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Name the Acronyms

I've noticed that acronyms are being used more and more.
To spare the re-typing of Titles that have been referenced before.
Some I know right away, while some I have no clue.
Some I have to look them up, what about you?
I have listed some acronyms to test your skills in deduction.
Are you willing see how fast you can guess these titles in production?


2* TTM

3* FPB


5* PT

6* IATL 


# Adina 2011-08-22 21:20
3. Folsom Prison Blues
5. Phantom Traveler
6. It's a Terrible Life
# Adina 2011-08-22 21:30
1. Red Sky at Morning
4. The Song Remains the Same
# Adina 2011-08-22 21:32
And I just can't get #2! Are you sure it's not "TMTM"?
# Kim 2011-08-22 21:38
2. The Third Man
# Julie 2011-08-23 06:14
Hello Karen this is really a fun game :-)
1. Red sky at morning
2. The Third Man
3. Fulsom Prison Blues
4. The song remains the same
5. Phantom Traveller
6. It`s a terrible life.
It reminds me of our much missed librarian who used to get so angry when we used acronyms.
Thanks for putting this together Ju
# Jasminka 2011-08-24 05:19
Yes! I miss, miss, miss Randal! Someone out there who knows a spell to bring him back?
:sad: , Jas
# Julie 2011-08-24 06:29
Oh how I wish this too! :sad:
There are things I would love to hear him give his unique take on around here! :-)
I admit I usually hate acronyms too, their use always seems impolite somehow, but I am guilty using them in reference to episodes, maybe this is something I need to address! :-*
# Sylvie 2011-08-23 15:33
I am a librarian also, and it does bug me to no end when acronyms are used in lieu of titles. Although I do use a few once in a while, but not for titles. Confession, I think it's because I'm really bad at guessing what they are!
# Lindab30 2011-08-23 19:19
Okay, here are the acronym rules as I understand them. At least, this is what is required of me at my job. The first time, write it out fully and put the acronym in parenthesis: The Song Remains the Same (TSRTS). After that it is okay to use the acronym. So often I just cannot figure what episode is being referenced and it frustrates me to no end. So, this is my 2 cents worth for the acronym topic. Only 31 days to go. Yippee!
# Jasminka 2011-08-24 05:18
Ah, Karen, if I played now, I'd be cheating... I'm a little late to the game, and I have seen the comments above... sniff.

Personally, I'm not fond of acronyms. It's a disease :lol: of our time - abbreviate long terms, not surprising in the age of twitter and facebook... Since I rarely use acronyms (I believe there has to be enough time to speak the whole term ;-) ), I would have had trouble naming the episodes...

It's a fun game, though. Next time I will test my show-knowledge earlier!
Love, Jas
Caz Winchester
# Caz Winchester 2011-08-30 19:38
1* Red Sky At Morning

2* The Third Man

3* Folsom Prison Blues

4* The Song Remains The Same

5* Phantom Traveller

6* It's A Terrible Life