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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for Supernatural! For episode 12.11, "Regarding Dean", I have once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this story. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpires.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 1830

The brothers talk at the end of the episode.

Sam: You know I've got to be honest, I was actually a little jealous at first..

Dean: The curse that nearly killed me?

Sam: Just you know...the things we've done, we've had this weight for ...forever. Seeing it gone looked happy.

Dean: Well it was nice to drop our baggage....but it wasn't just the crap that got lost, it was everything. It was us , it was what we do, all of it. So if that's what happy looks like, I think I'll pass. 

Best Sam Moment

SPN 0588

Sam labeling everything in the motel room for Dean. 

12.11 364 Sam

I also have to go with Sam admitting to Rowena 'You know I've seen my brother die but watching him become...not him...this might actually be worst' 

Best Dean Moment

SPN 1663

Dean comes in with the gun raised to Catriona, but she just scoffs it off....

SPN 1669

...until Dean shows her the 'WITCH KILLING BULLETS' sticky note. He then shoots her.

SPN 1707

I also have to go with Dean not sure who to kill, Sam or Boyd.. 

SPN 1712

Sam points out to the confused Dean that he's the brother and Boyd is the witch. 'No, no, no, Brother, Witch'  

SPN 1728

Dean shoots Boyd and gives Sam the 'Thumbs Up' 

Best Rowena Moment


Rowena's talk with Dean. First giving him something to play with so he doesn't touch her potions.

While Dean plays with the voodoo doll, Rowena opens up to Dean.

 SPN 1285

Rowena: What a gift, not to recall the things you've done. 

Dean: What have I done?

Rowena: You're a killer Dean Winchester.

Dean: Wait.....I kill people?

Rowena: Scores, but though you maybe a stubborn pain in the arse, with the manners of a Neanderthal and the dining habits of a toddler, everything you've done has been for the greater good.

Dean: And that's supposed to make it ok?.......

12.11 1350 Boop

.....Why are you telling me this?

Rowena: Because I know you won't remember. (Boops Dean's nose) 

Best Guest Actor Scene(s)

SPN 0111

Lady giving Dean a handout ' Just don't by a drink' 

12.11 45 Kuma

.. and the jogger exercising while Dean uses his cell phone. 

Best Fight Scene

SPN 1560

The battle between Rowena and Catriona. Although it looks like they did some deleting of scenes, it was a good battle. 

Best Nostalgic Moment


'SCOOBY DOO!' I loved watching Scooby Doo when I was a kid... 

12.11 585 Dean Cartoon

....just as much as Dean did/does. And just in case you're wondering, I was watching it when the show originally aired.  

Saddest Moment

SPN 1204

Dean testing his memory in the mirror. At first he's got it all down, but as he keeps retesting his memory it gets worst until he admits ' I don't know'.

His devastating expression is heartbreaking.  

Best Teasing Moment

SPN 1754

Sam waiting patiently to see if Rowena was able to break the spell on Dean. However Dean looks at Sam and asked 'Who's the hippie' 

SPN 1762

Sam is near to tears over the idea. 

 12.11 549 Tease

Dean and Rowena start laughing, playing with Sam.

SPN 1770

Sam is relieved, but found this prank 'Not funny'. 

Funniest Moment

I had a hard time trying to restrict my choices in this episode, as there were a lot of funny moments, so there is more than usual.

SPN 0340

Dean gagging over the dead body and his stomach contents. 

SPN 0441

Dean drives forward instead of backing out...' R for reverse Dean' 

SPN 1153

Sam and Rowena talk about Dean's fate with this spell and that eventually it will kill him. Dean overhearing this, responds with ' Sucks for that guy'  

SPN 0553

Sam on the phone with Rowena asking about what could be wrong with Dean.

Rowena: Did his hair fallout, body hair too?

Sam: What?

Rowena: From the neck down is he smooth like a Ken doll?

Sam: I don't know and I'm not checking either. 

SPN 1473

Rowena leaving sticky notes for Dean in case he wakes up, while she tries to rescue Sam. 

SPN 1601


12.11 517 NO


SPN 1612

... and...

SPN 1613

Cutest Moment

SPN 0069

Dean passed out with a bunny sitting and eating beside him. 


He wakes up and picks up the bunny, 'Hi buddy' 

Best Alias


Agents (Keith) Moon and (John) Entwistle from 'The Who' 

Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0053

The sigil lighting up in purple. 

SPN 1437

The butterflies' wings moving. 

Best Angle Shot

12.11 349 broment

The down view of Sam and Dean talking in the bathroom. 

Best Lighting

SPN 0851

The flash light beaming down on the witch killing bullet casing with the W on it. 

Most Scenic Scene

SPN 0158

The "Waldo's Waffles" sign standing amongst the trees. 

Best Musical Cue

SPN 1867

"Broomstick Cowboy" by Bobby Goldsboro playing during the end montage of Dean riding Larry the Bull and moments while losing his memory. 

Best Yummy Moment

SPN 0179

Mmmmmm Waffles...  

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!