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Friday marks the return of “Supernatural” from its final hiatus of the season. The series’ last episode left us with a real shocker: Bobby was not gone! He didn’t go with the reaper and instead was still around, as a ghost no less, and an unhappy one at that. Seems he has been trying to communicate with the boys with no luck and they can’t see or hear him either, a very frustration situation to be in for sure.

But the trailer for the episode shows us that a trip to a haunted house is the breakthrough that Bobby needs. The Old Van Ness house has a very powerful ghost, and very powerful ghosts have very powerful energy. When the three of them go traipsing around in that house, the energy they encounter gives Bobby the extra boost he needs to break through the spectral barrier.


Think Bobby is trying to light that lamp? Interesting concept isn’t it, Bobby with powers. Who would of thought! This looks like a lot of fun.

And don't expect Ghost!Bobby to disappear anytime soon. We know he's real now, and we already know he is appearing in 7.20 “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” for sure. Also newly released BTS photos confirm he is in the season finale, and as he has been in Vancouver since before Easter (and no, not to film an Abominable Snowman movie LOL); no doubt he is in a few more as well.

But Bobby isn’t the only fun topic in the episode this week. The episode has a unique twist in it; the Winchester brothers have an old flame in common and she calls to ask for their help on her current case. Yep, Annie Hawkins (guest star Jamie Luner) is a hunter and an old friend of Bobby’s (of course) and her current case involves missing teenagers. (Ha! It’s nice to finally see some female hunters in the series. Hope she is as badass as the boys.)

Unfortunately, by the time the boys get to Annie, she has also disappeared. Even more curious is that Annie believes she's been possessed for over 10 years. last thing about Annie’s romance with the boys, seems neither is aware of the other’s involvement with her. According to Jensen, “It's not any giant revelation of the characters. It's more, when he was off soulless for a year doing random jobs and stuff ... Hey, things on a stakeout happen when you work with other hunters and this one is a very attractive one! She obviously had the same kind of mindset that the male hunters have. So, she was game.” This should prove interesting.


In the Sneak peek, we see the boys quickly realize that there are some strange things happening at the old Van Ness house, apparently one of the most haunted houses in the country; at least it’s been placed on a list of the same name and it seems likely Annie went there. A possessed human in a possessed house with a very powerful ghost doesn’t sound like a good scenario to me. Are ghosts territorial? (Smile)

All this time Bobby is hanging out in the room, next to his flask Dean has tucked in his coat. I guess it's a good thing Dean stays so attached to things of sentimental value, AND carries them with him! Imagine if Bobby said no to the reaper, only to wake up in the trunk of whatever car they were driving that week, or worse a storage unit!

Bobby is very frustrated in the clip. Seems he has been trying to get the boys' attention for months without success. This time he flutters a curtain which yields no results either.


In all honesty, I have to say I was a little mystified at Bobby only moving a curtain. I wouldn’t have thought much about it either. It seemed to be just fluttering in a breeze. Why not pick the curtain up and have it float to the ceiling? Or pick up an object and throw it into the wall that Dean is looking at? Or have the folder Sam is holding fly out of his hand? If Bobby can drink beer, find pages in books, push journals off tables, draw devil’s traps on ceilings and move swords, I would think he can muster enough energy to do more than flutter a curtain.


Better yet, why didn’t he move an object when Dean asked him for a sign in “Party On, Garth?” Dean WAS watching then! Well, the answer was given in the Producer’s promo below. Seems if Bobby expends too much energy, he passes out. When he knocked that book off the table, he blacked out for two weeks. I’m guessing when he slide Dean the sword a similar blackout occurred, so when Dean asked for a sign…Bobby must have been out cold.

As the boys walk out, Sam picks up his coat and papers but Dean takes nothing - once again forgetting about the flask. That gets a well deserved “Idjits” from Bobby who waits patiently until Dean comes back for the coat. With a “Thank You,” Bobby vanishes.


Those special effects were neat!

The trailer promo released gives us the most interesting information so far. Mainly we are inside the house as the brother’s survey the interior, and we really see some weird goings on.


For starters we see a pair of men, not Dean and Sam, and then a body being dragged away. I’m guessing it’s one of the mysterious pair.


We see a HUGE no-neck man shouting “You shouldn’t have come here” (good bet, he’s the ghost), a distinguished gentleman on the staircase, a skeleton roasting on a open fire, a water tap turning itself on and eventually a screaming woman who I’m thinking is Annie.


Okay, spooky, chilling, creep-filled, goose bump rising, sit-on-the-end-of your-seat-with-terror house just got my full attention. Basically as Bob Singer says in the promo, the boy go back to their roots with a good old fashioned haunted house, complete with a least one vengeful ghost, maybe more, who like to prey on anyone who enters his domain. Hehehe… I LOVE haunted housee…just as long as I’m not in them! (Smile)

We also see Dean and Sam walking around, flashlights and EMF reader in hand. Their meter is going crazy; hence something supernatural comes their way.


Rounding the corner, they both stop short, looking shocked and dismayed at what the see. Dean finds his voice first, “Bobby?”


Next frame we see Bobby, just as shocked and bewildered as the boys. His reply, “You can see me?”


Yowza Bobby! Yes they can, and how cool is that! But they are not the only ones that can see him. His old friend Annie sees him too, and talks to him before the boys know he exists.

The CHCH has some interesting scenes too. More ghostly goings on in the house, more skeletons, more images of the gigantic man, and finally some scenes of Annie talking about vengeful spirits. We also see an older man warning the boys to stay away from the house.


The end of the video is interesting and kind of funny. First we see Annie call Bobby, then a very worried and scared Dean calling and finally a third feminine voice calls him, which might be one of the teenagers we saw in the Producers promo. Seems Bobby does a lot of meets & greets this Friday.  Finally we see a very exasperated and tired Ghost!Bobby slowly acknowledging the calls after seeing his name written in the mist on a steamy window. Hehehe. Looks like the humans have been running Bobby ragged. Guess he wished he was still invisible now. (Smile)


The Producer’s promo gives us lots of information and the confirmation that Dean and Sam and others, see and talk to Bobby…finally. Singer also said that while Bobby desperately tries to help the boys, it seems they are not sure having a ghost partner is the best thing for them. Now that is a reaction I didn’t expect. However, at least in Dean’s case, that disinterest doesn’t seem to last long.

So, Bobby is real. He didn’t go with the Reaper, and as a hunter he would know all the consequences of staying behind. But stay he did, because of the boys, the leviathans and Roman, and his anger at Roman will certainly be hard for him to deal with. Will he be an asset, or a liability? Will he progress into an angry spirit as the reaper predict happens to all ghosts? If so, will the boy’s burn the flask knowing it will end all connection with their friend for good? That would be hard to watch.


Maybe the J2s comments expressing sadness at all the character deaths plus the fans displeasure at losing their favorites, and their endless requests to bring them back, will result in Bobby being restored to human form, if not in this season, maybe the next. Besides, after all the tweets about the Abominable Snowman movie, the photos of cold, barren, snow-covered mountains he tweeted to his twidjits, the misdirection of fans who spotted him in Vancouver and all the special shenanigans the series took to keep his return a secret, doesn’t he deserve to be a live character again? LOL

So many directions the show can go in and it will all come down to the season finale before we get all the answers. Whatever the eventual conclusions the finale delivers, it all starts with this episode this Friday. It’s the beginning of the end, people! YIKES!!!


Official Synopsis: Sam and Dean get a call from Annie Hawkins (guest star Jamie Luner), an old hunter friend, asking for help on a case. When they arrive in town, they find out Annie has disappeared. They trace her last whereabouts to an old abandoned house that is haunted by a powerful ghost. Written by CW Publicity

Tim Andrew directed the episode which is his second for the series. He also directed “Season 7, Time for a Wedding.” However, he is a veteran director for TV, and his credits include “Teen Wolf” and “Mix It Up.”

The script was authored by Lois & Clark alums Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner who have penned three other “Supernatural” episodes; “Route 666” which for me had wonderful brotherly interactions and a stupendous impala chase scene; “Shut Up Dr Phil” for the Buffy alumnus; and “Slice Girls.” Besides “Supernatural” they have written for 18 other TV dramas. As a side note, Ms. Ross-Leming is the wife of Robert Singer.

Cast (IMDb) includes Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Jamie Luner (Annie Hawkins), Farrah Aviva (Psycho Ghost), Billy Wickman (Brian)


The photo stills for the episode are here.

Promo Trailer:

Sneak Peak:

CHCH promo

Producer’s Preview::

Happy episode everyone!

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# Sylvie 2012-04-19 08:22
Oooh, a good old fashioned ghost story, I so enjoy those. I like Bobby introducing himself to the other ghosts like he's at an AA meeting! I'm looking forward to this it Friday yet?
# Sablegreen 2012-04-19 13:18
I thought that clip was hilarious! I also like the clip from the end of the CHCH promo. After all those people calling him, his tired 'yes' was so funny! I think there will be a lot of laughing going on this episode.
# Ginger 2012-04-19 08:49
Finally, we get our show back. While I love a good old-fashioned ghost story, I have to admit that I'm a little apprehensive about the spoilers that have come out for the last five episodes, and particularly ones about this episode.

I'm having these visions of a Bobby-centric episode after all the recent stops and starts of the series. I'm also seeing perhaps a set-up for Bobby and Cas's stories for S8, with a cliffhanger about the two of them....while it appears Sam's season story is pathetically over now for the season and Dean's is being cut off at the knees ONE MORE TIME.

We've already spent one mini-hiatus talking about Cas and the other mini-hiatus talking about Bobby. I want the focus of this show put back on the two brothers.
# Sablegreen 2012-04-19 13:39
Oh I don't know if I'm to apprehensive about the spoilers at this point. I think this episode was designed to one, provide some light humor before the onslaught of the heavy episodes leading up to the cliffhanger ('s a filler) and two, to introduce us to Ghost!Bobby and all the attributes he now has. Maybe even see how a new ghost develops in SPNverse. We’ve only seen them after years of being vengeful spirits.

And I don’t know if the boys are completely out of the picture yet. Remember in TBAI, we had a human, demons and a angel and all took orders from Dean who had one focus in mind, Sam. I truly believe that if Meg had crossed Dean, he would have ganked her. Never a good idea to get between Dean and his goal.

And even if we have Cass, ghost!Bobby, Crowley, and Meg forming a common front…the boys can still be running the show. If they are the ones making the decisions and the others using their abilities to carry them out, I can live with that.

And 7.22 said Cas was only getting one item for the boys, they had to get the other two…from an alpha vamp and the King of Hell. The vamp brings up all those good memories of Dean running amuck in that vampire nest. Hehehe….blood and guts everywhere…an d that head under Dean’s foot….Fantast ic! Wonder if his ‘attachment†™ while a vamp will be used this episode. That would be a loose end they can tie up too. And a good way to get what he needs from the alpha.

So far, I can see they still have a role to play. As for Crowley, I don’t think he will be an issue since he seems to have been on their side with the levies earlier this season. But who knows…now that they have allied themselves with Cass and Meg, Crowley may see things differently.
# Ginger 2012-04-19 13:57
Yes! Dean and the vamp nest. Lovely memory. My concern arises out of SG's history of giving the finale to a support character and not really having a story for Dean. I'm seeing headlights of an oncoming truck, with Bobby and Cas's fates left unresolved this season.

If Bobby's ghost story is not resolved this season, then Dean's whole story was a waste. Sam's is remember, that one episode. I just hope that truck swerves.
# EireneS 2012-04-19 14:25
I know that editing for a trailer can be done so what we think is going to happen isn't really what happens-so, what if it is not Sam and Dean that Bobby says "you can see me?" to. What if it is Annie Hawkins. How is her character to work in this episode? Has she really been possessed for 10 years and if so, does that make her immune to the ghosts in the house and able to see Bobby and able to help him gather more power? I am so excited to see this new episode-lots of questions and lovely to see the guys working together so well.
# Sablegreen 2012-04-19 17:17
They certainly edit a promo to make it as confusing as possible, but in that one...both boys are looking at the same spot, totally shocked while Dean says Bobby's name. If they were looking at someone else, why call Bobby.

In the producers preview, Singer says Bobby is a real ghost and that the boys are not sure they want a ghost for a partner. That to me means that even if the didn't see him, they know he's there. Why they couldn't see him, I don't know. Maybe they will explain that in the episode.

As for Annie, she sees and talks to Bobby so maybe its because she is possessed that she can do that? I don't know. There was only one site that reported her being possessed, so maybe they were not correct.
# Ginger 2012-04-19 18:04
In one of these promo's, Bobby has written his name on a sweating shower and Dean is calling his name, so whether or not the brothers see him, Dean at least knows he is there.
# Sablegreen 2012-04-19 22:17

Jim Beaver recently did and interview talking about Ghost!Bobby, how he was notified and more information on what it takes to learn how ghost do what they do. Also about the reality that eventually ghosts turn angry and vengeful and how Bobby views that.

To read the interview click the clink below.