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In a grand tradition of several places around the Internet and to help the S10/11 Hellatus pass by more quickly, I organized a "Caption This" contest every week on The WFB's Discussion Page. The object of the competition was to come up with the funniest, quirkiest or wittiest alternate dialog for a scene from one of Supernatural's episodes. Each competition lasted a week. Entires could be added at any time during the week, while viewers voted for their favorites. At the end of the week, I loaded the winning caption onto the scene, making a memorable screencap to be used in social media, as a new avatar or as Supernatural holiday cards! Entries got funnier each week as you all got the hang of this! 

Here are the winners of The WFB's Caption This - Round 1 competition. As background to each screencap, I have also shared explanations of how I chose each scene, and what pops into my head when I look at these pics!

#1 -Contest #1 Entries
For the first inspiration for this contest, I took a shot from the last episode of the last season (S10). This was just a random shot that made me laugh when I thought of the possible implications.

The winner was a Guest Entry:

Honorable mentions go to:
oh Crap wrong family
Dean: Woah! Do NOT go IN there!
Sam: ...
My Thought? "Dammit, I never mixed up the costumes when Sammy was around."