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Cast and Crew

Aimee Garcia who played Nancy in 'Jus in Bello' has just been cast in Lucifer.

Many years ago he was Ben Collins Person In Peril from a Wendigo. Now Alden Ehrenreich will be the young Han Solo. Reported by IO9, Spinoff Online, Deadline, AVClub, and Zap2It.

Katie Sarife - Marie, Fan Fiction - has a new role (Thanks to all-Spn for the tip).

Jose Manzano, one of our camera technicians has been promoted.

From Wikipedia
A focus puller, or 1st assistant camera, is a member of a film crew’s camera department whose primary responsibility is to maintain image sharpness on whatever subject or action is being filmed.

Vimeo has released a trailer for Jason Fischer's project Demon X.

Demon X Teaser from Demon X on Vimeo.

Miss Ben Edlund's writing? On August 19 Amazon is releasing the pilot of the reboot of his series The Tick. Story from TVLine, IO9, and

German fans will be happy to hear that Rockwood Events will be holding a Supernat-A-Looza Music Haus Party from Sept 30-Oct 2 2016 at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel. Confirmed guests include Jason Manns and the Band, Rob Benedict and Louden Swain, and Osric Chau. More information and tickets available here .

Closer to the U.S., if you missed Jason and his band at this month's Station Breaks, you are in luck the band will be appearing there again.

Osric also has a new role

Osric and Kim Rhodes will also be appearing at Geeky Con July 30, 2016

Kim was recently interviewd on Brown and Scoop for CBS radio

The interview was July 17, 2016 and can be heard half way down the list here.

Adam Glass got a shout out in Newsarama for his work on Suicide Squad: Kicked In The Teeth.

Speaking of comics, Robbie Thompson's Venom: Space Knight 10 will be released July 27, 2016.

MoviePilot gave us From Gilmore Boy To 'Supernatural' Hunk: 7 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Jared Padalecki. Revelist told us 9 reasons Jared Padalecki is a supernatural shirtless sensation .

William Shatner sent this birthday greeting to Jared. How utterly cool! Thanks Dakota60 for sharing with us.

CelebMix tells us about Jensen Ackles and THAT Kiss: Why Consent Matters. Unfortunately some convention goers forget some basic rules of civility. Thanks SPNUK for the tip.

Show Related Tidbits

TV Guide ran an article on the women of Supernatural.

CarterMatt asks ‘Supernatural’ Lifespan: How long can Jared Padalecki – Jensen Ackles series really go?.

Supernatural fandom did not win the MTV Fandom Awards. The Teen Wolf fandom was the winner.

Supernatural is still in the running for the EW Fall TV Cover. Voting for round 4 will continue until noon July 25. The final round will start immediately after on July 25, 2016 at noon.

Io9 reports The Supernatural TV Series May Be the Only Thing Preventing Our Nation From Tearing Itself Apart. Everybody loves us!

Convention Reports

Fangasm reports on PittCon with Saturday Night Special at PittCon and  Jared and Jensen at Pittcon!.