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The day is here! Announcing the winners of The Winchester Family Business' 200th Supernatural "Caption This" contest!


Before we announce the winners of our milestone 200th contest, let's recap the background of the game. Every week for the past 200 weeks (that's nearly four years folks!), The WFB has run a "Caption This" contest, challenging readers to caption a scene from a Supernatural episode. The scenes have captured everything from suggestive positioning to hilarious looks on the characters' faces. The winner with the best caption, as voted on by me (and sometimes another WFB editor or two), is rewarded with their dialog entered onto the image and shared both on the site and on social media. To commemorate the 200th contest, we issued a special 200th Supernatural Caption This challenge that ran for the entire month of December 2019. The image was pulled from fans' favorite episode of Supernatural, as ranked in The WFB's Top 100 Supernatural Episode Countdown, "Swan Song." 

We received over 50 entries in the 200th contest! Your ideas were funny, witty, sarcastic and creative! All were unique and worthy of the proud tradition of The WFB's Caption This game!  Thank you to everyone who participated! It was hard to pick the winners! 

(Mandatory contest stuff follows.) To make the judging process as fair as possible, I assembled the entries in a random pattern into an answer key. I then put each entry along with the anonymous "code" assigned to it into a spread sheet, and had it randomize the entries a few times again. That sufficiently mixed the entries so they couldn't easily be identified by the order they were entered on the site nor the creators' screen names. Then the two WFB Senior Editors (Alice and Nightsky) and the two authors associated with the contest (Gail and myself) each chose our top 10 favorite captions. Of those, 8 entries appeared on more than one list. I randomized those 8 semi-finalists one more time and we had another round of judging by everyone ranking the 8 entries from favorite to least. I tallied the final score by weighting everyone's choices (with the first entry on a person's list getting 8 points, the second entry getting 7 points, and so on), and the following winners emerged.


One more thing before we announce the winners! I just want to stress again how much I enjoy all of you showing up to this little corner of the internet and having silly fun with me in celebration of this show we love. It really does mean something to me. Those of you who show up week after week for these contests - we never would have reached 200 of these games without all of you.

Thank you. I really mean that.

Ok, now we'll announce the winners!

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