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Summary:  This episode was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner and focuses on the exposition of the Styne family and Sam’s quest to get the Book of the Damned decoded.  

The show breaks out into two and a half narratives. One thread follows the explanation of the Styne family. One thread focuses on Sam’s bringing together of Charlie, Cas, and Rowena to decode the book. The smaller narrative is Crowley in search for his mother.

The first narrative begins in the cold open with the Stynes. One of the Styne boys, the heir apparent, is harvesting eyes in a pretty gruesome scene and then jumps out of a third story window….and lives. When we see him again, he is talking to his father, Monroe Styne, who is berating him for making a mess in Omaha…of course that made me think of Rufus and Bobby and then I had nostalgia, but back to the recap. Anyway, Eldon screwed up and he is tasked with cleaning the mess up and also finding the Winchesters.

Speaking of the Winchesters, Sam is sneaking around behind Dean with Rowena. Dean is researching the Stynes. He is suspicious of all the time Sam is ducking out of the bunker, but when they catch the Omaha eye harvesting they agree to follow the case. When she says she can’t crack the codex, Sam enlists Charlie’s help. He brings her, Cas, and Rowena together to work on the decoding. Charlie and Cas chastise Sam for lying to Dean but in the end, they agree to help for Dean. Rowena just wants to be done so Sam can kill Crowley. Rowena, however, does warn Charlie that her loyalties to the Winchesters will be her undoing.

Back in Crowley’s throne room, he’s using a demon, I presume, as a dart board when two of his minions arrive to tell him that Rowena is missing. He kills one of the messengers and task the other with finding her. While not in the episode that much, Crowley’s story sets up his search for Rowena and apparently a meeting with someone powerful. I’m assuming that may be Styne-related.

Speaking of the Stynes….Sam and Dean catch onto the eye harvesting and go to Omaha. They are checking it out as a case when Eldon shows up in town. The chase for the book begins. He corners Dean while Cas and Sam are trying to figure out how to make Rowena and Charlie cooperate and produce. Dean catches Eldon and keeps him hostage in the bunker. They interrogate him. Cas calls Sam again and while he’s out, Eldon reveals that the Styne family is really the Frankestein family and that the Book of the Damned can’t be destroyed. Dean goes to get Sam and while they are out of the room, Eldon rips his own arm off and escapes.

Charlie begs to be given some time away from Rowena. She is in the other room, but Cas goes to find her, after Rowena suggests Charlie might leave. Cas finds her gone. Charlie is set up in a motel where Eli, the other Styne boy, tracks her. He gives the information to Eldon. Dean turns menacing when he realizes that Sam has been lying to him. Charlie cracks the code just as Eldon shows up at her room. She calls Sam and the boys listen as she desperately tries to save her files. They beg her to give the book or any information away. She refuses. She sends the information to Sam, I assume, and destroys her computer screen. She stands ready to fight when Eldon corners her in the bathroom.

The final scene is the boys getting to the motel room to find Charlie dead. Her prone body lay broken and bloody in the bathtub.


What was your reaction to Charlie’s death?

What will Dean do now that he sees Sam went behind his back to crack the book? How will he respond to Charlie’s death?

How do you think the Crowley/Rowena storyline will fit in as the season winds down?

What are your thoughts on the Frankenstein revelation?

So what are your thoughts, reactions, feelings?

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