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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For Supernatural 12.13 "Family Feud", I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy this pictoral review and share what your picks would be! 

Best Broment

SPN 0297

The brothers discussing Dean's call with Mary.

Sam: Too bad Mom couldn't make it. You said she was too tired?

Dean: Yeah. (says a unconvincing Dean)

Sam: What? (Sam knowing his brother so well)  

SPN 0300

Dean: I don't know. I feel like something's going on with her and she ain't talking about it.

Sam: Mom's hunting again. That's a grind, you know that. She just needs a little time Dean that's all.

Dean: Yeah.  

Best Sam Moment

SPN 1457

Mary returns after a 'long, long, long, long ...while' according to Dean.

Sam the 'Peace Maker' let's Mary know that Dean can be dramatic, however....  

SPN 1461

Sam: What he meant  to say was that we missed you. Glad you're back.  

Best Dean Moment

SPN 0445

Dean impressed with the Aztec knife. 

SPN 0457

Once placing it back, it slips off the stand. He quickly tries to put it back without anyone noticing. 

SPN 0460

Of course Sam catches him and gives his signature 'Seriously!' gestures.   

Best Nicknames

SPN 0548

Crowley calling Sam 'Bullwinkle' and the brothers 'Dim and Dimmer' 

Best Crowley and Rowena Moment

SPN 1564

Crowley confronting Rowena about allowing Gavin to sacrifice himself.

Crowley: What you did, a low, even for you. Wasn't right.

Rowena: And what would you know what's right?

Crowley: I know there's an ugly, rancid, spiteful reason why you sent my son, your grandson, to his death. I want to know what it is. 

SPN 1602

Rowena: He was a lovely boy and in your own lizard way, you cared for him. Just as I cared for Oscar.

Crowley: Oscar.

Rowena: The child I loved more than you. The boy you made me kill in order for me to remove the Mark of Cain.

Crowley: So that was all drivel you were spewing about Gavin doing the right thing.

Rowena: It was the right thing, for Gavin and certainly for me. It allowed me to watch you suffer the loss of a child.

Crowley: Payback.

Rowena: I'm your mother dear, who better to crush your shrivelled heart. 

Best Mary Moment

SPN 1465

Mary coming with a peace offering and coming clean about working with the British Men of Letters, despite ..... 

12.13 534 shocked

... knowing that this truth will leave her sons a little shocked and feeling a bit betrayed. 

Best Ketch Moment

SPN 0947

Ketch makes the suggestion that Mary should no longer keep in touch with the boys.

Mary: I'm sorry. Nothing comes before my family, not with me. 

SPN 0981

Ketch: Really? Or is that just what you want to believe. You're differnt when you talk to them, softer, weaker. Not an insult, just an observation. When you hunt, Mary, you're one of the best I've ever seen. You might play at being the 'Good Mommy' but when you're in the thick of it...nothing but a blade in your hand and blood in the air, that's the real you, the best you and I think you know it...

SPN 0983

....and I think it scares the hell out of you. 

Best Lucifer Moments

SPN 0184

Lucifer had a few good moments with Crowley. While Crowley let's Lucifer know how he spared him from the pit....

12.13 113 Lucifer smirk

A cool headed Lucifer asks him ' How do you think this is going to end?'

Later he laughs at Crowley telling him 'and worst you're not going to see it coming when you get taken down'

Then there's the moment when Lucifer finds out Crowley has a son. 'OMDad. I love that both you and I are single dads'.  

Best Bad Ass Moment

SPN 0104

Mary using a cool new weapon to kill the Rugaru. 

Most Suspenseful and Chilling Moment

SPN 0006

Our victim getting ready for bed....the long view of her brushing her teeth when a figure races by the bathroom... 

SPN 0041

The dark bedroom as she tries to find the light switch for the closet.....

SPN 0063

...then as she falls to sleep arms suddenly come from the bed to kill her.... 

SPN 0068

... ending with the splatter of blood hitting the picture on the night stand. 

Most Nostalgic Moment

SPN 0890

 Seeing the flashback of Abbadon. 

Saddest Moment

SPN 0425

Being on the run trying to keep her baby alive. With barely any money, Kelly can only order a small orange juice. 

SPN 1169

....and Fiona's story of being scorned and raped for being a stowaway. Then to lose her life on the doomed ship. 

Most Moving/Powerful Moment

SPN 1413

After getting the spell ready to send Gavin back to his timeline and save those that Fiona killed ... 

SPN 1395

Dean realizes that 'this is a tough one'  

SPN 1398

and Sam letting Gavin know 'You're a good guy Gavin. Thank you.' 


Gavin hopes that this is all for the best and kisses the locket. Once Sam reads the spell ...

Fiona arrives and both 'Beam up' to their timeline. 

Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0688

 The cloud of dust from the killed Angel ....

SPN 1163

and misty form surrounding Fiona before her appearance. 

Best Make Up

SPN 1159

Fiona's ghostly figure. 

Best Shot

SPN 1437

The misty forms of Fiona and Gavin. 

Most Scenic Scene

SPN 0930

The wintery scene with the mountains in the background. 

Best Lighting Scene

SPN 0185

The rays from the sun shining through the window. 

Best Musical Cue

SPN 1612

'Play With Fire' by the Rolling Stones starts playing as Crowley quietly ponders the discussion with his mother. 

SPN 1613

then Lucifer sitting calmly in his chains....

SPN 1617

and Mary trying to explain and reason with her sons.  

SPN 1630

... then to Dagon leading a scared Kelly to safety. 

SPN 1645

Then back to Lucifer speaking only one word 'Dagon'. 

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!