Is Dean under a Djinn induced dream? Has he created an alternate reality in this dream world?


First, I would like to point to the very first episode of Season 6, Exile On Main Street. While many have expressed that this is not one of their favorite episodes and have viewed only once or twice, I really liked it. Further upon review of the episode, I propose that Dean never really escaped the Djinn encounter. In fact, he succumbed to their spell and unlike his previous experience, Dean made the decision to stay but while agreeing to this, he decided to take a different path to see his wishes come to fruition. 


Now, there are many reasons why I believe this to be the case. First, Dean had lost Sam. He lost him in a way that he couldn’t get him back in any way that he had knowledge or that he could find anything that would assist him in reversing Sam’s fate. I believe that in fact Dean had gone to Lisa as directed by Sam and sought refuge. While he was there, Dean had continued on his quest to find a way for Sam to be released. He was unsuccessful. At the time of the Djinn attack, Dean was vulnerable and rusty. He hadn’t hunted in a year. Although he still used the old sigils, etc. to keep away demons and ghosts, he was not prepared if any other monster attacked him. So attack they did and were very successful. Dean falls under the spell and the dreaming begins.

Inside the dream, Dean can create a world of his own making. Of course, this time would be different. He has a different prized wish and that was to be reunited with his brother, his father-like figure and his best friend. Dean wouldn’t wish to be united with John and Mary since he had already done that the first time and that was a disaster. So, this time, he changes it and wishes for the one person who he knows can be family and provide a family-like atmosphere to Sam. That’s Samuel. Dean knows Samuel. He’s blood family. Samuel is their grandfather. He’s met him and had the opportunity to get to know him unlike Sam. His reasoning is that Samuel could provide a home of sorts to Sam and maybe an extension of family so that Sam wouldn’t be alone. Dream Sam would have the same characteristics as his real self, but without the memories; a sort of safety net to keep reality at bay. Dream Sam would be invincible and not succumb to any harm from another monster or being. Now, you may wonder, what about Deanna, his grandmother? Why didn’t Dean include her in his dream world? Well, he didn’t really get to know Deanna except for their brief conversations. There was not the intense interaction between them as there had been between Dean and Samuel. So, he could exclude her from his world.

Now that he had the principle characters for his world, his dream could commence. Sam could reenter Dean’s world. Dream Sam would be much different than the Real Sam. Dream Sam would come back somewhat broken. That’s based on Dean’s own experience with Hell. He had left some part of himself behind and thus, Sam would need to be the same. However, unlike Dean, it would be Sam’s whole soul. Dean has always believed that he left part of himself in Hell. This part was confirmed in a conversation with Alastair during the episode, On The Head of A Pin.  Dream Sam would also have more of the same Hell experiences as Dean but to a greater extent. The hooks and heat would be present and maybe some interjections of fire based on his readings of the Bible and Revelations. It must be pointed out that Lucifer told Sam and Dean in Swan Song that he burned cold. Lucifer caused frost to form on the window in which he drew a picture of a pitchfork. That’s in contrast to Dean’s experience. So, Dean would need to dismiss this in his dream world and change it to more closely mirror his own.

Now, the brothers could unite and join forces. They would fight evil as in the past. Their paths could cross other monsters that they had come across and through Dean’s dreams, other monsters could be combined to form new ones. Dean could explore a deep dark theory that one day a monster would actually turn him into a monster instead of killing him. Plus Dean has always disliked Vampires. Once he satisfies his theory, he resolves to become whole again (Live Free or TwiHard). Dean could even name a new kind of monster (Mommy Dearest)! Death would have a kind of kinship with Dean. He would be an ally of sorts instead of a foe to fear. The both of them would share a comical common interest; fast food (Meet The New Boss). He would be the big brother again. He’s following his desire to protect Sam, even if it’s only his dream Sam. However, since he believes all the events transpiring are real, the distinction between the two worlds no longer seems to apply. Dean is able to explore his most wanted desires. He can go to places he’s dreamed of and meet his heroes. He goes back to the Old West and to the 1940’s (Frontierland and Time After Time). He also wants escape from his dream world with Sam into a possible alternate dream reality (The French Mistake). It’s just like the holodeck on Star Trek! The bonus is…Sam is along for the ride. Now, Dean has to have conflict to keep up with his belief that his dream state is real. Perfection is not real. So, Dream Sam may be broken, but they’re together. That’s all that counts (Like a Virgin).

Dean still can’t forget about his mother. So, she joins his dream world, but is altered.  Mary Winchester is not really his Mom.  After all, she’s dead and as I’ve said the last time he was in the Djinn’s dream world, his wish to be with her was disastrous (Mommy Dearest).  So this time, it’s a monster pretending to be his Mom. 

As for Dream Castiel and Dream Bobby, Dean would expect them to die at some point. Anyone close to the brothers has always met this fate and why should this time be any different.  So, one by one they’re gone (Hello Cruel World and Death's Door). Being a supernatural and celestial being, Dream Castiel has the ability to once again reenter Dean’s world. Dream Bobby does not. His death would be permanent. As for Dream Lisa and Dream Ben, they won’t meet this same fate. The both of them hold a special place in his heart. After all, they took him in when he hadn’t really expected them to. So, their fate will be one of amnesia. This in a sad way is a kind of death since they will not know that Dean exists at all (Let It Bleed).

The thing that Dean wants most for Dream Sam (and the Real Sam) is to be happy. In his previous dream, Sam and Jessica didn’t work out and so now, he has decided that it must be played out differently. It won’t be perfect. Nothing ever is in their world. So, why not someone like Becky for Sam? I suggest this due to a very odd poster that appears on Becky’s wall. It’s of the Route 666. That was the episode where we all met Dean’s first real love. If Season 7: Time For A Wedding had been real, I would have expected the poster advertising the episode Heart on her wall, not Route 666. Heart was tied more directly to Sam than Dean. Besides, Sam needs love of some sort, too. Dean only knows of four women that have been closely tied to his brother. Jessica, Sarah, Madison and Becky. Jessica and Madison are dead. Sarah’s fate is unknown, but Dean does know that Becky is still around. Chuck confirmed this in Swan Song during a conversation with Dean just prior to Dean going to the Stull Cemetery to see Lucifer Sam. However, in the middle of the dream, Dean realizes that this won’t work and changes the reality. Becky and Sam are not to be.

Still I propose there’s another story arc running concurrent to this one. This one is on the down-low. It’s not being advertised or shown except through periods of Dean’s semi-consciousness. The first possibility is that Sam has gotten out of Hell. Castiel was successful and able to retrieve him. Since he’s one of the only angels still around who’s been to Hell and back, he was able to get him with some backup. I’m thinking that’s where Balthazar comes into the picture. Once again, Castiel is powerful since God brought him back, but he still needs assistance on this task. It’s too big of a job for Cas to do alone. At this time, there are next to none of the archangels still around; only Raphael. 

Real Sam has been trying to reach Dean with Castiel’s assistance. Bobby has also been trying, too. I see all of them using everything in their arsenal like dream walking, etc. It’s a game of touch and go; small wins making some headway. Dean has put up barriers and walls in his Djinn dream world reality. The wall in Dream Sam is actually a wall constructed by Dean. It’s a wall that won’t allow reality to seep into his world. Sam keeps pushing. Dean keeps resisting until it finally starts to crack a little.

The second possibility is that Sam is still in Hell and reaching out to Dean through his psychic connection. Bobby and Castiel are working in tandem trying to retrieve both of our guys from their awful situations.

These arcs continue throughout Season 6 and 7 where sprinkles of the brothers’ pasts intertwine with scenarios dreamed up by Dean to explain his world. Throughout it all, time remains a constant factor. It’s a reminder to Dean that all things must come to an end. Since he’s already been in the Djinn’s dream world before, he knows this at some level of consciousness. It will all end and he will die. However, unlike the real world, Dean won’t have to worry about Sam. His version of Sam will be safe and happy.

Now many of you may be wondering if I might be a little out there….Therefore, I pose a question. Do a lot of the episodes seem in cohesive and fragmented as written, like they’re from a dream? When we dream, not everything makes perfect sense. There have been many times in my own experience where I’ve awoken to a feeling of: where did that come from?  I propose that this is where the executive producers and writers are coming from in regards to Seasons 6 and 7. If this turns out to be the case, it’s pure genius on their part. It would also be a last final ha-ha to the fans from Kripke before he bowed out as showrunner running the day to day. He set this in motion. Plus, Sera, the appointed successor, was his pupil since the second episode was written. She took notes and absorbed it all. Kripke was infamous for going the opposite direction from where we all thought the show was heading. Couldn’t this be the same case again? From their combined perch, they’ve seen us react with angst, etc. over the direction the show has taken by blaming poor writing or missed opportunities when actually the opposite is true.

In conclusion, it’s all a discombobulated wacky dream and I bet they’re getting quite an enjoyable laugh.


# cd28 2012-01-31 16:09
I had a depressing thought last night about this theory - that it's all in Dean's head. The writers might have gone this route because they never intend to pull Sam out of the cage, because it would lessen Kripke's story or because they had written the cage as virtually impenetrable.
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 22:51
I really think Sam is so much an important part of the story and Dean's life. If this is a dream, Dean would have control of the direction. However, he's also so wrapped up with making sure that Sam is safe and happy even at the expense of his own happiness. He's looking out for his Sam at all costs.
# Laurie 2012-01-31 19:36
Wow. That is one amazing theory. You have some really good popints and now I'm wondering if it is true. Of course one of my theories right from the start is that the show fnally ends with Dean breaking into Sam's room at Stanford, Jess is alive and it was all a dream! haha
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 22:57
Thank you. This is something that I've been theorizing about for quite some time.
# Sweet 2012-01-31 20:39
Because so much has been from Dean's POV, this is a reasonably believable scenario. But it really doesn't make me happy. More than anything, I just want to get Sam's POV and feelings and reactions to his own story on the show. And it just makes me sad to think that Sam doesn't exist in some way, when he's been my emotional connection all along. It's sad enough to think I'll never get what I want, but that Sam is just in Dean's head, is too heart-breaking to contemplate. This season is especially hard for me to watch, since the worst thing possible has happened to Sam, and it's being ignored as a personal story. Or it's being treated as something that impacts Dean 's life (a burden for Dean) more than it does Sam's (torture memories and insanity). Each and every moment that bypasses Sam for Dean now breaks my heart, and it only seems to get worse and worse, rather than better. I don't know what to think of the show right now.
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 23:03
Honestly, I really think that Sam's time is coming. If Dean is dreaming, he will want Sam to be happy and content. He will want all issues to be resolved as best as they can be. He would want the both of them to be each other's best friend and support system. Dean would want Sam to have his happily ever after and all his dreams even if Dean is not able to get his own.
# alysha 2012-01-31 20:55
It would be really weird, but it might work. I like how cd28 said that way Sam would be in the cage and it would be Dean telling the story at the end (presumably after waking). I just have always pictured this as the way it ends, with Dean telling the story of how his brother saved the world.
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 23:09
...similar to Lord of Rings? Samwise Gamgee telling the story of Frodo Baggins to others after Frodo leaves except Dean is telling us all about how Sam saved the world! Interesting idea! :D
# MisterGlass 2012-01-31 22:08
That would definitely explain the time jumps and fuzzy reasoning. I think it would be an affront to a lot of fans if this were the case, though.

Thanks for the theory! I'll be curious to see if it turns out to be true.
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 23:10
I'm curious, too. Thanks.
# racestaffer 2012-01-31 22:17
Fun to have an opportunity to read and muse about this stuff over the mini-break! Thanks!

As minor points:
I don't remember fire as part of Dean's hell.
I don't think Lucifer drew a pitchfork. I think he drew a trident. :-)
# rmoats8621 2012-01-31 22:43
So, great minds think alike! ;-)

As for the fire part...I think I said this:

The hooks and heat would be present and maybe some interjections of fire based on his readings of the Bible and Revelations.

The hooks and heat come from No Rest for the Wicked. Dean was sweating and hooks were in his body.

The fire comes from his readings of Revelations which we know he did since he was familiar with the signs of the apocalypse and horsemen when he discussed with Ellen while reading the Bible in Good God, Y'all.

Oh & that looked like a pitchfork to me, but it could have been a trident...
# racestaffer 2012-01-31 23:50
I agree that it looked more like a pitchfork. But here's Lucifer's line from the Supernatural transcript:

"Sorry if it's a bit chilly. Most people think I burn hot. It's actually quite the opposite."

So what's the opposite of burning hot? Cold water quenching a fire? Next, Lucifer took Sam to a blue theater - the color of water perhaps? We've had mucho abundant water, boat and fish references. In Knew Much, the piece of Sam that got reintegrated first during the dreamscape might have been RoboSam - but it also might have been Samifer. Whoever it was he claimed to have skippered Sam's meatsuit. In "Wedding" Dean called Sam "Dead Poets Society," possibly an "Oh Captain, my Captain" reference? And of course the Leviathan may be sea serpents. That just skims the surface of water-related references. A list would probably stretch from here to Vancouver (LOL).

And given that I don't think you can stop an apocalypse, you can only postpone it... connecting Lucifer to water could connect him to Revelation's Beast of the Sea and Norse mythology's Jörmungandr (sea serpent), both of whom have ties to global apocalypse. Jörmungandr is one of Loki's children. So it's kind of interesting that Gabriel/Loki 1) was concerned for Sam in MySpot and 2) set the wheels in motion for the plan where Sam said yes to Lucifer. Sam has connections to Apocalypse, Lucifer and Loki (Trickster).

So it may have looked more like a pitchfork, but there's a whole lot of other dialog and visuals in the series that suggest to me it was very likely a trident.
# racestaffer 2012-02-01 00:08
Oh. I do have to add one more from the watery list because athough it's "out there" it's not without appeal. FauxGen and FauxJared were supposed to attend a charity event for otters. And while surfing around to identify possible significances for otters (ex., Animal House?) I came across a bit of Native American lore: Land Otter Man. That would fall into shifter territory. Sometimes these creatures will try to save drowning humans... but to do it they have to turn them. RoboSam seemed to like it when Dean was turned into a potentially immortal monster. Little Ryan turned big brother Joe. Maybe someone on Team SPN actually stumbled across Land Otter Man while doing research. And they decided not to devote an episode to it so they threw a backhanded reference into FrenchMis????
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2012-01-31 23:19
Hi Ruth,

As you know, I'm a fan of alternate-reali ty theories, be they dream states, coma states or even alternate universes.

I sometimes wonder if Dean is still in a coma from the beating he took at Stull Cemetery, and that's where all this is playing out. Or, he's in a coma because something went wrong when they were setting his leg in TGND.

My friend, who emerged from a very long coma, talked to me once about what it was like as he was awakening. And he said his brain threw all kinds of images and maybe-memories at him. A lot of it didn't make sense, except that in his broken brain it did sort of make sense. Just like how we don't think a dream is crazy and disjointed until we wake up and spend some time thinking about it.

The other thing he said is that as he was awakening, it was really difficult to determine what was real and what was imaginary. His brain was working so hard just to bring him back to consciousness, it couldn't spare the time or energy to also make sense of all it had to process.

I sometimes wonder if both boys are in a dream state, or if they've been kicked into some alternate universe, a la that in the French Mistake.

And I'm not entirely convinced we're only seeing Dean's POV. I kind of agree with the idea that Sam is so psychically damaged right now that he doesn't have the energy to emote, or truly react. Meanwhile Dean's already full cup of emotion is starting to overflow and that's why we see so many of his reactions.

My conspiracy theory brain thinks something is amiss, at the very least the time is fudgy. But, my rational brain thinks most inconsistencies could be explained by lapses in writing and over-analyzing by the conspiracy theorist who lives in my head! (Sometimes it sounds like Scully and Mulder going at it in there.. Wanting to believe, but needing proof!)

I do think the latter half of the season will feature more of Sam's inevitable breakdown, and I think the finale will be surprising... probably in ways none of us have even imagined yet.

This was fun. Thank you!

Pragmatic Dreamer
# FMJemena 2012-01-31 23:29
Dear Ruth:

THank you much (for making my head ache enjoyably again). Possible for all the theories, but I prefer No. 2 where Sam has been successfully taken out of the Cage by Cas and that the gang has been desperately trying to get Dean to leave the Djinn's dream-poison... .(sigh) Following this, Sam's successful break-in into Dean's dream can coincide with the Dream-Sam being locked in a mental asylum. Real!Dean locked up Dream!Sam in the asylum because the Real!Sam became successful in changing things in Real!Dean's noggin. Again, if this were so, this may explain why Cas, in future SPN epis, is said to exhibit amnesia--he has no idea that Dean dreamt him up as Leviathan messiah. Possible? (Heck! I just want the Boys to be happy and Bobby, Cas, and that sexy angel with them.)
# FMJemena 2012-01-31 23:36
In addition: If Sera and Gang are going into S6-S7 as a great, big freaking dream of someone, can that someone be an SPN fan? .... Dear Sera and Gang: Please make said fictional fan (or even Chuck, if he's making a comeback) dream of Sam and Dean as bare-chested and just wearing jeans all the time, even in the snow. ;-)
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 12:58
I totally agree....we need to see some skin! It's been far too long!
# kaj 2012-02-01 02:12
Hi Ruth!

I like your theory. You are thinking like what i am thinking. :) Ever since Alive playing connect the dots, i already think "Oh no. It's more possible that Dean is the one in dream state." I am thinking that maybe Dean is also in Hell with Sam, being tortured by the angles That this whole weirdness started at The Stul Cemetery.

How about that?
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 13:16
Could be....Then he would have been in a coma and dreaming. Either way, Dean wants Sam to be happy, content and free of Lucifer.
# annie 2012-02-03 17:16
Really? Coz it doesnt seem like he wants Sam to be happy, it seems more like he just wants Sam to be compliant and not a burden to him.
# Sharon 2012-02-01 02:19
I want a Sam that is real so no I would rather not have the Dean 'dream state' scenario.Sam has been moulded so much to the sl and for Deans pov that that idea just leaves me cold.

But it cant be ruled out but I know people are trying to come up with ideas as to why the pov is and has been so Dean heavy but I think there is a simple explanation . They chose it to be that way a while ago and are so used to that they cant break out of the habit.
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 13:18
Oh, Sharon. I'm so sorry that you've been disappointed with the way things are going. With that being said, I will repeat that I honestly believe that Sam's time is coming. Just hang in there a little longer.
# annie 2012-02-03 17:18
I absolutely agree with you, Sam has become nothing more than a plot device for the writers to use to tell Dean's story.
# Sylvie 2012-02-01 08:15
That's a pretty interesting theory. If this is all an alternate reality in Dean's head, maybe that would explain why Sam's demon powers haven't been seen since season five.
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 13:01
Exactly my thought too...Dean never liked Sam using his powers and so he would have taken them away from Dream Sam.
# Sylvie 2012-02-01 10:00
Sorry, my reply got cut short, I had a meeting to attend. All right, where was I. Like I said, I love reading about these different theories, but deep down I' hoping that they don't really pan out. I would feel cheated if this was all in either Dean's head or Sam's head...unless it's very well done, à la "Inception" and not "Lost". I was one of those that loved the series, but was very dissappointed with the ending. For the last season, I kept thinking to myself that I wouldn't be happy if this was all in Jack's head and everyone was dead, and lo and behold, that's exactly what it was.

But as I've said, theorize away, it whiles away the time during Hellatus.
# racestaffer 2012-02-01 10:18
The problem with alternate reality has always been there are all kinds of places to choose a jumping off point. Someone on Ms. Jester's last offering brought up Stanford. Why shouldn't that be our jumoing off place... if not even before that? Between you, me and the fence post, the world the guys live in isn't real (LOL). How do you know the series doesn't plan to acknowledge that?

If this is a dream state of someone's, doesn't matter who, things that happen can be symbolic. Dick Roman doesn't want people to believe in monsters. Is that really because he wants to make it easier for levis to eat people? Maybe his point... his purpose... is to make this world seem more like reality. We don't believe in monster either, do we? So if somewhere deep inside the dreamer knows monsters aren't real, Dick's desire to suppress knowledge of monsters could be a product of the dreamers knowledge.

Becky was all excited about the opportunity to engage in pretext. If one or more secret stories are going on we have the question - how much of what we see in the show is pretext? But Becky thinks pretext is ....awesome.

Let's say the dreamer is Dean. Fighting monsters has given Dean's life purpose for a long time. It's been how he defines himself. But monster are an invention of the dream. What if any purpose does Dean have in a world without monsters? The dream is going closer to waking up... acknowledging reality. But it's still a struggle. Thus, people not believing in monsters isn't perceived as healthy... natural... a correct representation of the world. People not believing in monsters would have to be the work of something evil, something that wants to harm... the dreamer.

Perhaps, in a way, Dick Roman is like Hellboy Sam in KnewMuch. He's a fragment of Dean that remembers the real world has no monsters. Sam's and Dean's "hells" were different. Dean got carved up... a lot. And let's forget for now (then why bring it up, right) that such a thing could be a parallel for surgery and hanging from meat hooks and electrical flashes could be a parallel for life support. Let's ponder the multiple personality disorder theme. In Swan Song Sam looked at the cracked mirror. In KnewMuch he saw incomplete pieces of himself, and chose to reintegrate them for so he could get to Dean. That's one way to approach MPD. But that's not the path taken in Sybil. There the core self came to know and manage the fragment selves but did not try reintegrate them all (if I remember right).

Dean was carved up.

Sam broke into different selves... and perhaps Dean was carved into different selves.?

The beginning may sound like this must be Dean's "dream" then. But notice that Sam's path is similar yet not the same. Is Sam merely an example for Dean, don't reintegrate because it will destroy you? Maybe. Except I don't think the Team would strip meirt from Sam's character the way that sounds. So maybe Morpheus's realm is to be considered "real" and Sam belongs to that world. I've played with the idea of the "brothers" being playmates from different realities for a long time. But...

Would the team be brave (brazen?) enough to go there? So there is another possibility that might have been alluded to a couple of times. 1) There was confusion about whether John or Dean would break the first seal. 2) Whatever Cas is up to, he's doing it for Dean... because of Dean.

I sometimes start typing posts and don't finish. I email them to myself and maybe i do post them. Maybe I don't. So I can't remember how much of my recent thoughts about The End I've posted. I've always believed it would be semi-prophetic but WhiteSam, if he even came as JP next time, would not be who we though he was. We'd have Dean in a cemetery raging against God because he'd lost everyone he loved.

As, but now... now I'm starting to wonder if it will be John or Mary ...or MC or Chuck. I say MC because I've spec'ed Cas could be anyone including John, Mary, or a 3rd Winchester child who was stillborn... or a fragment of Dean or Sam (LOL). Ah... spec.

One possible scenario for this being John's dream comes from DarkSide. Why did they show us Mary talking to John on the phone? Is it possible John wasn't at home when the fire happened? He lost his whole family that night... because he wasn't there. And maybe part of him wanted to blame Mary since she was home, but part of him didn't want to blame her. So John made her beautiful martyr, took her out of his dream. No fights, no blame. Too complicated and hard. Better to just have her gone. And God-forbid Mary accidentally or through mental illness *did* have a hand in setting that fire. Our very first episode, the MOTW killed her kids then I think she committed suicide. In recent years we've seen dark images of Mary... in DarkSide and Levee. And then we have Dean visciously angry with Eve for passing herself off as a good mother. And she's doing it by shifting into Mary's image. Was Dean's problem that Eve was no Mary... or that Mary was... no Mary. Or not all the time.

But that's only one flavor wiof one jumping off place. Ask me again in five seconds. I'll spin a different spec. Now, some people may loathe this spec because it makes both Sam and Dean not real. But Crowley called them denim wrapped nightmares. I think in SPN they will be real, but they will belong to the realm of Morpheus and/or the Underworld. And they will both be on equal footing instead of one being a broken human and the other being an imaginary friend. Though they may still make them different because maybe one is from the "world of light" (Guardian angel) and one from the world of shadow (Morpheus's corner of the Underworld). But they work on joint projects where humans are concerned.
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 13:09
It's wonderful to explore other possibilities.

One thing that I didn't post but is one of my secret possibilities is this....It's all a video game like Sky Rim! Both my own real boys think that it is just that! Sam and Dean are playing and doing all this "awful" stuff to characters in the game and creating alternate worlds based on their choices. But, really, who knows? Only the writers and Kripke! They're not going to let the cat out of the bag until the very end and smile all the way to the bank!
# racestaffer 2012-02-01 13:57
OK, a video game would have me banging my head against a wall. Hopefully I'd have enough of a sense of humor to laugh while I'm doing it though {grin}.
# racestaffer 2012-02-01 18:26
Come to think of it - what was John doing when Mary supposedly confronted YED in the nursery?
John was sleeping.
I'm pretty sure he's the first person we ever see asleep in the show...
# kaj 2012-02-01 23:33
Hi racestaffer!

Really nice theory about John. I remember when i saw 'Jump The Shark' i thought. "Oh, that's why John was so creep out at The Woman In White." I mean he left the case so abruptly, right? And Dean got a call from John with Constance's voice in the background. That's because John was cheating with Adam's mother.

But, ... how about John was cheating way before that? How about John was cheating on Mary that night when the fire consumed his family? Or since when he called Mary like being shown in Darkside Of The Moon? And why was it that they cannot find John and Mary in Heaven?

The cherub also said that John and Mary was not a perfect couple until the angles worked their magic on them. It means Angles are capable of brainwashing people. Another theory could be the angles (Raphael, Lucifer, Michael?) put Dean and Sam in a dream state. And the world has been swallowed up in fire and destruction since the end of Swan Song.
# racestaffer 2012-02-02 02:05
Well, my theory is that John didn't cheat. I won't necessarily turn my back on John if he did. I'd need more info - people make mistakes. But in Dark Side, Mary wasn't acting like a woman scorned. She wanted John to come home. And John having one fling that we know of after Mary died does not make him a womanizer. I don't know enough about him to say he wasn't one - but I've no reason right now to think he was. My theory (that isn't an "it's all a dream" scenario) about the Dark Side phone call is that John didn't think one of the boys was his. And it would have to do with him being a vessel for Michael. On the one hand, Bobby has wrestled control from a demon possessing him and Sam managed to temporarily get control away from an archangel. On the other hand both Sam (Meg) and Jimmy (Cas) claimed to only be aware of some of what was happening when they were possessed. If Michael was in control of John when one of the kids was conceived, John may not have remembered the... union. We would have a Hercules like scenario which would also parallel the baby shifter situation early last season. Since many "supernaturals" have the ability to shape-shift, Mary may have believed John was the father of each of her children. Depending on who John had doubts about, it could make Sam a Nephalim. This would make sense of the frequent references to Sam's height. It could explain why YED was interested in Sam but not Dean. It could explain the real reason YED set up the "celebrity death matches" for the PKs... giving us the possibility that Gabriel is YED. In the Bible, God considers half angel/half humans to be monster who must die and he sends Gabriel to incite the giant monsters (half-breed angels) to kill each other.

If Michael and John give us an eventual "My Two Dads" episode, Mary would be a third parent. This may be what Garth was alluding to with his "tri-racial" relative comment and we may have gotten another reference to it in ManKing... the autistic man's heaven with the tri-color kite.
# Amy 2012-02-01 17:53
If Supernatural has to be a dream fake out then I vote that Dean has been in a mental institution since the fire at 4. He's hallucnated everything since because John and Sam actually did die in the fire and Dean was the sole survivor.

So the final scene will be like that Buffy episode with Dean being revealed as a patient in a mental hospital. Either Misha or Jim Beaver will be revealed to be his pychiatrist.

I think this would explain why show tells us so few details abotu sam. dean simply doesn't know his own brother because he died when he was 6 months old.
# rmoats8621 2012-02-01 19:07
Hmm...Interest thought. I'm not sure I would go that far back, but who knows? It could actually go that far back to the very beginning.
# MetamorphicRocks 2012-02-03 00:10
These were interesting theories. It is fun to speculate about these kinds of things. If any one of these theories turned out to be true, just think how the fandom boards would "light up" with lively, fascinating discussions! The conversations would be endless (In a good way)!
# Paul 2012-03-05 12:45
Before I say anything I watched the 1st episode of season 6 and after the first episode finished I thought this has to be a dream. Especially with the Supernatural book writer disappearing at the end of season 5. However, it is hard to think that for two seasons that this is all a dream, it would completely ruin it for me if season 6 and season 7 was a dream all this time.

I have a feeling that when it ends it is going to be as Dean and Sam being children again and this is how their future happens, afterall Sam is a psychic.