this would have been a great episode if Claire was extracted. Claire would have gotten the award for Most annoying moment, most disrespectful moment, most sarcastic moment and mean girl moment.
# Karen 2016-02-16 01:08
Hi spnlit
I was so happy when I was able to capture that slicing moment...hats off to the CGI department.
I just loved that dinner scene, I had to restrain myself from doing a frame by frame moment...:D
Thank you so much for your comments...Chee rs!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2016-02-12 08:45
Karen, I did not really like this ep, but I loved the dinner scene. Your pictures and captions from that scene were excellent and hilarious. I also loved your caption "Sam all proud of his leftovers." That made me laugh. I enjoyed the stills from the ep and your captions far more than the episode itself! Great job.:)
# Karen 2016-02-16 01:11
Hi samandean1
The dinner scene was the high light of the episode for me too. I loved how Sam was so excited about the leftovers. :)
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ....Cheers!
# Lilah_Kane 2016-02-12 10:31
Great choices Karen and specially the dinner scene. It was HILARIOUS. Thumbs up!

Few choices I made.

Best parental moment including Dean. I mean who wouldn't be scared if a FBI/hunter guy Dean Winchester gives you "The Look" of Taken.

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Just mixing little bit of the dialogue but in short it would mean "hands off Alex".

Image 1 ("")

Best bad-ass moments

Image 2 ("")

Image 3 ("")

- Lilah
# Karen 2016-02-16 01:13
Hi Lilah_Kane

I loved your dialogue mixing. I could picture Jody saying those words.
I also loved your bad ass pictures. I wanted to use those pictures of the brothers in the graffiti hallway, but I had sooo much already and I wasn't sure what to put them under....Bad-as s moments is very fitting.
Thank you so much for adding your thoughts....Che ers!
# E 2016-02-12 11:10
Hi Karen,
I wasn't able to see this episode due to work, but since the comments here have been lukewarm at best I think your 'Moments' sums it up perfectly well. The only scene that I have any desire to see is the diner scene, which everyone seemed to like. I have zero interesting ever seeing Claire again, so can easily skim past any scenes with her being annoying which is probably all of her scenes. And I wouldn't mind seeing the scene with Sam and the leftovers because in all of the still from that moment Jared looks absolutely stunning.... I'm not opposed to a little eye candy and some discreet ogling purely from an aesthetic standpoint. :P
# Karen 2016-02-16 01:14
Hi E
The dinner scene was epic, I hope your able to watch it sometime.
I'm not opposed to eye candy as well. With these two leads, it's always a guaranteed treat each week... ;)
Thank you so much for your comments... Cheers!