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Warning!!!!!!!!!  Do not read if you haven't seen tonight's episode or the preview for next week's episode!  There will be things discussed, and you will be spoiled, and don't give in to the temptation!  Experience the glory for yourself.
Wow, that was a whole lot of awesome, wasn't it?  I loved it.  If you're gonna have a filler episode, that's definitely the kind to have.  I mean, even though there wasn't a lot of plot development and there's not too much for me to speculate about, I don't even care!  That was so fun!  So, for this week's article, I'm going to start with the preview for the next episode and then do some bullet points from this week's episode and gush about them some more.

Lucifer's back!

It looks like next week's the start of Sam's extreme downward spiral.  They haven't come across a demon, aside from Crowley, all season, so I think the trauma of having to hunt down and exorcize a demon is going to drudge up more bad memories than he can take.  This will really be interesting to see how Sam handles it, especially since it looks like Dean is down for the count and can't help him handle things.  Plus, the return of Mark Pellegrino is always a good thing.  He kills it as Lucifer.

Bits and Pieces From "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie of Nightmare-Inducing Clowns"

What a glorious brotherly moment at the end of the episode!  Sam was covered in glitter!  Dean apologized for inadvertantly causing Sam's clown phobia!  Sam got Dean a giant slinky, even though Dean never said he wanted one and Sam wasn't there to see Dean pining for it!  Dean laughed!  A for real laugh!  I must say, I was equally happy and sad with Dean laughing like that because we haven't seen him that genuinely happy since "Free To Be You And Me" in season 5, and that's a long time to be mirthless.

Poor Sam and his clown phobia.  Those were some creepy clowns, too.  Creepy, glitter-exploding clowns.  Excellent comedic work by Jared in this episode, especially with the facial expressions, trying to contain his fear and failing.

Lots of call-backs in tonight's episode, but my favorite was the fact that Dean said way back in "Houses of the Holy" in season two that unicorns shot rainbows out of their asses.  He was right!

Ben Edlund, I want to see a Vamptopus in the next episode you write.

"They think the ball washer did it."
"The what?"
"The ball washer."
"The what?"
--Siblings everywhere, if they had the chance

Maybe someone should check to see if Dean is sick because he spit out food.  On purpose!

Why doesn't Sam watch Shark Week?  I'm with Dean.  It's a whole week of sharks!  How can you not watch that???

I really want to go play skeeball now.  I used to rock at skeeball!  The trick is to bank the ball off the side of the ramp because if you find the sweet spot, you can get the 100 every time.  It's much easier than just throwing the ball up the ramp.

Props to Dabb and Loflin for a great script tonight.  Now if they could only write those types of episodes all the time...

I could probably go on and on, but I'll open the floor to comments.  What were your favorite moments from tonight's episode?  Did you enjoy it as much as I did?  Are you freaking out about what's going to happen to Sam next week?  I am going to be traveling and won't be able to see it live, phooey.


# Beverly 2012-02-10 23:52
Rainbows out of unicorn's asses - I can't believe they went there but they did it with awesomeness. ROFL!!! Loved this episode!! :lol:
Candy Dax
# Candy Dax 2012-02-11 00:03
I can't believe how amazing this episode was! Caught references to Dead in the Water to Red Sky Morning to the astronaut and on and on! I can't wait to watch it again.

I know next week is going to get dark again. I cant wait to see mark pellegrino again but I know my heart is going to break for sam and dean. My main thing is I want to see them achieving closure on something this season. Not just for our sake but because they deserve it. I know Sam won't be fixed overnight but I know this is going to get brutal for him. However I get they can't have a quick fix for trauma like this.

I just want to bask in the majesty of this episode lol. The brothers together were how we've been hoping against hope to see them for a very long time. Outstanding!
# buffsgirl 2012-02-11 01:10
Still giggling. I actually choked when the unicorn ran away with rainbows coming out his ass.

Also...... SO refreshing to hear Dean laugh and to see Sam's happiness about his brothers delight.

Loved it!!!! :lol:
# Beverly 2012-02-11 05:58
Something tells me that they had to do more than one take of Sam getting out of his vehicle covered in glitter. I bet the first few takes they had problems of Jensen breaking out in laughter. I also bet that the crew members who had to douse him in glitter enjoyed it - knowing how big a prankster Jared is.

Based on my experience with small amounts of glitter, he probably was finding bits of it over the next few days. Glitter is one of those things that is very hard to get it all.
# Ginger 2012-02-11 06:59
Trippiest episode ever. I can't believe it wasn't written by Edlund. Who would have thought Dabb and Lofflin would write an episode about an adult's worst nightmare --Chuck E. Cheese! (And I've got a 5-year old's birthday on Monday! -- Yep, you guessed it.) I don't think I've every laughed at an SPN episode like I did this one.

God! I even loved the title card, but the best part has got to be Dean's laughing at the end. It's been a long time, baby. Loved Sam's bad cop routine. Shoot, I loved the whole thing. Total filler and totally fun and cute.
# cd28 2012-02-11 08:10
This was a really fun episode. Very well done. But so much for the theory that Sam is not OK. You would never have guessed that Sam was seeing hallucinations of Lucifer and having a mental breakdown.
# Sharon 2012-02-11 08:30
This was a really fun episode. Very well done. But so much for the theory that Sam is not OK. You would never have guessed that Sam was seeing hallucinations of Lucifer and having a mental breakdown.
Nope but thats has been the problem this season.
Agree it was fun though.
# ErinS 2012-02-11 10:42
I think that storyline was supposed to be a surprise. Like we were supposed to be thinking "Well so much for what Levia!Sam was saying. Sammy seems fine" and then we get gut-punched by next weeks episode. However, between interviews, the actors, and the CW it seems impossible for the powers that be to keep anything secret from us.
# Sylvie 2012-02-11 12:31
This episode was so much fun! Dabb & Loflin have surprised all of us with this one. I laughed so hard when I saw rainbows coming out of the unicorns ass! Does anyone really think that Sam's ever going to be okay with clowns? I know I wouldn't.

Best part was definitely Dean laughing with glee at the end and Sam letting him have his moment of joy. Yeah, we're in for some sad traumatic episodes coming up, but thank you for the laugh before we get there.
# rmoats8621 2012-02-11 14:21
I liked this episode. It was so good to hear Dean laugh. Laughter can be such wonderful medicine and he's needed this for so long. The guys getting gifts for each other! How cute! A giant Slinky for Dean and clown doll for Sam! I don't blame Sam. I'd left that thing on the ground, too. Creepy...and it winked! But at least he's going to be able to move on from that phobia... :lol:

My favorite parts were Dean spitting out the pizza. Boy, that must have been pretty bad! I've eaten some that's tasted like cardboard, but never butt! And...Sam covered in glitter! ;-)

Next week's episode looks like we're getting into the downward slide of poor Sammy! Oh, make sure I've got plenty of tissues, wine, etc. on hand next Friday. :cry:
# Bevie 2012-02-11 14:39
Awww! I loved this one. So great to see the smiles and laughter at the end. Sigh of relief instead of rubbing the heart sadly. :roll:

Loved Sammy with the clowns (poor guy!) and Dean spitting out his pizza bite, the unicorn and Dean chasing down the lion guy.

Just an enjoyable episode! Must brace up for next week!
Tissues and booze at the ready! :cry:
# BagginsDVM 2012-02-11 19:12
It was so great to see both boys truly laughing at the end of the episode! I'd forgotten that Sam didn't see Dean's excitement with the giant slinky, so that made it even better when he gave one to Dean. I love to see that sibling bond shine through again!
I'm definitely with Sam on not liking clowns, & I was feeling his discomfort in Plucky's & cringing with the ass-kicking he suffered.
An all-around fun episode!
# Gwen 2012-02-11 20:10
I loved every single second of this episode. It was just fabulous from start to finish. Such a fantastically fun episode. I loved seeing the brotherly bond in this episode and it was great to see so many smiles and laughter from the boys. The end scene was fabulous. I did feel bad for poor Sammy though, I share his fear of clowns so I was squirming and shuddering along with him. And that fight he had with them was horrifying - both for him and for me. :P :lol:
# MisterGlass 2012-02-11 21:46
Unicorns and rainbows - I couldn't believe it. Sam doused in glitter was just as funny. I bet Jared left glitter footprints all over the set. I want to see the gag reel from this one.

I agree that this didn't fit with the current arc, and that bothers me, but it was a refreshingly fun one-off, and it was good to see a little happiness.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-02-12 14:44
I thought this was a good, funny episode which really was quite cathartic after a good few bleak episodes. While it didn’t have much in the way of furthering the storyline, it was the type of hunt Dean desperately needed at this stage. It surely reminded him of one of the reasons why he does what he does, and it doesn’t all have to be blood and guts and misery, that it can also be fun and it will give him something to hold on to if (ah, who am I kidding, when....) things get rough again.

Favourite bit, there were lots of really touching parts to the episode but I loved the part at the end when Sam allowed himself to look like (more of) an idiot by admitting the seltzer spraying in order to keep Dean laughing. I guess he missed it as much as the fans did. (Out of interest, when was the last time we saw Sam genuinely laugh?)

Though aside from that; the molar going fly, Sam spitting out the glitter (and it twinkled!), the entire scene where Sam denied the ‘clown thing’. ‘What?? No’ ‘ Sammy’ ‘...No.’ Seriously, the facial expressions, the leg twitching, Dean’s reaction, the whole scene was golden. (And did Dean call Sam ‘hairbottle†™ in that one ‘cos I swear that’s what I (think) I heard.)

‘The ball washer’... (Dean, you are such a child!!)

‘Right Friggin’ Now’. I love when the writers do that sort of thing. Like the paint explosion of paint in the title card.

Actually, I'm speculating that Sam’s face is made of freaking granite or something because how many times was he punched and headbutted without even as much as a drop of blood evident until he met up with Dean?

The interrogation scene, in its entirety. Sam just cannot intentionally do the hard man. He’s much more intimidating when he’s trying not to be.

A fun, light episode and given the promo for next week the guys had better be storing up all their light-hearted moments cos whoa...... (You might want to start the speculation thread on that now!)

Thanks Ardeospina.
# Anon!!! 2012-02-12 17:09
I adored this episode!!! Haven't been feeling the brotherly vibe for a few episodes now but got it in abundance in this episode!!!

While I felt for poor Sammy and his fear of clowns (They were quite creepy!!!) every reaction he had to them made me laugh so much!!! Great job from Jared on that!!

Another great scene was Dean's reaction to the slinky. Guess we found another love of his... other than pie!! He was like a little child!!!

Loved the whole unicorn scene and the fact it referenced back to season 1!! Loved the "Right friggin' now!" Also the opening credits were great!!

But my favourite scene was the last one. From Dean at first trying to control his laughter, to not being able to, Sam just standing there and gladly taking the laughter as Dean was finally laughing. And finished perfectly with their well thought out presents for each other. Perfect!!

Bracing myself for next week!!!