In trolling through Facebook, I found an unexpected casting spoiler for Supernatural

From their Facebook post, Kailey and Samantha Spear will be evil twins, perhaps demons, on an early season 12 episode of Supernatural

Their Twitter accounts confirmed their roles:

Their responses to fans' inquiries confirm that their episode will be airing in October. Given they just finished filming this week, I can guess they are in episode 3 (who's keeping track of which episode the cast are filming this week?)

Kailey and Sam are from B.C. Canada. I first became aware of the Spear sisters while working on my Twilight book. They wrote, directed and produced the winning entry for "The Storytellers - New Voices of The Twilight Saga" contest (the subject of my chapter in the book). Their video entry, The Mary Alice Brandon File, brought them great notoriety within the Twilight fandom.  It portrays the backstory for Alice Cullen, one of the most popular vampires of the Cullen clan (you can find it on YouTube). Talk about fandoms colliding! 

Their Facebook Page:
heir Twitter Accounts: @SamSSpear, @KaileySpear

Welcome to the #SPNFamily ladies!