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Back again with the recap of webisode 8.  This one is a brief 2:32, for those of you keeping track at home.  When we left off last time, the ghost of Janet Meyers had just popped up in the mirror behind Ambyr, causing Ambyr to scream in terror.  Ominous!  Let's see what happens next.

We open with Ambyr screaming her pretty head off, and rightfully so.  Janet is scary!  She's screaming so loudly, in fact, the rest of the team can hear her, and they're freaking out.  Harry tries to reach Ed on the radio, but Ed is panicking at this point.

Ed has this retractable weapon thing that he snaps open as he shouts NOOOOO!  It's pretty clear that he's both worried about Ambyr's safety and also feels guilty that yet another intern has been attacked on his watch.  Aw, poor Ed!  First Janet cuts him, then Janet cuts his intern! The rest of the team hear Ed's cry over the radio, and of course, they're even more worried now.  Harry calls for Ed over the radio, trying to reach him to figure out what's going on.  He gets no response, so Spruce tells him to go.  Maggie, Harry, and Spruce take off running, and there is much camera shaking.  Much!

We cut to Ambyr and Janet, and holy crap!  Janet has a straight razor to Ambyr's face!  Not only is this not good for Ambyr, it's highly symbolic as Janet's ex-husband used a straight razor to kill her.

And then Janet CUTS Ambyr!  She cuts her right on the face!  Oh, my gosh!  That is horrible.  Though, I do have to say I'm kind of glad that they went there because if Janet had just been really creepy and then didn't do much, that would have been disappointing.  But no, she's cutting Ambyr's face up pretty good now.  And while she's cutting, she says "You think you're pretty? You think you're gonna be a star?"  And man, her voice is terrible.  It's really grating and echoey.  We only see Janet in the mirror, of course, so the cut away to a side view just has Ambyr standing there bleeding, which is even scarier.

Ambyr says "help me, please" to the Facers camera, presumably, and then we cut away from her (no pun intended.)  We hear her screaming again as we follow Ed, who is shouting Ambyr's name as he makes his way very rapidly to the basement and Ambyr, frantically trying to get there before something worse than cutting happens to her.  Harry, Maggie, and Spruce show up at Ed's post in the theater only to find he's gone missing, too.  These three are frantic, too, and they don't know where Ed has gone.

As Harry tries to reach Ed over the radio, Spruce looks at the monitor on the table and notices that they can see Janet and Ambyr on the monitor, telling the other two to "look at this."  We pan back to Ambyr and Janet, and SWEET LORD OF THE RINGS, Janet slits Ambyr's throat!


# Jasminka 2010-09-09 09:29
Awesome! Awesome as usual, dear! Thank you so much for this scary recap...
Love, Jas