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Ever hear a song that immediately makes you think of a person or a moment in your life, or a scene in a movie or television show. For me it happens all the time, especially with a certain television show we all know and love. In honour of Supernatural I have put together a list of songs and the scenes that I now think of when I hear them. Now since there have been a lot of songs in the last eight years I have made this into eight articles dedicated to each season. I have also only picked the songs/episodes that have stood out for me the most. I hope you like it.

Season One


AC/DC - "Back in Black"

For this episode I have to go with AC/DC’s Back in Black following the discussion of Dean’s choice of music.

This moment really set the tone of not only the style of music we would be hearing but also with how the brothers interact with other. I love the banter and the brotherly teasing.

SPN 0414

Sam: I swear man you gotta update your cassette tape collection.

Dean: Why?

Sam: Well for one they’re cassette tapes and two (starts showing cassettes to Dean) Black Sabbath,

Motorhead, Metallica. It’s the greatest hits of mullet rock.

SPN 0420

Dean: (Grabs a cassette from Sam and puts it in the player) House rules Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

AC/DC’s Back in Black starts playing.

SPN 0421

Sam: You know Sammy is a chubby twelve year old. It’s Sam, okay.

SPN 0422

Dean: Sorry can’t hear yah, it’s too loud (Dean laughs)

Phantom Traveler

Metallica - "Some Kind of Monster"

This song will always make me think of this episode. I love how they incorporated the song in without playing the actual soundtrack.  

And it was fun to learn a couple of things about Dean.

SPN 0770

First we learn that Dean has an issue with flying, especially during take-off and when a slight bit of turbulence is felt.

Secondly we learn how Dean deals with this issue.

SPN 0774

Sam: Are you humming Metallica?

(I love how Sam leans in to listen to what Dean is humming.)

SPN 0775

Dean: It calms me down.

Bloody Mary

Rolling Stones – "Laugh, I Nearly Died"

The song leads in softly after the brother’s drop off Charlie, the girl they saved from Bloody Mary.  Sam gives her some advice and they drive off. As the song continues softly in the back ground Dean wants Sam to tell him his secret but Sam tells him that he needs to keep some things to himself.

SPN 1103

This is when the volume picks up and Sam then sees in the middle of town

Jessica standing on the corner,

SPN 1106

Sam looks at her first in disbelief

SPN 1107

And as they pass the pole and she disappears.

SPN 1109

He continues to look on, not believing what he just saw.

Dean notices Sam’s strange behavior but doesn’t say anything.

SPN 1111

Sam is left looking haunted.


Iron Butterfly – "In-A- Gadda-Da- Vida"

This episode opens up with the song starting and….

SPN 0003

 We see a very beaten up woman tied to a chair and her life is being threaten with a knife.

SPN 0019\
We then see police entering and searching through the house.

They come across the victim and she indicates the attacker is in the next room.

The police order the assailant to stop.

As the assailant turns we finally see his face.

SPN 0033

It’s Dean!


Bad Company – "Bad Company"

The last scene of the episode has the song start in,

SPN 1344  

as we see a van going along a deserted country road.

SPN 1351

Meg is a passenger in the van and has the driver pull over so she can make a call.

She pulls out a very old chalice

And slices the unexpected driver’s throat, taking his blood and tossing him aside.

SPN 1390

She stirs the blood with her finger, chants and then proceeds to speak to her father through the Chalice

SPN 1396

We now have confirmation that Meg is one bad apple


Blue Oyster Cult – "Don’t Fear the Reaper"

Sam and Dean are discussing the case and realise that when the Preacher heals someone, someone else dies with the same ailment.  The song quietly starts in as we see a jogger running through the trails in the woods

SPN 0717

She stops sensing something isn’t right, that someone or something is there.

SPN 0794

Dean concludes that they are dealing with a Reaper... the music then gets louder. 


We then see the preacher healing another one of his flock

SPN 0742

Our victim finally sees what is chasing her and is horrified.

As the Reaper touches her, the Preacher touches the new recipient

SPN 0785

As the recipient takes his first unassisted breath of air,

SPN 07680

Our victim takes her last.


Kansas – "Carry on Wayward Son"

This was our first airing of Carry on Wayward Son which has now become the Anthem for each season finale. This is played during ‘The road so far’ recap of events –

tales 0 0134

One of the first being Mary's death on the ceiling.

tales 0 0143

And the haunting aftermath with a traumatized Dean and John as he clutches his infant Sam.  

The montage of cases and event continues ... Like..

tales 0 0007

The Lady in White

tales 0 0057

The Scarecrow

tales 0 0220

Doctor Benton

tales 0 0223

A confused, messed up telekinesis Max

tales 0 0228

And one Creepy little ghostly girl.  

Devils Trap

CCR – "Bad Moon Rising"

In the last scene the song starts….

SPN 1298

...and we see the Impala racing along a dark country road

Sam is driving to the nearest hospital, to get John and Dean the help they need.

John argues with Sam over him not killing the YED. This of course would have meant Sam killing John.

SPN 1302

Sam seeing Dean’s reflection in the rearview mirror, informs his dad that killing him was not the answer.

SPN 1309

Then we see a light coming towards the Winchesters

SPN 1312

The Impala gets side swiped by a huge rig and is pushed through a field until it finally stops.

SPN 1317

We see that the driver has been possessed by a demon but not by the YED as his eyes are black.

SPN 1326

We are left with seeing an unconscious John….

SPN 1327


SPN 1328

And Dean.

So this is what I have picked for Season One. What songs stand out for you? Please share.

Next will be on Season Two.


# cheryl42 2014-09-29 16:48
Bloody Mary the first hint that something is really weirdly wrong with Sam. The music, the slow slide past Jessica, Sam's shocked expression and Dean's face. It was the best moment of that episode. I think that moment was the most important scene in the series up until that point. It really set the tone and turned the show on it's ear. The music became a narrator for the series. I was sorry to see it go in the later seasons. But yes whenever I hear these songs it takes me right to the scene.
Kayleigh butler
# Kayleigh butler 2014-09-29 17:56
I liked rush "fly by night" at the end of Wendigo too. I miss the days when we had a classic rock song in every other episode instead of every 5 episodes.
# Gwen 2014-10-01 18:35
The music in Season One was fantastic. Carry On My Wayward Son, Bad Moon Rising, Back In Black, Highway to Hell, Hot Blooded, Fly By Night, Don't Fear The Reaper and so many more. Whenever I hear any of the songs I'm suddenly, instantly nostalgic for those early days. I particularly love "Road To Nowhere" by Ozzy Osbourne from the last scene of Something Wicked and "Ramblin' Man" by Allman Brothers Band in The Pilot. My absolute favourite music moment though is Laugh I Nearly Died in Bloody Mary. The song, the scene, the episode - it was all perfect. I still get goosebumps when ever I hear this song.

Thanks for this article, such a sweet trip down memory lane. And now I really need to hear all these songs again. :D