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Editor's Note: Supernatural conventions are very special weekend events when fans can meet and mingle with each other and the cast of Supernatural. Bettina attended her first Supernatural convention in June. She is very excited to share with you her account of the fun, accompanied by her wonderful pictures!  Start at Part 1 of the report, then continue here with the closing ceremony, Bettina's convention observations and reports from fellow fans! - Nightsky


Cosplayers and Baby!

I saw many cosplayers at the convention. I was given permission to share pictures from some of those who impress me the most!

Cosplayer 1

Cosplayer 2

Cosplayer 5

Cosplayer 8

Cosplayer 9

You can find the cosplayers -

on Instagram:

Lucifer single photo: @sartras

Gabriel: @morgenstern_cosplay

Deanmon Dean: @_billy.kaplan_

Sam: @spacemonstercosplay

Lucifer group photo: @j_c_ackles

Abaddon: @fluffy_baby_sheep

Charlie: @llunakudo

Crowley: @linde_d.jens

on Twitter:

Rowena: @Lira_Jacobs

Sam: @spacemonsterart

Gabriel: @JaseMorgenstern

Lucifer group photo: @J_C_Ackles


We all love the '67 Chevy Impala called "Baby"! At the convention, we could take pictures of and with the replica called "Pie". It's from a fan who also attended PurCon. 

Chevy called PIE 1

Chevy called PIE 2

Chevy called PIE 3

Chevy called PIE 4

Chevy called PIE 5

She started the motor for us. Let me tell you, the sound is awesome!