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You Can’t Handle the Truth, by Elle2
John 8:32:  â€œThen you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  Or in Dean’s case, the truth shall set thee upon thy brother to smash his pretty face about fourteen times.  At the end of last week’s episode I was depressed.  At the end of this week’s episode I was shocked…and excited about the future.
I’ll get my nits out of the way off the bat.  The set up for the monster of the week didn’t work for me.  Like "Long Distance Call," I wasn’t invested enough in the waitress to believe she’d kill herself simply because she was called unpretty or pathetic or some old lady confessed to killing someone.  Similarly the dentist drilling someone to death didn’t work for me either.  Both were convenient for the splash of blood and the fun of gore the show revels in.  (However, I did enjoy the continued ‘in’ of Biggersons…it’s not such a happy place though.)  The truth smashing you in the face and causing you to kill yourself is one thing, to kill someone first and then yourself is something else.  Also, why did Dean get so much time to ask for the truth without ever getting to the point of killing himself?  It’s all a bit loosely flung together.  However, the use of the monster of the week in the brothers’ dynamic works; it’s worked before and it worked here.
What Monsters Reveal:
Dean’s doppelganger in "Skin" revealed to Sam how much Dean resented Sam’s leaving; Sam’s ‘possession’ by Dr. Ellicott in "Asylum" revealed some inner truths of Sam’s; Andy Gallager’s ‘Obi-Wan’ing’ of Dean in "Simon Said" similarly revealed hidden truths/fears; Dean faced some of his own inner truths in "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and then again in "Yellow Fever," both caused by an outside force; the Siren of "Sex and Violence" turned the brothers on each other; the demon blood withdrawal of "When the Levee Breaks" forced Sam to face some ugly truths/fears of his own as he hallucinated Alistair, Mary, Dean and his younger self alternating in their efforts to condemn, encourage and/or absolve him of his actions; Lucifer manipulated Sam through his dreams in "Free to be You and Me," both brothers face their anger and their heavy burdens through the manipulations of a wraith in "Sam, Interrupted"; Famine has fun with Dean in "My Bloody Valentine" and now we have Veritas wreaking her own brand of truth-seeking havoc on the brothers.
The truth is that Sam and Dean don’t tell each other the truth except when there is some outside force forcing them to do so.  In the end, though, "You Can’t Handle the Truth" offers a bit of a game changer to that history.  Sam told Dean the truth and he did so not only after Veritas was dead but also after proving not once but twice that he was able to withstand her influence.  For all that Sam is messed up he truly meant what he said back in “Exile on Main Street”… “It’s just better with you around.  That’s all.” 
Red herrings:
Since the episode isn’t completely about Sam and Dean we have some clues to follow, many of which are false trails.  Harry’s House of Horns and the photos of kittens and cats at several of the victims’ homes are glaringly obvious connections between the victims that are alternate red herrings and clues that lead to other clues.  Saxophones and tubas appear to be nothing more than a device to get Dean to Harry’s House of Horns which in turn leads him to research Gabriel’s Horn which ultimately leads to the welcome appearance of Castiel.   It’s an elaborate way to get Cas into the episode but since I miss Cas, I don’t feel it’s a waste.  Also, this may lead to an episode about Gabriel’s Horn in the future and if that means that Sebastian Roche returns, then I’m all for it.  (Better yet, bring back Gabriel too!)
Cas is quite the quick angel these days.  He can look everywhere in an instant and discover the horn in question isn’t the heavenly weapon.  The only problem is is that, if he’s able to do that that quick, why can’t he simply search the globe and recapture all the heavenly ‘nukes’.  Ah, but that little plot hole might spoil things, so like "A Weekend at Bobby’s" wasn’t really a two-day weekend, I’ll let it slide.  After all, Cas did say he’d help…and he poured Dean a drink.  Hmmmm, not sure enabling Dean’s alcoholic dependence is a good idea, but it is a gesture of friendship, however inappropriate it may be.
I guess I’m supposed to believe that Sam and Dean paid off security at the TV station and got Ms. Frank’s files so they could watch endless hours of her news footage.  Hmmm, all right.  But really?  I know, just like how they always have wireless internet connections and money in their pockets.  I’ll let it go.  I guess the whole long, boring minutes of watching the two of them in the motel room was supposed to show that while Dean needed and took time to eat and move around, Sam sat ramrod straight and focused on the work.  It works but man it was boring; the second time around I just fast-forwarded -- been doing that a bit too much this season however.
Sam’s a better hunter, lately:
“I just want the truth.”  And you got it, Dean.  You got it from Bobby, from Lisa, from yourself and ultimately from Sam.
Note to the show:  I really, really, really want to see Bobby, Sam and Dean all interacting in the same place!  
Okay.  That aside, I love Jim Beaver’s moments, the comedic tones of his truth telling to Dean crack me up – of course, I know the two of them (Jensen and Jim) had no contact whatsoever in doing those scenes, thus my “Note to the show” above.  Still, that was fun.
It’s like the writers’ actually know some of what the fans say.  Dean is Bobby’s favorite has been running around in the fandom for years, so I laughed when that came out of Bobby’s mouth.  Sam is a better hunter of late is also a fun jab for some have suggested in seasons’ past that Sam was always getting into trouble and Dean was always rescuing him.  Others in the past suggested Dean was sort of dumb and Sam was smarter.  So it’s fun to play with those reactions a bit.
In an earlier cut of this article I spent half a page on tactical versus emotional and blah, blah, blah.  It bored me and never really got anywhere. I’ll try to boil it down and hopefully it works…I’m leaving it in whether it works or not.  
Dean and Sam do compliment each other’s hunting styles.  Dean has in the past been more black and white in his thinking, Faith, Blood Lust and all those times he reminded Sam “She’s a demon, Sam!  Demons lie.”  Yeah, he was right sometimes and not so right others.  Sam has been the one to connect more readily, the kid in Bugs, Max in Nightmare, reminding Dean they don’t kill people (Roy Le Grange) although we saw his willingness to consider the possibility for poor Nancy in Jus in Bello.  The brothers have flipped sides, alternated roles and forced the other to consider their actions all throughout the series.  
Season 6 simply continues the trend.  Sam may be more tactical this season but his inability to feel is a problem.  Even in Dean’s most tactical moments he still felt.  Remember the look on his face after killing the vampire in "Bloodlust"; Dean felt.  Sam isn’t feeling anything here.  He stated it and he showed it last week in his curiosity over Dean’s vampire experience.  I too wondered if there wasn’t something angelish about Sam for he acted much like Cas did when he first arrived, curious about everything.
Hunters need a mix of emotions and tactics to work.  Sam is missing the emotions, fortunately he knows that and he knows it’s wrong.  He said it in a round about way in Exile, said it a bit more straightforward to Samuel in "Two Men and a Half Men" and came out and admitted it here.  Good for you, Sam.  The way home is to admit that you’re lost.  
You shoved my kid:
There had to be something that happened to pull Lisa away from Dean.  We went from her loving admission that the past year had been the best in her life to her encouragement to Dean that perhaps they could blend hunting and normalcy to “me and Ben can’t be a part of this.”  It was quick, it was brutal and it was believable.  I know there are some that never wanted Lisa in the first place and I’m sure they’re dancing from the rafters.  I’m happy for them.  Believe it or not there are some who are crushed or at least greatly disappointed that Lisa is gone.  I’m somewhere in the middle – as is usual.  
I liked Lisa a lot, she was strong, believable, well-written and provided Dean with something new to explore.  I like that.  However, I’m a fan of what Supernatural is, two brothers, driving in a Chevy Impala, rocking to classic tunes (in my head at least) and fighting monsters.  I always knew Lisa was going to disappear and in the context of the show, I’m glad she has.  I’m invested in the characters though and her abrupt exit is painful and sad.
I do hope there is time in the future where she crosses paths with Dean but I hope it isn’t for her ultimate demise.  While it ended badly (and it really only could) I don’t need her dead.  She can be hanging out with Missouri Mosley and that deputy from Benders, the cop from Baltimore and the PD from Little Rock, Arkansas; let her live!
Lisa’s truths to Dean shock Dean but the truth can be like that.  Dean hears what we’ve heard other characters say, the doctor in Sam, Interrupted told Sam and Dean they had an unhealthy co-dependent relationship (is there ever a healthy one?); Zach told Adam that Sam and Dean were willing to save each other’s sweet bacon at the expense of the world; Lisa, an outsider yet also somewhat of an insider, makes a piercing observation, she loves her sister but she wouldn’t try to bring her back from the dead.  Yep, The Trickster/Gabriel knew what he was talking about back in "Mystery Spot"… “sometimes you gotta just let people go.”  Mary, John, Sam and Dean never learned that lesson.  (despite ample evidence and experience as to the negatives)
Lisa, you are a lovely woman who has her priorities straight.  You’re raising a young boy, impressionable enough to want to hunt like Dean, innocent enough to be hurt.  You did what a momma does best…protect your son.  I’ll miss you.  So will Dean.
Do you really think you can keep pushing all that down?
Sam asked Dean that back in Sam, Interrupted.  Lisa brings that forth again.  As long as we’ve known Dean he deflects and ignores.  Tonight he faced some things and after Veritas was gone, her spell broken, he lets loose.  Good for him!  Just like during the verbal smackdown Bobby gave the boys a couple weeks back, I cheered.  I also cringed, it was brutal.  I’m thinking Sammy will feel something from that.  
I think we witnessed Dean exploding from too many truths being thrown at him, he admitted who he is (although as most of us tend to do, he was a bit too hard on himself).  I’m hoping that admitting he’s a hunter will also help him find some joy in his life.  He is a hunter.  It’s okay to have found your calling.  It’s okay to admit this is what I’m good at and it’s what I do and while it scares me and has me near death all the time and doesn’t allow me friendships or a family with a white picket fence; at least I know who I am and what my ‘calling’ is.  
Facing the truth of yourself can be freeing but it can also be scary.  There has always been a fallout whenever the brothers have been influenced by something or someone and then ‘spilled the beans.’  There will be fallout from this.  That usually makes for some good television.  Also, Dean doesn’t usually lose it either.  I remember him losing it at the end of Everybody Loves a Clown when he smashes the Impala’s trunk.  Here he smashes Sam.  Hurry up next Friday, for the previews show we’re picking up right after.
NOTE *** There be spoilers ahead ***  ALERT:   I’m assuming for this next part that if you’ve seen the episode, you’ve seen the previews for next week.  So, as has been my custom this season I’m going to discuss a bit of next week.  If you haven’t seen the previews, don’t read on.  I’ve got nothing other than what was in the previews though so fear not otherwise.
I’m happy based on the previews that we’re moving quickly along into Sam’s mystery as well as the Campbell mystery a bit more.  I have to say I’m enjoying the slow steps each episode puts forth this season.  As much as this is a return to Season 1’s format of monster a week, it is also following much of Season 4’s format of each episode slotting in neatly with the next while peeling back the story.  Cas returns having made his inquiries and we see a nice payoff to The Third Man’s yummy morsel of souls being bartered.  
Oh, for those of you who thought that was the direction we were going with Sam, good for you.  I’m sure there’s more behind it but any fears I may have thought of developing towards the destruction of Sam as a character seem to be disappearing before they ever could form.  Sam also gets another chance to ‘feel’.  Well, Sam, curiosity isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  If you were wondering what that poor kid felt in The Third Man, I think you’re going to have an empirical experience.  
I’m also very hopeful that the idea of Sam missing his soul comes with that truly being a mystery for him.  He’s said he has no idea how he came back and I do believe him.  We’ve seen him lie along the way but we’ve always known they were lies, so when he said he has no idea how he got out of hell I believe him.  I hope that remains the truth.  I can forgive Sam for what he did to Dean by his lack of feeling as long as it wasn’t because he sold his soul to become a better hunter.  We’ve been there and done that in Season 4 with the blood drinking so I don’t want to go there again. 
Cas meets the Campbells.  I love that as well.  I don’t think it fits quite on par with Cas meeting Ellen and Jo (oh, I miss you ladies!) but I do enjoy when the cast of characters, all interact.  Let’s see what Cas thinks of Grandpa Campbell.  
From what I understand the boys et al go hunting in the woods…bring on some camping experience, please.  Something is supposed to go very wrong…hmm, perhaps Christian buys it?  Don’t know.  He looks to get a bit manhandled by Dean, good.
So, we’re six episodes in, according to the CW schedule we’re going straight through to December 10th with Episode 11.  All right, not straight through, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a repeat.  Still it’s a treasure to get 11 straight episodes.  I’ll not think about the fact that that means there will be one less episode come January through May.  Stay positive, girl, stay positive.
One more on the positive, I have no idea where to fit this but I really loved the little moment when Sam, freed from his rope bonds, flung his knife neatly and surely to Dean so Dean could free himself.  Sam may have no soul but he does want Dean to be with him. And huge hooray for the dual brotherly kill of Veritas.  It was akin to Ruby’s demise in Lucifer Rising!  Hurrah!!!
Thanks for reading, Elle2 


# faye 2010-10-30 23:32
Wow, Elle2. I had a totally different opinion from you on the last episode, but boy are we on the same page this week! I was even thinking about Dean taking his rage out on Sam was akin to what he did to the Impala way back in the beginning of season 2. I remember how shocked I was when that happened. On a positive note: he did lovingly put the Impala back together, he'll do the same for Sam!

As for poor Lisa, she really had no choice, she had to give Dean the boot, but I was impressed by her insight into Dean and his relationship with Sam. I'm going to miss her a bit, their relationship seemed so natural, more natural than most couples on TV, and she probably saved his life (or at the very least his sanity)

Great review. I loved the way you referenced back to earlier episodes in earlier seasons.
# Ellie_444 2010-10-31 07:53
Sam didnt desrve that beating. Dean could of seriously damaged him or worst. Sam cant be there for Dean to take his frustrations out on not lie that. Sam rarely gets a chance to express his emotions , wasnt allowed to get angry over Deans deal yet Dean can smash Sams face. I get the anger but I will never condone the extremes Dean went to. Sam isnt a object or a car . This is a damaged person whom Dean could of damaged futhur. I really want Sam to have somebody who truly cares about him and doesnt see him as a punch bag. Sam if and when he gets his soul back should really consider wether he needs to be with Dean or wether he can be.Does Dean love Sam? to a point yes but does he also blame Sam for all that has happened from their parents to Lisa ? yes and that resentment came out in a very ugly way. The brothers relationship will never be what it should be if Dean can act like this everytime resentment builds up. Sam was accused by the show of having anger issues? yet Sam has never really been allowed to get angry or if he echoed resentments he was hated on for doing it. Dean can smash the Impala and Sam and it is good for him. Right now I really dont want Dean anywhere near Sam but that feeling will probabley change. I have always tried to see both boys pov,s although we see so little of Sams it often hard to gage how he feels. Sam is a tragic figure he sacrificed so much to save this world and yet will we the audience be allowed to feel that tragedy or see only how Dean feels about it?. Sam needs help not having his face smashed in that could of done him serious harm. Dean is entitled to resentments we all have them .I cannot fault him for that but I cannot and never will agree to that kind of violence no matter how justified others think he was. I hope Sam finds someone one day who loves him just like he had in Jessica but not what he has with Dean that isnt love .But I do hope the brothers at some point do come to a understanding.
# Ashke 2010-10-31 09:11
Hi Elle,

Great review as always. Sorry I didn't get to chime in last week but I was shooting a short film. I'm right there with Faye. We may not have seen eye to eye on last week's ep (Other than spending way to much time with Robert and Kristen in the Teaser, I really enjoyed it.) But I agree with you whole heartedly on this one.

I was not all that invested in the Monster of the Week but since I could see what was coming a mile away with both the waitress and the dentist I just enjoyed the the ride. Well maybe I closed my eyes when the drilling began since that is the stuff of my personal nightmares.

Although the relationship between Sam and Dean has always been unhealthily close (is that even a word) they have had issues with telling each other the truth since the first season as you so aptly described. Almost all of them have stemmed from the fact that they know each other so well that they know exactly the reaction they will get from revealing those truths. I think that holds true for this weeks episode. Sam knows something's wrong with him and he knows it's not good but he knows he's a better hunter because of it and thinks their might be a "greater good" to be served. He knows Dean will want to "fix him." None of this is out of character for Sam.

Dean just got his whole world ripped out from under him, again. His need to be out hunting with his brother just caused him to lose his dream of a family with someone he truly cares about. To have that happen when he doesn't even know if it is his brother has got to be disheartening to the nth degree. Especially after everything else he's been through. I was not surprised he punched Sam. Although like Ellie I was surprised when he didn't stop. Lisa's analysis was dead on. You can't keep pushing it down and expect no repercussions. I think we just witnessed them. Ellie, I have no doubts about Dean's love for Sam and that he'll do anything to make him well again but given everything that Dean's been through it's actually amazing that he's only truly lost himself twice. Unfortunately it's been with the two things he loves the most. It'll take a while to get there but you know it will get better.

I too am sorry to see Lisa go although we all knew it had to happen. She had to do the right thing for her and for Ben and she did it although it had to be hard. I do have to admit that although I loved the way her character was written I always had qualms about her and Dean's relationship. From the first episode of the season he's found it pretty easy to lie to her between "setting up the poker game with Sid" to not telling her about finding Ben with his shotgun. You could also tell that she just chose not to call him on it. Not exactly role models for a healthy relationship. I don't think they'd kill her if for no other reason than Dean being Dean would want to come back to take care of Ben. Besides I think everyone likes the idea that she'd be there if he ever stopped hunting.

Finally thanks for mentioning the smaller moments like the knife. Sam knows what to do he just doesn't haven any feelings about it. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to Dean. At least not permanently. I do have to admit that I was kind of surpised Dean didn't have a knife too a la Shadow. The other moment that got to me was while Sam was interrogating the waitresses sister. Sam and Dean had a whole conversation, which the audience could understand perfectly and never said a word. Jared and Jensen continually amaze me when they do things like that which they do almost every week.

Thanks again for your in depth review. I'm always impressed by your level of detail and the speed with which you deliver it.
# bookdal 2010-10-31 12:45

I really enjoy your reviews and for the most part we agree on this one. I would like to point out one place where we agree, but where I would go further in my interpretation of the lie and truth of the Winchester brotherhood.

I am new to watching SN (the show was recommended by a former student who knows of my interest in the interaction between fandom and canon text, which SN provides great fodder for). Being new to the show, I watched all five seasons over the past summer and I would like to offer a different interpretation of the place of the lie between Dean and Sam.

To me, the relationship is not so much unhealthy as it is catastrophicall y different for both characters. And it is the gap between how they perceive each other that really feeds the cyclical violence that they both defer and embrace, i.e. selling a soul to save a soul. They are brothers – but their definitions of brotherhood are so incredibly diverse that it is hard, if not impossible, to reconcile the two – and it is only in moments of crisis where these differences stand in relief like this week. Veritas was important not because of the truth, but because of the lie.

The show has spent a lot of time establishing to what extreme extents Sam and Dean will go to in order to protect and preserve each other, and as we are all aware, their love for each other can border on the absurd. But the why of this impulse has often been a prescribed answer: they are all each other have, which is both truth and lie. While it is true that they are the only ones who have witnessed the other's childhood traumas, they are also the only ones who can inflict such traumas on each other. The truth is, ironically, that lies are their tools and their weapons.

This week, Dean says something that I find incredibly interesting. When Veritas invokes his confession, he admits that the "lie" is the very nature of their work, of their lives. The lie is, to a certain extent, the tool of the trade. And that admission provides a sneak peek into the great chasm between Sam and Dean. It harkens back to the first season, when Dean tries to convince Sam to come back to hunting - to continue the "family business." And it is the reason that this admission has to come at the same time that Sam confesses his inability to feel, to react in any way beyond pure intellect. That smirk last week was a scientific look, a symbol of detachment that was meant to reveal a core part of Sam’s character that has always been a part of Sam’s character. (This also, to my mind, concludes the show’s definition of what a soul contains, but that’s another post).

Dean is smart, but in a different way than Sam. He's very much the intuitive hunter, the one who can rely on his instinct and gut (as seen time and again - Ruby, for example). He has so internalized the way of life that he can't be separate from it. He's wrong when he says he's a killer. No, he's a hunter. Two different things, but for Dean, the hunt is the kill. Ironically, although John and Sam have often been portrayed as the ones who were/are obsessed with the ‘kill,’ it is Dean who has defined hunting as the kill. And although he resists this urge, his truth is telling. Being a hunter is being a killer, and perhaps even more disturbing, being a killer may mean being a monster. Any good strategist will tell you – to beat your enemy, you must to some degree, be the enemy. And the show proves time after time that Dean defines himself as monstrous.

But for Dean, the family business, has always been mostly about the family part of that term. And that is why the Lisa relationship was doomed from the start. And that is also why he answered the phone – he chose to hear a truth that he admitted before he even said hello. He wanted (maybe needed) her to end it because Lisa was much like the world from “What Is and What Should Never Be.” She was what both is and what never should be. And that is Dean’s truth – Sam is. He is there; he is family; he is at the heart of Dean’s experience of life, for good or bad, and without that measure, Dean cannot accept a reality without Sam. That explains the drinking and the need to know the truth, however painful.

Now Sam, on the other hand, has internalized the family business as business. From the first season’s pilot to the fifth season’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Swan Song,” Sam has consistently and purposely tried to detach his feelings for his family from his feelings for the business. Jessica’s murder served as the opening salvo in this internal battle that we have witnessed in Sam, between hunter and victim. Living with the ghost of Mary, John’s obsession, and then Dean’s obsession with caring for him (Sam), Sam created a space that protected him from those emotional abysses. His struggle has been to reconcile being victim with being hunter. And that is a philosophical battle, not an emotional one. There is a reason that Sam was introduced as an earnest Ivy League university student – he has always been more intellectual than emotional. And the audience is meant to know that so, in a sense, this new version is just that persona on steroids.

Unlike Dean, whose emotional state is tied directly to persons (John, Sam, Bobby, etc.), Sam ties his emotional state to the event: the hunt for Azazel, the pursuit of Lilith, the capture of Lucifer. By doing that, he can rationalize his feelings as tangential, as separate from the people around him. And although the show has often portrayed Sam as the more “empathic” brother, his empathy was always in service to the situation. Except when it comes to Dean. And this is where I would say the difference between how the brothers define each other and their brotherhood is the most poignant.

The great weakness for Sam is his emotion for his brother – a weakness that the show takes advantage of as plot device and plot mover. Whereas Dean has always seen the business as the family most importantly (which explains his inability to live outside the lifestyle) and the lies they tell as a joint endeavor in completing a case, Sam’s lies have always been in service to the business first, family second. Sam sees the lie as a tool in a different way than Dean. Sam lies to Dean because it serves the hunt – Season 4 being the best example. When confronted with a situation, before this season, when Dean tried to get the truth, Sam has seen it as intrusion or disruption of the final goal, which makes Sam much more a hunter than someone fixated on the kill. The hunt is preeminent for Sam. He does not conflate the hunt with the kill in the way that Dean does. And that’s why he says he’s a better hunter, not a better killer, at the end of the episode. Without the touchstone of emotion, Sam can indulge in the pleasure of the hunt, which makes his transformation even more disturbing for us and for Dean.

There are more points I'd like to make but I think I'm being long winded. Anyway, that's where I am with the episode. I think it was important for what it brought out, to me at least, in the difference of character development and how it reveals the core characteristics that have been there all along.
# Jasminka 2010-10-31 13:39
Great review, Elle2 - you can't to it wrong, it seems. Thanks for this!

Just let me get one thing out of the way - it's not that Sam can't FEEL ANYTHING. I don't believe it. He admits to not feeling the fear, for instance. But there are emotions to him, and in this episode alone he's been confused, hurt.
The no- soul thing apparently does not mean that he doesn't feel a thing. I'd say that he doesn't feel the emotions that made him human before, like empathy, remorse, love, that kind.

I guess I know what my article on next weeks episode might be about: how does man live without a soul?

Cheers, dear. Jas
# alysha 2010-10-31 14:10
I like how you review how monsters bring the truth out in Sam & Dean. I find it interesting to see the story unfold, and its pretty mysterious to me. I'm liking it.
# Bevie 2010-10-31 14:22
bookdal --- An awesome analysis of the brothers' relationship. Fascinating and insightful!
# nancyL 2010-10-31 14:59
Great job, as always Elle.
The truth hurts, but secrets and lies hurt even more.

Imagine how different season 4 would have been, if Sam in 'Lazarus Rising' had told Dean about Ruby's return, his blood drinking, his 'powers'...etc.

Regarding Cas and the Campbells, I do not see Cas connecting to them like he did to Ellen and Jo (RIP).
I would love to know if Bobby has meet Grandpa, somehow I do not see those two bonding. :-) They are too much alike and Bobby may feel that Grandpa will try to take his place in Dean's heart. (Dean is his favorite, we all knew it and now it is canon) :D

I also thought it was cool, when Sam tossed the knife to Dean. Sam may not feel anything, and he may not have a soul, but he still has memories of the love for his big brother (even though, he would allow his big brother to be turned into a vamp, but we will not talk about that now). :lol:

On the subject of Lisa and Ben, everybody knew that they couldn't remain a big part of Dean's life, because SUPERNATURAL is about Dean and Sam. I am glad that they are out of the picture, but I am also glad that they are still alive.

Faye, I agree, Dean did take out his anger on the Impala, but once he calmed down, he repaired her back to new (including all the kinks that were important in 'Swan Song'). He beat on Sam just as hard as the Impala, but he will also put all his energy into repairing Sam (resouling).
How about getting Willow to do the resouling spell she did on Angel? :D

So far, this season has been one good episode after another.
# Elle2 2010-10-31 15:18
Hi, Faye, Ellie, Ashke, Bookdal, Jas, Alysha, Bevie and NancyL,

First off, it's Two and a Half Men...sheesh, I did a little combining above and came up with Two Men and a Baby... :oops:

Thankfully, someone (either Alice or Jenna) corrected my Biggersons...I mangled that one as well. Alas. :roll::

Wonderful comments everyone, glad you liked all the references to episodes past. It's one of my favorite parts of SPN is that things in the past remain important and frequently are built upon. I give major props to Dabb and Loflin who are two of the best at combing the past for little gems for us to enjoy in the present.

Ellie, you're right, Sam isn't Dean's punching bag...but neither is Dean Sam's toy/experiment for rooting out vampire nests which could have lead to Dean's death. These boys have proven time and time again (and wrote a beautiful analysis...more please. ;-) ) that they know only too well how to hurt the other, physically, emotionally, and any other ...'ally you want. The strength of their brotherly love is that they do find a way to repair and move on. They will again.

Jas, I look forward to more on the feeling of Sam. You're right, he does feel things, perhaps it's the processing of those 'feelings' is what has him stumped.

NancyL, I think you're right, Bobby likely would not be a fan of Grandpa Campbell...and yes, Dean is his favorite, canon it is! :D 8-)

Ashke, I missed you last week, hope the shooting of the film went well. Perhaps one day you'll spill a bit on what you do. :-)

I did really enjoy that 'conversation' Dean had with Sam while Sam interrogated the sister. There were two conversations going on at the same time and it was shot beautifully so that both 'dialogues' were fully shown. Another brilliant bit for the J's as they show how the brothers communicate.

On another little bit, just love, love how Jensen handled Dean's discomfort over Bobby's candor... "Did I ever tell you my first girlfriend turned out to be..."

AAAAHHHHH!!! Run screaming for the hills, Dean. Do it know. Me thinks his ears would have exploded with blood had he not shut down the phone and actually heard the end of that.

Looking forward to next week's.
Julia M.
# Julia M. 2010-11-01 03:33
I really enjoyed reading the review, but I have a huge problem with Dean's unrestrained violence on Sam at the end of the episode. Defending it for me would be like trying to find excuses for an abuser (he had so much pent up anger, it had to come out! Sam deserved it!!) and blaming the victim. The beating left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Yes, Sam standing by while Dean got vamped is also inexcusable, but 2 wrongs don't make a right. As Ellie said, Sam is not a car. He's a human being who has suffered as much as his brother and has come back from Hell obviously damaged. I hope he gets some help soon. He deserves it after his sacrifice in Swan Song, no matter what he's done.

I really loved the episode otherwise. The scenes between the bros were riveting and I thought the Js were fabulous.
# anonymousN 2010-11-01 04:18
I completely agree with julie M and ellie_444.Sam is not there so that Dean can break him and then fix him.Dean always suppresses feelings about any ordeal and when he has to confront them he ..well punches Sam ,impala.And then we come to know Sam has anger issues as he beats Dean and well Dean venting his anger is what Sam deserves.One thing I feel how much do we know about Sam what is his preference in music? What was he exactly like as a hunter before Stanford? We never get Sam's side of the story.Sam's prize for Swan Song is a thrashing from Dean yay.Also Sam can't feel anything so let Dean punch him because well because its his brother we are talking about here .Whenever it is Sam's fault they are underlined and when some other character makes a mistake well sweep it under the rug and have a statement float in fandom that e.g.Dean knows Castiel opened the door of the panic room. Would really love to have seen how Dean reacted to that titbit .Sam's reaction ?well we would have to wait for him to narrate it.When Dean feels his loss of sam after cold Oak we are shown that scene well when Sam looses dean to hell hound we are not shown Sams state of mind next but Sam in room with ruby.It is how they have shown Sam's story that is the problem for me.
# Sablegreen 2010-11-01 11:15
Bookdal... I like a lot of what you said. Dean's view of the ‘business’ is from a family stand point. Family has always come first for him. And he is very much a hunter, but I disagree with that equating into a killer. Both Dean and Sam have always said that they do what they do because it helps people. Killers kill for the sake of killing, not to help anyone. That’s neither Dean nor Sam.

Sam view of the ‘business’ is more from anger than anything else. It's too bad the show runners have portrayed him as directing his anger against his family. Their lives are not Dean’s fault, Sam’s fault or John’s fault. It’s who they are, and they need to accept that and move on. Deans’ relationship with Lisa was doomed because he was engaging in it for the wrong reason. Just like Sam has in the past, he was running away from who he was. It didn’t work for Sam and it can’t work for Dean. Once they accept themselves, other will to and only then can either of them have a ‘healthy’ relationship with anyone, including themselves.

Just my 2cents worth
Dean Girl
# Dean Girl 2010-11-01 12:32
Elle2 and bookdal,

What amazing insight from both of you! This is why I love this show - it isn't just entertainment (and I will go to war with anyone who says differently :D). This show gives sooooo much more to the audience, the writing is intelligent, the plot gives so much room for analysis and interpretation. .. Over and over again I'm surprised (though I really shouldn't be) by the calibre of its fans. There are some very intelligent and highly educated folks here, and it says a lot about the show. Thank you again for sharingk!!!
# Syd 2010-11-01 15:38
Very nice review, Elle2. Thank you.

And bookdal -- wow. Excellent analysis! I hope to read more from you!

@ Julia M:
"Yes, Sam standing by while Dean got vamped is also inexcusable, but 2 wrongs don't make a right. As Ellie said, Sam is not a car. He's a human being..."

No, he isn't. The Goddess of Truth confirmed that Sam is NOT HUMAN. So to Dean, he was beating on some kind of monster who only appeared to be Sam, but wasn't.
# elle2 2010-11-02 17:19
Hi, Julia M. anonymousN, sablegreen, Dean Girl, Syd and Dany,

If nothing else this show is giving us fodder for excellent discussions. This is a tough season to watch (and like Jared and Jensen have stated that for them it's tough to work on thinking they'd get a chance to chill a bit in season 6) well, they're not chilling in their work and my goodness we're not getting to chill in our speculations.

This is tough to watch and I have no idea where it's going to go. Love all the discussions and thoughts everyone is bravely putting forth, and in such proper ways as well. I love that here I can read differing opinions without personal attacks, so refreshing.