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All photos are taken by me.
Truth is, I come to these conventions for many reasons, but the main reason is to see the boys and if truth be known, one specific boy"¦or man"¦MANLY MAN (I mean these boys are in the 30's after all!).
Normally the Js are on the Sunday of the convention. They're the showstopper if you may, but at Vegascon, they were on the Saturday. Whether this was because of flights back to Vancouver and timings of work or whether it was because they wanted to be able to play up after their convention commitments I have no clue "“ but I'm betting on the later!
Jared had his mum and dad in town; they were with him at the convention at the panel and in his photo-ops. Clif flew down on Friday and Johnny and Sean came in with the boys on the Saturday.
But once again, I've jumped ahead! The day started a bit later than the usual J day. Normally I'm up at about 5.30am getting ready for a 7.30 breakfast start "“ or something along those lines. But this time, we could actually have a relaxing morning. The Js weren't arriving at lunch until 2 and before then, we had Emily Perkins' and Misha's panels. So there was plenty of time to get ready, sort the makeup, do the hair"¦prepare for what was ahead!

(My apologies, I can't for the life of me find my photos of Emily!)
I'll admit we were a tiny bit late to Emily's panel "“ moving a bit slow that morning "“ but we caught most of it. Emily is super tiny "“ I actually walked past her later in the casino and I'm talking TINY! She seemed a little nervous too, which was sweet. Plenty of people asked questions "“ it's always awkward when there's a guest and there's no one to ask questions! But plenty of people lined up. There were a few of those, what do you think Becky is/was/has/done/doing questions which kind of drive me crazy, because really, unless you are asking about the character motivation in the episode they're in, or unless the actor has created their own back-story for their character, these are questions for the writer. Some cast members are ok with saying, "I have no idea, ask the writers" but most try and come up with an answer on the spot. Convention handy hint: If asking a question, remember that the actor and the character are not the same thing and remember that the actor may not have complete insight into where the character might be now"¦or probably hasn't even thought about it! I will say that when someone asked why Sam didn't have pants on when Becky tied him up, I liked Emily's answer "“ she was trying to make him comfortable and he was hot. It was left up in the air as to whether she meant he was warm or HOT! I think we know the answer to that one!

After Emily it was Mr Misha Collins! I'm going to come clean, I'm not a minion and where as I like the character of Castiel here and there, I'm not one that feels the need for him to be in all the episodes. The show for me is and will always be about the Winchester brothers. Other characters fill out and colour in their world, but they will never take the focus away from Sam and Dean, nor should they. But over the last few years of meeting Misha (whom I tend to call Collins), I have developed a healthy respect for him and frankly, have fallen a little in love with him. He's funny and inspiring and I love that he teases the fandom and I love that he teases me! But I'll get to that.
This convention had the most Castiels I have ever seen! From your standard Castiel, to Steam Punk Castiel, to pink Castiel! There were Cass' everywhere!

First thing Misha did when he came on stage was inappropriately grope Richard, or at least fake it"¦so it was going to be one of those panels huh? Excellent. Then he grabbed Rob's ass! Ah Misha, don't ever change.

It was a fantastic panel, where Misha managed to inspire and offend us all at once, as only he can do. As usual, he took no crap. If he didn't like your question or he was simply over it, you knew "“ I say this but he's never rude, it's always done very tongue in cheek and frankly, I think it's what people enjoy about the back and forth with Misha.

To decide which side of the auditorium went first for questions he made the first people in line go up on stage and arm wrestle! The Castiel won, but then Misha never answered her question, saying he was trying to demonstrate to her that violence was not the answer! She said, he started, he said, "Don't turn this around on me!"
People congratulated him on becoming a regular for season 9. He was asked about directing and said he was terrified of what Jared was going to do to him"¦which according to Jensen and Jared he should be, though I have a sneaking suspicion neither will be anything but supportive. He discussed Random Acts and how it was because of our passion and creativity that he started the charity. He could see what we were capable of and wanted to harness that into doing good (as opposed to evil, which I think he'd also enjoy quite frankly).

At one point he got all the Castiels up on stage and led them in a dance "“ what I called The Dance of the Castiels. Or rather he got them to "frolic" with him. He told them to follow him and he proceeded to dance around the stage in a way that looked remarkably like that ridiculous dance from the gag reel, complete with twirls and pirouettes!
He told an awesome story about on set shenanigans. How they recently had a guest star on set and the crew dressed in drag while shooting the guest star's scenes and then the next day, wore ball-gags in their mouths. The guest star, to his credit never mentioned it. Just did the scenes professionally and went on home. What the cast and crew didn't realise was that this guest star was only on set for 2 days, the in drag day and the ball-gag day! When he wasn't on set on the 3rd day and everyone realised he'd finished up his scenes the day before, they were mortified! Because they never got a chance to tell the poor guy that it was just a joke. He must have gone away thinking, "What the hell?" This story came up again later in the J's panel"¦Jensen had a field day with the sulking and the pouting, but I'll get to that!

I love Misha's panels. I love the way he talks to the fans. He can bounce between serious and gracious and just telling someone to get out of here! This one was probably my favourite of his panels so far "“ though maybe not as dirty as his panel in Sydney last year! He did manage to drop a few F-bombs, but he kept it pretty clean as a whole!
After Misha, it was time for the Gold lunch. The lunch, followed by the Js ops meant that we missed Rob's solo panel, Richard's solo panel and Jim's first panel (we caught Jim on Sunday). This is the first time I've ever missed a panel because of clashes. I'll be honest, I was kind of bummed. I mean Rob and Richard are two of my favourite guys"¦ I did feed this back to Adam from Creation in my post con email (which I always do) and he said they were trying to give as much bang for our buck as they could. So, I guess yeah, if you weren't Gold you got the panels"¦but I was still disappointed. I told him that next year with the 4 days (I'm going to have to go into training), maybe some of those clashes could be avoided. Here's hoping.

Anyhoo, it was time for lunch with the boys (MEN). I've got to say, Creation really put on a spread! Lot's of lovely stuff to choose from and yummy desserts. But yeah, I could hardly eat because of the nerves. My stomach was playing ping-pong or something! This was the 5th time I'd be seeing/meeting Jensen and Jared and I was still as nervous as hell! Go figure!
The boys arrived right on 2, looking fabulous as usual. Jensen in his denim shirt and Jared in some scarf ensemble which was exactly at Amy height "“ which I'll explain later! The lighting was absolute rubbish so I got no decent photos at the lunch. There was a spotlight right about Jensen's head which cast the most awful shadows on his beautiful face and we were back a fair ways as there was a dance floor in front of the stage and obviously no tables were allowed on it. My friend Karen called it the demilitarised zone! Jensen asked if we were having a dance party later!

First up, there was the usually chat about season 8, season 9 and then the boys thanked us for the People's Choice Award. How if it weren't for us, they wouldn't be there or be receiving such accolades. Then someone congratulated Jensen on the bub. I must say I was very impressed with the fandom and the lack of questions about the coming baby. I feared the whole thing would be gushing about said bub and Jensen is a pretty private dude so I was worried all the baby talk would make him uncomfortable. But there was really very little. Nice work fandom! Anyway, there was the baby congrats pretty early on which led to that adorable moment of Jensen sticking out his tummy as if he was pregnant and Jared placing his hand and ear on Jensen's tummy as if listening for a heartbeat and saying that Jensen was barley showing. Gah. These boys! (Though I think I heard fanfiction writers the world over squee in weird delight"¦)
One of the really interesting titbits revealed in this panel was that Jensen and Jared did not confer on their outfits for the PCAs. They both have friends who are stylists who helped them out individually. Jensen was just going to wear something out of his wardrobe"¦until the stylist saw what he was suggesting, and went out shopping for him! The fact that they matched "“ well... Jared said that they spend so much time together that now they think alike. Jensen said, "My suit actually matched your tie" the fans all said "Yes" which cracked Jared up! But, the whole matching thing was a complete fluke.

The wonderful thing about these lunches/breakfasts is that they are super casual. You don't have to get up and queue at a microphone, you simply raise your hand at your table and the Js will get to you "“ point you out. I know that at Burbank, there isn't a breakfast; it's an additional panel, in your assigned seats. I'm hoping this isn't the way it's going because that would lose the casual intimacy that these events have.
Anyway, this lunch panel flew by. They are 30 minutes and I think this one may have been the fastest 30 minutes of my entire life! It was a blur of nerves and laughter and lurve"¦and it was all only just beginning"¦
Next up it was photos with Jensen. I had 2 singles and a shared with Hazel. Hazel and I laugh that in our friendship, she's the Jared and I'm the Jensen. You know how Jensen is always going "What?" and turning to Jared who whispers what the question was or what was said? Well that's us. Something happens to me at these convention things and I lose the ability to hear properly or think clearly, or something! So thank goodness Hazel is there to organise me! I'm forever going "What are we doing?" and she tells me!
I never do daft poses with Jensen. I mean, I mix it up a bit to get really good shots, but I'm all about getting my arms around that man! I'm always polite, say hello, say please and thank you, say goodbye. So first I asked for a hug photo and along with a big smile, I got a great, big all engulfing hug! Then I asked if I could kind of hug him from the side with my arms around his belly and he pulled me in, wrapped his hands over my hands and well"¦he pulled an adorable face! Like he's doing an O with his mouth! Of course I didn't know until I got the photo back, but it's super cute and I love that he does that without me asking. I guess he's seen me enough now to know he can play up and have a bit of fun and I'll be cool with it. If you follow me on twitter it's my current icon.
As usual, it was all too quick and it was off to wait for our J2s. Oh, I also have to say, my friend Kellie was a first timer this year and joined us in the photo op queue. She was so nervous about her first op. We gave her some in-queue coaching and backup! She got an epic hug from Jensen and bless her, was so thrilled when she came out of the room. I waited for her to see her reaction and it was shaky and teary and giggly. I remember my first time I met Jensen, I ran to my friend Tiny and hugged the life out of her and we jumped up and down on the spot! Of course, I'm pretty sure Jensen caught that! Seeing as we were still in the photo room! I love seeing people meeting him for the first time. It never gets old and it never gets old for me. He glows, with inner and outer beauty. And yes"¦I ran my hand down his back again. I simply can't help it. It's a subconscious thing, honestly it is! I just gotta touch the man! *sigh*
Ok, then it was our J2s. We had a single, a shared and for something different we got an op just with them. So my single was hug city again. By the way, that Padaleski dude just keeps getting more gorgeous. He's like a golden God! Seriously, every time I see him I'm like"¦crikey, he got prettier again! Anyhoo, for our shared op we asked the boys to hug each other and we'd hug around them. Well, when we got the photo back they're giving each other funny looks and sort of pushing each other away with their hands up like, yuck don't you hug me, man "“ it's brilliant! I'm in love with it! Then we got them to do a pose on their own and they did this kind of rock n' roll thing with Jensen pointing at the camera and Jared kind of pulling a rockstar face. This one will never see the light of day I'm afraid. It's really epic and just for us and well, we don't want it all over the net!
Then it was queuing for Jared time. We had to wait at the photo room straight after our J2's because we had Jensen's meeting and greet and we had a 10-minute window to get our Jared ops and get to the meet and greet room!
Now like I said, Jared was wearing a scarf and it was Amy height. So when I went in for my hug, I was buried in scarf! I stopped Chris and asked Jared if I could shift his scarf and he said, "What's happening?" and I said "You're blocking me with your scarf!" and he said"¦ "Oh yeah, I do that kind of thing!" and grinned at me. Gah! Then my second op, even though I change positions, it happened again and I said, "Err Jared, you're blocking me again" and he laughed and shifted the scarf saying, "Is this better babe?" Bless him. This also happened with his collar at Vancon"¦so I must be just the right height to get buried in Jared's clothing "“ not such a bad thing. By the way"¦he called me babe, sweetheart and love. Good grief! Oh and also, Mrs Padalecki was in there videoing the photo ops"¦so we all may be on a Padalecki family home video!
After our lovely Jared ops it was time to sprint down to the meet and greet room for our 30 minutes in Heaven"¦I mean, with Jensen.

As you're probably aware, Creation has modified the guidelines around the private meet and greets. They've asked that attendees do not transcribe or report verbatim what was said. I know there's been a bit of a kerfuffle about this, but let me say, as someone who's done 6 meet and greets "“ 4 with Jensen, 1 with Jared and 1 with Richard, I support this request. These are relaxed and open forums where the guests feel comfortable sharing information and stories with a small group. Both Jensen and Jared have said things in the meet and greets I've attended, which I've never written up because I didn't feel they were appropriate to share. Sometimes things slip out and it's up to us to ensure that anything that may have been said in candour remains protected. This is about protecting the people we're fans of. It's also about protecting the integrity of the private meet and greet situation. I want to ensure that Jensen feels comfortable in the room and doesn't have to worry about anything coming back to bite him on the ass.
To clarify the new guidelines, I contacted Adam from Creation. He told me that blogging about the event and paraphrasing a few lines here and there was fine, but entire transcripts was not in the spirit of the event. I guess, they're not doing an interview; they're having a candid chat with fans. There is a difference. To be honest, I usually only remember a handful of questions anyway, because I can barely remember my name when sitting in a small room with Jensen, let alone exactly what was said! So, with respect for Jensen (always), I will just paint a picture of the experience.
As usual, we had to pull numbers from an envelope to allocate our seats. I pulled front row but Hazel pulled second row (there were only 2 rows). It's Hazel and my policy to always sit together at these things (I say it's our brand), so I swapped with a reader of my pieces on the WFB, I took her second row seat and she took my front row seat. (Are you reading this, if you are please comment because I'm not sure I ever caught your name).

Anyway, Jensen strode in all smiles and hellos, seating himself on a tall chair in front of us. He was wonderful, as usual. There was discussion around directing and around his interest in photography, which he was warned would become much more important soon! We talked about the introduction of the MoLs bunker and Dean's room and I discussed with him Dean's prayer to Cass and the fact that Dan Loflin, the writer of that episode, had been on set when that scene was shot. I congratulated him on the scene and he thanked me, I said it was very emotional and he smiled and thanked me again and then I said, "At least it was for me" and he gave a great big laugh! I made Jensen laugh! I think that might be one of my favourite meet and greet moments ever!
He was gracious and attentive. He always ensures he puts maximum thought into your question. Mine was such a good one that we went back and forth with it a bit. I was totally stoked! He always looks you right in the eye when he talks to you and addresses his answer directly to you. It's your answer and he ensures you have your moment in his orbit. He's funny and yet soft-spoken. Jensen is quite different in this environment than he is in the panel with Jared. Less boisterous, a little more quiet. This is not to say there isn't plenty of laughter, he has a great sense of humour and likes to joke and tease. There's a lot of laughter in these things believe me! He seems totally relaxed and at ease with us in this environment. It really is awesome. Jensen's meet and greet is always my favourite moment of the convention. I can't imagine not doing it, like ever and I'll always have his back no matter what. I have to say, these 30 minutes generally feel like a good amount of time, but it's always so sad when he thanks us and gets up to stride back out. I could sit and talk to him for hours. He's smart and interesting and amusing"¦and yeah, incredibly beautiful to bask in.
So then it was the J's panel!

Richard told us in his meet and greet on Sunday evening that the Elastic Waste Band was not originally supposed to be on stage with the Js. But Richard asked Jensen if he'd like them to stay and Jensen said yes and thank goodness for that, because having the band on stage with the boys during their panel was so much fun. I mean, I've always thought Jensen must love to dance"¦what with how often he dances around on the gag reels, well, in this panel"¦he danced quite a bit! He bantered, played air-guitar, air-drums and of course"¦he sang. Jensen really enjoyed the band. But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself again!

Jared brought the PCA out for us all to see "“ which Jensen then danced across the stage with. Jared is so proud of that thing. They set it up on the podium on stage so we could all enjoy it during the panel.
Thankfully someone had said to Jared that the chairs were too low on stage (they were) so the boys sat up on the back of the chairs so we could all see them "“ and enjoy their long legs sprawling!
I think Jensen is getting sassier in these things. In the couple of years that I've been doing the Creation conventions, he has definitely relaxed more and now he gives the fans so much cheek! Also, he's naughty and sometimes kinda dirty! It's so appreciated I can't even tell you!

There was a great question about script writing and what they like and don't like as actors. For me, hearing them talk about their craft is always a highlight, because they are both so passionate. Later there was a funny moment about method acting, where the nervous fan tried to explain method acting to Jensen, which made Jared whisper "“ "He's a professional actor".
Ty swung by for a visit to ask a question about the J's identical trailers and motorcycles and then bring a little boy, whose name was Jensen, up on stage to meet big Jensen. Awwww.

Then later Misha tried to crash the panel "“ sneaking up on Jensen and Jared, even though they could see him in the monitor on stage "“ which made Misha laugh like a crazy man! They sent him off to the band to play the cowbell and the band started playing (Don't Fear) The Reaper. The guys totally cracked up. Great moment.
Another brilliant moment was when a girl asked what's it like to be really attractive and Jensen turned to Jared quick as a whip and said, "I should probably take this one". Jared totally lost it! One of his hand clapping, laughing fits! It was fantastic. Then someone shouted out that Jensen wouldn't know because he's married! Which made him go on a baffled tirade about how obviously a wedding ring was an ugly ring and how you must disappear when you get married! It was epically snarky!


Then there was the moment when Jensen went to tell the story about the guest star and how the crew dressed in drag"¦which of course we'd already heard! Jensen said "That little shit stole my story"¦I don't wanna tell it now." Then he fake pouted and Jared took it and ran with it going, "But did he tell you" and Jensen jumped in and said, "Oh I'm sure he told them that" and they ran that shtick for a bit, back and forth! It was brilliant to watch them adlibbing a joke on the fly!

Of course there had to be one awkward question. Some girl asking Jared about some I Blame Jared Padalecki for Everything Facebook page. Beyond the initial confusion, it went down like a tonne of bricks "“ but it was cool to see Jensen jump to his friend's defence, shoot the fan down in flames and basically make her look like the complete idiot she was for asking an inapproriate question. Why do fans do that stuff? It wasn't funny; intentional or not, it came across kind of rude and a bummer.

Anyhoo"¦through the panel there was loads of good-humoured yelling out from the audience, which was so funny. It's great that the audience's off the cuff comments can completely crack the boys up. I'm pretty sure they enjoy themselves doing these things just as much as we enjoy watching them. This panel was probably the most laughter filled one I've seen. I don't know if it was the Vegas thing, but everyone, including Jensen and Jared were in incredibly high spirits.
Of course then the band cracked into The Boys Are Back in Town and Jensen did a bit of air-guitar and then joined Rob and Richard to sing. Jensen loved having that band on stage, you could just tell!

After the panel, it was time for the J2M op. It was super quick, because the day was running behind and the guys had to be out by 9pm. But it was still great; I mean how often do you get squished in-between Jensen, Jared and Misha! Never! In my op, at the very last moment Misha kind of scooped an arm around me and then had to quickly adjust, as he was about to grab my boob. SERIOUSLY! The photo looks like he's cupping my boob! Hahaha! Awkward!

Then it was autos. I got Jensen to sign my Mac! I have a Dean and the Impala decal on my Mac and now I have Jensen's signature above it! I've literally have started calling my Mac, Ackles. I do so love my Mac"¦and now I love it even more and Jensen thought it was pretty cool! I also got a Sam, Dean and Cass banner signed by all 3 of the guys.

When I got to Jared I was so exhausted, I absently mindedly leant on the autograph table and let out an exasperated sigh! Jared looked up and said, "Deep breaths, deep breaths and relax" and laughed. I was like, "Oh ahh sorry, forgot where I was for a minute." When I got to Misha he looked up and went, "Oh it's you!" Now I've met Misha like 7 times now I guess, because he's been to Australia a couple of times and last time he was here I ran into him in the lobby of the hotel and we had a chat. Then, because he recognised me, he teased me at the cocktail party and then in the photo op, so now I guess that seems to be a thing with us! Because in my op with him later that night with Hazel, he looked at me, shook his head and said, "You keep going!" and pointed towards the door"¦before breaking into a great big smile. So I guess now I Misha fodder! I'll see him in a couple of months in Sydney again"¦let's see what happens this time!

And then it was over. It was one hell of a long and wonderful day. But it's always so heartbreaking"¦because when you walk away from your autos with Jensen and Jared, you know that's it"¦and you're not going to see them for a while and like I've said before, every time I see Jensen, it's harder to walk away"¦
Coming soon"¦ Viva Las Vegascon "“ Part Three. Sebastian dances, Mark drums, Ty parties and the Richard's meet and greet.
Thanks for reading part two! Sorry it was a bit long winded - I got excited!



# E 2013-03-18 08:46
Wonderful recap! It had me laughing out loud. I am not really a con type person, so I probably wont ever go to one. I love to live vicariously through other people's experiences though, and this was just great fun.

Normally I am more of a Jared girl, there is just something about that man that just about does me in, but I must say, your last photo of Jensen, the profile, wow, just beautiful.
# Annaliese 2013-03-18 08:53
Mac, Ackles, Mackles. It's like the third thing you say.

I'm so glad I got to meet both yourself and Hazel in Vegas - you certainly got both Kellie and I through some emotional moments!

Loving your recaps Amy - can't wait for Part 3!
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 09:01
Mackles! Hahaha!

Great meeting you too! I was so happy to share the experience with you guys!
# st50 2013-03-18 09:59
Thanks sweetondean! :-)
Can't wait for Dallas! (I still can't believe it)
# m 2013-03-18 11:10
I am very glad you had a good time of course! BUT....

I do not want to open a can of worms, and please, anyone who reads this, feel free to NOT reply. I certainly wasn't there and have no authority on the matter; however, I read what I believe was another person's account of the same issue with the 'Jared is to blame for...' and can see their side of what happened. My assessment? It was an unfortunate thing all denying that.

I mean everything you said about the incident I found fine and fair except for the use of the words 'complete idiot that she was.' Even though I wasn't there, I don't think it was really necessary to call another person an idiot on top of your account of the situation. As a parent as part of the reason, I feel I can't not say something.
# Kim 2013-03-18 12:35
Wow!! This is a great recap. Thanks.. Know I have an ideal what to look forward too.
# LEAH 2013-03-18 14:08
This was great! It wll be YOUR fault when I make the bad financial decision to go to a con!!!! :lol: :lol: You make them sound like sooo much fun.

I have been trying to watch some of the video's on You Tube but the quality isn't always good. There was one time when Jensen seemed a little irked at one fan and I couldn't hear her question. But she walked in front of the stage and Jensen made a comment something like "you should thank me......." ( Cas coat???) anyway I heard some audience members tell her to let the moment pass. Was that the fan you were talking about? Does anyone know?

Anyhow sweedondean, thanks for the lovely and entertaining recap! Can't wait for more.
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 16:51
Jensen gave that person a bit of cheek because they were dressed as Cass! He was talking about how the girl should thank him for the coat, because he/Dean saved it from the river. That led him on to the story about the scene where Dean returned the coat to Cass, and Misha, Jensen and Bob and tweeked the dialogue because it didn't feel right. The girls kind of didn't know whether to sit or not! So Jensen teased them. The "You can go now, it's getting awkward" was really funny! It was in the vein of when he yells at the audience, in that gruff voice, to calm down. You know, "Alright, alright calm down" I love it when he does stuff like that!
# LEAH 2013-03-18 17:17
Thanks sweetondean. So he was being playful. The audio was sketchy and video shakey on the one I went with. I love it when he yells in that gruff voice too! The only time I saw Jensen a little annoyed was at a con in another country when a fan asked (supposedly for a friend) why Dean was such an ***hole. He said you should tell your friend to try phrasing her question a little better. ;-)
# Ardeospina 2013-03-18 14:28
Great report, as usual!

Though, not having heard the panel, I don't know what happened with the Jared Padalecki Facebook joke that bombed, but I think maybe you're being a little harsh towards that fan. Maybe it was a dumb question, but that just means it was a dumb question not that she is an idiot. Again, I wasn't there, so I don't know the tone it was asked in.

However, I will agree with you that there are some questions sometimes that are either rude, unecessary, or outright harassing, and that is really unfortunate.

Anyway, it sounds like a great day! Looking forward to hearing about day 3!
# st50 2013-03-18 15:17
Personally, I think it's high time we start holding people accountable for their actions..... Not by insulting them or calling names or issuing death threats or any of the idiocy that has been going on in this fandom since the convention, but... Seriously...

Our cultural norm, right now, seems to be to give everyone, and especially teenagers, a free pass to act like idiots and not think through how their words and actions will be received.

Seems to me, this would be a great "teachable moment" for that family.
A little more thought on the part of these teens (and definitely on the part of the adult with them) - long before the tshirts were worn or the question asked - would surely have prevented the entire sorry misunderstandin g.

I've watched the videos, seen the tweets and fb posts by the mother, and really wish this had never happened. I am sad that the mother feels the need to publicly defend it, rather than removing the offending page and letting the issue die, and dealing with the consequences privately. Sometimes silence is a better response.
(and I should probably have remained silent, too. Sorry)

It was a horrendous misunderstandin g and should now be allowed to be forgotten. I'm sure it's not the worst - or the last - thing that the Js will have/have had to deal with.

I only hope that these young people will actually learn to think before they speak/act in the future.
# Bamboo24 2013-03-18 16:17
I have to agree, st50. I caught some of the Internet chatter about the incident as well, plus watched it on Youtube.

I do think this is a classic example of some fans feeling almost too familiar and personal with these actors.

In this situation, the girl was assuming Jared would remember her and her mom and their prank website, "I Blame Jared Padalecki for Everything," which was made in light-hearted jest (but IMO in poor taste and judgment). Thing is: these men have busy lives and thousands of fans. Even what people see of these actors at the cons, to some extent, is them acting; playing a role for a paying audience. They may remember the occasional name or face or inside joke - but it's also possible that they are just that good at playing along to try and make each fan feel special. Again - incredibly busy lives.

And there's definitely an element of respect and awe lost, I think, when people start identifying too closely with these actors whom, to be honest, no matter how many cons attended, we don't really "know" on a personal level.

But the biggest thing that stood out to me in this incident was this: most people in the fandom are aware that Jensen has dealt with online fan hate toward his wife Daneel in social mediums like Twitter pretty recently; and here you have a fan coming forward at a Con talking about an "I Blame Jared Padalecki for Everything" FB page. A little forethought and consideration was definitely in order - what was the man to think? And it was obvious that Jared didn't remember the FB page either. Bottom line: the question was silly, lacked a modicum of respect, and was worded/explaine d poorly.

Yes, it was a huge misunderstandin g. Yes, it should be forgiven. But yes, there is much to learn here, and perhaps a little humble pie on the part of the fandom is needed. These people allow us incredible access to themselves and their lives - we should never take that for granted.
# st50 2013-03-18 16:28
That's true, Bamboo24. And not just Jensen and Daneel.
The twitter hate alone - directed at Jared, his wife, his child, Misha's wife, not to mention Daneel's baby - is outright shocking. And that's only ONE social media site. Even their bodyguard has commented on more than one occasion. (Misha seems able to fight back in his own way, although I'm sure he gets quite a bit as well).

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that their thoughts would head directly into that (hate) mode.

And I agree. No one 'knows' their true natures here. We get glimpses, but mostly just what they - very, very generously - allow us to have. :-)
We should be grateful - and respectful.
# KELLY 2013-03-18 23:18
st50, I have never understood fans who turn their love of actor into hatred of that person's significant other. Do they really think that's likely to go over very well at all with this person they admire so much? This is yet another example of how protective Jensen is of Jared (and vice versa), I'm sure he is even more so Danneel. Just as Jared is of Gen.
# Sylvie 2013-03-19 15:10
I have no idea what the FB page was about, nor do I care. I think that is a big problem with social media, some fans act like actors are their BFFs. And Bamboo24 is right, even at the conventions, they are putting on a show for payingfans. There is a fine line between these actors and fans, we must be careful not to cross it. It's called having a personal life, and everyone is entitled to one. I love Jared to bits, but him being on Twitter probably doesn't help. I know Jensen has a FB page, but it's very standoffish and that's fine with me. I will get off my soapbox now, I hope I haven't offended anyone, but I think that people who start attacking an actor's spouse and family is a little too far gone. Remember Becky people? Crazy fan 99! :lol:
# eilf 2013-03-19 15:17
I don't think Jensen is on Facebook. He never used to be ...
# Trucklady 2013-03-19 15:28
I know Jensen has a FB page, but it's very standoffish and that's fine with me.
No Jensen does not have Facebook nor does he have a Twitter account but his wife Danneel does have Twitter and occasionally tweets on it for both of them. Yes Jared has a Twitter account but uses it sparingly also.

Either way, that is no excuse for attacking our actors no matter if it is in fun or not. Obviously this was a joke gone very bad and should be a lesson to anyone out there inclined to do something similar. I agree this has gone to far.
# Bamboo24 2013-03-19 15:35
Sorry Sylvie, but Trucklady is correct.

My understanding is that the actors are very open and honest about what social media accounts they have. When Jared got a Twitter account, he announced it so the fans would know. They even came out with a video a few years back stating what accounts they did and didn't have. They value their privacy and don't want people posing as them scamming fans. Jensen does not and never has had FB or Twitter. He doesn't seem to be into the social media thing, which is probably very wise. Sounds like someone is trying to pose as him, though.

# KELLY 2013-03-20 18:19
I'm on both wives and Jared and Misha's and none get really personal. Not even Misha who by far has the most tweets out of that group. Every once in a while they'll send a cute family or personal pic. But Jared hardly tweets at all (I'm assuming because he's freaking busy) and when he does it's often about the show or helping a friend or a charity. Same with with his wife and Danneel.

Misha will send just random funny stuff. But still most of his are linked to Random Acts or GISHWHES, but he just post them in funny bizarro ways. Not one of them seem like publicity whore AT ALL. They are definitely not selling their private lives in order to get followers, which is why it doesn't bother me at all.
# sweetondean 2013-03-19 16:20
Nope, no social media at all for Jensen. No twitter, no FB. Any page stating they are Jensen is a fake.
# Sylvie 2013-03-20 08:30
Okay, that explains it then. I had read somewhere that he had a FB page, and it surprised me, because I know he's very private. As for Danneel, I do know she has a Twitter account. I don't even have a cellphone, and I barely go on FB, so I'm not very savvy with the whole social media thing anyway. I work in a high school, and you have to mind your p's & q's because teenagers are on FB all the time. And believe me, if they find you on there, it's like chum in the water and they will attack any way they can. :eek: It's happened to a teacher that I work with. She still has the scars from the shark bite! :lol:
# st50 2013-03-20 09:52
Sylvie - Sorry to hear of your experience with fb and highschoolers.
Thank goodness that is not always the case. My daughters both have facebook, I got into it when they were very young, just to keep an eye. Now that my girls are away at university, I am proud to say they choose to remain facebook friends with their mom.
Several of my girls high school teachers are also on facebook, and they have always been treated with much respect by all the students over the years.
In fact, in a couple of cases, it has been a great method of engaging the kids in their subject outside of the classroom. Some great discussions were held on fb!
# KELLY 2013-03-18 22:52
Bamboo24, I think you are completely right. It was a misunderstandin g and completely poor judgment, because she thought he would get an "in" joke. When given the circumstances it is incredibly unlikely that he would. Because they are so open and friendly people get stupid and joke with them the way they joke with each other. Forgetting that they are a complete stranger not a close friend.

It a little sad for everyone involved. I feel bad for Jensen and Jared with having to deal with that and hope it didn't put any kind of damper on their weekend. But when I think of all the dumbass things I did as a teenager I feel a little bad for the girl too. Because at least my bone-head moves weren't seen by thousands of fans.
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 16:31
I actually know nothing about the page, or about the aftermath. I know nothing about her being picked on or any crap that followed. Like zip, zero. I simply know, as I was there, that the question obvisouly made Jared incredibly uncomfortable and it's not often you openly see the guys feeling awkward. Most stuff runs off their backs, but this didn't and it was right at the end of the panel and it really bummed out the tone.

Whether I should have called her a complete idiot or not? Well, I am who I am and it was a question that was an in-joke that I guess she and her mum obviously thought would be hilarious but was a clanger and just should never have been asked. For example, I'd never heard of that page and like the guys, I had absolutely no clue what on earth she was talking about. At first, I didn't completely understand it was a gag thing, I thought she might have been being a little hateful.

We are lucky, Creaton do not vet the questions. At the Australian conventions, you have to tell a con rep what your question is before you are allowed to ask it so they can deem whether it is acceptable to ask the guest or not. I do not want that to happen at the Creation cons. Some questions are just plain ridiculous, but the vast majority are well thought out and are something the entire audience and the guys can enjoy.

Jensen and Jared are beyond gracious with us...beyond. I mean, they don't have to be so open and fun with us, but they do and we are bloody lucky for it. A little respect doesn't go astray. They offer it to us and we should offer it in return. Like I said, the vast majority of the fandom does, but occassionally someone crosses a line in that regard.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone's sensibilities. This report was meant as something to relay my enjoyable and candid experience of the convention. I did not enjoy that question. Neither did the guys.
# st50 2013-03-18 16:36
I, for one, appreciate that "you are who you are", sweetondean. Your candor and enthusiasm never fail to brighten my days.
Keep on keeping on!
(apologies for directing your fun report down this path)
# eilf 2013-03-18 17:32
I agree with you too Sweetondean (also ST50 and Bamboo). I think it is perfectly fair to call someone out when they have done something which has the potential to spoil things for everyone else. I think that what happened AT THE CON was also perfectly fair considering she was a teenager sassing two grown men. Who does that? Maybe that's just the way I was taught ...

The Facebook thing is actually a totally different issue and Sweetondean shouldn't have to take it into account for her report. I saw the FB page before the hate stuff got taken down and it was horrible, no doubt. But that isn't the point here at all. The FB page was, and is (since it is still there) in bad taste and just because the people using it think it's cute and funny doesn't make it so.

It is a misuse of someone elses property (their name) in a way that can be misinterpreted, and it is pretty difficult for JP to do anything about it without making it a big deal. So he laughed it off, and apparently forgot about it, what else is he to do?

The person who is the administrator on the page (the girls mother) defended her daughter admirably and was very upset about the whole incident however she answered every comment using the administrator name which was 'I blame Jared Padalecki for everything' so every one of her posts started that way, and she apparently couldn't understand why things weren't improving.

EDIT: I want to clarify (because I may not have said it clearly above) that the people on that page didn't deserve ANY of the hate that was aimed at them. It was a misunderstandin g after all. I just think they could have handled it differently especially with regard to the FB page and the administrator's name.
# Gerry 2013-03-18 18:29
I think it's fair to give impressions of what the panel was like. The comment happened; it was awkward.

However, and this is NOT aimed at SweetOnDean, I think some of the fandom needs to do a little walkin' in someone else's shoes in the aftermath--some tweets and FB posts were awful. The page on Jared, while not my cup of tea, is not ill willed. It's along the line of the post a guy made last year called something like "I Hate Jared Padalecki"--nam e sounds bad but it was about how unfair it was on husbands for Jared to be on TV, because who can compete? It was tongue in cheek complimentary and Jared tweeted the guy something like "Ha ha." This page is similar. It doesn't insult Jared, it compliments him.

So yes, the girl should have realized you don't try an injoke at a public forum to someone you don't know and your mom only met twice briefly. And it's too bad she didn't immediately pick up when things started to go south. But she was only sixteen and as overwhelmed as most fans get talking to the guys. She had a scenario in her head that she expected to happen (Jared to recognize what she was saying) and when that didn't happen she basically froze and kept repeating her question hoping Jared would realize what she meant.

She needs to live and learn, but I think it was enough that when Jensen so firmly cut her off, she ran off in tears, according to her mom, and was upset the rest of the convention. She didn't need the tarring and feathering that happened later on social media.

That said, don't know why the mom doesn't take the page down now. The joke has soured for everyone.

Anyway, my two cents on the question.

SweetOnDean, your write was fabulous and so immediate and informative. Loved it.
# Bamboo24 2013-03-18 20:56
She needs to live and learn, but I think it was enough that when Jensen so firmly cut her off, she ran off in tears, according to her mom, and was upset the rest of the convention. She didn't need the tarring and feathering that happened later on social media.
I agree, Gerry. No matter who said what or how it was intended, she did not deserve the hate-backlash from some parts of the fandom. I don't condone any of that. It's despicable, and I truly hope she's able to overcome it and move on.
# LEAH 2013-03-18 21:22
I agree also. I can't help but feel sorry for this young lady. She made a mistake in judgement apparently and it backfired in a horrible way. She (and her mom) must have gone to that con to have a nice time along with everyone there. I don't want to take sides here. I think sweetondean has a right to her honest evaluation of how she saw things at the time as well.
# Gerry 2013-03-18 22:16
Oh definitely, Leah--I hope it didn't sound like I was taking sides against SweetOnDean. I wasn't at the con but did see the videos, and the moment WAS awkward. I understand her report.
# LEAH 2013-03-18 22:51
No, Gerry, I didn't think that at all. Some of the comments are split though and I was trying to stay neutral and see all sides. I agree with you and your well said comment.
# Yirabah 2013-03-19 15:58
I think some of the fandom needs to do a little walkin' in someone else's shoes in the aftermath--some tweets and FB posts were awful.
That is what I been thinking since the show started. Especially when it comes to Jared's wife. Gen played Ruby for a whole season but has she ever had her own panel during a con? Not that I know off. Fandom attacked her to much especially once it was official that her and Jared become a couple. I know that they were to afraid that ugliness would happen if she had her own panel. But she accompanied him to the con in Germany and there fans could buy a meet and greet with her. It was totally unplaned and a surprise to the fans. Unfortunatly I heard about it to late. I also heard that same thing was done at other cons. But Jared was always in the same room during this happenings and told the fans to be nice. I think it a total shame that that was neccessary (him having to be his wives bodyguard) just because some fans more then just overstepped the line. It went way to far into the actors privat life. I wish there would be a way to cut those people off. But unfortunatly a lot of familys have their black sheep and those people are ours.
# sweetondean 2013-03-19 16:51
I think we need to remember that the people who perpetuate the hate are in the minority, like a very small minority. The vast majority of fans are respectful and realise we have no ownership over these people and that they interact with us at the level they do through their own good graces. The fact that most interact with us also speaks to their understanding that most of the fans are there because they respect the actors and the show. This is something that the boys speak about frequently, that Supernatural fans seem to be a different breed because they show so much respect not just to the actors, but also to the crew and to the process of making the show. They appreciate that. So though there are black sheep out there, the good greatly outweighs the bad for all of us. It's a very sympbotic relationship we have going on with the cast and crew of Supernatural and as I said earlier, we are bloody lucky to have them. I think that the people involved in making the show, for the most part, also feel bloody lucky to have us!

The Js are smart cookies and they've been in the biz their entire adult life, I think they can sift through the good and the bad otherwise they wouldn't grant us the kind of access we get. I guarantee you their bullshit meters are finally tuned! Having said that, I think we also all know how hurtful it is to them when fans are hateful towards their wives (something that I will never, ever get my head around).

I was lucky enough to meet Gen at LAcon 2011. She was there with Jared and at the last minute, she did autos. I decided to buy a ticket as did my friend Hazel. Not a lot of people did but enough so that she was kept busy. When we got to the line we were pretty much first. Jared was sitting with her, but when he saw us, he got up and said he'd leave her to us and head to the green room. She asked him to take her bag with him. He took her dinky and very cute green bag and went to walk out, saying hi to us and to have fun etc. He looked hilarious with this teeny bag slung over his wrist so we wolf whistled, to which he flicked his hair, gave us a wiggle and basically skipped out! He had us and Gen in stiches! So he didn't stay and guard her. She managed very well on her own.

She was super sweet (tiny and gorgeous). We talked with her about love. She told us that she never thought she would get married until she met Jared, she wasn't interested in marriage, not that kind of girl, but when she met Jared, everything changed. She wrote in Hazel's journal "Love is awesome". I think she doesn't do panels because she's a bit on the shy/nervous side. I don't think anyone at a convention would attack her, she'd be well protected there by the fans.

Anyway, like I said, the vast majority of Supernatural fans are good and respectful people. I've met a bunch and that's certainly been my experience. Otherwise, I wouldn't play in this sandpit! :-)
# KELLY 2013-03-20 18:44
Sweetondean, you're absolutely right. The people who do horrible things like be hateful to Genevieve and Danneel are an extremely small part of the fanbase. They just have a tendency to be vocal and that makes them seem larger then they are.

I've seen more interviews with Gen then Danneel, but they both seem lovely and both are respectful of their husbands and their privacy. But regardless they are loved by their husbands and any real fan would understand how much it must upset them to see their wives hurt.

I know personally. You say something about me-whatever. Say something about my family and that is a WHOLE other story.

I would love to have a panel with Gen. I have lots of questions regarding her thoughts on her character. And she seems like a sweetheart.
# sucharita 2013-03-19 04:04
Well said. Those actors deserve our respect.
# Ardeospina 2013-03-19 16:56
I completely agree that she shouldn't have asked that question. Even if it was a joke, it fell completely flat, and if no one but you and your mother are in on the joke, what do you expect to happen? No one is going to get the joke. So it was in poor taste and should have been thought through further.

And yes, people should be held accountable for the questions they ask at cons. But they should be held accountable for the QUESTION and not have that question turn into personal attacks on that person, their family, whatever. Just because someone makes a remark you don't agree with doesn't give people the excuse to be bullies.

Sweetondean, I am not implying that you are bullying this person or trying to tie you in to what happened in the aftermath of this panel and the question, so I hope you don't think I'm doing that. I wasn't offended per se by your remarks, because I know you're not a mean-spirited person. I think I am just getting very sensitive about fandom reactions right now, and want to make sure that reactions are appropriate to the issue, if that makes sense.

It's difficult because I do feel like, especially in social media, there are a lot of people who are crossing lines they shouldn't cross. And I, frankly, am embarrassed by this behavior, even if I try not to participate in it. (I'm sure I've said some very stupid things in the past.) But how do we solve this type of problem within fandom without making the people who are engaging in the behavior feel bullied? It's quite a problem, I feel.
# st50 2013-03-19 17:06

And yes, people should be held accountable for the questions they ask at cons. But they should be held accountable for the QUESTION and not have that question turn into personal attacks on that person, their family, whatever. Just because someone makes a remark you don't agree with doesn't give people the excuse to be bullies.
Thanks, Ardeospina. That was the point I was trying to originally make. Somewhere WAY above. :-)
# m 2013-03-19 17:12
Well said, Ardeospina, well said. (unique name by the way)
# jcnbelle 2013-03-18 14:46
I got the front row ticket and the meet and greet!! It was so fun to get an opportunity to meet you and talk to you... I am enjoying the recaps so much.. Even though I was there, it was so busy and crazy that this helps to remember all that happened. The low seating was mentioned to Jared in his meet and greet.. I think it very cool that in spite of the several hundred photo ops he did between the meet & greet and the panel that he remembered the fan's request that they needed to sit up higher... I know it's a small thing but speaks to their investment in the fans and appreciation of the fans' efforts to be there...
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 16:34
Yay hi! Yes, it speaks volumes as to who the guys are, that they remember things like that. We are very lucky to have this pair as the leads on our show. Very lucky! Great to meet you and chat!
# fanotheboyz 2013-03-18 15:14
Thanks for the lovely recap and visuals! Last year I went to the NJ con, and the year before, to the TN con. Last year I took my elderly mom and my daughter. I was pretty relieved that the guys kept it clean, what with her being there. Although, having been to a J2 panel, I know they try to, so I wasn't really worried. I'm just wondering if they still keep it pretty clean. I'm planning on taking her again in May. We won't go Saturday, 'cause I know the other guys can get a little carried away and it might not be appropriate for a young fan. In May, the J2 panel is on Sunday and I'm planning for the whole family to go. You had me a little worried when you said Jensen gets a "little dirty" sometimes. I've never heard him do that, so now I'm nervous.
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 16:38
No the boys panels are pretty clean - Jensen's cheeky/a little dirty is stuff that adults pick up on, little faces and the like that make you realise he's thinking along a different line or picking up on an innuendo. Actually there was a Top Golf question like that. His face was precious. But they are definitely kid friendly. It's just, I've feel like I've seen a little letting down of his guard over the past couple of years...a cheekier side is showing. I really like it!
# fanotheboyz 2013-03-19 00:21
Thanks, SOD, I did manage to pull up a youtube vid of the con panel, so I know what you are referring to. I think it was mostly ok. Pretty much what I'd expect and I do like that they keep it pretty fun and clean, for the most part. I feel better now, thanks!
# strgazr04 2013-03-18 17:40
Thanks so much for the report. This is a great write up. It makes me even more excited to finally meet Jensen at NJcon. I have two photo ops with him and a duo with him and Jared. I'm so nervous about it. Idk what kind of poses to do with them, especially because I don't want two of the same in my JA solo pics. Anyone have some ideas for me? It's hard for me because I'm 3ft tall so they have to kneel or like lift me or something lol. Maybe I'll have them pretend my black Lab service dog is a hell hound and go into hunter mode ;D
Kristin L.
# Kristin L. 2013-03-18 17:55
I loved this review of Day 2 from the Vegas Con, Amy. I had such a hard time being there, but seeing J2 made everything melt away. I know what you mean about it getting harder & harder to walk away from, especially Jared.
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 22:45
You did great Kristy! I'm glad we got to see each other :-)
Kristin L.
# Kristin L. 2013-03-18 23:31
Thank you so much! I am so glad as well. Hopefully we'll see each other at another con in the future. :D
# eilf 2013-03-18 18:09
Sweetondean these are wonderful reports, it's almost like being there. It sounds like you get a lot of exercise though! Hope the various beers helped keep you refreshed :D

You really do make it sound like a lot of fun. And so much going on all the time, when we get to see the bits on You Tube we don't really get an idea of all the other stuff that happens. We need you for that!
# love2boys 2013-03-18 20:10
Sweetondean, I love your reports and your PICTURES! Jensen is beautiful. Just beautiful. And why is Jared so much better looking than Sam? He practically glows! But your narrative is so special. I'll never have enough $ to go to a con and bask in the Js aura, but with your account, it almost as good as being there!
# Trucklady 2013-03-18 21:25
Sweetondean, even though I was there it was great to read your review. I was sitting back much farther than you were so I missed some of the stuff you reported on so kudos to you. I agree it all goes way to fast and before you know it, it is all over and I'm found myself wanting more. I personally think the 2Js should get more stage time then they get since they are the main characters. They get about the same time as characters that have been killed off or are no longer on the show, not that I don't enjoy them also but feel the boys deserve more time then we get. Greedy I know but these things are not cheap and I would like more bang for my buck. I saw that Jensen and Misha and Clif went to the Nascar the next day there in Vegas so guess they needed their beauty sleep for that also. Overall, it was a great weekend and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
# KELLY 2013-03-18 22:36
Loved the report, Sweetondean and thanks for writing these up. I'll admit I love watching the illicit videos but yours reports really capture the excitement and fun of the events.

You also stated perfectly how I feel about Castiel and Misha. I love Castiel but I wasn't devastated by the loss when he died (not like BOBBY!). I do enjoy having him around and think he adds to the show, but for me the show is all about the boys or manly men-Dean and Sam whatever. But I love Misha and his rapport with the fans. And I agree I have a feeling the J's willing actually be very helpful when he directs-most of the time.

I have a question too. The private meet and greets that you can't talk about (which I get and respect-but totally jealous) are those part of the Gold Ticket or do you have to be affiliated with the press in some way? I don't see it listed under anything. I don't I'll ever be able to swing a Gold ticket but for something like that I'd be willing to sell plasma or maybe my car. Of course I'd be completely tongue-tied and probably faint.

On the PCA outfits, I wondered if their wives coordinated them, thinking it would be adorable and funny-which it was. I could see me doing something like that without telling them, knowing fangirls would love it-which I did.
# sweetondean 2013-03-18 22:44
Hey Kelly

The private meet and greet are by auction. These are the special events that go up a month or so before the convention that you then bid on. So nope, not part of any ticket, you just need to have a ticket to the convention to be eligible to bid. So you could get a general admission ticket for the day of the boys and then bid on the meet and greet. They can run expensive depending upon the person and the convention. Vegas was the most expensive to date - Vancouver is also usually up there.

And nope, they didn't co-ordinate the outfits at all! It was purely a fluke and the fact that the boys apparently share a brain!! (Or are on the same cycle as Jensen likes to say!) :lol:
# KELLY 2013-03-18 22:59
Thank You! That really helps. Creation should start paying you for all the info you give.

Oh I know they didn't coordinated their own outfits. I could just see a couple of ornery wives saying, "Hey you know what we could do?" And then not even tell the guys and laugh when the fangirls go crazy. :D
# LEAH 2013-03-18 22:59
Funny Kelly, plasma or your car?? Well I counter your offer with a lung or kidney. Beat that! :lol:
# KELLY 2013-03-19 00:16
Leah,I really want to make the bad financial decision for Dallas or Chicago OR BOTH. Or really all of them but Dallas and Chicago are closest for me. But if you're thinking of selling organs, I'd go for the kidney or half a liver.

It might be HARD to breath around Jensen and Jared but a few gasps every now and then is always a wise decision and hard to do without lungs. And while I might give them heart, selling it would make it hard to enjoy the con.

Besides I'm pretty sure with the shape I'm in, I'd have better luck raising the money with my car, although how would I get there in? Alright, I guess I'll have to go for plan b and win the lottery. Or you know try to get a better job and stick to a budget. Potato PoTAHto
# Tiny 2013-03-18 23:14
Hi AmyIsAwesome! Welcome back and thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I love every second of it as I was reading this and part 1. It was like I was there and my memories went way back to LACon and ChiCon. Oh gosh! Just when I thought I got over the post-convention sickness, you pull me back in! LOL.. Beautiful photos babe!!! Beautiful!!! Your Mac is EPIC.. I've never seen anything this EPIC on a Mac before!!! Well done you!! Well done!!

I think part of the issue with the I Blame Jared For Everything is that.. I am not even going to start. I hope there will be NO MOPE awkward questions at the Conventions or they will do what Hubs does here (like you said) submit questions before you ask them. If fans are good, everything is good. If fans don't put in some consideration into their questions, resulting in causing discomfort to the guests and other delegates, more rules will apply, and we don't like rules.

Anyway.. fantastic job!!!! When is your next con?


# sweetondean 2013-03-18 23:21
TINY! :lol: :lol:

I knew you'd love my Mac! Isn't it beautiful? My Mac and your iPhone should get it on! :P

Next con is Dallas! And you better be coming to Vegas next year!
# Grace232 2013-03-19 00:13
Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. I have never been to a convention, and doubt I ever will, but I love the show and admire the actors, and really appreciate you sharing this experience. It is pretty maxing to think that these guys work 16 hour days - in mother punt roy from where they live so they have to ly home every weekend AND they make time to do these events with their fans. I am in awe. Anyway, thank you again.
# Sylvie 2013-03-19 15:23
Thank you so much for the great report. I'm with Kelly, Creation should pay you for these. :lol: You're part of the reason I decided to finally go to the con in Toronto, they always sound like so much fun. I'd love to go to a meet & greet, but, yeah I think I'd have to sell off one of my organs to afford it! ;-) Looking forward to your third part.
# st50 2013-03-19 18:53
By the way, that Padaleski dude just keeps getting more gorgeous. He’s like a golden God! Seriously, every time I see him I’m like…crikey, he got prettier again!

I don't know why I keep re-reading this line. :o :oops:
Thanks, sweetondean!
# JoRuth 2013-03-19 23:15
Thank you!!!! So wonderful to relive through your eyes. I have been to three cons now and have never had enough nerve to have my photo taken ( I am intensely phobic about cameras) but I truly want a photo of Jared and Jensen and me to keep. After walking around looking at the photos with a new friend at the Con ( Kellie, wonder if it is the same Kellie) I went straight to my computer and bought an op with J2 at the Toronto Con in October. Your words are also so very encouraging.
As for that fan and the " I blame Jared..." question. You have reported it very well. . Poor Jared, at first he was just confused and then he looked so unhappily awkward as to what to do next. Jensen was amazing. I know the girl was young and some things have to be learned through mistakes but it was silly and ill advised. There were a group of girls all wearing a sparkly t-shirts bearing the name of the Facebook page of the unfortunate sounding name. They were looking for recognition and probably some banter with Jared. Learning what is funny in situations can be a good lesson. This was not funny. Instead it was sad and annoying for all. And a downer at the end of the panel. It is my hope that the girls mother ( I am old myself:) can stop defending the ridiculous moment and help her daughter enjoy being a fan, and respect Jared for all the give and take he offers and see the happiness he finds connecting with the fans. I was certainly joyfully happy all those three days.
# Cath 2013-03-20 03:26
Wonderful informative colorful recap of what sounded like another epic Jensen and Jared con experience.

Creation should use your recap as advertising to why everyone should go to conventions (especially with the J's).

# suebsg9 2013-03-20 15:49
Ok I have to say I enjoyed the question asked about advice Jensen would give Misha on directing and jared advice he would give jensen on being a new dad. And I like what Jensen said for misha and also enjoyed advice that jared gave jensen confusing part what didn't jared know that jensen and danneel are having a girl. because I like how he was explaining what boys do and jensens like i don't think we need to worry about that. Thanks for report and heard that part on the web. I think all cons should come with bands if jensen would break out in song more and man the guy was in such a good mood. and like you was surprized at the fact that everyone was not gushing over jensen being a soon to be dad. i agree with the fans very well done. and thanks for reports and intresting reads on the episodes come to your sites and many others to read views on the episodes.
# Fedelynn 2013-03-21 07:31
:-) THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing! :lol: