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Okay, okay – week two here we come and it’s all about dark, dark payoff with a grin before the final blow is delivered. This episode takes each of the characters deeper into the mind frame that was established last week: why Cole wants Dean, exactly how twisted Dean is, Crowley’s wacky leadership and brotherhood fantasies etc. and it is fabulous. The real hat-tip has to go to Jensen though, because this Dean was balls-to-the wall crazy on a whole new dimension.

Cole: Vengeance is Thine

Reichenbach 1

Cole is an interesting character – he is one of those types the boys might have come across in the early days while investigating a MOTW and acting undercover. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural (yet), is a black-and-white justice kind of guy and in another world, he and Dean probably would have gotten along dandy. This time around we learn Cole has been operating under the impression that Dean slaughtered his father twelve years ago and Cole witnessed the immediate aftermath as a boy.

Reichenbach 2

Two things: (1) kudos to the tech people for the clip of younger Dean walking out in Cole’s flashback (2) I’m really damn curious to know what actually took place in that house. Cole didn’t actually see Dean have anything to do with his father – he simply saw his father’s dead body and Dean with a knife come towards them afterwards. Most likely John and Dean were on a hunt and something else killed Cole’s father. The question is how did they not straighten it out with the boy afterwards? I digress.

Cole’s buddy option doesn’t work with Sam, and then he thinks Sam is nuts when Sam tries to convince him there are monsters in the world. Ultimately, Cole is able to follow Sam to Dean and confront the man head on – but as many things with Dean so far, it doesn’t go as Cole anticipated. What would your reaction be if a person’s eyes turned solid black in front of you? Poor Cole – he really did walk into this situation completely uninformed and wholly blind. Luckily he made it out with his life and he’s starting where every hunter must first begin: research!

Castiel and Hannah: Road Trouble

The angel storyline is stalling out just a bit – but then, there wasn’t much to it this week either. Two key things to address: Cas’ grace is ever more concerning to the point where they crashed the car while enroute to Sam and possible (?) romance undertones between Hannah and Cas? Or one-sided implications of them perhaps?

Reichenbach 4

These intertwined well enough to address them together: let’s hope that the fading grace isn’t running throughout the season, because watching a sickly Cas just isn’t the same. True enough angel power was a tad overly convenient, however it isn’t without purposes now that we’ve got it. As to the romance – I personally like Cas better as a neutral character. In fact, the show  appeals better with all the mains that way. Addressing Hannah specifically – since her character and Cas don’t spark much for me, I’m not rooting for a hook up on the horizon.

Finally, the big drama of the angel plot: Metatron. Was anyone else holding their breath on this one? For a minute I worried we might follow Hannah down the rabbit hole and let him out in an ill-fated bargain of doom. Thank goodness that did not happen. Nice as it is to re-visit old characters, can’t say the same for been-there, done-that plots. Castiel and Metatron had several interesting words to exchange: Castiel’s grace is still out there, somewhere; Castiel is prepared to die; when (not if) Metatron finally gets out – everyone dies. Exceptional acting here, lots of passion and an attempt at nonchalance between both parties. As much as I didn’t want Metatron out – Castiel at full power was a great idea. Perhaps we can find that grace and move on to bigger, better missions for our fallen angel?

Crowley: One is the Loneliest Number

Reichenbach 8

Truly delightful with every breath he takes onscreen, Crowley never disappoints. Crowley is a businessman first and foremost and it became readily apparent that out-of-control Dean was neither good for the business of soul-selling (his penchant for killing the clients) nor for keeping the other minions inline. Thus, Crowley is left with but one option: Moose.

Crowley looks positively depressed at the end, looking at the picture of him and Dean in cowboy hats on his phone. He’s lost his BFF for the greater good. One does have to wonder what he really intends to do with the blade though. Crowley wanted it for a reason and it seems doubtful that he really wants to dispose of it like he promised Sam.

Sam: Determined Little Brother

Reichenbach 3

This was a great Sam episode: it showed the extent of his devotion to Dean and how far he’s willing to go. When we first meet up with Sam again, he’s tied up with Cole in the barn and trying to convince the man that Dean’s not himself right now and vampires are real. Sam doesn’t waste energy trying to convince Cole that Dean couldn’t have killed the guys father or maybe Cole doesn’t know what he saw, etc. As we know – there are a million possibilities for what took place. Sam withstands torture at Cole’s hands and manages to escape (or is let escape).

Reichenback 13

Sam and Dean have been through a lot together, various possessions included. Sam exercises some admirable self-control during his exchange with Dean – he actually keeps it short and to the point as much as possible while Dean is mocking and having a jolly good time at Sam’s expense. It isn’t until they are in the car later when it seems to dawn on Sam the full and true depth of darkness that has his brother. The expression on Sam’s face reads such levels of concern: how to cure Dean from this; this can’t all be just bravado; what do I do by myself?

Cas is not at full power and Sam is running low on resources in terms of helpful friends to turn to these days. Poor guy. Corn flakes and lack of sleep are going to catch up.

Dean: Judge Dredd

Reichenbach 7

Dead was bad ass in this episode and in a deep, dark way beyond anything we saw last week. This might be what the end of last week hinted at with the expression on Dean’s face, but only just. It’s not even a question of Dean’s temper snapping so much as it is whether it would amuse him to beat you up (and it probably would). If you especially bug him though – watch out.

This is what Crowley and his idiot client discovered, the hard way. Men can cheat because they’re biologically programmed to spread their seed but women should be killed for doing it? I have to get with Dean – the guy’s a loser. I can’t help it, I like this Dean. He’s uncensored, unrestricted and kind of has a system of justice (in his own, twisted way I guess). For a bit I thought the wife had made a backdoor deal with Crowley to get the husband dead. Nope – just fun for Dean and no control for Crowley.

The headspace moment of Dean cutting his hand and considering what Crowley said about him being human or demon was curious. He wasn’t struggling, per se, just considering both sides. Dean seems to like the demonic edges he’s acquired – but then an addict likes the high, which is the point right? Will we see Dean locked away for a few weeks and jonesing for a kill, less jovial and more vicious?

Reichenbach 9

The fight scene between Cole and Dean was perfect. In a way it was like two halves of Dean – similar to "Dream a Little Dream of Me"Cole is the angry, controlled military-esque guy (i.e. early version Dean) and of course we have demon Dean, who is loose, rolls with it and enjoying himself – so he does much better. That’s the difference of course in this outcome – demon Dean wins. According to Dean it’s because it’s the worst thing he could do to Cole: leave him alive. However, he also left the bouncer alive at the stripper bar, and he had to be persuaded by Crowley to go on a kill mission in the first place and even then, the only person he killed was the guy who sold his soul to kill his wife and in doing so, meant that the wife didn’t get killed. Maybe Dean isn’t quite as cold-blooded as he’s presenting himself to be.

Final Thoughts

I loved this episode. We had a great representation of our main boys: where they’re heads are at, where the stories are going from this point and lots of teasers to keep us thinking until next week. The acting, as always, was wonderful, and TAW is bringing another great flavour to the mix as well. Dean is so, so difficult to get a read on. He’s dark and dirty, no question. We can tell that just by the state of the car and his comments thereabouts (*sob*) but some old Dean part of him is still present enough to control the kills. Then again, maybe not – maybe it is just crueler to keep them living in Dean’s mind. Finally, I know I said it last week, but it’s worth saying again: I’m enjoying the smoother, simpler storyline so far of the season.

Your thoughts?


# novi 2014-10-18 11:19
1)I like this idea of yours, Elle, that maybe it wasn't Dean who killed Cole's father. Most people seem to think (me included) that Cole's dad was a monster and had to be killed, but your version is more inventive.
2) Sam can cuff Dean single-handed, how?
3) i thought Dean even in his demonic form wouldn't stoop to gloating, now I withdraw - Dean is the King of malicious irony and spiteful sarcasm. Poor Sam! And judging from the sneak peek of ep 3, it's gonna get way darker. Poor, poor Sam.
4) Crowley a businessman? Look at his deeply bored expression while his assistant is trying to fill him with some biz info. If Crowley is one thing he is an adventurer, a lot of a gambler, a conman, a trickster in him. Hmm, Trickster?
4) Cas has won the title of Mr Nice this week. He really deserves to be called "our angel". Bit I'm afraid that a bigger mission may be taking him away from the Winchesters. Isn't his true place on the backseat of the Impala?
# debbab 2014-10-20 11:26
Sam splashed Dean with holy water just before he got the cuffs on him. How many times have one of them used HW when they came back from the dead/ This time it was needed and gave Sam the moment to cuff Dean.