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Supernatural around the Web this week.

We start with a correction from last week. I said that Chad Lindberg was starring in The Man In The High Castle. It is actually D.J. Quails. Here is a clip of him in the production.

Amanda Tapping is expanding her horizons. She will be directing an episode of The Magicians, Sera Gamble's new show.

Sera Gamble attended the New York Comic Con this week. She along with the rest of the cast and crew sat down with the press to talk about her new project with Comic Book Resources.

The All Hell Breaks Loose Christmas Special will have a prophet in the house as Rob Benedict has been added to the schedule.

Briana Buckmaster was nominated for Best Emerging Actor by UBCP/ACTRA.

She made this statement.

“Being nominated for a UBCP/ACTRA award is one of the greatest highlights of my career thus far. I’m so grateful to be acknowledged amongst my peers whom I’ve been inspired by for years. The ‘Best Emerging Performer’ award encourages actors to continue pushing themselves beyond what they think is possible, and I am very very glad that I chose to do just that.”

Sadly, she lost to Dakota Daulby. However, it is great to see her talent recognized.

Osric Chau's Proud to Be Unique campaign will be wrapping up this week and he will be heading to Nicaragua as part of  Random Acts' Dreams2Acts trip to help Misha with the building of the school.

We have such generous actors in our family.

Jared has launched a holiday Always Keep Fighting campaign. The publications  Look To The Stars , Kicks105.5 and Talk Nerdy With Us all covered his newest effort.

Jared's campaign set a record for most shirts sold in the first 24 hours of a campaign on Represent. Congratulations Jared! Thanks to all his fans for helping with this cause.

NOTE: Be careful if you want to support Jared's campaigns. His success has attracted fraudulent copies of his merchandise.

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Jeffery Dean Morgan will be starring in The Walking Dead. For more information see the WFB article on his new job.

Mark Sheppard and Sarah Louise Fudge have tied the knot!

We wish them all the happiness in the world!

SPNUK posted Squee! The Fangirl Documentary - An Interview with Hansi Oppenheimer.

The Nerdist went Under the Hood of Supernatural's Impala.

In I Learned Something: Looking for Something to Participate In? The University of Tennessee Daily Beacon wrote about GISHWHES.

Movie Pilot asked Arrow/Supernatural Stars on Twitter: Could This Bromance Lead to a Crossover Event?. I can't quite picture it working. What do you think?

Alisha K from attended ChiCon this year. She used her experience to write Friday People Are the Best People: The Beauty of a Single Fandom Convention.

Jared and Jensen held a live talk after 11.06


Finally TV Addict released an outtake from their behind the scenes visit on Supernatural.