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Hi, everyone! I'm back with another top ten list! This time I'm going with memorable moments of the Impala, aka "Baby". I once again chose my list by picking the first ten scenes that came to mind. I figured these impacted and affected me the most. Now before you read my list, write down what you would pick. What ten Impala/Baby moments did you think of first?

1) "Devil's Trap"

vlcsnap 00133

When it comes to the Impala, I always think of the moment when she get T-Boned by the transport truck. I can remember gasping the first time I saw this episode when she got hit. It was such a shocking moment.     

2) "Baby"

I loved this episode. The filming through the eyes of Baby was amazing.

s11e04 114

This shot will always be my favourite.       

11.04 204

The episode really showed how much Baby was the brothers' safe place...

spn1104 1224

.... and their home. 

3) "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

vlcsnap 00182

The ending scene with the boys inside the motel and Baby outside guarding over her boys was such a beautiful moment.       

4) "Two and a Half Men"


Dean takes Baby out of retirement .      


The look on Dean's face is heart warming.   

5) "In the Beginning"

SPN 0151

Dean convincing his father, John, to buy the Impala.       

6) "Swan Song"

vlcsnap 00012

Learning the history of the Impala.....   

vlcsnap 00129 much Dean and Sam had made Baby their own by carving their initials into the floorboards.    

vlcsnap 00354

Also, immortalizing the impact on Sam of seeing the stuck army man in the ashtray.  All his childhood memories flooding back to him and enabling him to overtake Lucifer and regain control over his body.    

vlcsnap 00405

After Sam has fallen into the opening to Hell, a beaten Dean is left mourning over his brother, with Baby by his side.   

7) "Keep Calm and Carry On"

SPN 0831

Mary gets re-acquainted with Baby and has a romantic memory of John in the Impala.                         

SPN 0832

Dean realising Mary's memory becomes shocked and very uncomfortable.     

8) "Unhuman Nature"

SPN 1005

Without his grace, Jack is slowly dying. Jack tells Dean that he is going to leave and wants to live a little. Dean decides to take Jack on his journey with Baby.

SPN 1082

One of things Jack wants to do is go fishing.  This is a beautiful shot with Baby in the background guarding over them.  

SPN 0904

It was a sweet moment when Dean gives up the driver seat to teach Jack to drive.      

9) "Lazarus Rising"

vlcsnap 00080

After Dean returns from Hell, he is re-joined with Baby. The look on his face is just adorable.     

vlcsnap 00081

However, Dean is a little put out when he notices that Sam has 'Douched her up' with an iPod.  

vlcsnap 00085

When Dean calls Sam out, Sam simply shrugs  and replies 'I thought it was my car.'     

10) "Everybody Loves a Clown"


Sam admits to Dean that he is not dealing with John's death well, and that he is carrying guilt over their rocky relationship. Sam also points out that Dean is not dealing with it either.  'I'm not ok... neither are you.'         


After Sam leaves, Dean reacts to his own guilt and frustration by brutally bashing Baby with a crowbar. It was a very painful, but powerful moment.   

Ok now it's your turn. What were your top ten Impala "Baby"  moments?

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