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Well no hate mail yet, guess I'll try another video.
It was awesome to see this episode was directed by Amanda Tapping - a.k.a. Naomi - meaning that the character who was controlling Castiel's mind 5 seasons ago is now behind an episode about people's minds being controlled. That's a lot of meta humor.
If something seems off, that is because I keep stopping myself from going off on tangents that would make the video even longer.
I also couldn't find a place to put my complaint about the boys revealing they had witch killing bullets.  I mean Sam & Dean should definitely know better by now than to go revealing that kind of stuff.  I know I'm usually the one arguing for more action and fight sequences but this time I think it would have served the villains right if they were defeated by being overconfident - then we could move the time spent on the fight sequence to another segment, like exploring the villains more.
Also I'm open to suggestions about what to do when the hiatus comes around. Do you mind me taking a break? Should I go back and give older episodes this video treatment? What about some kind of video essays on characters, arcs, or seasons?  Toss out your idea or give your vote to one.
Score: *