It had been five months since you were last seen.
Left to make a decision by a pissed off Dean.
Friend or foe what would you choose.
What ever the decision there was much to loose.
Sam and Dean had been detoured to a five star hotel.
With a free buffet, luxury room and some classy clientele.
But they were soon held captive and used as bargaining chips.
Planned out by Pre Christian Gods to end the apocalypse.
There were several Gods hosting this little social gathering.
Norsemen Odin and Baldur, who was chair of this thing.
And Gods Kali and Ganesh of the Hindu belief
Along with Mercury and Zao Shen adding to the grief.
Then you made an entrance like you were ready to break into song.
All showy and jokingly asking ‘Can’t we all just get along?’
You silenced Sam and Dean so your identity would not be shed.
Commenting ‘It’s always the wrong place, worst time with you muttonheads.’
With the apocalypse at hand you needed to have an adult conversation.
So you zapped the boys to their room while you all discussed the situation.
With them back in their room, trying to figure out what they should do.
You came to warn them they were dead or bait depending on the review.
You told them this wasn’t your game, you had come to save their asses.
But you were unable to zap them away from the God’s angry masses.
As Kali had them bound to her by a powerful blood spell.
They would need to recover the blood to escape this prison cell.
So to steal it back from Kali you put on the old charm.
But she was wise to you, took your blood, leaving you unarm.
Forced back to the conference room along with Sam and Dean.
The rescue wasn’t going as well as it could have been.
Kali then informed the Gods that you were the Archangel Gabriel.
She then stabbed you with your sword, without even a farewell.
Both Sam and Dean were stunned, but Dean turned on his finesse.
Free the hostages and they would bring Lucifer with Sam saying yes.
While Dean was outside ensuring the rescue was complete.
He found you alive and tucked safely in the Impala’s back seat.
‘I thought you were dead?’ Dean asked with surprise.
The sword had been a fake to prevent your demise.
You then told Dean to lift the plasma, so you could all vamoose.
But Dean was staying and wanted you to help cook Lucifer’s goose.
Although she had stabbed you, Dean still felt you cared for one another.
But your true confession to Dean was ‘I can’t kill my brother.’
‘Can’t or won’t? That’s what I thought’ was Dean’s angry reply.
Although once faced with the same decision stated ‘I’d rather die’
So is this is why it was so important to you, for Sam and Dean to say yes?
Too spare you from fighting your brother and having to take part in this mess?
Dean returned to the others, informing that you were still alive.
Leaving you with the choice to either watch or help your friends survive.
Meanwhile Mercury, not at all happy with the way things had been.
Proceeded to make a certain call and Lucifer arrived on the scene.
After a tense greeting, Mercury quickly suffered Lucifer’s wrath.
And Lucifer went on his mission, killing all who dare got in his path.
When he reached the conference room, Baldur took a stand
But Lucifer without blinking stabbed him right thru with his hand.
Kali in retaliation started setting her arms ablaze
Then throwing a fireball at Lucifer, to which it didn’t faze.
Sam and Dean dove for cover while Lucifer simply sent it back
Kali was now outraged and went in for another attack.
Lucifer sent her flying, and went in for the kill.
But before he could do so, you flung him with your will.
‘Luci, I’m home!’ you joked with your sword out for protection.
As Lucifer was charging at you, not feeling that family affection.
‘Not this time!’ you stated while helping Kali from the floor.
And leading Kali and the brothers safely to the door.
‘Over a girl Gabriel, really’ Lucifer said not liking this fix.
You replied that you loved him, but he was a big bag of dicks.
You told him it was time to grow up and this tantrum of his needed to stop.
All because your Dad favoured humanity, Lucifer jealousy went over the top
He asked if this was for Michael, but you made it clear it was for neither one.
That you sided with your father and that you were no longer going to run.
Lucifer felt you disloyal and wondered why you would die for them to live.
You agreed humans were flawed, but they did try to do better, to forgive.
It was then we saw you sneaking up behind Lucifer, while he talked to the fake.
But he was wise to your game and quickly turned and stabbed you. A fatal mistake.
Lucifer reminded you that you had learned all your tricks from him
He then thrust his sword one more time, letting you fall as your life grew dim.
And as your soul left your body, it came out a burst of bright white light.
Leaving you behind with the blacken ash of your wings, never again to take flight.
Lucifer stood looking like he had regrets, almost remorseful. 
But I’m not buying these crocodile tears, after being so forceful.
He could of stopped at any time and spared your life.
Instead he chose to continue with his killing strife.
But what Lucifer didn’t know was that you had a backup plan in place.
Making a video on how to trap him and giving it to Dean just in case.
All they needed was all four rings of the horsemen to open the cage door.
Since Sam and Dean already had War and Famines, they just needed two more.
So farewell dear Trickster/Gabriel you were a crafty one.
I’ll miss you creating chaos and mischief just for alittle fun.
I’m so proud you stood up and chose the side of being friends.
I hope your Father brings you home and that you make amends.


# Jasminka 2010-05-25 02:10
Beautiful, Karen - one of my favourite characters is given a bit more immortality by this moving ballad.
Thanks so much for your ever colourful creativity and moving words, they reflect a kind soul. And that's not a trick.
Love Jas
# Yvonne 2010-05-25 03:16
Rockin! Love the Trickster/Gabri el.
Broke my heart when he died, both times!
# Julie 2010-05-25 05:30
I know this was a true labour of love for you.
It is a wonderful tribute to a very special character.
Thank You
love Ju
# Sablegreen 2010-05-25 09:24
Karen, beautiful as always. Never SPN the reset button is always an option. Maybe he'll be back in season 6.
# Supernarttu 2010-05-25 10:28
Oh Karen. *heart*

Lovely as always.

Thank you for the lovely send off to our fave Trickster.

Ps. Ofcourse he'll be back! :D
# Randal 2010-05-25 10:42
O bard, verily thou hast done it again.
# Evelyn 2010-05-25 12:38
Wonderful tribute to our fair 'trickster'. I was very pleased when Gabriel stood on the side of humanity, just wish he could have been around for the final fight. Damn you Lucifer, you are going to burn in hell. Oh, wait......You are in Hell you naughty, naughty boy. The Trickster/Gabri el will definitely be missed.
# Elle2 2010-05-26 18:34

Once again you bring it all together. I will miss our delightful he perhaps enjoying some time with Ash, I'm sure there's a candy bar or two or three in the Roadhouse.

Thank you for sharing your wondrous way with words.
# Karen 2010-05-26 23:55
Hi Everyone!
Thank-you all for your kind words and comments.
The Trickster/Gabri el was my favourite character outside of the original four of course.
I wanted to give him a good send off, which I hope I accomplished.
I have to admit this one was hard to write. I think I was still feeling a little bitter towards Kripke & Co for killing him off.
Damn you Kripke! I’m never going to forgive you for this one!
I really do hope they bring him back tho, after all it is Supernatural, so anything can happen right??!
Thanks again everyone.
# ElenaM 2010-05-29 00:57
Absolutely loved this—funny and poignant. Loved how you touched on how much Dean was asking of Gabe, to kill his brother, and your insight into his motives in Changing Channels. Like you said, who knows, maybe this won’t be the final ode . . . If God can literally deus ex machine Cas back x2, how about doing Gabe a good turn too? Although come to think of it, Cas was chunky souped both times, not impaled by angelsword, maybe that makes a difference. . . Still, your last line—“I hope your Father brings you home and that you make amends. “ Beautiful .*sniff* :cry::
# Karen 2010-05-29 10:00
Thank you so much ElenaM.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that The Trickster/Gabri el will return. He may have been a bit diabolical, but he was also such a fun and entertaining character.