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As you may or may not know, around here for fun we like to host a little "caption this" contest. Every week we pick a screencap from our favorite show and then have everybody able and willing submit captions for what they think is going on in that scene. It may be related to what is actually happening, it might not be fit for human minds, but it's all good for a laugh. Everybody votes on their favorite entries with the winner getting to see their words on the picture.

By the time a hiatus rolls around, we've usually done about 10 entries so we like to pull those together into a collection commenmorating the winners (especially for preservation in case a server mishap wipes out the discussion boards).  Previously we had our first volume of winners and our second volume of winners.  So won't you join us now as we show off the wit & "wisdom" of you wonderful, awesome, totally talented WFB readers.

Contest #21 entries.

We start off with the imaginary friend episode from season 11 (S11); A great episode that provided a very rich choice of entries.  Seriously I think we could host an entire year's worth of contests just from this episode alone.  Ultimately, it was AlyCat22 who won the day with a commentary on the boys' luck.

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Honorable mentions go to
sharon Gaught: Sam--- We're makin Waffles!!!
Sulley- With Sprinkles!
Dean- I must be sleep walking ... Im going back to bed.
Firefighterkw - Sam: Really Dean? First I loose my shoe now I'm going to loose my robe!
Dean: What? It is all warm and cozy, besides it goes great with pie.
Sam: That's beside the point, it is my robe!
Dean: Hey, whatever, I'm not the one with the imaginary friend in the middle of the night... just sayin'
Sully: Sam, you didn't tell me you had pie!!

My thoughts? "How can you be invisible with clothes that loud?"