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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


The third installments: emotions are high, drama is tense and the audience is being teased with a developing plot – here is one more twist in the Supernatural road early in the seasonal developments. What has that looked like over the years?

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Season: 1 “Dead in the Water”

DeanandLucasLocal de Hunt: Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam gains some insight into his brother via Lucas’


Season: 2 “Bloodlust”

GordonLocal de Hunt: Red Lodge, Montana Featured Creature: Vampires

REVEAL/TWIST? “Monster” is a more relative term than once thought.


Season: 3 “Bad Day at Black Rock”

SambegsLocal de Hunt: Black Rock & Buffalo, New York Featured Creature: Cursed Object/Bela

REVEAL/TWIST? Gordon has a helper.


Season: 4 “In the Beginning”

JohnandMaryindinerLocal de Hunt: Lawrence, Kansas (1973) Featured Creature: Azazel (Demon)

REVEAL/TWIST? It began with a deal – Mary’s deal.


Season: 5 “Free to Be You and Me”

Saminbed2Local de Hunt: Oklahoma/Pennsylvania/Maine Featured Creature: Raphael (Angel)/ Lucifer/Humans

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam will be the true vessel.


Season: 6 “The Third Man”

image10Local de Hunt: Easter, Pennsylvania Featured Creature: Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? Something is off about Sam.


Season: 7 “The Girl Next Door”

GND009Local de Hunt: Whitefish, Montana Featured Creature: Kitsune & Leviathan

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean kills Amy.


Season: 8 “Heartache”

BetsyLocal de Hunt: Boulder, Colorado Featured Creature: Cacao

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam gives Dean notice of his retirement.


Season: 9 “I’m No Angel”

4Local de Hunt: Michigan; Kansas Featured Creature: Angels, Rogue Reapers

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel has to go.


Season: 10 “Soul Survivor”

AngryDemonDeanLocal de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Deanmon

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean loses the black eyes.


Season: 11 “The Bad Seed”

11.03 10 DarknessinMirrorLocal de Hunt: Hell; Kansas Featured Creature: Rowena

REVEAL/TWIST? Souls are brain-food for the Darkness.


Season: 12 “The Foundry”

12.03 571 Mary GoodbyeLocal de Hunt: Ohio; Minnesota Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? Mary needs her space.


Season: 13 “The Patience”


Local de Hunt: Omaha, Nebraska; Buckhead, Georgia Featured Creature: Wraith

REVEAL/TWIST? No hope left...but maybe a spark of a life.

Episode three was all about a twist or a new dramatic reveal. Sometimes just the audience was privy to these pieces and sometimes the bomb was dropped on the entire Winchester clan. In any case, just as you’re reeling from the opener, recovering from those shocks – here is something else; if it hasn’t blown up yet….get ready because the writers are priming the pipe!

What was you’re favourite third episode reveal? Looking back – which had the best payoff; which had the least? Any that we’re still feeling the ripples from today?

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