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“The Girl Next Door”

Season 7/Episode 3
Robin’s Rambles

Dean awakens at Sioux Falls Hospital in agony, staring into three ER lights above him. His first question, of course, is where Sam is. The doctor tells him that Sam bashed his head hard and went upstairs for an MRI. As for Dean, the doctor assures him, "You're not going anywhere on this leg, buddy." (Ed. note: mostly because you're directing this week's episode.) Dean passes out from whatever drug they injected into him.
Coming to, tucked all nice into a hospital bed, the first thing he sees is the Sioux Falls sign on the wall. "Oh, no, no, no," he mutters, sitting up groggily. He pulls out his IV needle as if swatting a fly and falls onto the floor with a plop--on his casted broken leg. Bobby enters. (Let's all hug him!) "You OK?" he asks. "You're alive!" exults Dean. "Of course I am," says a dapperly suited-up Bobby, "why are you on the floor?" "They gave me morphine--a lot," says Dean, as Bobby helps him up, "a monster broke my leg--the house, we thought you were dead." "Well I ain't, not yet," says Bobby evasively, turning away to close the blinds, "but we gotta run--this place ain't safe." He hands Dean his clothes, asking, "Where's Sam?" "Head scan, I think," answers Dean. "Meet me at the ambulance bay, stat," commands Bobby, "I'll find Sam." "Wait, where?" asks Dean--"Bobby, I'm a gimp!" Bobby hands Dean a pair of crutches and fondly smacks his cheek. 
Dr. Gaines, washing his hands, asks his nurse, "You've scheduled dessert, I presume?" She holds up his ringing phone to his ear. "The Winchesters?" he says, glowering. (Winchesters for dessert? I can go with that.)
Dean, unsteady and vision blurring, looks both ways as he totters from his room on the crutches.
Bobby intercepts Sam's gurney, muttering, "c'mon, sicko, let's heal you someplace safer." 
Dean tucks himself into himself as he passes by a stranger, avoiding eye and all other contact. 
Bobby rushes Sam to the ambulance bay.
Dr. Gaines finds Sam and Dean gone from their rooms.
Dean hurries quickly down the corridor.
Bobby loads Sam into an ambulance and climbs behind the wheel. "C'mon, Dean," he begs. Finally, my heart pounding too hard for it to be healthy, Dean leaps into the passenger seat. "GO GO GO GO GO GO!" he cries. Bobby guns the engine, Dr. Gaines and nurse in pursuit. The Leviathan doctor takes out his phone.

Whitefish, Montana, three weeks later - In a ramshackle cabin that once belonged to Rufus (aw, Rufus, we miss you!), Sam reads a book and Dean appears to be watching a Spanish soap opera. Dean reports something from the plot to Bobby, who says, "Adios, Esai. This oughta cheer you up." He tosses him the keys to the Impala. Dean can't wait to get his cast off so he can drive it again. "How is it out there?" asks Sam, who still has bruises all over his face. "Weird with a side order of bloody," answers Bobby. A few hunters have run into the same kind of thing that set up shop at the hospital. "And tried to kill us at your place," Dean reminds him. "They're like shape-shifters," says Bobby, "only a lot more into eatin' folk--and nothin' can kill 'em." "Good times," says Dean, "anything else?" "They bleed black goo," reports Bobby. "Like that stuff that came out of Cas," says Sam, "those things from Purgatory--Leviathan." "What about those chompers you met at the hospital?" asks Dean--"they still makin' spleen burgers?" (LOL!) "Yeah," says Bobby, "made some calls, that doctor never showed up back to work, ditto the nurse." The conversation suddenly fades for Sam, to his consternation. When Dean asks him what he thinks, Sam doesn't respond, but he brings himself back by grinding his fingernails into the wound in his hand. "I'm right here," replies Sam. "You OK?" asks Dean. "I'm fine," lies Sam. "Good," says Bobby, not believing him--"the last bit of info I had burned down, so. . ."  "What about this place?" asks Dean, Rufus leave anything?" "Sea rations and dust," says Bobby, "I don't think he'd been here in years. I gotta go round up my old library." "I thought you said most of those books were one of a kind," Sam reminds him. "That's why I stashed copies all over the place," says (very wise) Bobby. "Good," says Dean, and to Sam, tossing him the Impala keys, "Hey, two-legs, we're fresh outta grub, wanna make a run? Be careful, and Sam--pie." "Obviously," agrees his brother. "So?" asks Dean, after Sam leaves, "before you bail again, girl interrupted there--any thoughts?" Bobby thinks he's doing better. Dean disagrees--"you just saw him!" "He checked out once," says Bobby, "that's progress-- Sam's head ain't no different than your leg, people heal on a curve." "I get this thing off in five days, I'm golden," argues Dean, "Sam's not a curve, he's a freakin' time bomb!" "It ain't like he's keepin' secrets," says Bobby, "what you see is what you get, so what's so nuts about callin' it an upswing?" Because that's not how it works, Bobby, EVER, especially not with Sam--the other shoe is gonna drop, it's just a matter of when." "How about we worry about today's problems," suggests Bobby, "and today we need intel--I'm goin', you sit there and stew. I'll check in." Gently, he adds, "Look, you sittin' here wringin' your hands ain't gonna do nothin'. Maybe he'll surprise you." Dean looks around the dingy cabin, not believing that, scratches the outside of his cast, and makes a face.
At the Gas and Sip where Sam is shopping, a local newspaper headline about an ice pick killer striking again catches his eye; he adds it to his purchases. He hands over a Charge America Platinum charge card belonging to Lemmy Kilmister. (As in Let me kill, Mister? Not very subtle!) At a call center, that name triggers one of the workers to call newly created Leviathan Edgar and tell him the Winchesters have turned up on his radar in Montana. "Why are you still talking to me?" demands Edgar. 
Sam returns to the cabin and hands over the big bag of junk food to Dean, who sighs with delight. Sam asks where Bobby went. He took off, answers Dean. "How you doin'?" asks Dean--"are you still--" "I know what you mean," says Sam--"yeah, I'm still seein' crap that's not real, but yeah, I'm fine, I can tell the difference." "Are things getting better?" asks Dean. "I dunno," answers Sam honestly, "I just know I'm managing it, so don't worry." "Where's the pie?" asks Dean. "I got you cake," says Sam, "close enough, right?" (Nooooooooo! Not the same, Sammy!)

After Dean falls asleep, Sam reads the newspaper article: VICTIM'S FATAL WOUNDS SIGNATURE OF KILLER 
Flashback: Lincoln, NE, 1998 - Newspaper in hand, teenage Sam speaks to Dean on the phone, "From what I can tell, it's something called a kitsune. Not much, they look human until they sprout out claws and stab you behind your ear to get to your brain. I don't know yet. I realize killing them is important, maybe if Uncle Bobby found a book in English. . .no, no, don't put him on the phone. . . I AM!. . .hi, Dad. Yessir. I realize people are dying. Yeah, I'm on my way to the library right now." Realizing he's on his own, Sam gathers up the newspapers and heads off to do what he's been ordered to do. 
Present: Sam leaves a note for Dean next to the uneaten cake, takes the Impala keys and leaves the cabin. A commercial for MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (Jensen's movie!) is on TV as Dean sleeps. 
A woman is making a drug deal, but the price has gone up and she doesn't have it. "Maybe we can make a little trade," suggests the sleazy dealer. A police siren sends her running away. Hearing something, he stops for a moment under an overpass, but continues on his way--until he's attacked and killed, blood streaming from the back of his neck.
Dean awakens and turns off the TV set, which features a show about lazy, self-content wildebeest (Dean?--never!) and fierce predators that stalk them from the shadows (irony). He finds a note: BACK IN A FEW DAYS. I'M FINE. SAM  "Other shoe!" are Dean's first words to Bobby on the phone. When Bobby suggests that Sam maybe needed a little "me" time, Dean retorts, "For all we know, he's road-tripping with Lucifer somewhere! Left me here like Jimmy-friggin'-Stewart!" "I assume you called," says Bobby. "Straight to voice mail, and he turned his GPS off, too," says Dean, exasperated, "and he took my car!" "Don't panic," urges Bobby. "Too late!" says Dean. "He says he's OK," Bobby reminds him, "give it a couple of days, just till you get the cast off, then hunt him down. Till then, we'll both just keep callin'." Dean agrees, but our next scene shows him with a circular saw warning his cast (or is it his leg?) "You're going down!"

Sam, suited up, walks down the corridor of a police station, questioning a cop, "You guys thinking this is another one, so-called ice pick killer?" "Same MO," the cop says, "can't say I'm too broken up about this one--busted him half a dozen times--real minch." "So what's the deal?" asks Sam--"killer comes to town, ganks a low-life, moves along?" "Yeah," the cop says. MO is the same--no explaining the psycho. "They left that detail out of the paper, though," says the cop, "how did you know?" "I worked a case like this a few years back," says Sam. "Think it's related?" asks the cop. "You find anything weird about the brains--like missing?" Sam asks. "Good question for the coroner," says the cop. Sam thanks him. Sam's ringing phone shows three missed calls from Lars Ulrich. He ignores this one, too. 
Dean hobbles from a "woody" station wagon into a Gas & Sip. He asks the man behind the counter, "Was there a big guy in here yesterday?" "That's specific," the man answers sarcastically. "I mean big, about yeah high," says Dean, showing four inches taller than himself. "Maybe," the guy says, "brown hair?" "Yes," says Dean, "do you remember what he bought?" "Snacks, maybe," the clerk answers. "How about a paper, do you have yesterday's paper," asks Dean. He directs him to a bin of newspapers. "You mind?" asks Dean, half- rudely, snagging the paper.
"We don't get too many murders out this way, much less a serial," says the coroner, opening the drawer containing the dead drug dealer. "So what did you find?" asks Sam. "It's what we didn't find," says the Coroner, turning the guy's head to show a mass of blood, hair and dura, "a big chunk of mid-brain went missing." "Mid brain, like pituitary gland?" asks Sam. "Their pituitaries were clear gone," says the coroner, "how did you know that?" 
Flashback: teen Sam, library, on phone: "Yes, they need a steady diet of pituitary glands to survive."
Present: "Educated guess," Sam answers the coroner. 
Later, in his hotel room, Sam has the walls covered with newspaper clippings, maps and other clues, just like his father used to do. 
Flashback: Teen Sam, library, pores over clipping on the table, talking on the phone. "Wait, slow down," he says, X-ing off something on a map, "so these things are located in parks just off the highway, just one per town--that's something. What? I'm just tired, I've been looking at this for eight years. Wait, hang on, I'll call you back." He draws a line, connecting three X's. 

In front of the Lancaster Public Library, Teen-Sam orders a Triple Red Eye. "OK," says the proprietor, amused, unsure. Sam watches a young blond girl walk into the library as the guy hands him his drink, then sits at a table and watches her inside the library. She notices him and smiles. Teen Sam and the young blond look at each other on either side of the books. She grins shyly at him. "You stab it in the heart," he says into the phone. "Stab it--in the heart!" Loud enough to be heard by everyone in the library, he repeats, "I SAID YOU STAB IT IN THE HEART!" "SHHHH!" warns the librarian. "Okay, you guys cool, can I have a normal life for five minutes now?" demands Sam. "Oh, Dean, question--how do you talk to girls?" (LMAO! That is so cute, but I sure wish we could have heard Dean's response.) He straightens his shirt and jacket and walks over to the blond girl, who's sitting at a table. She's wearing a moon and star pendant. (I looked this up, but there are hundreds of explanations for its meaning.) "I just wanted to say hi," he says shakily. "No, go away," she says. Seeing his crestfallen face, she says, "It's just that I'm not supposed to talk to boys." He nods and walks off, exiting the library. Noticing two boys following her, Sam does, too, at a distance. "Leave me alone!" he hears her say. They have her backed against a tree, trying to "talk" to her, asking why she's being so rude, but their real intentions are clear. "Be nice," one orders. "Why don't you?" suggests Sam, joining them. "Butt out," the latter says. "Can you believe this guy?" snarks the other, and both move to attack Sam, who, thanks to his hunter training, makes quick work of both shmucks, who run off. "Hi, I'm Sam," says our hero. "I'm Amy," she says. 


# Bevie 2011-10-09 17:37
Hi Robin

Thanks for that. I loved this episode too. Looks like we're in the minority as quite a few didn't like it at all, especially the ending. In fact, this is my favourite so far this year. Different strokes!

I thought Dean was entirely true to character to kill Amy. He is a hunter first and foremost and won't abide leaving a job undone that may hurt innocents later. Remember when he killed the mother in Croatoan and was going to kill the son when everyone intervened and Sam wouldn't sanction it. Turned out bad for everybody. He tried to off Ruby the first time he saw her, and look how that turned out when he listened to Sam. His instincts have usually been found correct all through the series. Hasn't been much of that the last few seasons as he and Sam have just been batted back and forth between Heaven and Hell. Not much time for single hunts. Would you want to live next door to the kitsune if you knew what she would do in a family emergency again? Not me. Jacob should have been offed too but it wasn't too clear if he had killed yet or not.

Loved young Sammy and his experience with Amy. Love to see the kid beat up deserving creeps. Too bad he more than most gets the monster chicks.

Yeah, I felt John nearby. Wish we could have heard the phone conversations with John and Dean.

No, I don't think Dean can trust Sam right now as his head is still in a muddle. He can trust him to watch his back but his judgment calls are in question right now. And right after Sam ran out on him AGAIN, leaving him helpless and alone and took the car too?
No way would I completely trust his judgement right now.

I think Sam was a leetle too young to see him playing doctor with a girl. Kiss was sweet and I do wish Sam could some day get back with Sarah Blake.

Sam always forgetting the pie or bringing cake this time for poor Dean is amusing but I feel for poor Dean. Isn't the last time Dean got pie was with Bobby's zombie wife? He sure loved those pies! :P

Thanks again, Robin, for the dialogue as I am a little hard of hearing and really appreciate your reviews. :-)
# alysha 2011-10-09 20:20
How could I forget Dean in Croatoan! There he was making the tough choices and he killed the mother even though she had not killed! Did people call him out on that? I don't know, seems so long ago.
# Amy 2011-10-09 17:53
Most comments I am reading here (and elsewhere) seem to think Dean should not have killed Amy. Makes me feel a little bad that I think he did the right thing killing her, and frankly, I think he should have killed Jacob too.

Amy was killing people. Good/bad - doesn't matter. Dean did the right thing in killing her. I wouldn't have worried about the kid because I would have killed the kid too. He wasn't killing people, but he was eating their brains (that's why Amy was killing them in the first place!) If he had somewhere to go - would have to be another monster like himself who would kill for him. Otherwise Jacob would have to do the killing in order to survive. By killing Amy, Dean sealed Jacob's fate of having to kill.

I don't think this is the same kind of situation as the "have to kill before turning," because Jacob was being fed the brains already.

The only place I see a problem is with Dean not telling Sam about killing Amy. Though, he is protecting Sam by not telling him.

I'm not an evil person! Just thought both dying would have been acceptable!
# elle 2011-10-09 19:02
Hi Robin,
Great look at a great episode!

To answer your questions: I think Dean had to kill Amy, no matter how sympathetic a character she may have appeared to be. First of all, great parallel to draw with Madison - I didn't catch that in my own viewing of this episode. Truly Amy was a creature that subsisted by eating people, in one form or another. For all we know, she's been bopping along killing people for a long time since Sam last saw her. I mean, her mother was killed and she stated in this episode working as a coroner allowed her to get the dead brains for snacking on, but what did she do in all that time between her mother dying and becoming a coroner? For all we know, she laid off the killing only once the kid was born so she didn't attract hunters the way her mother had. Call me hard-hearted, and maybe my lawyer is showing, but recidivism rates being what they are I'm not one to dole out second (third, fourth, who knows in the case) chances for offences of this nature because the offender claims to have changed/promise s not to do it again.

And as Dean pointed out, if she turned to live humans in this instance it was only a matter of time before she did it again.

I don't really understand why people had such an issue with Dean killing Amy - it was very true to character for him. As to the not telling Sam about it, my view was that Dean just thought it was best not to burden his brother with this issue when he could take care of it quickly and quietly alone, it isn't a malicious secret, in that respect.

Not that I'm condone secret keeping between the boys, because that never ends well for them.

Should Dean have killed the boy? Probably, but I would have been distrubed if Dean had killed the boy. That's a line he can't cross, killing children in any form.

As to Dean trusting Sam's judgement - hard to say. Sam and Dean have differing views on the baddies that seem to have pieces of good in them. Sam is more in the grey than Dean, traditionally, so perhaps in this case because of the state Sam is in, Dean felt it easier (as I say above) not to argue with/burden Sam with the issue at all, but rather move on and take care of it personally.

I too liked this episode and unlike those raising a fuss about the Dean/Amy/Sam situation, I think it was resolved as true to form as possible and didn't ruin anything for me.

Thanks for the discussion Q's, Robin!
# nancyL 2011-10-09 19:20
Hello Robin,

John actually appeared in only twelve episodes of Supernatural, and yet his presence can be found in almost all of the hundred plus episodes. I liked how young Sam had a grown up voice to tell Dean about the intel on the monster, and then when he needed his big brother's help, his voice became younger. No matter how young or old Sam is, he will always need his Dean. :-)

Is it wrong that I like a drugged Dean? 'A monster broke my leg'. :lol:

Of course, we all knew from the 'spoiler' pics, that Bobby was alive and well, but it is still nice to have that mystery solved in the first act.

At first, I was shocked that Dean went and killed Amy behind Sam's back. But then thinking about it and reading the reviews of the show, I decided that Amy had to die. She fed off dead people, but as soon as her son was sick, she then started killing the living. So, she promises Sam that she won't do it again, but what happens the next time Jacob gets sick? She will not think twice about killing people once again.

Lenore stopped killing people, and she continued feeding on cows, until Eve got into her head. She wanted to die, because she didn't want to be a monster any longer.
Madison was a werewolf and had no control over herself, she begged to be killed.

I agree with member Amy above, I think that Dean should have killed Jacob as well. It would not have been the first time an evil child would have been killed by Sam and Dean: Lilith, the changelings of 'Kids are Alright'.

Considering that next week is about the guilt that Dean has to carry, I am sure that he tells Sam what he did.
Poor Dean. Season seven rocks. :D
# KAZKRIZ!! 2011-10-09 19:41
I think killing Amy was something good. she's a monster and they did the same with maddison. Now what let me thinking was the way Dean acted while killing her. I saw him so cold, even with the boy. For a moment I thought he would kill him.. but well, there are rules for Dean. I think after what happened with Cas, Dean can't trust as easy as he was able to. I mean he didn't trust Bobby and Sam (there I have a big issue. I mean how in the hell could Sam be so sure Amy wouldn't kill EVER again... I think trusting Sam is not related to his decition of killing Amy. Sam and Dean are hunters.. and they hunt monsters)
I think he's having really big issues about how he sees life now... it's black and white again.. I heard some people talking about how Sam shouldn't forgive him (come on .. Sam talking about trust and honesty? seriously?) now they ought to be together fighting the leviathans and everything... she was just part of the past and Sam have to let her go, because if there's something I learned after years with the winchesters is if you love someone it's better to let them go, cuz if not (saddly) it's gonna end sooooo bad.
however I'm expecting to see a little bit of guilt in next episode in Dean... I was kind of scared of how he killed her so cold. but well... I've already said that.
# nancyL 2011-10-09 20:06
I think that Dean was mad at Amy, because she made Sam trust her. Then Sam told Dean that he wanted Dean to trust him regarding Amy. Which causes Dean to choose between trusting Sam and trusting his own hunter's instincts. And as we saw, Dean had to go with his gut and therefore betray Sam.
Poor Dean. It is a wonder he hasn't gone gray with all the guilt he has on his shoulders. :lol:
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-10-09 21:05
I felt John here, yes. He's just one of those characters that won't let go even when he's not been present for years.

I feel that Dean's inability to trust Sam here is an inability to trust himself more or less. Dean feels that he is a monster in his own mind, really. Killing Amy gave him a chance to grasp at much needed control, but really masked his own mental state that he's the freak, the monster, the killer.

I think, while he knows the kid is probably doomed to kill, he just couldn't justify killing him, too. It would be too far, even if it would stop the boy from killing later.

I personally found the episode's moral questions and debates fascinating. I think it bodes well for the rest of the season, too. They must deal with these issues or die, and now that they're mostly in the open, there's no better time than now.
Kat Jack
# Kat Jack 2011-10-09 21:48
So glad I'm not the only one who thought Amy must die and Dean did what a Hunter must do when faced with the possiblity that the monster will kill again. I think I was more shocked when Bobby walked in unscathed then when Dean killed Amy. It seemed like a no brainer (pun intended) !
# Ginger 2011-10-10 15:31
I'm late to the boards, but the questions are intriquing, so I want to respond.

1. what did you think of Dean’s choice to kill Amy? Despite her having a child who needed her? Should he have just killed Jacob, too?

No problem at all with Dean killing Amy. In fact, I have two thoughts on that. First, Sam left Dean to clean up a mess. Amy killed humans and hunters kill monsters who kill humans. I particularly liked the episode showing that Dean didn't particularly like what he was doing, but made the hard choice anyway. And, no, I think he made the right choice in not killing Jacob. He questioned him about killing and gave him fair warning. When and if he kills, then Jacob becomes a target for hunters. I found the Amy and Jacob defined a moral line in Dean's hunting.

2. What did you think of the relationship between teens Amy and Sam?

I'm not fond of teenage stories of any kind. In this case, Sam knew the girl for maybe an hour (or less) and she killed her mother to save Sam. I think that speaks more to who Amy is than the 'first love' or 'first kiss' story of Sam's. Colin Ford did a great job, but I didn't particularly enjoy the flashbacks.

3. Re: John Winchester. When Dean killed Amy, I saw all kinds of John Winchester training there (except I think maybe Dean is a better hunter than John ever was). I always like a smart, hardened Dean, so this was my favorite scene in the episode. I'm afraid, though, that the intent of this season is to sully Dean's character after so much of doing that to Sam. I hope they don't do that just to give him some kind of a story.

4. Did you believe Dean when he assured Sam he trusted his judgment on this case and would leave Amy alone? Do you think Dean feels Sam’s emotions/instin cts are at all trustworthy now? What do you think?

I believed Dean and was surprised when he showed up at Amy's, although I felt like it was absolutely something that Dean would do. As far as trusting Sam, how could he? The guy tripped out a few hours before sneaking out, stoled the car, gave no explanation as to why or where he was going, and wouldn't answer his phone. And, just think back to what Dean saw in 7.02 of Sam and his mental problems. He was shooting a gun all over an empty warehouse, for God's sake.

5. Were you shocked to see Bobby back so quickly? Did you almost suspect a trap of some kind?

I wasn't shocked, because of the preview clips. I was disappointed that we didn't get some short explanation of where Bobby was (or how he got that nice looking suit), but the episode was to show, I felt, Dean's spiraling downward. The whole episode actually had a lot of flaws, so this small one means nothing really.

6. Were you hoping Amy was going to play doctor with Sam for real?

Not hoping and don't care, except to say I'm glad they didn't waste time on that story.

7. Taking the Impala without asking was bad enough, but Sam brought back CAKE instead of PIE! Don’t you think this is more worrisome than any of his other actions thus far?

It seems to be a habit with Sam. What I think about that, though, is based on everything else shown in this episode. If Sam really thought Dean would be satisfied with that half-baked note, didn't think he wouldn't find a way to look for him, didn't care if he was Levi bait in a cast (I mean, they had been targeted by the Levi and were obviously laying low), and did everything he could to sneak around, then I just think that Sam doesn't know his brother very well, or he is more mental than we are led to believe, or he just doesn't care one way or the other. I don't think Sam came off very well in this episode, so I find it pretty interesting that all the chat is about whether or not Dean should have killed a sympathetic monster or let her walk. The question for me is, why did the writers choose to dredge up old stories about trust and honesty between the brothers?
# Sylvie 2011-10-12 09:19
Wow, this episode sure has people talking. It's been a while since I've thought this hard about an episode. I've posted on a few other reviews, and the more I read, the stronger the feeling gets. I guess I live in the grey universe, I tend to trust people, sometimes to my detriment. I understand why Dean killed Amy, but I also agree with the fact that Sam made the decision to let her go. Basically, I'm sitting on a fence here, and I'm obviously not the only one.

Thanks for the ramblings Robin, it makes us pick up on things we may have missed. I love how John is always present. And I'm always happy to see young Sam, Colin Ford is just so good at it. I enjoyed the first kiss, I thought it was sweet, just as it should be. Boy, I guess Sam has always had a thing for the monster girls huh. About Dean trusting Sam, let me see, when he tells him he does, Sam's reaction was actually like mine, I thought wow, Dean is trusting him, but I guess that was just for show. I was surprised when he showed up at Amy's hotel. So now instead of having one monster that kills sometimes and bad people from what I understood, he's created a monster that will kill without impunity and have a hatred of humans. So, he would have been better off killing them both then, but I guess that would have made Dean a monster, so hard line there.

I cannot wait for what the rest of this wonderful season will bring us. I am thoroughly enjoying it.