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What can I say about “The Prisoner”? I can’t honestly say I “liked” this episode. “Like” doesn’t describe my emotional or intellectual response to it. It was intense, but even that doesn’t seem to be the right description. It elicited fear, foreboding and dread. I was tense for the entire episode, and afterward I felt traumatized. My body ached and my jaw was locked. Some fans said they were in shock from what they had seen.  I didn’t feel shock necessarily.

More, my heart absolutely broke for Sam. I felt anguish when Sam blamed himself for Charlie’s death, then had his brother tell him he wished Sam was dead instead of her.  I felt his desperation and helplessness when Rowena held back on her promise to deliver him from his torment. I felt his hopelessness when he “promised” he would stop looking for the cure, knowing that was probably his last hope to save Dean. I felt his fear when he laid a finger snap away from death. 

s10e22 399

I felt his panic thinking time had run out in their race for a cure when Castiel told him that Dean had brutally killed 15 people and was headed home.

s10e22 468

I was also desperately afraid of what Dean would do throughout the entire episode.

s10e22 504

I didn’t mind his massacre of the Styne family. I actually welcomed what I dearly hope is the end of that story line (probably not, but at least Supernatural didn’t turn into “Bloodlines Revisited”). I was more afraid that this would be the week that he lost himself entirely and gave in completely to the Mark’s control. I gasped and held my hand over my mouth when Castiel said “I’m going to be the one who will be alive to watch you murder the world”. I was sure Dean’s next words were going to be “I can fix that” just before he thrust an angel blade through Castiel’s heart. I felt with every fiber of my being that I was watching Cain’s unspeakable prediction unfold, and I was helpless as one of my best friends lost his battle with a deadly drug. 

I didn’t watch this episode. I lived through it. I physically endured the pain it delivered to my body and soul.

And this was just the warm up to next week.

Why did it hit me, hit us, so hard? There were many reasons, including the built up anticipation, the promises of doom and the leaks of “someone is going to die”. It was also, though, because it delivered tension and tragedy both overtly and subliminally. Let’s first tackle the most obvious premise. Who was “the prisoner”? We saw so many this episode:

s10e22 219

Rowena was in shackles. She was a prisoner in the truest sense of the word, yet she didn’t act imprisoned. She felt neither helpless nor caged, making demands of her captor and finally receiving the key needed to unlock her coveted treasure trove of magic. She was afraid at the end of the episode, but not from any danger she perceived from her captors.

Crowley? He was ambushed, shot and attacked by a spell, yet he also was never in any danger. He knew he was hiding immense demonic power inside his partially human host. His inner demon emerged at his command, and he also broke free of his captor, revealing the control he alone knew he always had over the situation.

Likewise, Dean was imprisoned twice, being put in both handcuffs then restraints, but they also were no match for the MoC. He easily freed himself from both, confidently planning the timing of his escapes to best meet his needs. Yet he is obviously still a prisoner of the mark. It is now controlling him more than he is controlling himself. He is captured fully and completely in its grasp, without hope of escape.

s10e22 231

There’s Cyrus. He was trapped within a monstrous family. He was planning his escape (to LA), but they pulled him in deeper before he could break free. He was a prisoner of his blood, sentenced to death from birth.

Then there’s Sam. Trapped in the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t scenario. He’s a prisoner of circumstances, guilt and duty. Like Cyrus, he is a prisoner of the life he was born into.

s10e22 93

So who was “the prisoner”?  I’m viewing it as both Sam and Dean in the end because everyone else was released or unworried about their captivity. Sam and Dean are both still trapped by the Mark of Cain’s emotional and physical duel to the death.

The Mark of Cain and the Truth

While in the warehouse, Sam confessed why he is passionately, obsessively, pursuing a cure for the Mark :

Rowena: We can cure the Mark of Cain…
Cas (to Sam): What are you doing?

Sam: I’m saving my brother.
Cas: You told Dean…
Sam: I know what I told Dean. Cas, I’ve been the one out there messed up and scared and alone and Dean…
Cas: …did whatever he could to save you
Sam: Yes. I mean it’s become his thing. I owe him this. I owe him everything. Look I know he pretends that he can ride the mark out, but you and I both know the truth. We know what happens if we don’t cure him. We both know where that road ends.
Cas: Black eyes and blood
Sam: Yes, go. Find him Cas. Keep him safe.

Sam and Cas are desperate to save Dean. Sam especially has tied his entire self-worth to his ability to save Dean. The Mark is pushing Dean to pile more guilt and grief onto Sam though, isolating Dean, crucifying Sam and destroying their brotherly bond:

Sam: I’m so sorry…

Dean: Shut up. You got her killed. You don’t get to apologize.

Sam: We were trying to help you.

Dean: I didn’t need help. I told you to leave it alone

Sam: What was I supposed to do? Just watch you die?

Dean: The Mark isn’t going to kill me. [It sounds to me like Dean is “bonding” with the Mark. They are becoming symbiotic]

Sam: Maybe not, but when it’s done with you, you won’t be you anymore. Dean, you’re all I got, so of course I was gonna fight for you because that’s what we do. Listen, we had a shot.

Dean: Yeah, you had a shot. Charlie’s dead. Nice shot.                                      

Sam: You think I’m ever going to forgive myself for that?

Dean: You want to know what I think? I think that should be you up there, not her. This thing with Cas and the book ends now. Shut it down before somebody else gets hurt. You understand me? [Two points: First, Dean sounds exactly like John barking out orders. Second, I believe the Mark feels threatened by the Book. That is why it’s pushing Dean so hard to stop everyone from pursuing the cure]

Sam: What about you?

Dean: Oh I’m going to find whoever did this and I’m going to rip apart everything and everyone that they ever loved. And then I’m gonna tear out their heart.

Sam: Is that you talking or the Mark?

Dean: Doesn’t matter.

During live tweets, several fans asked me if I thought it was Dean or the Mark that said those horrible things to Sam in the conversation by the pyre. I believe all of Dean’s references to the Mark provide the answer. Charlie’s death changed Dean’s “relationship” with the Mark. His righteous rage over losing her pushed him to use rather than fight the Mark’s strength. He welcomed the Mark’s power, calling on it to flow through him to “rip apart everything and everyone that they ever loved”. Twice he dispassionately referenced the immortality that before he shunned but now embraced, first in the conversation above, then in his warning to Monroe Styne:

Dean: The mark on my arm means that I can’t die. I’m not bargaining. You flatline me and I will come back but I’ll come back with black eyes and then you’ll all die.

A Styne: We let you go then, what? You’ll just mosey on down the road?

Dean: No but I will be human, so maybe a few of you live. Maybe.

s10e22 443

Dean may still be human, but his escalating actions proved that he is ruthless, if not totally uncaring, now. His massacre of the Styne family could possibly be justified as the job of a hunter, and was sympathetically viewed by the audience:

Cas: You killed them
Dean: I took down a monster because that’s what I do and I’ll continue to do that until...
Cas:…Until you become the monster

Dean’s murder of young Cyrus, though, showed a progression in his unforgiving disdain of “monsters”:

Cas: I think the mark is changing you
Dean: You’re wrong

Cas: Am I? ‘cause the Dean Winchester I know would never have murdered that kid
Dean: Yeah well that Dean’s always been kind of a dick

s10e22 589

Dean’s merciless attack on Castiel, though, proved the extent of Dean’s hardened soul:

Cas: When you finally turn, and you will turn, Sam, everyone you know, everyone you love - they could be long dead. Everyone except me. I’m the one who will have to watch you murder the world. So if there’s even a small chance that we can save you, I won’t let you walk out of this room…

They played “Americana” (the brothers’ theme) the whole time Dean was beating the living daylights out of Cas. When Dean grabbed the angel blade, I was sure he was going to kill Cas.

s10e22 590

Was Dean’s hand shaking when he was holding the blade over Cas’ prone, helpless body? I couldn’t tell for sure if that was Dean fighting the Mark, or just a sign of adrenaline fueled muscles. I choose to believe the former. The implication that Dean’s transformation was nearly complete, though, was very clear. Crowley’s words “killing you would be the easiest thing in the world” echoed in my mind through that entire scene of Dean taunting Castiel by stabbing the book next to his head.

Families and Monsters

s10e22 386   s10e22 593

The parallels between Crowley and Dean went beyond them standing victoriously over their “enemies”, deciding whether to take or spare their lives. These parallels were wonderfully written and worth a closer look:

Both Crowley and Dean were part monster, part human. Both had human blood pumping through their veins, but the monstrous side of them was tugging at them, pulling them toward its supernatural domination.
Both were obviously stronger than anyone else of their kind.
Both Crowley and Dean succumbed to the monster inside of them in this episode.

Crowley told Sam he was responsible for Crowley’s demon taking control again, thanking Sam for reminding him who he really was.  
The jaded implication in this episode was that Sam was also responsible for the Mark‘s new dominance over Dean since the Mark was able to get a stronger hold over Dean because of Dean’s need to avenge Charlie, and Dean blamed Sam for Charlie’s death.

Crowley let Sam live when he easily could have killed him.
Dean let Cas live when he easily could have killed him.

Both Crowley and Dean gave their families a chance to “walk away”.
First, Crowley said his mother should have taken the opportunity to walk away but that now she’ll “never see me coming”.
Then, as if for emphasis, Dean gave his “family” two chances to walk away. The first pass for Sam was when Dean walked away from Sam at Charlie’s funeral pyre, after Dean told Sam he thought Sam should be dead instead of Charlie. To Castiel, Dean first said, “You can go now Cas”, then after beating the tar out of Castiel, Dean’s final words were “You and Sam stay the hell away from me. Next time I won’t miss.”

Given the parallel events between Crowley and Dean,

-          Crowley’s death knell for Rowena foreshadows that Cas, or Sam, or both, won’t see Dean coming for them.

-          Sam’s gloating over Crowley at the fitting death for monsters plus Cas’ warning about Dean becoming a monster, warns of the doom that awaits Dean if they fail to save him:

At the end of it, you are a monster just like all the rest of them. And I’m going to watch you die, screaming, just like all the rest of them.

The audience is clearly being taunted that Dean will not be able to be saved, and will die a horrible, merciless death that awaits all monsters. This echoes Castiel and Sam’s visions of Dean’s life ending in “black eyes and blood”. So the stakes are high and the price of failure have been clearly described to us.

s10e22 324

To reiterate the probability of failure, Sam not only hasn’t yet been able to save Dean, Sam wasn’t able to overpower the supernatural forces within Crowley, implying that Sam won’t be able to kill or end Demon Dean either. Everything depends of Team Free Will figuring a way out of their latest apocalyptic threat. The question is whether they remember that they are stronger together than apart?

If we take Crowley as Dean’s alter ego one step further, substitute Dean’s voice into all of these lines that Crowley said to Sam:

Thought you were the smart one. Working with [Rowena]? You insane?

That’s what I get for trying to be the good guy… I thought if I did better, I might actually feel something again. That it might matter. [referring to Dean’s valiant attempts to convince himself he was good but being rewarded only with Charlie’s death]

Powerful magic. Might have worked on any other demon but me. Please. [referring to Rowena’s white light attack on Dean a few weeks ago]

You’re right. I am a monster and I’ve done bad. I’ve done things you can’t even imagine. Horrible, evil, messy things. And I’ve loved every damn minute. So thank you Sam for reminding me who I really am. [referring to Dean’s confession that he enjoyed the torture he doled out in Hell]
If all of those insights were Dean’s psyche as expressed by Crowley, the following climactic confrontation then also has implications for Dean’s relationship to Sam:

I could kill you. Snap my fingers. Easiest thing in the world. From here on, I want you to know that the only reason you’re alive is because I allowed it.

If Crowley’s last words to Sam are to be interpreted as Dean talking to Sam, is there any further evidence that Dean might go after Sam? “The Prisoner” wove an undeniable, empathetic parallel between Cyrus and Sam that deeply supports this path:

Like Sam, Cyrus was the youngest son in the family.
His older brother(s) were better soldiers.
Cyrus was planning to run away to escape his family’s “business”.
He was a nerd in school.
Bullies thought they could pick on him yet he could actually stand up for himself.
His dad put a blade in his hand and taught him how to use it while he was still young.

s10e22 478

He loved libraries and was excited by great books. He obviously hated desecrating the bunker, which didn’t go unnoticed:

Roscoe: This isn’t a damn library
Cyrus: Yeah it is.

s10e22 147

Beside all the similarities in their character traits, Sam and Cyrus’ parallel was reinforced by this conversation with his father during the devastating, bloody initiation to his birthright:  

Cyrus: I don’t want to…
Eldon: What? Be like us?

Cyrus: That’s not what I meant.
Monroe: Good because that… it’s your legacy. You will NOT turn your back on this family. Now you’ve always been soft Cyrus. You’re the baby. It’s natural. That ends now.

The references to legacy, “turning your back on this family”, being soft before but that ending now, and being the baby solidified Cyrus as Sam’s alter ego. Cyrus’ fate then set up a horrifying foreshadowing of what might await Sam. Dean’s final conversation with Cyrus, when Cyrus was pleading for his life, could easily have been words Dean would have (and has) said to Sam:

Cyrus: I’m not. See no stitches. I hate my family. I’m not like them.
Dean: Oh you are like them. There’s bad in you. It’s in your blood. Now you can deny it, you can run from it all you want, but that bad will always win

Cyrus: I’ll do anything you want. You don’t need to do this. Please.
Dean: Yeah, I do.
Dean’s responses to Cyrus may have revealed Dean’s current, tainted, thoughts about his brother. Cain’s words “I prefer to be thorough” justifying his lineage’s genocide echoed throughout Dean’s final decision to end the life of the reluctant kid whose only crime was being born into the wrong family and having "tainted blood".  

So all the clues imply that Sam is going to be threatened if not killed by Dean. Is the Mark turning Dean against Sam? Did this sentence hold a double meaning since Sam has always hated the blood that flowed in his veins? Are we looking at Dean’s deliberation on the value of his own brother’s life?

s10e22 373

As an aside, Crowley was unaffected by a devils trap bullet. It didn’t diminish his powers and he pulled it out of his body like it was a gnat that had landed on him. Not even a Knight of Hell could do that. So Crowley is more powerful than a knight? With the red eyes and the red smoke, if he hadn’t tried to kill Lucifer (and Lucifer wasn’t locked in a cage), I would be laying bets that he is Lucifer, but that’s another discussion!

Heaven and Castiel

“The Prisoner” posed a huge question about Castiel: Why isn’t he using his angel powers?  Why didn’t he heal and revive Cyrus? Why wasn’t Castiel able to subdue Dean with the arm lock from behind, in the same way he was able to subdue DemonDean in “Soul Survivor”? Why didn’t Castiel defend himself by blowing Dean across the room with a wave of his hand?

s10e22 575

I believe that Castiel chose not to use his powers against Dean in their fight because Castiel said himself that he didn’t want to hurt Dean.  That doesn’t explain his other displays of weakness or ineffectiveness, though. Rowena’s taunts of Castiel in the warehouse may hold the answer:

Rowena: “An angel that rejected heaven”...
Cas: “I’m a lot like people”

Castiel has not recharged his powers in Heaven for a long time plus he was also infused with only a small remnant of his powers since Metatron had used part or most of them in the spell to exile angels and close the gates of heaven. It is possible that subtly we are being told that Castiel can’t save himself or others anymore. His powers may be very limited and may be diminished further each time he uses them. Castiel’s supernatural abilities seem to be declining at the exact time that Dean’s are increasing. Castiel may not be the “savior” he once was.

s10e22 596


As we go into the finale, the messages of some of the season-long threads have been clear. The progression of the Mark of Cain has been steady. With very few exceptions, we have repeatedly seen that the supernatural destroys families despite the best intentions and their valiant efforts to do the right thing. Both of these threads spell doom for the Winchester brothers. The thread of suicide has also been undeniable. The question that plagues this last week of the season, though, is who will “sacrifice” themselves for the good of others. Castiel is weaker now and his lament about being alive through eternity to see Dean’s destruction was a very troubling admission of dread and omen of irony. He is “a lot like people” now, too, and has been tying up all his earthly loose ends in an attempt to redeem his wrongs. Could these all be leading to his death?

There have also been clues that Sam is feeling helpless and filled with guilt and remorse:

Cas: What happened [to Charlie]?
Sam: me.

In last season’s opening episode (“I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”), Sam asked Death, “If I go with you... can you promise that this time it will be final? That if I'm dead, I stay dead. Nobody can reverse it, nobody can deal it away... and nobody else can get hurt because of me”. With Sam blaming himself for Charlie’s death, he has to again be wishing for death to release him from his perceived failures and path of destruction. Cryus’ death and Cain’s prediction that Dean would kill Sam also lend credence to an argument that Sam won’t survive a final confrontation with Dean. We have speculated that the boys would break the curse through love or self-sacrifice, though.  That would imply that both Sam and Dean are being set up for an ultimate deal or self-sacrifice. The truth is that I have no idea where this final thread will lead us. My gut feeling and personal expectation is that we are going to lose two out of the three members of Team Free Will, but that could be my own apprehension about expecting the worst. I am a nervous wreck about next week.


Who ultimately was the prisoner that is referenced in the title? The emotional vice this show put on its fans suggests that we are ultimately the prisoners of this show, dreading it yet unable to escape it’s grasp. I await the finale with equal parts of excitement and foreboding. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I know it will be intense. Then we’ll have to wait 5 months to be released from our torment. We return again and again, hoping to hear words of love and healing between the brothers, but knowing it has to get worse before it can get better.
Dean: Magic like that does not come free. It comes with a price that you pay in blood

Supernatural is magic to all of us, but it definitely comes with a price. We’ll see next week how steep that price on us will be.

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# njspnfan 2015-05-15 19:40
This was a tense but unpleasant episode. The entire second half of this season has been unpleasant, similar to the latter half of Season 7; bleak, depressing, an absence of hope.

The devil's trap bullet did work on Crowley but he, like Abaddon, was able to dig it out. Sam should have emptied the whole clip in him; why didn't Sam bring an angel blade? That would have probably finished Crowley off. But, if they're gonna keep Crowley around, better to have evil Crowley and not emo Crowley.

Sam truly is in a no win scenario and is failing miserably in his attempts to save Dean. He's come a long way since he hit that f'ing dog. The only thing that hasn't been mentioned is the fact that if Sam and Castiel can't save Dean, they have to find a way to stop him; he's a danger to everyone now. If I were Sam, death might be a welcome option at this point.

If Rowena has read the Book of the Damned, she would know all of the spells in the book. I see a double cross coming, with possibly Crowley and/or Castiel dying. And that will all be on Sam.

I think the real prisoners were Crowley and Dean, prisoners of their remaining humanity, but they're both free of that now.

With the Book of the Damned, I was thinking that maybe the MoC viewed it as a threat but a few other characters on the show have mentioned the side effects and repercussions of using one of these spells. So I do think Dean is right in his assessment of the book.

Indications are that the MoC carries over to next season; honestly don't know how they can fix the brother's relationship at this point. Tough to bounce back from one brother wishing the other one dead, no matter what influence they were under.

This is kind of out there are far as theories go but was thinking about something Sam said last season in 9.12 Sharp Teeth, Sam said "You say that like it’s some sort of cure-all, like it can change the fact that everything that has ever gone wrong between us has been because we’re family." What if Sam and Dean weren't family anymore? How does that affect the natural order and the Mark of Cain?
# YellowEyedSam 2015-05-15 20:01
The summer Hiatus is 5 months?! I... I've never had to endure such a long hiatus.. Don't think I can cope! :D (my thoughts on your review coming soon!)
# spnlit 2015-05-18 10:00
Hi Nightsky. I am not sure I can take any more of the Sam and Dean story as written. Except for brief moments (Fan Fiction) we have not seen the Sam and Dean of Seasons 1-8 for two years and now it seems as if it will continue on for a third year. I MISS Sam and Dean! I hated all the fighting and discord between brothers in Season 9. I was devastated when Dean became a demon. I waited all season for Sam to cure Dean and both brothers be redeemed. I thought we would come out of this season with all characters having some positive self awareness of who they are. Now we have both brothers at the lowest point of destruction and it is two years in the making! I do not want to watch this bleak no hope, no relief storyline continue for yet a third year. The MOC certainly does have a price; we get it.... total destruction of love, family friends, life, legacy. I wish Carver would take a hint from Kripke about storytelling... . wrap it up and start fresh. The prisoners are Sam in his despair; Dean in his evil descent and the fans who have to watch this for 2, going on 3 seasons.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-18 21:31
I could not agree more with your post. I'm still reeling from Dean telling Sam that he wished it was Sam on the pyre. Other than when Dean was a demon, that is the harshest thing either brother has ever said to the other. Carver said he was going to break down the brothers' relationship so they could build a more mature one, but I never thought he would spend 2 whole seasons breaking it down. If this horrendous storyline continues very far into season 11, I don't know if I can take it. Carver seems to have lost sight of the fact that most fans watch the show for the brothers' relationship. As Gamble so eloquently put it, it's the "epic love story of Sam and Dean." Give us back the brothers Carver!!!!!!
# E 2015-05-18 20:49
I was also desperately afraid of what Dean would do throughout the entire episode.
I wish I could say the same. I haven't felt any fear of Dean or dread for what he might do since the whole Mark of Cain story began. TPTB have made it perfectly clear that they are unwilling to stretch Dean as a character in any compelling or meaningful or controversial way. They keep telling us that Dean is a danger to himself and others but they do not show it. They've put "plants" or dispensable characters into he story for the express purpose of giving Dean something to kill without any true repercussions; Mary Ann's abusive boyfriend, Lester the douchebag husband, Randy the child pimp and his associates of murderers, drug dealers and rapists and finally the Stynes, an improbably massive syndicate of reprehensibly evil 'scientists' who experiment on humans for their own nefarious gains. The one even remotely questionable kill that Dean committed in shooting baby Cyrus Styne was carefully manufactured to create a kind of sympathy for him yet still leaves Dean completely unstained. He was a Styne, and his death is already being hand waved away. I've seen not one person mention their shock or unhappiness that he was killed, not one. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that they would never and I mean N.E.V.E.R have Dean kill Cas so I could not muster even one iota of fear for the scene because I knew that nothing would come of it, and I was right. This is part and parcel of the problems that have existed with this entire story line. No one is willing to go where the story demands that it go. The MoC has become a tool by which they can wind Dean up and turn him off inexplicably and yet still maintain his mantle of unsullied hero. It's an utter failure of a story line IMO and does Jensen's talents as an actor a complete disservice. He's far, far better than the material he's being given. I found Dean nearly unwatchable in this last episode; horribly one dimensional, stone faced, cold and he grated on my very last nerve. I've noticed that Dean seems to be back to his normal and completely rational self in a part of the finale next week. So the fact that Dean was finally succumbing to the mark (as we've been told time and time again by the other characters) is still not entirely true. The plot demands that Dean be rational, so he's back to being rational despite the fact that it makes no sense in the narrative. I had dearly and fervently hoped that this whole story line would be put to bed this finale, but it appears that's not the case. I am so over this whole thing. Time to pack it in and move on.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-18 21:37
Agreed. But even if TPTB had been willing to "go there" with the MOC, there simply is not enough TO that story to warrant spending this much time on it. It's been the sole story for a year and a half, and they're going to milk it even longer. How can they not see that it's been very boring for the most part? I cannot fathom how they can "accordion" this into next year.
# E 2015-05-18 22:15
Agreed! 35 episodes!!! Geez. And I agree that the entire idea of the MoC does not contain enough depth to warrant this kind of attention or duration. In theory it was a good idea; as a concept the MoC story contained a lot of promise. But they gave Dean the mark, alluded to the dangers it presented and then basically didn't expand on that at all. The entire premise seemed to be (at least at the start) to turn Dean into a demon. Yeah? Great. Now what? No one seemed to think beyond getting Dean to his demon state, and I think TPTB quickly realized that it wasn't much of a story in that; Dean's a demon so now what? So they turned him back into a human pretty quick so he could participate in the show in the way he always has. I don't think anyone stopped to think what the end result of the MoC was going to be. What are they working towards? What is the ultimate goal of Dean having the mark? In season 4, the demon blood and addiction stories coupled with the addition of Cas and Dean's Michael Sword story were parts of a whole, inexorably building to the final conclusion of letting Lucifer out of his cage and jump starting the apocalypse. Season 5 was the long dig out of that situation and the saving of the world . And even though Sam is suddenly getting the lions share of the blame and none of the credit for that save, it took Sam, Dean AND Cas all participating in those plot line to get it to come together. Each episode was a building block to a logical conclusion that was clearly planned out from the beginning (kudos Mr. Kripke!). And even though the fans didn't always know what that end result was going to be, it was clear that the story was progressing toward a conclusion, that it was going somewhere. Where is the MoC story going? What is it for? Why did Dean end up with it? With Demon Dean it was like the TPB decided to "make Dean a demon!" cause, you know, that would be cool and stuff, then had no idea what to do with him when they got him there. Dean being a demon hasn't led to anything (they keep telling us he'll kill the world, but that seems incredibly unlikely). Basically there is no point to the whole thing. Dean has learned nothing from this (although there's still time, so maybe....? Yeah, not holding my breath on that one).

You know, it's kind of ironic. I've been waiting for them to take Dean "there" ever since he got the Mark. The waiting for him to do SOMETHING has been endless. And now that he's showing signs of being "there" where ever "there" is.... I am not enjoying it at all. Maybe because I still don't believe that Dean is actually THERE. He's not lost himself completely. He's not a danger to anyone who's not guilty of something and don't deserve to be killed, so there's no urgency. The other characters can try and create urgency but since I am not seeing it, it appears that everyone else is over reacting. I will say that MoC Dean is incredibly unpleasant, caustic and one dimensional. Demon Dean, what little we got of him was way more fun.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-18 22:23
You know, in terms of what their plan was, Singer made it pretty clear at Jibcon that they don't really plan ahead. It sounds like when they wrote the finale, they didn't even consider where the story goes from there--very disheartening and worrying.
# SanSummer1 2015-05-18 22:36
Do you have any quotes from him? "There's no fool like an old fool."
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-19 15:49
Here is the link to the tweets about Singer's panel with Misha at JibCon.

I found it to be very disconcerting.

I got it from the Supernaturalwik i website.
# spnlit 2015-05-19 19:24
WOW! The lack of planning and just allowing the writers to pitch their stories is how SNL operates. This certainly explains season 9-10; no progression, continuity, and the need to "accordion" the MOC story.
# E 2015-05-19 20:54
AND we get to see MORE of Charlie!! Yay!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(: (:(:(:(:(:(:(:( :(:( humph. Ghost Charlie here we come.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-19 21:19
Yeah, when I read the very definite way he said that I thought, oh crap. We will be treated to the very smartest, bestest ghost ever! If they haven't even planned out the start of next season, how can they possibly already know how they will bring her back? I bet they've started trying to figure out a storyline for ghost Charlie before even planning a story arc for Sam. Yeah, I'm that cynical.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-05-19 21:16
The thing that baffles me is why Singer now thinks this an acceptable MO for SPN. After all, he's the only one who was here from the start, and as E points out, he's very familiar with how Kripke and Gamble ran things. Does he really see no difference between the quality of the show now, and the quality of the first 6-7 seasons?
# E 2015-05-19 00:59
And this from the guy who was THERE during the Kripke years and saw how important planning was to the show's success. How lame.