Since we're in the early part of the long Hiatus(Hellatus), I thought some fun might help us get through it.  And what better fun than to reminisce through all the light humoured , funny and downright hilarious episodes and pick your top ten funniest. Now the only thing I noticed was that even the most funniest, had a serious or even dark side to them, making some choices more difficult. However I did manage to pick my Top Ten favourites and what I considered to be the funniest, despite the 'dark side'. 

10) Hunteri Heroici

SPN 0862

I really liked this episode with Castiel deciding to be a hunter: 'I was being bad cop' Dean:' You were being bad everything', 'so we're looking for a insect rabbit hybrid',  'I'll interrogate the cat.'

I also enjoyed the tribute to Looney Tunes with the exploding heart shape heart, falling anvils, X marking the spot, gun shooting out a flag saying Bang, face impression on a frying pan.... I could go on.

9)  Hell House

vlcsnap 00011

This was a fun episode to me with the brotherly pranks, spoon in sleeping Sammy's mouth, gluing of Dean's hand to a beer, itching powder in Sam's undies, the apparent past prank of Nair in the shampoo. Then there was the introduction to the future Ghostfacers.

8) Simon Said


I had a lot of fun with this episode.  We had a naked Dr. Badass (Ash), Dean singing REO Speedwagon's - Can’t Fight this Feeling, Moby Dicks Bong, Barbarian Queen riding a polar bear.  Along with Andy's  mind control abilities, a stranger handing over his coffee,  Dean handing over the keys to the Impala, Dean divulging the truth of who he and Sam are, 'They're not the droids you're looking for', 'I have an evil twin' ....

7) The Monster At The End Of This Book

vlcsnap 00033

I really enjoyed this episode with the introduction to LARPing, the "Supernatural" books, 'They do know we're brothers, right?',  the publisher and the showing of the tattoos, meeting Chuck the  writer and apparently a Prophet, Dean with flower band-aids.

The brothers doing Laundry, Dean reading pages from Chuck's new script “’I’m sitting in a laundry mat reading about myself sitting in a laundry mat reading about myself.’ My head hurts.”

‘Kripke’s Hollow Diner’ where they decide to do ‘opposite day’, trying not to fight and through gritted teeth. ‘It frustrates me when…’ and so many more.

6) Yellow Fever


Another enjoyable one with Dean being chased by that 'terrifying' Yorkie, I loved hearing the clicking of its nails hitting the pavement, Sam being sprayed with spleen juice, Sheriff's  addiction to hand sanitizer.

Dean fear of  teenagers, speeding, snakes, heights, guns, ‘Oh, I’m not carrying that. It could go off. I’ll man the flashlight," cats in lockers, ghosts.... and the list goes on.

5) The French Mistake


Another one I really enjoyed with the brothers being sent into a alternate reality, were they are TV stars, wearing makeup 'I'm a painted whore', several dismantled Impala's 'I think I going to be sick', fake weapons, fake Castiel, married to fake Ruby, living in Canada - 'Dude we're not even in America,' Dean/Jensen a soap opera star, hilarious bad acting, Misha's sweater, Kripke's death scene.

4) Bad Day At Black Rock


I loved this episode. The return of a scary Gordon, introduction to Kubrick, Creedy and Bela. The brothers at John's storage locker, Sam's 1995 Soccer Trophy 'probably the closest you became to being a boy.' Dean's first sawed off shot gun 'I made it myself'. Bad guy Wayne meeting his end by BBQ fork. Rabbits foot brings Sam good luck, lottery winnings, millionth customer at Biggerson's, Bela's steals the foot,  Sam now has bad luck ' I lost my shoe', arm catching fire, tied and beaten by Kubrick and Creedy, Dean's steals foot from Bela and now has the good luck, Dean's tosses pen into  barrel of gun 'I'm Batman'...... so many laughs.

3) Mystery Spot

vlcsnap 00021

I loved this entire episode. The return of the Trickster(Gabriel), all the diner scenes, pig in a poke, 'Sam Winchester wears makeup...'

Even though Dean dies repeatedly, it was done in such a humorist  way, (well maybe except the two times Dean got shot) being hit by the car, crushed by falling desk, choking on a sausage, falling in shower,  eating a bad taco,  electrocution,  axed by Sam, attacked by dog.

2) Changing Channels

vlcsnap 00035

This was epic! Loved, Loved, Loved this episode. The opening  corny 'sitcom' with theme song, the TV parodies Dr. Sexy (Grey's Anatomy),  CSI Miami, Knight Rider (instead of Kit we have Sampala), the Japanese Game show (Ouch... poor Sam), the Genital Herpes Commercial(again poor Sam).   Then of course there's the return of the Trickster and learning he's Archangel Gabriel.

1) Tall Tales


This is my all time favourite episode. It introduced us to the Trickster(Gabriel).  The whole bar scene, with the Purple Nurples and Sam’s bitchface along with his ‘Bla bla bla.’  The boys wrestling over the money clip. Dean stuffing his face with chocolates and looking like a chipmunk. Sammy getting all emotional with the missing boys roommate.  Bobby’s WTF expression when the boys are telling their different interpretations. “Alien’s????”  Alien slow dancing to 'Lady in Red'.  This one always takes me to my 'happy place' when I'm feeling blue.

What are your top ten funniest?


Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-06-30 18:27
I mostly agree with the ones on your list (although probably in a slightly different order) except I would include Clap Your Hands if You Believe instead of Hunteri Heroici or Simon Said. I loved both of those episodes but I think Clap Your Hands is in my top 5 funniest episodes. I'd have a really hard time putting them in order because they are all fantastic.
# YellowEyedSam 2015-06-30 18:31
These really were the funniest episodes! Although adding Simon Said episode was a choice I wouldn't of thought of.
# BoGirle 2015-06-30 19:24
Slow dancing with an alien....hah! That was funny, as was the variety and potency of Sam's bitchfaces.

Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-06-30 19:45
It's true about Sam's bitchfaces. Jensen justifiably gets a lot of recognition for his comic skills (I think he's a genius at comedy), but Jared is no slouch at comedy. I thought he was hilarious in Tall Tales, as well as in many of the other episodes listed.
# BoGirle 2015-06-30 20:34
Jared has said on numerous occasions that he's afraid of comedy and doesn't think he's funny. He's so totally wrong though... he's hysterical and also good at the very difficult to pull off medium of physical comedy. All you have to do is watch "Bad Day at Black Rock" to see Jared at his physical comedy best. Season 10 was pretty grim and we haven't had a full out comic episode in a while Ask Jeeves came closest maybe but for me, the MoC put a damper on pretty much everything. I'm not sure that THE DARKNESS!!!! will afford much time for humor, but we could sure use some lighter episodes.
# spnlit 2015-06-30 21:36
I agree. Jared was great in bad Day at Black Rock. The MOC put a damper on the whole season 10 for me too because no matter what happened (comedy, fight scenes, conversations) Dean was not really Dean.
# spnlit 2015-06-30 19:50
Thanks for the humor break. All Good choices. Clap your Hands If you Believe 6.9 would be in my top three funniest episodes. I enjoyed Ben Edlund's sense of humor: Soulless Sam in contrast with Dean being abducted and fighting a little naked fairy was priceless. Sam verbally attacking the fairy woman, Marion; The visit to Marion's house and her tutorial on fairies. Dean's abduction and description of encounter, Sam banging the hippie chick (Dean referred to as Patchouli) when Dean was abducted. Dean in a smackdown with the little naked glowing flying fairy to the music of David Bowie Space Oddity!
I also enjoyed the humor in Weekend at Bobby's 6.4.
# BoGirle 2015-06-30 20:36
Agreed, Clap Your Hands was pretty funny, funnier for me than Simon Said, which I didn't really think of as a humor episode.

Tiny Teacup
# spnlit 2015-06-30 21:30
Whenever I need a laugh, I watch this episode. Also, if I was going to introduce someone to the funny side to SPN, I would suggest this one.

Dean: I was abducted, and you were banging patchouli!
Sam: I didn't think she smelled that bad.

Dean: Yes, you sit in the dark and you feel the loss.
Sam: Absolutely, but couldn't I just do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?
Dean: NO!
Sam: It would be in the dark.

Dean: It was a little, naked lady, okay?
Sam: It was a what?
Dean: It was a little, glowing, hot, naked lady with... nipples, and... she hit me.
Sam: I'm not supposed to laugh, right?
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-06-30 21:57
I agree. I've seen this episode many times and each time I start laughing from the first scene between the brothers and don't stop laughing until the end. I honestly think that episode is as funny as the best episodes of many sitcoms. In addition to all of the scenes you mentioned, I just love Dean's reaction when Sam says "probing table."
# BoGirle 2015-06-30 20:41
I know it's only supposed to be 10 episodes but what about Monster Movie? That episode is epic and is in the top 5 for me.
# BoGirle 2015-07-01 07:48
Oh and Wishful Thinking... maybe not top ten material but pretty funny.
# spnlit 2015-07-01 10:13
I enjoyed Monster Movie as well. It was a great parody of the Classic Hollywood Monster movies of the 1930's. Jensen stated that he had fun on that set. Even the modern characters were transformed to the 1930's . Jensen was the handsome "G man". One of my favorite scenes was the werewolf: Loved the use of the old fashioned sex ploy and because the use of Ann Marie in Pennsylvania hit home for me. :)

ANNA-MARIE Rick. Did you hear that?
ANNA-MARIE:It sounded like a wolf.
RICK:Come on, Marie, don't change the subject. I told you what could happen to a man if he doesn't --
ANNA-MARIE:Those stories aren't true.
RICK: They are. Baby, if a man doesn't get the stuff out of his system regularly, it can back up and cause all kinds of... medical type problems.
There is a shadow of hands, then a monster’s shadow on the car. ANNA-MARIE and RICH are kissing.
ANNA-MARIE: Shh, do you hear that?
RICK Anna-Marie, there aren't any wolves in Pennsylvania.
A WEREWOLF breaks the window and pulls RICK out.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-01 11:01
Do I take it that you are Ann Marie from Pennsylvania? If so, I'm waving to you from Allentown. :)
# spnlit 2015-07-01 11:16
Wave back. :) Small world. Yes, lived and worked in the Lehigh Valley too- Location of 1.04 Phantom Traveler (Nazareth). Also lived in Erie PA- 3.15 Time is on My Side and Wilkes Barre PA 8:13 Everybody Hates Hitler. For this one someone did their homework because the college campus/ library/ college bar all were similar to Kings College in WB.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-01 10:59
I guess I'm in the minority here but Monster Movie didn't really work for me. I thought the episode was OK, but a lot of it just seemed too over the top to me, in a way that French Mistake and Changing Channels didn't. On the other hand, I was one of the 7 people who enjoyed It's Time for a Wedding. Yes, Becky was WAY over the top, but I thought the brothers- Dean in particular- were hilarious, and Garth was pretty funny as well. I guess there's no accounting for tastes!
# spnlit 2015-07-01 11:20
I join you in enjoying a Time for a Wedding. It was silly! I love when Dean showed up at the apartment with a wedding present.... a waffle maker I think. :) Yes, many varied types of humor used over the 10 years. Need some humorous moments in season 11!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-01 11:40
Yes! The waffle iron scene was great. And the entire scene at the chapel cracks me up, including the exploding cake. Every look of exasperation by Dean to Sam, Becky and Garth was priceless. Just thinking about it makes me want to re-watch it, because you and E are right. The laughs have been few and far between these last few seasons, and that has always been such an important part of the show. Heck, there were more laughs during the Apocalypse!
# Sharon 2015-07-01 16:29
Considering what happened to Sam in the cage and also what was hinted what was done to him .Becky,s actions towards Sam were inapporiate and not ones I found particularly funny ,I still wonder what they were thinking in the writers room when this gem of a episode popped into their heads .

Who knows different season and it might of worked better than in season 7.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-01 18:54
I agree that most of the Becky parts were not that funny, but Dean's reactions to everything that was going on, and Garth's scenes, were really funny IMO.
# spnlit 2015-07-01 11:32
Yes, enjoyed the many funny moments with Garth. So sorry when they turned him into a conformed Werewolf. I would have enjoyed is periodic return as normal Garth.
# BoGirle 2015-07-01 17:04
Agreed. Garth was a terrific recurring character and should have stayed that way, but they ruined him. The only way he can come back now is if they have an ep where he goes off the rails and they have to kill him off. Sort of like Martin and Tess, Sarah, Tom, Meg, Adam.... all characters who were brought back at a later date just so they could kill them off.
# BoGirle 2015-07-01 16:59
Dean in lederhosen? Comon! That's funny!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-01 18:51
Yes that was funny, and there are other parts that I enjoyed as well. But overall it was a bit "eh" for me. Not sure why.
# BoGirle 2015-07-01 21:09
I loved it. TFAW? not so much. The Dean Garth parts were good, and I LOVED the scene where Sam finds Becky's 'I love sam' book and is embarrassed and then Sam is so cute about it, but that's it. I found Becky pretty annoying and dumb in this episode... and I had liked her pretty well until that time. But like so many characters *coughCharlieco ugh* they had to take her that one step too far. Thankfully she didn't enter MarySue territory.
# njspnfan 2015-07-01 17:42
Great list; I'm with those that would add Clap Your Hands If You Believe from Season 6. And Mystery Spot could make the list of funniest and saddest episodes, with Sam unraveling as the episode progressed.
# spnlit 2015-07-01 18:38
I did not find Mystery Spot funny although I see the potential humor. I was aligned with Sam's distressed perspective on this one; too absorbed in solving the mystery and being disturbed by Dean's repeated death.
# cheryl42 2015-07-01 20:47
If I was going to pick a funny episode from S7 I would have to go with Plucky's. The motel room, the unicorn, the clock counting down 24 style, the epic clown fight, the slinky and the best part Jensen's laugh.
Penny Jaime
# Penny Jaime 2015-07-02 11:00
# NOLANOLA 2015-07-02 17:01
4 of those I did not find funny at all. To each his own.
# BoGirle 2015-07-02 21:47
Hi NOLANOLA, I hope you are feeling better.
# NOLANOLA 2015-07-03 09:20
Thanks E, have a good holiday weekend. :)
# nope 2016-01-17 13:16
Funny... Yeah.... Hilarious episode.... loved that one..... MYSTERY SPOT WAS FUNNY??? BITCH I CRIED