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"Family Matters" was directed by Guy Bee, who also directed season 1's "Asylum," one of the coolest and moodiest episodes of the first season.  I absolutely loved the look of "Asylum," so let's see if Bee carried that through to "Family Matters."

I love this shot of Cass.  He looks very concerned here, and this isn't an angle we're used to seeing him from.  He doesn't lean down into frame very often. does he?

This isn't necessarily something new, Sam and Dean in the Impala, but it's pretty classic.  And a lot of shots of the Impala lately have been from unusual angles to try and do something new, show us a side of the car we haven't seen before.  But this shot hearkens back to the good old days of saving people, hunting things, and I really love it.

Cass looks like the angel on Samuel's shoulder here.  And I like the perspective of this shot, with Sam and Dean bigger in the foreground and Samuel and Cass smaller in the background.  And once again, we've got a darker room with light coming through the window.  That seems to be a big visual theme this season, and I like it.

The whole scene where the Campbell clan is prepping for the run on the alpha's house is cool, but I like this shot best.  I know this is kind of intentionally blurry and out of focus, but I think that makes me like it better.  This is some stylized gore right here with the blood in the syringe. Beautifully gruesome!

We all know by now that I love light streaming through a window or an opening like this fan vent.  Streaming light is just so dramatic.  So of course I love this whole sequence of Dean walking down this hallway.  But this part amuses me the most. Look at Dean just peeking his head around there!  Hee!

And that goofy shot of Dean sticking his head around the corner segues into this shot.  The high-contrast shadow on his face with the light streaming behind is lovely.  It's also reminiscent of the recent promos the CW has released with the halo behind Dean's head.  Now we just need an episode with a snake crawling up Sam's arm and we'll be all set.

This is a cool shot of the carnage through the gate.  Bee really likes to use a lot of shots through things, or with random items lying around.  It makes the show feel more realistic somehow because in real life, there's usually crap all over the place in buildings, and you look through gates and things all the time to see something on the other side.

This shot makes it look like a vamp is watching through the fence, which is super creepy.  And it gives us yet another cool restricted-view shot.  Also, I swear I'm not picspamming Dean on purpose.  He just did the more visually interesting skulking about this episode.

There was a lot of Impala love in this episode, not that anyone is complaining.  I like all this asphalt in the foreground, the open road with nothing to stop them from driving it.

Talk about setting a mood.  This is super atmospheric.  You know nothing good can be going on in a place that looks like this on the outside.

I just love all the crap strewn about in this shot because like I said earlier, it grounds the moment in reality.  And it shows off what a great job the set designers do on this show.  Also, the boys look totally badass all shadowy under that overhead light.

Yet another obstructed-view shot that I love.  Seriously, Guy Bee is great at these!  I like this one because you're just getting a taste of what's going on in this room, but you still know it's nothing good.

I know this is gross, but it's intentionally gross.  You're supposed to squirm at the thought of the good guys torturing something like this, even if it is a vampire.  But look how dramatic this shot is anyway with the spiked hand front and center and the chains in the background against the white shirt.

I know it's just the way the light happened to catch the three of them in this cap, but look at how demonic Christian looks there on the left.  He's a full shadow with the light streaming behind him.  Man, he looks creepy!  And it's very appropriate considering what happens a bit later in the episode.

When Crowley showed up, I was really surprised.  And we were supposed to be surprised because Mark Sheppard's name wasn't in the credits.  I read that Sheppard himself wanted it that way because he wanted the fans to be surprised when he showed up.  I already thought Sheppard was awesome, but this just makes me love him even more.  Look how much he cares about us fans!  *hugs Mark Sheppard*  Crowley, however, is another matter.  I liked how he was kind of ambiguous last season, but it's kind of fun to hate him a bit now that it seems like he's more on the evil side. True story: a neighbor of mine is having some work done on their house, so they have a dumpster out front in the street.  The name on the side is Crowley.  So I guess not only is he trying to expand into Purgatory, he's also getting into waste management.
That was a very good-looking episode.  There were a lot of things I really like, with the obstructed shots and light streaming in and whatnot.  Which shots were your favorites?


# elle2 2010-11-16 08:14

Great visual review of Family Matters. I enjoy seeing what shots you pick out and highlight for us.

I read the bit about Mark Sheppard not wanting his names in the credits and agree, that is someone who really loves what he does and wants it to have the full impact for the fans. I admire his selflessness.

Also, read a bit where Guy Bee said that Jared had a lot of fun making sure his machete (or whatever the blade is) caught the light and reflected in every scene, something one of your pics captures. It's a fun play with the lighting and the weapon and shows Jared understands where he's standing or moving in relation to everything about him.

Thanks for these wonderful reviews each week.
# Karen 2010-11-16 09:18
Hi Ardeospina
Thanks again for these visuals. I loved them all.
I’m really loving the lighting through the window concept, it really does set the mood for each scene.
The picture of the brothers in the Impala, coming into the Campbell compound reminded me of older and happier days. It’s funny the woman in the background made me think of Katie Cassidy’s Ruby.
I think you should get into filming or photography, you really have an exceptional eye for this.
# Sablegreen 2010-11-16 10:32
This is great Ardeospina. Thanks for doing these everyweek. I really look forward to them.
Becky from WinchesterBros
# Becky from WinchesterBros 2010-11-16 10:34
Guy Bee talked on our podcast about how Mark Sheppard specifically asked not to be in the credits and he also told the story of Jared making sure the machete was in a lot of shots because he thought it looked cool.

For those who haven't listened, here's the link:

He tells some really interesting stories about this episode and first season's Asylum.
# CitizenKane2 2010-11-16 10:58
Thanks for this - shots #1 and #6 are my favorite of this series. :-)