It's Misha's Birthday. Let's celebrate some of his greatest hits!

Let's go back in time to our first interview with Misha.  We frequently comment about "baby Jared" and "baby Jensen" from the early days, but how about baby Misha?


...and his very first panel reported on our site.

Moving forward in time, here's an interview with Misha from 2011:

Image from 2014

As we got to know Misha better through the years, we learned to appreciate his humor and unique way of looking at things, so we gathered all his sage advice to benefit from The Conventional Wisdom of Misha Collins...


Then we turned the tables by playing a small April Fools Jokeon him!


We've honored how well he dons Castiel's Trench Coat in a fashion conscious slideshow,


and we've jumbled him up into a wordsearch game dedicated to all things Castiel/Misha! 

Castiel CH037

We reported on his Supernatural convention panels and interviewed him at Comic-Con. Since he joined the Supernatural family, he's become a father, and a worldwide leader of charities and scavenger hunts!  To browse through his antics and accomplishments over the years, go to our Tag/Article Archive Page and search or use tags for Misha Collins, Castiel, GISHWHES, Random Acts or anything else related to Misha!!

Happy Birthday Misha! Thanks for all the joy you bring to the entire Supernatural fandom!