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Sunday, J2 Day!  Well, it was a bit more than that.  There was an awesome panel involving a King and Queen of Hell, J2 on the stage twice messing with things like a new Twitter account for Jensen and a well placed fan at the back of the stage that provided loads of entertainment.  We also got two Padaleckis adorably interrupting the panel frequently (like father like son) and it all closed with our angel overlord flipping the bird to a select fan or two (hey, they had it coming).  Want details?  Bardicvoice has it all right here through her excellent tweeting skills from the cheap seats.  

First, here are a couple of photos courtesy of Nightsky (the header photo of Jared and Jensen is hers as well, so give credit!).   



My detailed report on the morning Gold Member panel can be found here (it's a must read!):

Below are the panel tweets from Bardicvoice (plus a few from us through the day). 


# Hannah 2014-09-17 20:08
Short 2-cents here, I'm about 90% sure (judging from seat placement and careful thought) that my head is directly above Jensen's in his picture. I'm sorry, I just find that very amusing..
Remi Meza
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