How do you watch your Supernatural? By Elle2
It’s here, Hellatus 2010. [Deep breath in, hold for a moment; relax and breathe out.]
Here we go, Supernatural Siblings, somewhere between 119 days and 133 days until the next new episode. [Based on suspected start date]
So, here is the first of many Hellatus articles I have planned, and already written. I won’t list out to you what is already written and what is intended to be written or what is in the process of being written but I will tell you that I started writing all these various articles in mid-April, just after the 100th episode. I realized then that Hellatus 2010 was going to be harder than I had initially thought and knew I had to do my part to assist everyone, including myself, in making it through. We’re in this together. I’ll do my part, you do yours…come, read, add a comment, submit an article, vote in a poll, watch your DVDs…every little bit helps.
This is fluff, fluff and pure fluff to get us started but worry not, I’ve got some analysis, some meat and some character and writer bits coming…that’s all I’ll tell you ‘cause I said a few sentences ago I wouldn’t go into what else was coming; time to get into this bit of fluff and send us all on our merry way.
So, just how do you watch your Supernatural? 
With five full seasons, 104 episodes, and another looming Hellatus I thought a little discovery into viewing habits was in order.
Do you watch all the episodes in order from The Pilot to Swan Song? I’ve done that [well, not exactly ‘cause it was Hellatus 2009 that I did that and thus there was no season 5 but you get my drift.]
This year I’m giving myself three weeks to watch each season and I’m watching them in reverse order. Three weeks times five seasons is fifteen weeks…that’s not bad for a projected 17 to 19 week time period.
Do you watch episodes that showcase specific characters?
Like every John Winchester episodes? That gives you ten with his presence.
Or how about every Ellen Harvelle episode? Those are fewer but no less fun to watch.
What about Bobby episodes? Too many (thankfully) to list and thankfully more to come in Season 6.
We also have numerous Castiel episodes, Zachariah episodes, there’s episodes that have Meg or Azazel or Lucifer present – with awesome acting to boot.
What about a Trickster marathon? That covers three season, three writers and four directors – as our beloved, and deeply mourned, Trickster would say… “Not bad.”
Do you watch for particular writers? Sera Gamble has written since the beginning as has Eric Kripke then there’s Jeremy Carver, Ben Edlund, Raelle Tucker, only Ben has written since Season 2 and Raelle was gone after Season 2 but Jeremy has written some gems along the way.
Then there are the fabulous directors, do you sit down and gorge yourself on all Kim Manners’ masterpieces or perhaps Mike Rohl or J. Miller Tobin, or how about Steve Boyum who helmed this year’s season finale – a fine job he did too with all the montages.
Do you like to watch for the vampires or perhaps the shapeshifters just to see if they kept true to canon for the lore?
Perhaps you’re a little bawdy and decide to dim the lights, pull the drapes and indulge in the likes of Route 666, Heart, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heaven and Hell and Sex and Violence ‘cause…you know.
What about indulging in those notorious episodes, you know the ones I mean; the ones without the Impala: The Usual Suspects, Hollywood Babylon, Criss Angel is a Douche Bag, It’s a Terrible Life, Lucifer Rising and Point of No Return…dang, and these are really good episodes too, still, no Impala…
When you watch do you sometimes fast forward through some parts? I do. Like the really gross parts in The Kids Are All Right or My Bloody Valentine, the gorging that occurs in Metamorphosis or the hand in the blender in After School Special…I usually speed through those bits; yeah, I’m a girl.
Do you watch on double time the ‘lesser episodes’ you know which ones I mean, Bugs, Red Sky in the Morning, Swap Meat – Ghostfacers [oh no you don’t!]
What scenes do you rewind and watch multiple times while gripping tissues…or sometimes your sides: Dean and Sam at the end of Heaven and Hell; Dean’s death in No Rest For the Wicked; Sam’s death in All Hell Breaks Loose I; Dean and Sam in the pagan gods’ kitchen in a Very Supernatural Christmas’ the escape scene in Nightshifter with Renegade playing, again, and again, and again and … yeah, again. [There’s just too many good ones to list, feel free to add]
Do you rearrange episodes that were aired out of order? I do. I’ll forever put Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid in front of My Bloody Valentine. I know the CW had its reasons but man that messed with the continuity…I’m over it though; I’ve got them recorded on DVD and can watch them in any order I want to. [so there, stomps foot]
So, if you were lacking in ideas, there’s a few to get you going. We’re about one week through and I can sense the resolve of everyone to hang in there, huddle on the couch, share our wonders, our concerns, our hopes and our love for all things Supernatural; we are in this together and we’ll be there when Season 6 [who would have thought!] unveils in September.
I’ll be back in a week with the first of a five-part series of articles in which I examine ‘the’ pivotal episode of each season. That’s the preview you get for what’s coming next from me [plus the season five wrap up from me and The Road So Far, Season 5…and – oh, bother, we’ll just have to wait. My goal is an article a week, some fluff, some heavy, some fun, some just whatever.  Characters and writers will be looked at and if all truly comes together I’ve got an indepth article on John Winchester, but that’s a ways away. See, I’m so excited I couldn’t help but gush on what I’ve got planned.]
It’s Hellatus folks, rejoice and read and have some fun. While you’re at it, clean those gutters, cut that lawn, weed that garden, clean out that garage, wash the car…oh, wait a minute, that’s my list….
Thanks for reading…Elle2


# Ardeospina 2010-05-19 23:11
Sounds like you have a really fun watching project ahead of you, Elle2!

How I have been watching lately is I'll cue up a DVD, starting with season 1, and watch 2 episodes while I ride my bike in the basement. That way I'm exercising and being entertained! Though, I'm taking a break mid season 3 to watch True Blood.

And next month, my mom is visiting me from California, and we have a whole day season 1 marathon planned because she has never seen an episode. Tragedy! I'm looking forward to that, too.

And the last way I watch is scene by random scene while I'm getting screencaps for my lists! All out of order, but it's still fun.

And good luck with your article a week self-imposed deadline. I can never make those, so I don't even try anymore.
# ElenaM 2010-05-20 00:04
All of the above! Ok, not ALL, but you get the idea. I've tended to watch the series in order but lately I'm picking up my favorites (OTHOAP, TMATEOTB & AVSC will probably be getting a fair amount of play this summer). And I LOVE themed marathons, don't get me started! I'll probably be doing an Ellen&Jo week and a Zachariah week, you know, spending some time with characters we've lost that i'll really, really miss.

Favorite scenes to watch over and over--there's too many to name, but . . . I love watching Sam & Dean's skull-bleeped cursing in Ghostfacers, I have no idea why, maybe because that's the only episode they get to curse for real, and I love the scene where Dean leaves Ruby in the basement in NRFTW. Then there's the Kinks scene from "Terrible Life", especially when he gets in his hybrid and switches the rock to NPR. Anyone read the blog "Stuff White People Like"? Dean looked like he walked right out of it, and it cracked me up.

Ardeospina, that marathon with your mom sounds awesome (who knows, maybe she'll become a new fan...)

This was fun, thanks elle2--and wow, an article a week, that's a lot! Really looking forward to it! (Looking forward to hellatus, imagine that...) :D
# ElenaM 2010-05-20 00:06
The fireworks from DSotM has already been through multiple vieweings, with more to come... Stopping now! :D
# Megan 2010-05-20 01:34
Well, this summer, my best friend and I are going to sit down and watch every single episode, starting from Pilot to Swan Song. It will be a large and wonderful under-taking!

But usually, if I'm just bumming around and in the mood to watch Supernatural (as is often the case), I, being a Sam girl, tend to pick episodes that have some awesome moment with him, either show-casing him throughout the entire episode, or just one little line or moment that always breaks my heart or makes me smile endlessly. The thing that kid does to me. =]

Really, though, I love the moments with brotherly love or angst. I can't get enough of those. Fresh Blood always sticks out in my mind with that genre, along with the episodes in which one of them dies, or when they HUG! Sometimes I just watch the hug scenes over and over, ignoring the rest of the episode. Ah, well. That's life!

In Devil's Trap, there's a little snippet where Sam's twirling that little pen thing while sifting through that gigantic book that Bobby gave him. I don't know how he does it, but Jared's got this insane talent for twirling pens, and he does it in that scene. I watch it over and over and over again.

I also re-watch the Boop! scene all the time, as well as pretty much every single moment in Changing Channels. I love angst, so the first twenty minutes of When The Levee Breaks is often watched. Gah, I know there's more - I re-watch scenes all the time! I'll have to make a list or something... Oh, I got another one! I always watch the very end of Pilot. Breaks my heart every single time!
# Sandra 2010-05-20 01:56
Sounds like great fun and an inspirational idea! For me it's easy; I'll purchase the blu-ray of season one when it comes out of course! Have been waiting for that ever since they started manufacturing blu-rays really. And dad being the tech geek he is has an awesome home tv system that I might just steal for my new purchase :-).
# Meredith 2010-05-20 02:06
I always watch from the beginning to end. Since I first started watching Supernatural, which was the season 4 premiere, I have watched the whole series at least 6 times. Right now, I'm in the middle of the second season. But I've also been watching the show with two different sets of friends who have never seen it, so I'm also in different spots in season 1.

But I cannot skip episodes, even the very few that I don't like very much. I just can't bring myself to do it. And I always watch in order. But yes, there are numerous scenes that I rewatch, over and over and over, and one more time.

Looking forward to more Hellatus articles.
# DianeUK 2010-05-20 03:31
Looking forwards to those episodes, especially the JOHN one! AHH! (CONCENTRATE!!)
At the moment we are still watching in the UK, last night was Dark Side Of The Moon, so the torture/pleasur e continues! I have downloaded and watched all episodes already ....but....I HAVE to watch again! Over the summer I watch ALL the episodes, now an extra season to watch (sigh). Just cannot get enough.
# marie-a 2010-05-20 06:28
english is not my native language so I saw them with subtitles. this summer, I'll see all the epi from the start with english subtitles which is different and I'll go on this site every day to read your articles. Keep writing people !
# Suze 2010-05-20 07:02
I tend to wait until the Guys have biffed off to mess up the woodland peace somewhere ( hurrah for Baden-Powell :D ) and do a whole season at a time over a weekend, in the right order, with no crap eppie skipping, no scene selection and no time off for good behavior ... Or little mini-series' with Unbearably Long, Portentious And Hideously Unwealdy Titles That Randal Then Takes The Piss Out Of. ;-)
# elle2 2010-05-20 07:56
Love all ideas and it just makes me more excited to get watching...darn that whole work for a living and chores thingy and oh, yeah, sleep get's in the way of my watching more episodes at a time. I'm only up to The End which I saw last night: must. get. watching!

Ardeospina, biking and watching SPN, you're multi-tasking! You're a good daughter to rescue your mom from the tragedy in her life, no SPN. Good for you. Have a piece of chocolate (small of course)

ElenaM, your list of fave scenes gets me more eager to get watching...yeah , that fireworks scene in DSotM is Dean's pure joy.

Megan, I too notice that pen twirling, it's those little characterizatio ns that fill in so much. I picture Sam the student studying long and hard and mindlessly twirling that pen. Your list like Elena's and others has me wanting to hurry up and get to all these episodes and enjoy.

Sandra, never seen anything on blu-ray, what is so special? I'm no techie so I'm really behind the times.

Leave no evidence when you *ahem* borrow your dad's TV!

Meredith, awesome! Season 1 to present six times...way to go AND you're bringing friends!!! Keep it up.

Diane(UK) I'm stoked about the John article too, must get cracking! Five seasons to enjoy (who knew?) and more to come...we are so lucky.

Narcissus -- let's do our list together (that'll cut down on the workload, right?) I forget how fortunate I am to watch the show on TV without thinking about it (although every now and again a power outage or baseball game has me worried but thus far no major issues (knocks wood) I only watched Malleus Malifacarum and Dream a Little Dream of Me on the computer because I first started watching in Season 3 at Mystery Spot...I saw lots of scenes on the computer from Season 1 until my DVDs arrived and then it was TV all the time.

Maria, we'll keep writing, you keep reading. Your English is excellent!

Suze, you crack me up "biffed off" too funny! No epi skipping for you, good for you, there are gems in every episode. Red Sky has one of my faves when Dean hyperventilates b/c Bela had the Impala towed and after their discussion and she leaves Sam tells him he can't shoot her in public...too funny!

When I reread my article (and try not to cringe when the inevitable typo shows up) I get excited for what's to come during Hellatus guys only make it more fun. Thanks everyone...and one week is already done!
# Karen 2010-05-20 09:09
Hi Elle2
I go by disc, I have a few I like to re-watch all the time. My comfort episodes. Of course it depends on the amount of time I have to watch.
I do think I will try and go thru all the seasons and watch them all in order. There are some I haven’t seen in a long time.
# trina 2010-05-20 09:44
I am currently on day 3 of a "one a day to get me through hiatus" schedule. I am going in order, and it is kind of fun to compare how things are now to how they were then. (Baby Jared!!) It's also cool to see things that carry throught the series (Dean saying to Sam "You are such a control freak") and that were brought up years later (Jess baking cookies). I don't know how far I will get, summer is pretty hectic, but we'll see.
# Breeda 2010-05-20 09:54
Looking forward to your article as always. Actually watched the All Hell Breaks Loose episodes last night and as usual cried buckets!!
Here in Ireland we are 5 episodes behind the season 6 finale and based on all your articles I expect some major weeping!!
Keep up the good work and roll on September!!!!!! !!!!
# Jasminka 2010-05-20 10:53
Okay, okay, I’m breathing…. How good of you to remind me of that!! To hell with hellatus… I’m a big fan of fluff, as I am of drama and action… talk about a twisted mind…

I’ve watched the show in order for myself and then as I was introducing a dear friend to it, and I’ll watch it in order again during the hellatus, though not necessarily as a marathon on a weekend or so….

There was a phase when I used to watch an episode while having breakfast before going to work and sometimes skipping scenes to get through to the end before I’d have to rush off (mostly in a rush, as I like to have time to eat my breakfast slowly and when I’m watching or reading something, it’s even slower going, ahem…). But at present I’m not doing this anymore.

WhenI watch an episode I choose according to my mood or to what I need at that moment. Favourites are always Changing Channels, Mystery Spot, Monster Movie or Monster At The End of The Book, but also the heartbreaking ones. I’m careful with those, depending on the work load I have to handle or personal state of mind.

I try to protect the show for me, too – I don’t want to come to a point of getting bored with it after having watched it too much. I still love it to discover something new, even if it is the wallpaper design or a billboard along the road. With a show I used to watch when I was way younger I overdid it and to this day even thinking of it makes me cringe. I don’t want this to happen with this show, which is my favourite ever. I want to watch it in years to come with the same love and enthusiasm as I’m doing now – and, hopefully, after not having watched certain episodes for a while, feel as if I’m watching it for the first time or re-uniting with a dear friend after a while.

What I’m definitely going to do soon is watch the entire season five in order to write my upcoming 100-favourite-m oments article for Season 5. Looking forward to that. And dreading it. Well, being a masochist on this planet is called commonplace now, isn’t it? We love to be tortured by the emotional impact this show guarantees.

Elle2, this was a great idea, looking forward to your other instalments! Keep ‘em coming. We're a great bunch here. I just love it.... and judging from the comments, people love coming here and enjoy our rambles and ideas... What a treat. What an honour. So, I reiterate: Keep 'em coming big time,
Thanks so much, love Jas
# Evelyn 2010-05-20 11:52
Looking forward to your articles this summer, elle2. I think this hellatus is going to be harder for me than any season. With the last seasons we had an idea of how things were going to go, but with this season there are nothing but question marks. I just want to know that Dean is alright and trying his best to be happy and wanting to know how he and Sam will reunite.

As for my watching habits. There have been times that I watched certain episodes. Last summer, though, I watched the episodes in order and will most likely do that this summer as well. Want to view Season 5 again before starting over - want to see this season again in its entirety. And then of course there is a lot of rewinding involved in viewing. Always rewatch the brotherly, tugging at your heartstrings, moments, their talks or a moment when they have a great rescue, such as Dean emerging out of the water with Lucas, or Dean's escape in the Impala from the Croats in Croatoan, you get my drift.

It's going to be a long, busy summer - looking forward to each day, especially since each new day brings us just one day closer to the premiere of Season 6. Bring it!
# BagginsDVM 2010-05-20 12:52
For the new episodes, It's on the couch, lights off, curled up with my favorite blanket, phone turned off. I DVR it while I watch it live, then usually watch it again immediately after it 1st airs. I also try to catch the TNT reruns on my day off. I have all seasons so far on DVD, & I plan to watch them all in order (well, in the order they SHOULD have aired for continuity's sake) again this summer, with the DVR'd season 5 at the end. It is fun to see how the guys have changed both physically & emotionally over the seasons!

Happy summer to everyone!
# Randal 2010-05-20 13:31
Now what the hell is wrong with fluff? Between that and your not-so-subtle dig at a certain third season episode featuring the worst paranormal investigators this side of the Sci-Fi - sorry, SyFy - channel, you just made my Nixon's List. I'll still read your damn articles though. Muah. :D

And Suze, I saw that.

99% of the time, I watch them in order (just started season one the other day) unless I need to refresh myself with specific episodes or scenes if I'm writing an article. And I rarely skip because as you said, each episode has worthwhile bits. Hell, I like Red Sky at Morning overall a lot more than I used to. Maybe the very comical parts have infected the rest.
# Bevie 2010-05-20 13:33
I'm afraid my viewing habits are very much unexciting (except for me, of course).

I first discovered what I had been missing when "A Very Supernatural Christmas" first aired. Somehow that episode grabbed me and I immediately ordered seasons 1 and 2 from Amazon. Was hooked completely with the Pilot and from there on the show was in continuous motion for me. And "Christmas" became my very favourite Christmas show to watch every Christmas time. Thanks Kripke!

So ever since then, I have watched the episodes (in perfect order) EVERY night. I make my little drinkie and settle down and watch 2 every night before bedtime. Right now I'm up to disc 3 in season 4, and when I get to the end of season 4 I can begin on my tapes I recorded for season 5.

Of course there are some that are eagerly looked forward to (such as "Hell House", for some reason I just love it) but there are also very very few I'm not delighted to see (like Criss Angel). Don't know why but that one is the ONLY episode I don't really look forward to. Not because of the brothers, but the whole plot became boring to me after seeing it 2 or 3 times. But, I never exclude it from my marathon.

I find some good stuff in "Red Sky" as well, such as Dean's hyperventilatin g and strolling, James Bond like, down the stairs in his tux. Ooooh Boy! "Don't objectify me!". Also Sam and his date were hilarious.

Anyway, I can't imagine now an evening without the Winchester boys. Thank God dvds were invented!


And I'm looking forward to all your articles through the summer. LOVE this site!
# joelsteinlover 2010-05-20 15:50
I think I'm going to do all the writers at a time. Like, all of Ben's, all of Gamble's, all of Carver's, all of Kripke's, all of Raelle's, all of the rest who didn't get enough to merit their name by itself, in chronological order.
# elle2 2010-05-20 20:22
Keep the comments rolling...I'm getting ideas!

Karen, you will not be sorry you watch from The Pilot through to Swan's worth the viewing.

Trina, one a day gets you through 104 days of Hellatus with about 15 - 29 days for leeway (you know, when life gets too hectic!)

Breeda, Thank you very much. I love writing them so I'm glad you enjoy reading them. Yes, there is weeping to occur, keep the tissues on hand (soft ones)

Jas, breathe in out, repeats, happy to help. Like you sometimes I enjoy the humor marathons and sometimes the heavy ones but especially with your work you must balance (and breathe!) Looking forward to your 100 moments from Season you've done the others I don't know but I'm looking forward to it.

It is a treat and an honor for all of us. I'm glad we're here! (and thanks for the couch!)

Evelyn, I'm here for you...this is going to be a tough hellatus, but together we will get through it. believe it or not, sometimes you need to force yourself to take a SPN breather (I know, perish the thought) but if you get overwhelmed, take a few days off, no epis to watch, no articles to read, clear your mind, play in the sun, make a sand castle...then when you come back some healing will have occurred. Sounds crazy I know, but it works.

BagginsDVM, great plan on how to read, phone off, lights off, curled with a is fun to see how much they've changed, especially Sam (baby Sam as was said!) They've changed and yet they haven't but both have fully become the characters on screen and I too am looking fowward to watching the years go by.

Randal, my darling, Randal, I love Ghostfacers! I think it's brilliant and that's no joke. There are some that hate it and I think I was projecting...or possessed or...something. Take me off the Nixon list and read the damn articles anyway...I'll be reading yours. Red Sky does grow on me, humor is infectious!

Bevie, I admire your discipline (and love the idea of the drinkie) I usually keep popcorn and/or chocolate handy (sometimes two bags of popcorn) I love reading how people find the show...AVSC was your beat me. good for you! :-) Like you, I love the Christmas episode and it's perfect at Christmas, at New Year's in July, in October...well, any fudgin' time!

Joelsteinlover, what a great idea! You'll get a chance to experience each writers' style with the boys across seasons as well as across the levels of the mytharc. Perhaps you'll favor us with some articles on what you find?????

Happy Hellatus'll be over before we know it (really, it will ***glugs wine****)

See you on the site.
# Yvonne 2010-05-21 01:22
Favorite part of this article? How short the 'lesser episode' list was. (I'm ignoring that cut at Ghostfacers! :mrgreen:-) How great is this show that those are easy to remember because they are so few and yet still beloved?

Watching habits? Either a marathon in order or a scene from a particular ep will pass through my mind and I'll put it in first chance. If rushed, I'll skip all the parts without the boys. Some cannot by skipped through though. It's just plain impossible.
# Boobula 2010-05-21 19:43
Well let's see....I found Supernatural during "Roadkill" and was hooked. The next day I
bought season 1 and watched it in its' entirety in 2 days. I got my favorite aunt hooked on it in season 3. Watched the entire first 2 seasons with her in order, marathon style. Well, we had to get her caught up! Now we watch new episodes together and it is affectionately known as "date night" by her friends and mine. All of whom know better than to even attempt to get in touch with either of us while "the boys" are on. Then last
March, got my mom hooked. Bought her a DVD player just so we could get caught up. Did 8 hour marathons, 2 days a week until she was caught up... My poor Dad lol...
Unfortunately my mom passed away unexpectedly before getting to see "Changing Channels" which I know she would have loved. Have also gotten my brother and sister-in-law hooked. And now my dad is living with them...Poor Dad, again.....
I do watch mostly in order, the Good, Great, Awesome, EPIC and not so good... they all get watched. Because as many others have said, there is something worth watching in every episode. And being the lucky woman I am, I fall asleep with Sam and Dean every night. Who could ask for more than that?
# elle2 2010-05-21 21:13
I've got to clear the record -- :shock: -- I loved Ghostfacers -- I was 'channeling' those in the fandom who mock that episode by including it but I do not; it's brilliant.

I think Ghostfacers would have been loved by more had Season 3 not been shortened and that been the one that we came back to knowing we were losing out on six episodes. But hey, 'tis well past us know and with a 22 episode order for Season 6 and no labor/managemen t strife in this next year ahead -- short of the apocalypse we'll be good to go!

Yvonne and Boobula, I'm impressed at your marathon viewing habits. Of late the most I can do is two at a time (and tonight it was only one -- but that's 'cause I'm doing a little writing on an article, I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Boobulat, you sure know how to keep it in the family and bring new and many viewers to the show. I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother especially as you indicated it was unexpected. My mother has no interest in Supernatural so it's not an activity we share but the loss of her would be devastating as I believe it was for you. I'm so glad so many in your family are hooked on it as I bet the enjoyment continues.

And you're right, falling asleep every night with Sam and Dean...not bad!
# ElenaM 2010-05-22 01:12
Wow, getting the entire family hooked, I'm impressed! Except apparently poor Dad :D You know, I haven't been able to get a single person to check out the show, ALL my friends and family are very anti-violence in the media, so usually I keep my mouth shut-- I got some very dubious looks when I said I thought "Paranormal Activity" was really well done! :D

You know, this article actually answered a (totally pointless) question I’d been pondering. Julie Siege has a reputation for doing something bad to the Impala in each of her scripts, but I couldn’t remember any Impala insults from “Criss Angel.” Now I have my answer—how about “ignore her existence and leave her out altogether.” That totally counts!
# elle2 2010-05-24 13:37
ElenaM and Dany,

ElenaM, leaving the Impala out is insult enough, you're right. She's not kind to the 'girl'. Eric showered his love on her (helps make up for his dissing her in Lucifer Rising and allowing her to be 'killed' and abandoned in The End.

Dany, enjoy that marathon, it's going to be fun. I just watched Changing Channels again last night (as I'm doing all the seasons in reverse to help me write my articles) and it's hysterical. I played that opening title card again and again just enjoying the fun that was depicted J&J must have enjoyed that aspect of filming, talk about different.

Looking forward to everyone's articles and writing my own and then chatting with everyone...hell atus will go quick!
# Freebird 2010-05-24 18:27
So far, I've only watched season 1-3 episodes in order, twice. First time - during a week of vacationing in a tiny mountain village in my granddad's old house all by myself in the darkest night and it made me wonder about my mental health because it didn't freak me out - to catch up on S1 & 2 epis I've missed on TV due to lousy air schedule, and S3 because it never aired here. Second time - stretched over several weeks - because I just loved it.
Don't have S4& 5 on DVD, but I would re-watch episodes twice or three times after they air, again in order.
What I've been planing for a long time, is to watch the episodes about the myth arc, about the Winchester destiny, but I keep procrastinating , let's face it, it just takes so much time :sad: Need another vacation in my granddad's house all by myself, I guess.
I'm amazed by you people who watch epis and scenes over and over again, wow!!! I wish I had the time. Watching Supernatural, to me is a perfect get-away.
Well, what I am looking forward to, is getting the rest of the DVDs and watch the whole series in one piece. In order. It just has to be in order.... do I have a problem here :shock: ?
# elle2 2010-05-26 18:29
Freebird...can I come to the tiny mountain village and watch them all again? I too can never seem to find enough time although I do plan to see all 104 eps before the season 6 (still amazed we get to say that) premier. Now, how I plan to do that I don't know as I'm only through Changing Channels of Season 5 and this Hellatus the plan is to watch each season from start to finish but in the reverse order of the seasons (uh, 5, 4, 3, -- yeah, you got it.) That helps me to write the articles I've got planned this Hellatus but here we are two weeks through (whee) and I'm only 8 eps done...must. get. watching!

Once agin I'm lucky to own all the DVDs (well, not five yet but I recorded them all) and thus have access to them whenever I want. I am fortunate.
# Freebird 2010-05-27 19:01
elle, I'd love to spend weeks just watching Supernatural with fellow fan(s), so come over here :-)! And believe me, that village would be a perfect spot - a backroads smalltown Croatia with peculiar townsfolk, and dark and silent nights. The perfect atmosphere :D

Wow, you got some work to do! Well, it's sweet work, isn't it? Have a lot of fun (I know you will ;-))!!!!

# ANonymous 2010-06-26 12:26
i watch all the episodes closest to the date i am watching them
i pick an episode out of a hat if i cant decide between so many i would currently want to watch
# elle2 2010-06-26 12:56

Freebird and Anonymous

Croatia, wow, we have SPN fans from all over. The village you describe, Freebird, does sound perfect for watching (and perhaps filming) Supernatural. As for the sweet work I have to is sweet and a lot of fun as you thought it would be.

Anonymous, like you sometimes I can't choose, especially when I have many episodes I'm dying to watch and not enough time so like you I pick one at random. This weekend I have four (at a minimum) I want to see and just not sure if I'll be able to squeeze them all in, darn that need for sleep.


Thanks for posting your thoughts here!
# Jasminka 2010-06-26 13:54
Lara, I know the kind of village you describe, Croatia being in my blood, and I miss it. I agree that it would be the perfect spot for an episode... maybe we can fetch some old witchy to make it happen?

I hope to be able to say Hi one time in person when I get back down to the Adriatic. This year I might just jump down to Zagreb to visit the graves of my family, but hopefully I'll make it to a little holiday by the gorgeous sea.

Love, Jas
# Holmes 2010-06-26 16:29
Hi, I'm Adriana and I am watching all the SPN seasons again, I actually started some weeks ago, I am already in season 3 (Bedtime stories)and I'm starting to get worry, because I think I'm going to finish all the episodes before september (I can't stop wathching them) :-).So I am trying to give it a little rest reading your amazings articles and trying to find a way to read the SPN novels (I really found interesting the plot of Nevermore)and that way I think I'm going to be able to get to September and calm myself until the season 6 premiere.
Sorry for my english, I'm from Venezuela.
# elle2 2010-06-26 22:10
Hi, Holmes,

I know what you mean about watching them and getting so involved that you can't stop. Never fear though, there are some to just watch over and over again.

I'm glad you're enjoying all the wonderful articles we have on the site. We really started getting lots of articles last year during this time (2009) so if you haven't visited the archives, then you've got lots to read there as well.

I'm from New York state in U.S.A. Nice to 'meet' you, I think you're the first person I've met form Venezuela.

And your English is excellent!

# Holmes 2010-06-27 17:27
Thanks elle2, and, yeah, I had been reading all the wonderful articles that you guys have been writing this past year and they are really helping me in this hellatus, they awesome. Thank you again.