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Welcome back to Season Five of the Supernatural Haiku Episode Guide! This season saw the completion of creator Eric Kripke's vision - but not the end of the series! By this time, thinking in episode haiku had become second nature for me ... Enjoy! What would YOUR haiku be?

Season Five

Sympathy For The Devil

vlcsnap 00193

Lucifer walks Earth;

Angels seek the Michael sword.

Trust is hard to find.

Good God, Y'All


Castiel seeks God.

War's sly, murderous deceits

Make Sam see the truth.

Free To Be You And Me

SPN 0485

Dean helps Cas hunt God.

Sam, alone, learns his planned fate:

Lucifer's vessel.

The End


Despair ends the world.

From future loss, one lesson:

Brotherhood is hope.

Fallen Idols


Feeding off fandom,

Shallow pagan god provides

Hunter training wheels.

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

SPN 0435

Meet the antichrist,

Maker of reality:

Believe, and it's true.

The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester

SPN 0579

Best years of your life:

Stake them on a game of cards;

Live young or die old.

Changing Channels

vlcsnap 00243

Trickster's TV hell

Is Gabriel's arm-twisting:

Play your roles to live.

The Real Ghostbusters

SPN 1177

Convention ghost games

Teach real-life brother lessons,

Wake a true haunting.

Abandon All Hope

SPN 0954

Hunters die to learn

There are things the Colt can't kill:

Satan raises Death.

Sam, Interrupted


Hunting craziness:

Wraith marinating mad brains

Spices Sam and Dean.

Swap Meat


Nerdy teen witches

With a body-swap weapon

Use Sam to hunt Dean.

The Song Remains The Same

SPN 0440

The past is prologue:

Anna hunts John and Mary,

Fought by Team Free Will.

My Bloody Valentine

SPN 0844

Famine's hunger kills:

Overdose on what you crave,

Or be dead inside.

Dean Men Don't Wear Plaid

vlcsnap 00002

Sioux Falls miracle?

Dead loved ones return to life:

Death comes for Bobby.

Dark Side Of The Moon

SPN 0392

Winchester Heaven:

Memories of times gone by

Teach lessons, kill faith.

99 Problems

SPN 0595

False prophet breeds fear.

Killing her marks Dean a true

Servant of Heaven.

Point Of No Return

vlcsnap 00340

Zach brings Adam back:

Bait to push Dean to say yes.

Dean can't let Sam down.

Hammer Of The Gods


To stop the world's end,

Pagan gods in motel hell

Kidnap Sam and Dean.

The Devil You Know

SPN 1033

Crowley offers help

Finding Horsemen and their rings;

What will be the price?

Two Minutes To Midnight


Pestilence fails.

Cas turns human, Bobby walks –

Death changes the game.

Swan Song

vlcsnap 00354

Lucifer takes Sam;

Dean and the car bring him back.

Promises break hearts.

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