• Mallena's Musings: Supernatural 13.09 "The Bad Place"

    Speak of the devil; Jack reunites with the Winchesters in this quite serviceable Supernatural episode.  Lacking in some ways, but great in others…let’s review, shall we?

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 13.09: “The Bad Place”

    And that folks, is how we do a mid-season finaleSupernaturalstyle! Drama, visual effects, emotional impact and some serious new-level, edge of the cliff moments at the end that left this viewer breathless and excited.

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    The Morning After

    Supernatural’s season 13 mid-season finale, “The Bad Place”, was nothing less than mind-blowing, on multiple levels. First and foremost, the episode was intense. It wove together several stories, each focusing on a unique, well-written character who faced a crossroad in their life. Each person’s anguish at having to make difficult choices in crisis situations filled the hour with deep emotion – emotion that was transferred very effectively to the audience through fabulous acting and heart-pounding music. Season 13’s character creation has been truly impressive.