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With X-Files about to return to TV, Mitch Peleggi has been interviewed by several sources. He talked to Comic Book Resources, Spinoff Online On Returning to ‘X-Files': ‘It’s a Huge Part of My Life. TV Series Finale reported Mitch Pileggi Would Return for Another Season. In The Hollywood Reporter The X-Files' Star Mitch Pileggi Previews Skinner's Return. Mitch talked to Design and Trend about 'The X-Files' Revival: Mitch Pileggi On Why Walter Skinner Is Still Assistant Director At FBI.

WhoSay is starting a new feature called Field Trip and Osric Chau was the first celebrity to participate. WhoSay Field Trip: We Partied It Up With Osric Chau From 'Supernatural' at Universal Studios.

Jared went to see the hottest movie out there and Buzzworthy has the story Jared Padalecki sees ‘Star Wars’ with Austin police chief. The Global Times reported Supernatural Cast: Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins & Adorable Kids Take On The Holidays. Don't worry Jensen fans, although he didn't make the headline, his holiday is covered in the article.

Celeb Mix tells us Supernatural: Why Sam and Dean Winchester Are Worth Watching.

Buddy TV reports Why These 'Supernatural' Stars are on BuddyTV's Sexiest Men of 2015 List

Soon you will be able to increase your Funko Supernatural Collection  the Funko Supernatural Pop! Castiel "Steve" Vinyl Figure is taking pre-release orders.

Untitled TV featured our show in Supernatural: Brothers vs. Destiny. tells us 11 Reasons You Should Binge Watch ‘Supernatural’.  and Mashable included us in 50 TV Shows You Can Binge For the Rest of Time.

"Supernatural -- a show currently in its 11th season -- is something of a home away from home for me at this point. It's been with me through some major life moments, and I've found comfort from it time and time again -- especially when I deeply miss my home or family. I've watched it maybe 10 times all the way through -- thank you, Netflix and TNT -- but even after seeing the episodes so many times, I can still turn it on at any time and be sucked right in. (Yes, even Season 6 and 7, ugh.) It's also satisfying to know that the show is still going strong all these years later. (If you haven't seen Season 11's "Baby," you're missing out.)" -- Gonzalez

Enstarz  looks back at 'Supernatural' Season 11: The Top 5 Scenes Of 2015, From 'Baby' To Lucifer. offers help for fans in Supernatural’ fans share tips on how to get through “Hellatus”.

Buddy TV explores fans  with 13 Texts Every 'Supernatural' Fan Is Guilty of Sending.

As the year winds down, sites are listing best and worst for 2015 Supernatural has made the following lists:

TV Fanatic listed us in several categories -

17 Baddies Who are Just Too Darn Good with Crowley at #5

He is the King of Hell and the leader of the underworld, but we still want to drink umbrella drinks and take selfies with him. Crowley used to be a super scary demon, but now that we have spent more time getting to know him, we know that he is just a demon with lots of feelings. He loves HBO, he will kill anyone in his way, he wants to be Dean's BFF and his mother keeps trying to have him killed. What's not to love?

and gone but never forgotten Meg at #15.

In the early years, Meg was nothing more than a Hell-serving demon that kept messing with our favorite brothers. She was the reason Jo and Ellen died, and she caused non-stop trouble for the Winchester family for years. When the traditional Heaven and Hell roles were tossed out the window, we started to see a change in her. She seemed to really care about Cas and started to wonder if she could be good too. She met her end helping Castiel and the Winchesters escape but we all know that nobody is ever really gone on Supernatural.

 16 Twisted Plots that Rocked Our Worlds in 2015

On Supernatural, Sam was seeing visions of Lucifer's cage in Hell. Sam thought it was God giving him clues on how to defeat the Darkness. With Crowley and Rowena's help, Sam goes to talk to Lucifer to ask him about the Darkness. During the chat, Sam is suddenly zapped into Lucifer's Cage and Lucifer tells Sam that the visions were coming from him! God was never helping Sam and now Lucifer wants to use Sam as his vessel again.
19 Noteworthy Character Exits from 2015 with Charlie's death at #3.

Charlie's death at the end of Supernatural Season 10 still hurts. She was such a fun character and one of the only females on the show so it was especially tragic when she was murdered. We will miss all of the nerdy moments she brought to the show, like when she made the guys watch all of the Harry Potter movies and binge Game of Thrones. Her relationship with Dean was so sweet. Hopefully we will get to see her again. Nobody is ever really dead on Supernatural.

Rowena made #9 TV Fanatic's 12 Characters Who Wasted Our Time in 2015

Rowena from Supernatural just won't go away. She was supposed to be a big bad, but that obviously didn't pan out. Instead, she's an over-the-top cartoon that somehow manages to keep getting away from Sam and Dean as much as she keeps worming her way into storylines. And unfortunately Supernatural Season 11 couldn't turn things around for her to make her any more interesting or villainous, so we have to keep hearing her spout out ridiculous things like Mega Covens or being a fan girl of Lucifer. It's just tiresome at this point.

Charlie's death was #28 in Buddy TV's Major TV Character Deaths of 2015 while the death of Death made #29. Buddy TV also listed Dean's Words to Sam When He Thinks He's at the End of His Rope as one of The 29 Most Heartbreaking TV Moments of 2015

EW listed The Darkness Is God's Sister, Supernatural as one of their 40 Most Shocking TV Moments of 2015.

TVLine rated : Charlie on Supernatural  as the Most Unnecessary Death of 2015.

In encouraging news, The CW has signed another affiliate group The CW Inks New Affiliate Agreement With Nexstar. It's looking good that the CW and Supernatural will survive for many more years.

Have a happy holiday season and see you next year!