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Near, far, wherever you are, and I know that the heart does go on...

GAH!!!  Make it stop!!!  This alternate reality stuff is kil- wait, that’s current reality!  Noooo!!!  Why cruel world, why????
Aside from the fact that I was positively ecstatic over the idea of a world without Celine Dion, “My Heart Will Go On” is a light and somewhat fun warm up to the big stuff that’s coming (or that we hope is coming).  Fun as in toying with our emotions over things that could be.  Restoring our hope that there is a better world out there, just that Sam, Dean and Bobby don’t live in it.  It’s also very nice to know I’m not the only one that thinks Celine Dion sucks.  
This after all isn’t our first brush with Titanic references (See "Heaven and Hell" and the inside joke.), but at least this time I got to see an almighty angel take action on what has always been my wildest fantasy, a world without that awful song and movie.  I’m shocked that only a few dominoes fell over the existence of 50,000 new souls because the Titanic didn’t sink.  I was expecting a Mad Max type world, not just Detroit and Cuba becoming sought after tourist destinations. 

Let’s face it, “My Heart Will Go On” is rather thin on plot, proof coming from the long, drawn out death scenarios that happen all because Fate is having a bad day at work.  A moved drink, some dropped car keys, a well timed bus, a lighter working at just the right (or wrong) moment and after a while the sluggish pace had you wondering, what’s wrong with just the common heart attack or shooting?  They’re quicker.  Ditto for the amount of time devoted to Dean asking lame genealogy questions.  Okay, the brilliant montage to what is essentially Fate’s theme song, Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” while Sam and Dean nervously stroll through the main part of town is a great payoff to our patience, but we had to wait a long time to get there (the reflection of them in the falling air conditioner is inspired, as is the juggling knifes and flaming torches).  When you’re wishing a chunk of the episode away, pacing is obviously a problem. 

Other than an intriguing lesson on what happens when angels tear up the rule book (more on that soon), if you watch carefully this episode becomes a neat little “Where’s Waldo?” game, aka, find the signs that this is an alternate reality:
  • Dean wins at Rock/Paper/Scissors
  • They’re driving a Mustang (and looking VERY damn good in it!) and Impalas don’t exist.  
  • Ellen and Jo are alive and Ellen is married to Bobby.
  • The posters on the travel agency wall.  Detroit is a tourist attraction!  Voted America’s Top City.  I love it!  Being born and raised in the area, that’s just plain hilarious.  That’s likely a shout out to director Phil Sgriccia, who’s from Michigan.  Cuba is also America’s #1 holiday destination.  I must find out what the boat had to do with those.
  • The Titanic was saved from sinking by it’s First Mate, Mr. I.P. Freely (that is a shout out to The Simpsons for anyone that knows Bart’s crank call aliases).    
  • That motel room was looking much nicer than the ones they normally stay in. 
  • Celine Dion is a destitute lounge singer in Quebec and let’s keep it that way, please?  (Plus she sucks).  
  • Dean’s lighter won’t work.
  • They were taken by Castiel to White Russia.  That is the literal meaning of Belarus.   Am I to assume Castiel took them there because Fate didn’t know the country’s alternate name?   
There are some major pluses to this episode.  Sam and Dean are working together in perfect harmony, alternate reality and all.  Sure it’s been going on for a few episodes now, but it’s still really refreshing.  Nah, it’s way more than that.  It’s me fighting back that internal burst of pure unadulterated joy with nothing but a huge smile and a couple of tears when I truly want to be doing cartwheels.  When the only disagreements they have is over who’s librarian wears clothes, fan girl gets happy.  
Oh, but there’s bittersweet in this story, naturally.  There is the idyllic pairing of Bobby and Ellen.  I’m not sure what scenario could have happened that would have prevented Ellen and Jo from dying in the explosion, but maybe I’ll put some research and thought into it over the summer.  The fact is it happened and it’s so wonderful to see Ellen an integral part of that family fold.  She’s not only Bobby’s devoted and supportive wife, she becomes the mother that Sam and Dean never had, even telling them how much she worries over “you boys.”  (Sniff!)  It’s a setup that’s a huge delight for a fan to watch and we held on to the desperate desire throughout the episode for whatever domino that fell in tragedy to be propped up and spared.  We knew better though and the end is another awful reminder of just how cruel Fate really is.  

Poor Sam and Dean, at least Bobby in the end would stay in the dark.  I couldn’t avoid losing it when Dean put the blanket over a sleeping Bobby while Sam watched wistfully.  That deep devotion to one another is a sentiment that comes with this show almost weekly but we haven’t seen it delivered in quite this way.  It’s tender, caring, and just plain sweet.  The losses are plenty and the scars are deep, which makes their bond all that more vital.  Little did Sam and Dean know that Bobby could have stayed happy if Fate had killed them.  They would have easily made that choice if they knew.  We know from the way they couldn’t tell Bobby about the alternate reality.  
The consolation is that the 50,000 souls weren’t killed but were never born, which is better than dying bloody.  That makes very little consolation to Bobby and Ellen though, and even Sam and Dean.  Once again, the greater good bites them personally in the rear.  

Celine Dion sucks.  I’m sorry, did I blurt that out loud?  (I’m challenging myself to see how many times I can slip that in a review without being overly redundant.)   
Ultimately, this is another story of the angels completely messing with humanity.  This time, it’s Castiel doing the messing!  The big theme this season seems to be trust no one.  I wasn’t stunned that Castiel gave the order to sink the Titanic, but I was disappointed.  I get it, Castiel has been hiding things and he’s desperate.  I wonder though, with this whole Titanic scheme, what exactly was it’s purpose and what role do Sam and Dean play in it?  Did he honestly re-sink the boat just to save Sam and Dean, or is there more to the story than that?  Why does he want all those souls?  I do wonder if Fate tugged on his conscience too hard and that’s why he changed his mind.  His motives are murky, that’s for sure.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Fate’s ultimatum.  Fate will kill Sam and Dean on pure principle.  50,000 souls are a lot, so are Sam and Dean worth the exchange?  What is so important to Castiel that they must stay alive?  Did he do it out of loyalty and friendship, or do they play a more vital role than that?  I’m certain we’ll find out, but we weren’t learning all we should about Castiel.  I do believe he cares about Sam and Dean greatly, but enough to jeopardize the balance of Civil War in Heaven?  I’m not convinced, even if that’s what he told them.  He needed them to remember all this for a very important reason.   
What bothered me the most though is Fate seems to be nothing more than a disgruntled employee who didn’t make the recent round of layoffs.  It was hard for me to sympathize with her in this era of corporate downsizing and obsolescence on a whim.  I guess she hadn’t been unemployed in a few thousand years though, so I see the bitterness.  Was Fate out for payback or was she really taking the role of the moral corporate whistle blower against her bosses?  Probably both but she definitely holding onto sour grapes.  I get that Castiel is having some management issues but geez.  Corporate displacement is the natural order sister!  When the new boss tells you the new plan, freedom is more preferable, calling it chaos and demanding to know what happens next isn’t going to save your job.  I guess though in corporate line of work, defiance of that sort isn’t going to get you killed either.  She and Balthazar should really hook up for a wild weekend.  That’ll remove the stick!

The Minor Stuff  
Dean called Bobby “Grumpy.”  Wasn’t that Pamela’s nickname for Sam?

Did I mention how much I loved the Mustang? (it's no secret I'm a Mustang girl)  That was indeed a 1967 Mustang Fastback.  No, it's not a suitable Impala replacement, but my heart skipped several beats seeing the boys in one.  So much pretty!

“Accidents don’t happen accidentally.” 
Sam:  “So you saved a cruise liner because?”
Balthazar:  “Because that godawful Celine Dion song made me want to smite myself.”
Sam:  “Who’s Celine Dion?”
Balthazar:  “Oh she’s a destitute lounge singer somewhere in Quebec and let’s keep it that way, please.”  (Celine Dion sucks.)  
“Let’s agree I did a good thing.  One less Billy Zane movie and I save two of your closest friends.” 

“I’m sorry.  You’ve got me confused with the other angel.  The one with the dirty trench coat that’s in love with you.”
“Too soon?”  “Yeah Dean, I’m pretty sure six seconds is too soon.” 

Dean:  Did Balthazar really unravel a sweater over a chick flick?
Castiel:  Yes, absolutely, that’s what he did.”
Dean:  Wow, it might be time to take away his cable privileges.  Besides, Titanic didn’t suck that bad.
(Incredulous look from Sam)
Dean:  Winslet’s rack.  

Overall grade is a B-.  It wasn’t a wasted hour of my life, so that’s something.  However, when you’re getting this far into a season that’s had a few wasted hours, something light with little plot advancement isn’t something you’re hoping for either.  That all could change next week.  From all I’ve heard about the Western episode “Frontierland,” we’re in for one for the ages.  That makes a world with Celine Dion a much better place, don’t you think?  


# Ebony 2011-04-19 00:34
What an awesome, fair and balanced review of "My Heart Will Go On." Your take on Fate and her actions is very interesting. As for Castiel, to hold him and his behavior in suspicion and be even slightly mistrustful of him, it is an interesting turn to take. And it makes me even more interested in what is going with him and his Civil War. I'm slighly more interested in that than the Mother of All storyline, but maybe that is because the Mother of All isn't quite flesh out yet. She doesn't feel like a big baddie, looming large, at least not yet. As we sprint towards the end, I'm sure that storyline will pick up speed.
# Alice 2011-04-19 00:58
Thanks! I'm certainly more interested in Castiel anytime than any foe, like Mother of All. What bothers me is we're up to Episode 17 and we know so little about Castiel's Civil War. He's been so underutilized this season and it's been a shame. Having said that, he's up to something. I think we'll learn more in Episode 20, so that'll be good!

Thanks for your comments!
# sofia 2011-04-19 09:01
That's something I've been thinking about too. Why introduce the Mother of All so late in the season and then not really do anything to develop her character? Is it possible that they are banking on a Season 7 and planning to have her be the big bad next year? The role she's played so far in this season has been so minimal that I'd rather they hadn't introduced her at all. Who knows, maybe I'll be eating my words by the season finale.

Great review as usual Alice! I think I am the only person on the planet who remembers liking My Heart Will Go On (the song). Then again, I was 14 at the time that Titanic was big and Leonardo Dicaprio was dreamy!
# Jasminka 2011-04-19 01:38
Alice, I loved this review! Thanks a lot for it!
Celine Dion indeed sucks. I hate the way the overdoes potentially good songs. But - I liked the film Titanic (here, said it out loud... :lol: )

I liked this episode, there were wonderful moments to laugh, and I loved the Titanic references (did you see the "White Star Motel" sign in their motel room? The White Star line was the owner of Titanic. Since I read a lot about that ship (and, well, the human hubris that killed it), noticing this was simply joy...

Our show is back again. I'm a bit wary - will Cas be the baddie in the following episodes? Where will we go from here? No matter what - our hearts (meaning: our guys ;-) ) will go on.

Love, Jas
# maggie 2011-04-19 03:28
DEAN: You need new friends Cass
CASS: I'm trying to save the ones I have, Dean!!
Oww Casss......

I liked the movie "Titanic", you know? I only have cried watching 4 or 5 movies in my life, and Titanic was one of them. (well, I was 16 when I watched it).
There are some parts that I liked in the episode but definitely not one of my favorite episodes. They usually put a not good episode right after the hiatus, isn't? Or maybe I didn't liked it because I knew a lot of spoilers. It's funny because at the same time I felt the episode was shorter than others.

Liked a lot that Ellen was back, and the ability of Dean wining Rock paper scisors
cause the ship didn't sink,and the song "My heart will go on" when Dean woke up in the Impala lol

Thanks for the review Alice,,

Oh! and I think I'm not going to use scarfs :P anymore
# Julie 2011-04-19 04:44
As always a great review Alice.
`Celine Dion Sucks!`
I really enjoyed this episode, I think it was a nostalgia thing, in parts it reminded me so much of early Winchester boys instead of the men with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I loved the little moments, the RPS game, the nerd and librarian comments, and it might have been too soon but the bus thing made me laugh too, I melted when Dean tucked Bobby in at the end, such a simple thing, but demonstrating the heart of this show and exactly why we all love it so much.
I am becoming increasingly fond of Balthazar, his comment about the angel in the dirty raincoat was wonderful, I love his sense of humour.
I admit to being very worried about Cas. I did not like him lying and have an awful feeling that this was just the beginning. I don`t want to contemplate that he might be turned into `the baddie`, to quote Jas. I am getting increasingly worried about what is going to be revealed in `The man who would be king`. The Winchesters have so few friends and allies they can rely on, and to see them lose Cas!!! NO :sad:
There was of course a part of this one that did traumatise me, in fact I had a worried e mail from a friend after it, checking that I was ok and had not combusted. They included that abomination! In our show!! :eek: Thank God Dean woke up when he did and switched the radio off. Did I mention I cannot stand Celine Dion - never sing one note when 27 will do! I have never seen or had any desire to see movie but I once caught the last 5 minutes when I turned over the Tv to watch the following programme, I got the gist from that - the boat sank right ? Just think of all the time and effort I saved.
Thanks again for this Alice and Celine Dion sucks! Could we maybe get Tshirts with this on? Ju
# Jas 2011-04-19 06:15
And here's she's printing T-Shirts again... ;-)
Where is Randal when you need him?!
# Julie 2011-04-19 06:44
This could be a cottage industry and Randal would definitely wear one 8)
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2011-04-19 05:14
Excellent review, Alice. I think you liked/disliked the main things about it I did. The song aside (and thankfully it only got about 2 seconds of airtime before Dean killed it dead. They’ll probably need to exorcise the Impala now after the song sullied it so...), there just seemed to be a distinct lack of urgency in this episode. Maybe it was the SPN deprivation I was going through but after 6 weeks I was hoping for something a little meatier. Ah well. That’s not to say it was a bad episode btw, ‘cos it wasn’t.

It is an interesting question as to why Castiel choose Sam and Dean over the 50,000 souls (and thereupon another question arises). Was it friendship (and Castiels ‘I’m trying to save the ones I have’ made me go awwwww) that led to the Titanic being resunk or are the boys souls more valuable? If so, how are they deemed more valuable? I think I said over on Robins Rambles that I felt Sam’s soul would hold considerable bargaining power based on how many people wanted it (Lucifer, Crowley, Balthazar etc). I imagine Dean’s soul would be the same. Don’t forget, Raphael and his band of Merry Men want the Apocalypse to be restarted. For that I assume they’ll need vessels... Either way, I can’t see Sam and Deans souls being treated like any old yahoos.

Yeah, the civil war story is the one I want to see. It’s been hinted at since episode 3 so the appetite has been well whetted for it. I’m not too pushed on the whole ‘Mother of All’ thing. As far as I’m concerned, Sam and Dean have already faced down Heaven and Hell and averted the Apocalypse so dealing with a few hopped up monsters should be no biggie for them. (I’ve great faith in the boys abilities!) They really need to just bust a cap in Eve’s ass and get on with sorting out Heaven.

I do like this Castiel. I like that he’s not completely transparent and I like the conflict in him in terms of dealing with what he wants to do and what he has to do. Those two concepts don’t always marry. No matter what he decides, he will have let someone down. I don’t think he will be an enemy of the boys (or at least I hope he won’t) but once again, what he needs to do might not be in their best interest. He’s done it before, more than once. (Though if it turns out he’s responsible for Sam’s soul being left in hell I’ll march over there and bitchslap him myself!)

My biggest problem is that I’m getting a wee bit antsy that there are so many big storylines left to cover; civil war, Eve, Sam’s soul, Deans YMCA act, and there are only 5 episodes left to cover all these. That’s a mere 1.25 episodes for each storyline. I don’t think that’s enough time to do them all justice and rushing through them will tick me off.

It feels like the writers are writing with season 7 in mind and some of these will be dealt with more thoroughly in that season. Now, I know there’ll be a series 7 (my head knows it) but there’s a teeny tiny part of me that’s thinking ‘What if there’s not?’ I mean a ton of things could happen; writers strike, a new boss with the CW who’s not a fan, Canada could break away and float off, I could go blind from too much TWFB usage, plus the world is meant to end in 2012. How on earth are we meant to watch season 7 if that happens?

Anyhoo, thanks for the review. You know Celine Dion might suck but for such a skinny minny, she has one gignormous set of lungs. (Perhaps we should say she blows. Sorry.....)
# Aaricia 2011-04-19 08:30
You can complain about Céline Dion! But here, we have her on the medias since she was 14!

Not my best episode but not my worst either. I really wonder what Castiel is up to...
# Yvonne 2011-04-19 08:55
Ok, confession first.

Like Maggie, I was around 16 when that movie came out and as a result, my first full blown, teenage fan girly flail happened. I blame a brain not yet fully developed. Later, my shame over the affair caused me to become repelled toward anything 'Titanic' related. (It took seeing 'Blood Diamond' for me to forgive Leo.) Yet strangely, THAT song still wakes fan girly connections in the brain. Early conditioning. It has to be!

Great review!! Even though the end of the season approaches, I found this lighter ep refreshing. I think I'm still euphoric over Sammy and the boys relationship being back. It's all gravy! :-)

I didn't like how Cas lied, but I loved how the boys didn't catch the obvious lie. It showed a level of trust that they don't usually display toward others. BAD Cas for abusing it!

As for Cas exchanging the 50,000 for Sam and Dean or there being more to it...think it could be either way. But I could understand if Cas did it solely for the boys. It would fit his character. This is the angel who gave up his home, family, friends, power, and duty to join Team Free Will. He turned his back on several millennia of following orders and being angelic for the boys. They must feel like a grounding influence in his present life. He gave up his home once and it must have hurt horribly. I can't imagine that he'd want to do it again.

Thanks for the review Alice
# Karen 2011-04-19 10:28
Hi Alice
Loved your review.
I do have to admit I was a bit leery about the storyline for this episode, when I first read the synopsis for it. But I really enjoyed it.
All the one liners and antics during Blondies ‘One way or Another’.
And Balthazar! I really love this character.
Seeing both Sam and Dean fitting into the mustang. I bet the seats were pushed as far back as they could go. Are these just two seater vehicles? I couldn’t make it out but there just didn’t seem to be much room for seats in the back.

I too loved the brothers in this one, seeing them working as a team, and the old digs here and there at each other. It really had the Season 1 and 2 feel to it.
And it really was an Awwww moment when Dean tucked Bobby in and the way Sam stood and watched. I just love the chemistry the actors have in this show.
It’s so amazing.

Bobby and Ellen together was so nice but so sad…just knowing it wasn’t going to last. I always wished they had more interaction between these two. Not necessarily as a romantic couple, but working together, like they way they did in All Hell Breaks Loose 2.

As for Fate, the character didn’t do anything for me. Much like the Mother of All, their story line just isn’t interesting to me at all. These characters just seem to fall flat and I don’t know why.

On the whole this may have been a filler episode, but I think it brought up some interesting questions.
Like what’s going on with Cass?
Just how bad is the Civil War going for Cass to make him this desperate to gain souls?
And where is this soul issue leading?
Was it Cass who really freed Sam from hell? But why and why without his soul?
So many more questions and with so little time left.
Maybe they are going to continue on into Season 7. Lets hope there is one
# Sablegreen 2011-04-19 10:37
Great review Alice.
I thought it was a fun episode and liked the Cass/Balty alliance. Seems they need souls to fight in the war up there, but glad Cass decided to keep the boys instead. After all where would the show be without them! :P
# Ginger 2011-04-19 12:22
Fair and balanced review. I found it enjoyable to watch because the brothers were together, there were enough hints at what once was, and the pretty was enough to overlook the fact that the brothers did nothing and accomplished nothing. Well, they did provide the exposition for the episode, but when it hour finally got to the point of it all...that Cas cares about the boys and was willing to fold in his chips to keep them safe...the brothers were frozen in time and out of the plot.

You thought Dean's lawyer scene was devoted to lame genealogy questions; which they were, but it reminded me of a time when Dean was a little socially inept. Remember that? Sam would have to step in for him. I used to love that.

I didn't mind Fate, although I wholly agree that she came off like a disgruntled employee. I think I was so happy that she wasn't another Gossip Girl, I could overlook a lot of the points your brought out.

And am I the only one who has noticed that all of the discussion these days is about Cas? I am hoping for a S7 that is focused back on the brothers. The Civil War and especially the Mother have been so little developed, I just have no investment in those stories at this point. "Too little, too late," as Dean would say. Oh, well. I'm enjoying the pretty. That will be enough to get me through this season since the stories are not compelling or interesting.
# Bevie 2011-04-19 14:02
I liked it because the brothers were back together the way I want them so I'm not going to be complaining. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are my favourite ones and because of the relationship resembling those seasons this season 6 is becoming my next favourite.

Not that there weren't excellent episodes in 4 and 5, but the schism between the boys spoiled the seasons for me. Now I don't mind them so much as I know they will be back together eventually when I rewatch them. Them being permanently at odds is not acceptable! :-?

Loved Ellen and Bobby, Balthazar and his comments, Dean & Sam's banter and Castiel's evasiveness.

Not too worried about plot threads this season as they need some left over for season 7. (I hope). Anyway, I like fillers.

Now it's time to start worrying about season 8. Yikes! :eek:
# nancyL 2011-04-19 16:09
First, can we ease up on the Celine Dion bashing. Please. Not all her songs are hard on the ears. Thank you. :D

Now, down to business, Alice, I loved this episode. I think I said that a lot since 'Like a Virgin', but it is true. Once Sammy got his soul back, each episode has been an ass-kicking good time. :lol: :lol:

I see Miss Fate, as a one blonde woman team of Gravelings ('Dead like Me' reference). She seems to enjoy her job, but as usual what happens in corporate jobs, her manager is a jerk.

'Dean's lighter doesn't work'. Wasn't it Demian, that said in 'the Real Ghostbusters', Dean's lighter ALWAYS works. Bizarro-land, Dean wins at rock-paper-scis sors, but his lighter is broken. :lol: :lol:

The mustang, with the original Season one license plates, was cool, I will give you that, but still, the Impala is the car of the Winchesters. :D

Since Sammy was returned to Dean and us, they have been working together and I agree, it is a reason to celebrate. Could they have sat closer on the bed? It is once again Sam 'n Dean against the world. :D :D After season four and the beginning of season five, it is nice to have their relationship return to the season one and two closeness. :D

Bring on the Earp, I mean the Winchester brothers in the old West.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-04-19 20:53

Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I actually really liked the episode. I think a lot of things that happened in it, happened that way because they were in the alternate future. I think Dean was so inept with the lawyer, because that's just how he acted in that world. As for his lighter not working, I think maybe Fate played a hand in that. She caused all the other chain reactions to happen. Surely, she could have messed with someone's Zippo? (That sounds vaguely naughty!)

Loved Bobby & Ellen. It felt right. Perhaps, if the Titanic had never sunk our reality, we might be getting a spin-off called "Hunting A Broad" Okay, not the best play on words, but still... And, having been called a broad myself, I mean it in the kindest, most complimentary tough kick-ass way possible. I love the character of Ellen, and her death scene with Jo still wrecks me on so many levels. Her daughter died before her, and that's just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Also loved the tenderness in Sam & Dean's approach to the sleeping Bobby at the end. Especially Dean putting the blanket on Bobby. It's such an intimate, familiar, caring gesture. It speaks volumes of what they mean to each other, and how much Dean has grown, in expressing love. That is such a "dad" thing to do!!

Which is why I fear what's coming next...
I think the whole point of the episode was the exposition speech from Fate, and Cas's obvious-to-ever yone-but-Sam-an d-Dean lie at the end.

The boys still don't realize that it was Cas who ordered the Titanic not to sink. They still think it was Balthazar.

It's becoming obvious that souls are vital to the Heavenly Civil War. And I think it's pretty clear that Sam and Dean's souls are particularly precious. I don't think Cas saved them from Fate just out of friendship. They are all-important to his victory in Heaven.

Here's what I'm thinking. It was Cas who pulled Sam out of Hell. Maybe he cut a deal with Crowley, maybe not. Purgatory is important because it's chockful of souls, which could be used in the battle. Maybe Monster souls get you extra points in the war?

Also, I think Dean's soul will be crucial. Kripke or someone said Cas will need all of Heaven's most powerful weapons to win the war? Way back in Season 4, Cas called Archangels Heaven's most powerful, most terrifying weapons. And gee.. Which two brothers are vessels for two of the most powerful Archangels? And which brother (Dean, I'm looking at you!!) swore allegiance to God and Heaven? And which brother (Dean, I'm looking at you!!) was able to kill the Whore of Babylon, as only a true servant of Heaven could, and also knocked off Zachariah and was able to look at his grace? Plus, Death warned Dean it's about the souls and about messing with the natural order.

I think it will break Dean's heart if the brothers find out Cas is/has been lying to them, or using them, even more blatantly than they've already seen him do. And if he finds out that Cas had something to do with saving Sam's body, but not his soul, Dean will be pissed!!

The Powers That Be have hinted that allegiances and relationships might shift towards the end of the season. I thinks it's save to say Sam & Dean are staying intact. So, maybe the fracture will be with Bobby and/or Cas?.. I think both brothers' loyalties will be tested if Bobby suggests Cas is deceiving or manipulating them. (But we already know he's capable of that. He let Sam out of the Panic Room!!) They're really not going to want to believe that the Angel who has helped them so often, could betray them. That's why I think Dean placing the blanket so gently on Bobby could be that much more heartwrenching, when seen in retrospect.

I think there is a whole lot of heartache and death coming to the boys. So I was happy for a little levity.

And as for Celine and "My Heart Will Go On", what else would people play at their weddings, or school dances?

I talk too much.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-04-19 21:51
I've been avoiding spoilers for the rest of the season, but I must say I'm agreeing with what you're saying here. The more I turn over what happened in this episode in my head I can't help but feel Cas is behind at least in part the whole Soulless thing.

I never believed Crowley alone had the juice to bust Sam's body and mind but not soul from the Cage. Not once. He might have crowned himself King, but I think he was still largely that Punk Ass Cross Roads Demon he's always been. I couldn't figure out how he did it, but if he and Cas had some agreement or Cas somehow lead Crowley to believe he had done it it would make sense. Crowley, to me, was a totally a diversion from what's really going down.

Sam's soul, obviously, holds power. It was Cas that first told Dean NOT to get it back, that doing so would kill Sam. Sure, part of what he said has some truth, but now you have to wonder if he said it out of concern for Sam or because he needs that soul for something. I just can't figure out how he can use it now that Sam has it back.

You do bring up a point about Dean and Sam. They were vessels. So their souls alone must be very powerful and I'm waiting now to see where the shoe drops.

And I talk too much, too.
# BagginsDVM 2011-04-19 22:39
I actually liked the movie & the soundtrack for Titanic. There, I said it, & now I'll duck in case anything is thrown my way!!

Great review, Alice! It can be seen as a filler episode, but I don't care, I'm just so happy to have our boys back in sync, & there were great lines & scenes. Every bit of the dynamic between Bobby & Ellen & the boys was awesome, even though it made my heart ache that things could not stay that way for them. The guys' reactions to the lawyer's death by the bus sporting his billboard had me laughing as much as Dean's tenderness toward the sleeping Bobby had me in tears.

It was about time that we began to see some of those regrettable things that Cas has done, & I am anxious to see more of the war in Heaven & what Cas is really up to.

As a total aside, I was wearing one of my Supernatural t-shirts with the Impala on it while I was at the grocery today, & the check-out cashier, who was in her 60's or better, noticed it & remarked that she liked the show too. I love that there are fans of all ages!

# rmoats8621 2011-04-20 00:21
Overall, I liked the episode. It seems I'm also in the minority over the movie "Titanic". I actually liked that movie although the radio stations did play Celine Dion's song too much, but over kill seems to be rule nowadays. I noticed another thing too with this episode. Did anyone notice how Dean reacted around the Mustang? It wasn't the same as the Impala. I can't imagine Dean letting the Impala be seen with a ding in front like the Mustang. He treats his car as his baby, but that doesn't seem the case here in the alternate reality. Also, I wonder how the guys liked getting in and out of that car. I mean they're both tall and the Mustang seems to be a bit small for them. The Impala is a much better fit. Of course, I biased and have a thing for Chevrolet. A classic Camaro rules in my book.
# Yvonne 2011-04-20 15:40
Preach it!!!

The guys DID look oddly larger(er) in finagling in and out of the tiny two door mustang.
# Evelyn 2011-04-20 11:39
Another sign that we are in an alternate reality is not as obvious, but it is there right in the beginning. If you look closely at Bobby's house. It still has a lot of books around, but the house is neater, less cluttered and cleaner than it is otherwise. This is the first sign something is different. I noticed that the second time viewing the episode.

I loved this episode. And I am with you Alice on the Ford Mustang. I am a Ford girl too, and hope someday to own an old Ford Mustang like the one they drove in this episode or the one 'War' drives in Good God Ya'll. Love that car.

It's all about the souls. Death reminded Dean of it in 'Appointment in Samarra' and it's been a consistent theme this season and if you look, it also relates to previous seasons as well. I can't wait to see how it all ties together in the end.
# Suze 2011-04-22 16:23
Blondie! Hurrah! Top song! Ms Dion ... Meh. Did anyone see that celebrity death match thingy where she turned into a play-dough alien? Much more fun.

Bobby and Ellen was soppy as a bucket of kittens. More!

I'm liking Sneaky Devious Caz(TM) a lot. Since when has Balthazar been his gopher? There's dirty doings afoot ...

I very much hope they don't stuff the denouement into one episode and ruin it the way they've done with the Crowley and Grandpaw Eyebrows. String it out a bit, please guys ... Make us suffer ...