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Kidnapped at birth and raised in secrecy by the Church, Lilith is the most powerful exorcist in known existence. Unbeknownst to humanity and to Lilith herself, is Lucifer's grand plan of creating an eternal hell on earth. The only thing standing in his way is his own daughter, who has forsaken her royal lineage to fight for humanity one epic battle at a time. (IMDB)

This is the story behind the new series Demon X. Created, written and co-directed by Supernatural's Production Coordinator, Jason Fischer, Demon X was released on January 21, 2019 by Jason's production company, Frostbite Pictures.

In Part 1 of this interview, Jason talked about the creation, casting, filming and future of DemonX. In Part 2, three of Demon X's lead actors, Cassandra Ebner, Patrick Gerber and J Douglas Stewart, talk about their characters, working on the series and their long history with Supernatural!

Cassandra Ebner - Lilith

Frostbite Cassandra Demon eyes smLilith with red eyed demon powers

Welcome Cassandra! How did you get involved with Demon X?

My agent made me aware of Demon X and so I did some digging. I found out some of the people involved were from Supernatural and I absolutely LOVED the show growing up. Before I moved to to a film city, I told my parents I was going to get a part on that show. So when I saw there was a lead in a show that was a similar world… and it had STUNTS, I jumped at the opportunity to audition! I had a great time auditioning and meeting the team, but when they told me the dates we would be filming, it conflicted with my role on Game Of Thrones as a Child of the Forest and had to let the Demon X team know. A few weeks later I get a call saying I got the part and the shoot was delayed, which helped accommodate my schedule!

How would you explain Lilith as a character to viewers? What did you want to emphasize in her portrayal?

DemonX Cassandra IMDB sm
Lilith was raised and trained as a demon hunter since she was a little girl. Her family consists of the people within the church but she finds out her father is still alive. When researching the character, I actually took a lot of inspiration from my favourite character in Supernatural, Dean - someone who is a mix of bad-ass but has a goofy side. At the time of breaking down my character, I was also watching a lot of Veronica Mars, which was perfect for getting into young, dark characters. So essentially Lilith is a cross of Dean Winchester and Veronica Mars… And yes… I am completely aware of how dorky I am. I embrace it.

You’ve played several prior roles in television series and short movies. How was playing the starring role of Lilith different from those experiences?

Frostbite Cassandra Ready to fight sm

Lilith was a very dynamic character mixed with her teenage priorities of living life with the conflict of her dark reality. I was able to go on a full emotional character adventure with Lilith, which, at the time, was new for me prior to this role. I really had a lot of fun with Lilith. She is pretty much the cool confident girl I wish I could be daily, haha!

How did you prepare for this role?

I ate a lot of hamburgers and pies.

As an experienced stunt actor, you had several training, sparring and fight scenes in DemonX. Please tell us about your martial arts and screen fighting background.

I have trained taekwondo, boxing, mixed martial arts and played with training fight scenes with my stunt friends over the years. With this project we were partnered with Stunt Coordinator, Kirk Jaques, for a few months to help train the fighting style of the characters. This was so we could capture the feeling that these characters had been training all their life. I trained with Kirk for months; we had so much fun!

Cassandra Kirk Jaques fr Jason Frostbite Pics smCassandra Ebner, Kirk Jaques and Patrick Gerber during Demon X Fight Training 

I have some training photos on my Instagram with Patrick Gerber. It really felt like we were in a movie! I would do it all again in a heart beat! Kirk Jaques really focused on Bagua with me, to give Lilith more circular movements. It flowed and transferred to camera really well.

Let’s talk about your fight scene with Osric Chau. Did you have any input to the fight choreography? Tell us a bit about the give and take between the two of you during that scene.

Kirk Jaques created our fights and was extremely collaborative. He would sometimes bring another talented stunt man in, Matt Rimer, and we would all play with different ideas and combos. At the end of the day, Kirk created the flow of the fight scenes and then I would focus on my character moments and where to bring those to life.

Cassandra Osric fr Jason Frostbite Pics sm
Prior to this project, Osric and I knew each other but had never worked together. I really enjoy working with Osric, as he is always thinking of the best way to tell a story and thinking of the audience. I learned a lot working with him. Osric is also a martial artist and brought some awesome choreography ideas into the fights. [Spoiler alert] As we did our big fight at the end, Osric came up with an awesome idea to have something flashy for camera. So I went outside with some of the stunt guys and we started throwing ideas and my body around… Coming up with the flashy knee kick near the end. A mix of talented humans coming up with it and great camera work. It was so fun!!

You’ve worked on stunts in five episodes of Supernatural. Can you share any stories with us about those experiences?

Yeah! This is actually a story near and dear to my heart. Growing up watching Supernatural and watching it with my mom, I told her I was going to get on that show one day. My mom being the practical human she is, she was like “yeah yeah.” After years of training and moving to the city, I applied to get on the show. It was my very first Stunt credit working on Supernatural doubling Meg in Season 8. After that I made a few other stunt appearances throughout the years and just recently got a part on the show. Thanks to the Stunt Coordinator Rob Hayter vouching for my acting chops, I got to play a mini part in Episode 12 of Season 14. 

  14.12 0160 Cassandra Ebner   14.12 0172 Cassandra Ebner

                                                14.12 0178 Cassandra Ebner14.12 0199 Cassandra Ebner

Casandra Ebner as the Killer's First Victim in 14.12 "Prophet and Loss" 

Who knows, maybe in a year or two they’ll need another character to pop up in the show that gets to live longer than 3 episodes… Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Patrick Gerber - Father Adrian

DemonX Ep05 Father Adrian sm

It's great to talk with you, Patrick! How did you get involved with the series?

One of the producers (Brady Roberts) asked me to audition for the role. I've always loved films with supernatural elements so I was really excited when I found out I was cast! 

You have some impressive martial arts/fight scenes in Demon X! Please tell us about your martial arts and fight training. 

I've always had an appreciation and love for martial arts. Even before Demon X I was kickboxing, boxing, and practicing Kyokushin Karate. We received some intense yet fun training at the hands of Kirk Jaques who is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. 

What can you tell us about the sparring scene between you and Cassandra?

Cassandra Patrick fr Jason Frostbite Pics sm
Cassandra had a great drive and work ethic and was very experienced which helped make the training go smoothly. We connected very quickly, which helped us get comfortable with each other's movements and allowed us to really get into the zone while training. I have the utmost respect for both Cassandra and Kirk. 

What did you enjoy most about working on this series?

I'd have to say it was a number of things. First, the cast and crew were extremely fun and easy going which made my job so much more rewarding. It's always a blessing when the entire team has a genuine passion for the project.

Frostbite DemonX Crew Talk sm
 Jason Fischer (center) and the Demon X Film Crew         

Frostbite Leo Harim DOP sm
Leonardo (Leo) Harim, DoP


Secondly, I really enjoyed the challenge of playing Father Adrian. He is quite a complex character that required a lot of preparation to play. I have done mainly comedic roles in the past so this was something different and challenging, which I enjoyed immensely.

Frostbite Patrick Cassandra at the Diner sm

You’ve worked extensively in live theater. What attracts you to TV and films? [Spoiler Alert in Pic! Look away and scroll down to avoid spoiler!]

Frostbite F Adrian Death Scene sm

What originally attracted me to TV/film is the fact that I wanted to build a career in acting. It's also a different ballgame than stage acting which intrigued me because I love to learn and challenge myself. I still have a lot of love and respect for theatre and I plan on continuing to do it in the future. 

Can fans look for you in any upcoming projects? Would you like to tell us about your new album that is in the works?

Yes! I am in a comedic series in which I play a burnt out wrestler with an alcohol addiction. It will be airing in the Spring. 

Frostbite Patrick piano sm
I am currently working on my next album and have many new tunes in my pocket waiting to get recorded. When it will be available is uncertain as I have been putting more focus towards acting but that being said it is still a passion of mine and it will be available in the near future! 

J. Douglas Stewart - Father David

DemonX Ep04 Father David sm

Thank you for talking with us Douglas! How did you get involved with the series?

Brady Roberts, one of the producers of Demon X, saw me in an acting workshop and asked me to audition for the role of Father David. But alas I was going to be out of town in Hawaii… Yay… So I had to send them a self tape. Fortunately for me that was good enough and I landed the role. Yay... and then I met Jason Fischer.. what an interesting and talented individual. Considering the subject matter, it was always such an upbeat and friendly working environment. 

J Douglas Stewart FB

Your final scene in DemonX was fairly gruesome. What was it like to film that scene? [Spoiler alert for answer]

Frostbite J Douglas Stewart sm

As a Christian, the crucifixion scene was hard for me in the beginning. But as I realized that the light would prevail, I settled into it and was calm.

Your acting career spans three decades, with appearances on several popular shows, including Supernatural! How was working on this series different from single guest appearances? Can you share any stories with us about working on Supernatural?

8 14 0608 Sheriff JDouglas StewartJ. Douglas Stewart as the sheriff in 8.14 "Trial and Error"

As it turns out Supernatural is my favourite television show and working on it was a dream come true. Jensen and Jared are exceptional human beings and gentlemen. True giving actors.

Where can fans see more of your work?

You can see me in a couple of upcoming projects. A new series called The Inbetween and The Murders.

Everyone stay safe and don’t let the demons bite.

I would like to thank Jason, Cassandra, Patrick and J. Douglas for graciously sharing their time with The Winchester Family Business! If you've already seen Demon X, please share your reactions in the comments below! If you haven't yet experienced this new story, pick your favorite media channel (from the many Jason listed in his interview) to watch Demon X and support our SPNFamily in their new venture!  

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