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"Our Little World"
Writer: Robert Berens
Director: John Showalter
of Photography: Serge Ladouceur

Airdate: 11.11.15



What did I watch?


The script was dense and perhaps the dialogue ran a little long.
combined the new with the old in more ways than one.
There were some jaw dropping revelations (God's Sister, visions from the Cage, Amara's escape, and
interaction with Dean) but a lot of loose ends were tied up, too.
(The Demon Tablet, and Len, the candy wrapper, is dead)
There were plot parallels and motifs and an overall theme
stressing reining it in, being merciful, and the angst of parenting a teen who is moving on.
The tug of war between giving a child independence while keeping
them safe is beautifully encapsulated in Crowley's speech.


There was also some serious commentary about escaping reality buried in the script.


The sets/ props/ editing/ montages/ were amazing.


The interior of Crowley's hell, topside, was not filmed at this location.




Rainy Location Brothers in Sync
A6imageedit 3 3931330967




Finding the Sweet Spot



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"The truth would make the Bible Thumpers' heads explode."

There were lots of little boom and echoes: cats, and tablets.
Some imagery is becoming standard for Season 11: Traditional Feminine
images of flowers, Persian rugs, mirrors, etc.




Close ups of hands kept appearing in pivotal moments.


(Some gifs truly spoil the effect. ROTFL.)

Can you tell the character and the moment by these HAND close-ups?


C4imageedit 12 4456577286









High Angles


Low Angle

D3imageedit 14 6803970031

Angled Perspective



Although the dialogue dragged in the first half, the
second half with its increasing CROSS-CUTTING
between all the characters and their dilemmas speeded up the episode.
This was masterfully done and often linked tidbits of dialogue.


Meticulous editing of multiple camera angles.

D6imageedit 17 2007371146

D7imageedit 23 5709302708

D8imageedit 25 8291251275

D9imageedit 27 3004097770



SLO MO The Final Montage:

Beautiful and with a great suitable song.

Worth a re-watch here:


Two in a row! Excuse me while I enjoy this lurching leap into the future.

E3tumblr lyjvvqPtZF1qko769o12 r2 250




E5imageedit 30 6129514165

There were a lot of past episodes alluded to in this episode.
Starting with Castiel's montage of out of control rages. 8.17 "Goodbye Stranger," 10.22 "The Prisoner" and more recent
episodes in Season 11. Most recognized the "Changing Channels" wallpaper.
How could we forget? But, there were more references to past episodes in the dialogue.






Did you notice any other references to past episodes?
Please comment below.

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# KelseyKill 2015-11-17 14:24
That shout out to "Changing Channels"- Maybe it's a way of reiterating the message from that episode? "Accept your responsibilitie s and play the roles that destiny has chosen for you."
# cheryl42 2015-11-17 17:04
That is an interesting idea. That whole destiny thing that keeps screwing with the Winchesters. It looks like Sam and Dean are being manipulated again by different sides. We know who is pulling Dean's strings but who is talking to Sam? Looks like we find out soon.
# Wednesday 2015-11-17 17:05
Hey, nice observation.:)
# spnlit 2015-11-18 10:37
I agree with you that is a shout out to the important roles the boys have in the whole grande scheme starting from the beginning of time.
# Jen 2015-11-17 20:05
Wednesday a great review as always Thank you Orange is a new colour for this season ? It has mainly been red is that correct. If so are they introducing a subtle shift in the story line.
Possibly nothing - but the photos of the stairs in the asylum are all taken downwards could this be a suggestion as to the way Sam & Dean need to go ? (or just the best photo angle)

I like the comparrison betwee God of light, godess of darkness ect. And Dean the father ???? I am glad someone else thinks this to be a possibility MAYBE. Amara doesn't know obviously ?? I really like Samantha as teen Amara I hope she is around for a few more episodes. A great young actress & she plays Amara well. I think Amara is more a under the rader evil. You know she is nasty, strong and powerfull but Samantha plays her in a more conniving ?? way. I like that keeps you guessing.
# Wednesday 2015-11-17 22:49
Traditionally, Supernatural has used a lot of BLUE and RED.
But, each director is given some freedom for special colour choices to emphasize a particular theme.
The colour choices are not always consistent season to season, or even episode to episode.
However, in this season, the hits of Yellow seem to be consistently pointing out deception and disguise.
In this episode Metatron is seen by a yellow parking post and yellow lines.
The door to Crowley’s topside hell has a hit of yellow graffiti to indicate that this is a fraud or deception.
Also, Amara’s burgundy rose colour has been consistently used so far this Season.
I have been noticing stair way shots in the episodes, too!!! ???
I never commented in my article but Amara was creeping me out with her, “I KNEW YOU WOULD COME.”
comment as she was filing her nails. I wonder how she knew, or if she was pulling him to her.
Dean seemed more concerned with getting revenge on Crowley and finding her, rather than killing her,
as Sam pointed out prior to their going to the asylum. Dean seems unaware that he is drawn to her and why.
Some fans were “icked out” by their scene as they interpreted it as a sexual bond. But, I did not see that at all.
I also saw a nasty comment to Samantha on her twitter page, for Nov. 11.
If you get a chance please like her tweet: “How is everyone liking Amara?” to offset the negativity of one fan.:(
TweetSam ("")
Thank you for reading and sharing your insights.
# AlyCat22 2015-11-17 23:50
I wondered about that too. Is it just the unexplainable connection that drew him to her and she knows it always will? I doubt she called him as she wasn't in trouble and she hardly needed help escaping Crowley. Was he fooling himself when he convinced Sam that now is the time to strike with everything they have? Everything Dean? As in Rubys knife, Holy water, rocksalt, the Colt (oops scratch that), an angel blade or two or ten? Even Sam knew they weren't ready. It's like Dean isn't thinking straight because he's freaked over this magnetic pull from her. What it means and why it's there and that it seems to be getting stronger. And I'm not talking sexual.
# Jen 2015-11-18 00:23
Thank you Wednesday I'm learning soooo much. I think this is maybe going to sound funny/silly. But because alot of fans are "In Love with Dean/Jensen" and of a reasonnably young age, they only see black and white. They would all mingle together and talk about this Amara/Dean scenes and think Love and sex If maybe they had access or where interested in looking at more mature fan based pages they would learn the different emotions that our portrayed in a show But they are young we or I was once too so they see it for what it is. As long as Sam doesn't take it to heart. I'm sure Jared and Jensen will take care of her. I will go now and send her a lovely tweet
# BoGirle 2015-11-18 07:41
Also, Amara’s burgundy rose colour has been consistently used so far this Season.
I noticed too that as she grows the color of her dress has been deepening from pale, baby pink for infant Amara, rose pink for child Amara, dark pink for tween Amara and now this very dark almost burgundy, brown for teen Amara. The color choices or her clothing seems quite deliberates and appear to be heading towards black, indicating that her malice and danger is increasing as she grows.
# spnlit 2015-11-18 10:47
I am curious. From where do you derive your opinion of colors - blue being lost souls as stated in the last episode and now orange. Is this based on research as a generally accepted opinion of the meaning of colors or is this based on your observations of viewing SPN in particular?

I did pick up on the theme of darkness/ moonlight connected to Amara that you pointed out in Thin Lizzie. In this episode when Dean is telling Sam they need to go after Amara he is standing in front of a picture of dark sky/ moon. This seems to emphasize his connection to Amara/ Darkness.
# Wednesday 2015-11-18 12:16
I have to carefully examine each episode. Each episode has a different director.
I noted that this season the art department has settled on YELLOW for deceit and disguise.
And the other directors seem to be following suit. Each episode has some unique choices made, too.
I look for a colour that may not have been emphasized yet. This episode was easy.
Orange was everywhere. Then, I consider what the commonality is between all the scenes incorporating that colour choice.
As noted, directors are free to choose a colour to enhance a theme and here it was the ability, or inability, to give in to their
anger, bloodlust. I provide boards with pictures to explain the interpretation. Of course, it is an interpretation.
As the article is, my perception of what I "watched." I am totally into colour usage and find it fascinating.
The moon is considered a traditional symbol for the feminine.
Very Pagan but also Greek/Roman Myth (Artemis/Diana) The moon was used to chart menstrual cycles.
In fact most cultures used a Moon calendar instead of a Sun one. So, I am not surprised at all by the Moon's emphasis.
I like "darkening" of the burgundy/rose as noted by BoGirle. Thank you for reading.
# AlyCat22 2015-11-18 16:04
And the picture itself is green/blue. I can't tell if the lettering is dark red or black though.
# PSG 2015-12-09 03:04
We need to understand how orange correlates to black. Demons = black souls. Angels have white light. Orange perhaps is what's inside Amara. Still don't think she's evil.

The second stain glass window... is it Cain and Abel?

References to earlier episodes. We're going to a version of the Endverse..
. Yes.
# PSG 2015-12-09 03:05
Oh and Dean is definitely daddy in a generic sense. That's been obvious since the premiere and FaCebook.
# PSG 2015-12-09 03:06
Facebook = form and void.
# Amberina 2015-11-17 23:04
I suspect Dean is Amara's father too. I was waiting for a mention of Emma.
# Wednesday 2015-11-17 23:37
Exactly. That would be the biggest reference to a past episode of all....the fast growing daughters of Dean!
# AlyCat22 2015-11-17 23:52
I don't think they will go there. Honestly if they do I will be disappointed. Too predictable, obvious and lazy.
# Wednesday 2015-11-17 23:59
So much yes! Dean was all "I gotta go." Not really a thought out reason why.
I think the big Sex scene is the missing initial Darkness scene that Dean still has not opened up about.
I did find it strange that Amara does not seem to know why they have a connection either and she is of the opinion she "has no parents."
Her mom must be keeping her in the dark about it. ;)
# Jen 2015-11-18 00:12
I don't think it would be Too predictable, obvious and lazy. Alycat A) Predictable I don't see to many fans expecting it / they are thinking a Love connection. B) Obvious again not a lot of people are thinking that I don't think C) Lazy mmmmmm maybe it would be hard to write it in a non sleezy way Jensen often says at interviews when asked about the connection to Amara. "Dean's nervous about what it is and it will have a big impact on Dean and Sam's future" I think thats the correct wording ??

Alycat I have seen you say that you would find this disappointing before - Would you mind giving me your reason as to why. Just so I can understand where your thoughts are. Is it just as stated above or do you think it will somehow take away something from the show you love ( We all Love ) Thanks Jenny
# AlyCat22 2015-11-18 06:30
Jen. I'll try. I have seen it speculated on quite a bit. Both Dean as the dad and Dean and Amara having sex without the instant parenthood. Why predictable? Welp, Amara snatches Dean from the car, she says they are bound, they have sexy times and boom, baby Amara is born and she then dumps Dean out onto a flower covered patch in a field. Talk about a one night stand! Dean at least says "Adios!" ;) No, just no. Thinking about it logically: The woman is already pregnant but it takes The Darkness mating with Dean in order to enter the child in the womb or immediately after birth? Why would this all powerful force need to mate with Dean at all? More importantly if the child was already conceived, which she obviously was, then there is no way Dean could be the father, no matter what Jenny Jones says. ;)

It makes more sense - to me, but what do I know? ;) - that she had to use the child who was being born at the same time and nearest to her when she was freed. I can see her needing to manifest as a human in order to access our plane of existence, possibly because it was God's creation?

I'm not sure I'm even seeing sex between Dean and Amara in the storyline at all. I don't see where it's needed with the direction everything seems to be going so far. I keep thinking that in spite of what young Amara believes that once she grows in strength and adulthood that at that point Adult Amara/The Darkness will want to join Dean but as I said, in a less sexy, more in the Dark Charlie/GoodCha rlie way - in order to take on God. Remember both older and younger Amara have indicated they are interested in taking Him on. Or maybe she wants to get her bounding on cause Dean is just that damned sexy! ;). It does seem as the stronger Amara becomes on the Earth plane the stronger her hold over Dean grows. Maybe by the time she is Adult Amara he wont be able to resist her at all.

I have no idea where this is going and that's what's so damned exciting about it but what I do know? Please no "Dean, you ARE the father!"
# Jen 2015-11-18 23:00
What you say is right The baby was already concieved When the darkness was released, now we know she is god's sister. She would have needed a vessel so she took on the baby I believe that is why that town (forgot the name?) was so over run with those sick people/ Maybe Amara was planning to grow alot quicker by haveing those souls ready to digest.
Loving this season Hellatus is going to be very lonnnnnnnng particular now we have a description for O Brother where ou Thou. THANK YOU for giving your reasons behind your hope for no Dean daddy it does make sense
# BoGirle 2015-11-18 08:12
Hi Jen. I'm going to throw my two cents in on this as well if you don't mind. I agree with's predictable because many, many fans are expecting it, it's being discussed all over the boards. It seems almost too obvious to go there; Dean and Darkness meet in the mist and BOOM! There's a baby suddenly? Boo. Boring. And it's lazy because we've seen this storyline before with Dean's monster daughter in season 7. I didn't like that storyline then and I hate the idea of it even more now. And I do think it would irrevocably change the show; Sam has no place in the "Dean is Amara's father's" storyline. It singles him out and pushes everyone else into obscurity. How would that work? Dean and Amara become some kind of team and everyone else is left to flounder and try and fight that and save Dean at the same time? Didn't we just have 35 interminable episodes of that? I am hoping that this season is not a lame retread of all that stuff that didn't work in seasons 9 and 10 with a sprinkling of the worst from season 7 thrown in.
# BoGirle 2015-11-18 08:01
Agreed! Been there, done that. I mean, would Sam have to kill another of Dean's offspring? Really hoping that they come up with something (anything) else. If its true that God is Amara's sister, if Dean end up her father doesn't that make Dean God's father too? And how can Amara, the woman in the mist be both the mother and the daughter at the some time? Nope, not liking that AT ALL. It creates one of those stupid paradoxes that go round and round and can never be solved or comprehended logically.
# spnlit 2015-11-18 11:09
I agree with you. I think Dean's connection to the darkness is due to the MOC and it being the lock and key to her banishment. I still do not see their relationship as being sexual. It looks like woman Amara liked Dean and felt peaceful with him and the teen Amara was just trying to make sense or find an explanation for her strong draw/connection to him. I do not think Dean is the father of Amara as it makes no sense. Amara as the woman in the swirling Darkness and growing Amara are one in the same. Woman Amara told child Amara I am what you will become. I think Amara and the Darkness are also one in the same. As God and Light are one in the same. She is just the opposite of God/ Light. If SPN follows the Christian belief of God.... that He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, was and always will be; then neither God/ Amara have parents. They just always were. Darkness Amara took the form of child already conceived 9 months ago to come into this world. She seeks revenge on God. Like you, I find this storyline intriguing and look forward to discovering just how connected Dean is and how far it will go. It is hard to say. If Dean's connection to Amara is because of the MOC then we can look at that .... MOC was the lock and key made by God.... but it took on its own life and began corrupting. How this lock and key created by God to keep Darkness locked away was able to somehow corrupt means what? That Amara was able to slip Darkness through the door from the other side and corrupt the MOC and whittle away at her release? Dean is conflicted. he was the bearer of the MOC and is drawn to Amara and he was and will always be Sam's older brother and all that has meant since the beginning (of his life and maybe even time). I am pleased that the connection did not stop Dean from attempting to protect Sam. We also saw that look on Amara's face when Dean tried to kill her and she was NOT HAPPY;).
# Jen 2015-11-18 03:09
Alycat I would still like to hear your opinion on my above question - but I'm all over the shop with this season. With Cas saying while watching that TV show "His not ready to be a father" I thought may have been a hint to Amara's paternity. But I've decided that it must be the Mark and Amara, other than being the Darkness is the reason for the lock & key so there is bound to be some connection there. Ohh my brain hurts:(:(:(:(:(
# AlyCat22 2015-11-18 07:19
Wednesday - I hope I'm not repeating something you already called to our attention in your article but did you notice the poster over Dean's shoulder that reads "PROTECT YOU FOREVER"? All in caps. This was in the scene where Dean is Hell bent for leather to attack Amara right then and there without waiting as Sam wisely counseled. So the question is - protect who? Sam? Amara? Both?
# Wednesday 2015-11-18 12:18
COOL. No I did not notice it all. I saw it on Karen's article though. I kept thinking I'd seen those blue and green paintings before. But that is so interesting.
# AlyCat22 2015-11-18 16:09
BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEANNNNN?!? Sorry, I was channeling Sam there for a moment.

No seriously, what does it mean. ;)
# Wednesday 2015-11-18 22:27
Well, I can only guess at it like everyone else. But when I noticed it on Karen's article, it confirmed for me that Dean was more interested in Protecting Amara, and seeking vengeance on Crowley , than destroying her. He might have been lying to himself and Sam about his motive or he genuinely believed he wanted to find her to destroy her. The poster clues the viewer into his true motive.