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Open Supernatural Couch – Two Minutes to Midnight
The Coming of the Shadow of Death
It’s all for one and one for all. We’re only one episode away from the epic showdown that will surely be upon us next Thursday. According to Crowley, ‘this time next Thursday, we’ll be living in zombie land’.
Lucifer marshals up his armies, we can already hear their footsteps. And ‘Death draws his cordons in’. I don’t know why Judith Wright’s poem came to my mind when I watched the episode for the third time, but her words from her poem The Company of Lovers echoed in me. It’s one of my all time favourite poems, and sometimes, after becoming a fan of this show and being enthralled by the tragedy of the Winchesters, this poem somehow reminded me of the sad love stories that eventually set the whole destiny train in motion…
‘The dark preludes of the drums’ begin in many places, but we learn of a forlorn convalescent home in Iowa where Pestilence set up his lair, revelling in mixing up various diseases in a Petri dish. Coming back from a ‘productive trip’ he does not ease the patients pains but increases them only to be coated in pea soup, a horror movie classic to make the audience gag. The whole place is indeed, as Sam points out later, ‘more depressive than evil’. Remind me to die before I get so sick and/or old that I end up in a home like that.
Mr P’s plan (according to the Lucifer Gospel in this case) is very simple, and therein lies the brilliance of it, not much unlike the deadly simplicity of a lethal virus: spread a swine flu epidemic and then get the Croatoan virus on the road with the vaccine everyone will be craving for.
Everyone? Well… after getting my own anti-swine-flue vaccination last fall I was sick for a month. Perhaps I was given an early test version of Croatoan Dry… Don’t get a shot these days, people. It’s an infernal health hazard…
‘Don’t “Dean” me!’
Sam doesn’t keep secrets anymore, it seems. He tells Dean of his plan who, naturally, reacts with shock and indignation.
Dean:    ‘You can’t do this!’
Sam:      ‘That’s a consensus.’
Dean:    ‘Alright, awesome. End of discussion.’
Unfortunately, it’s not. Dean will learn soon enough that this will remain pretty much the only decent plan they will have. It might have been interesting to see where this argument would have led, had Castiel not interrupted it with his call – especially after Dean found out that Bobby did not give him the ‘heads up’ he expects from his fatherly friend.
Castiel is alive! But, alas, after upsetting the sailors on a shrimping boat where he suddenly appeared after his heroic stunt he can’t zap anywhere without having money wired to him for travel – he’s ‘incredibly human’. For now, he’s lost his ‘angel mojo’, and he’s not feeling well. Of course. Who would in his position? Having known nothing but being an angel, now being victim to e.g. a bug bite that won’t stop itching must be a weird experience for him. And it probably scares him big time.
Castiel has had some time to think, tied to a hospital bed, and apologizes to Dean for not believing in him. He was amazed at Dean not saying Yes to Michael and seems to remain in awe about these humans that manage to ‘exceed his expectations’ again and again. 

Castiel: ‘You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I believed you to be.’
Dean:    ‘Thank you. I appreciate that.’
I’m sure, Dean needs to hear that from his friend after having feared to have lost him – not only to possible death or destruction, but also to mistrust. As Bobby wires Castiel some money (come on, even though Bobby expressed some annoyed surprise as Dean mentioned that he would, we know Bobby to be the decent man he is and help the angel who often pisses him off out, no matter what. They are brothers in arms. There is no room for petty strives… though I believe Bobby is still mad at Castiel that the angel was not able to make his legs work again months ago) the brothers get on the road to get the third ring.
‘If Satan wants them so bad, he can glue them back together!’
We get some nice scenes, reminiscent of the early episodes like Nightshifter, as Sam and Dean concentrate on the security cameras. Dean, however, is tired and practically falls asleep – tired of not sleeping enough? Tired of being worried? Tired of being angry? He is hurting with fear, we know that, because it might be trickling through his system that he could be about to lose his brother – perhaps for good this time.
Luckily Sam is on guard and notices Pestilence. As they make their way through the corridors, passing a few corpses, it is Sam who remains standing long enough to help Dean on, before finally falling right into the door of ‘Dr Green’s’ room. Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly… He has managed to get various diseases into their bodies over the last minutes, from scarlet fever to syphilis. That’s really nasty. The brothers are coughing up blood again – kind of a familiar thing this season. They are about to die, actually, as Pestilence, who obviously loves the sound of his own voice, doesn’t give a damn about Lucifer’s orders not to harm the vessels.

One wonders whether he is also on a leash, as Death admits later on. Or is he simply playing along out of solidarity with his three brothers? He is a loyal one, that is for sure. We don’t get to know much of him after Castiel saves the day, fresh from the bus, ‘an occupied vessel, but powerless’ with just enough speck to get ring number three. The horseman’s sickness spell only works as long as the gem is on his finger, so it’s a relief to see the guys restored to their health again. Hopefully this holds true for the other patients in that sad home, too.
Apparently, losing the ring does not kill a horseman. The others are most likely still alive, too. I would love to see them ride against Lucifer – imagine four gorgeous muscle cars pulling up a dark alley for a fight… Ennio Morricone playing in the background… Wrong movie? Ah, shame…
The show needs to pick up speed here, as we have only one episode left, so we get a lot of information in a very short time. That Bobby sold, respectively pawned, his soul to Crawley in exchange for the location and plan of Death. Interesting how the concept of ‘good news’ grows to a whole new calibre.
‘Did you kiss him?’
The scene with Bobby admitting what he did and Crowley’s cutting enhancement of the deal – documented on his iPhone, adding that Bobby used tongue (ahem, Crowley, too much information!) is one hilarious breather, even funnier as it is Sam and not Dean who wants to know some details here. A short breather, though. I am grateful for any moment I don’t have to be on edge for our team. As we are going into battle with our heroes, we need moments like this to relax at least a minute to keep our sanity for the rest of this season… (yes, I know, it’s just a freakin’ tv show, yada, yada, yada, I keep saying that to me and to other fans, but fact is: I allowed this freakin’ tv show to enter my system and to love these characters…)
So, we’re getting on the road… to stop the damn apocalypse.
Dean:    ‘Let me guess, we’re about to have a talk.’
Sam:      ‘Look, Dean, for the record: I agree with you, about me. You think I’m too weak to take on Lucifer, well, so do I. Believe me, I know exactly how screwed up I am. You, Bobby, Cas – I’m the least of any of you.’
Dean:    ‘Ah, Sam- ‘
Sam:      ‘It’s true, it is. I’m also all we got. If there was another way – but I don’t think there is. There’s just me. So I don’t know what else to do except just try to do what’s gotta be done.’
This scene cut through my heart like a red hot blade. Damn, this whole episode did. I can’t think that any of us who watch this show would agree with Sammy. We’ve seen him be more than he believes to be. But as this show revels in character dynamics we see another facet of Sam here – the confident, more or less independent young guy who left for Stanford once, convinced to have a shot at the kind of life he decides to have, has some severe self-esteem issues, too. Just as Dean. Only a different colour.
He’s wrong, of course. He might be screwed up to some extent. But most of us are, aren’t we. Anyone who has experienced some kind of tragedy in their lives has been left with scars. And sometimes those get in the way of rational thinking and common sense. We are all human. We do what we can. Nobody can do more.

Look at Sam’s face, here. Such strength. Even though he doubts himself, it is there. He doesn’t seem to feel it himself. I wish I could get into that handsome head of his and trigger the conviction he had so clearly outlined once… He trusts his brother unconditionally. He admits his ‘weakness’ freely, taking in Dean’s doubts (Dean does not voice them in this scene, but it’s all in Jensen’s face – we know what he is thinking, he’s said it more than once).
The burden Sam is carrying has weakened him, yes, but he will find his courage. We have rarely seen fear in his face combined with anger and determination in that manner. There are even harder days coming. You have seen the promos for the next episode, right? Storm clouds are gathering. And when we get into a storm, we react according to our character. Sam’s nature will not condemn him to hide or run away or freeze with fear. He will do what needs to be done and soar on the wind. That is my firm belief. And I am so hoping for the brothers that this will dawn on them before the end. Because it might help them survive. 
The shadow of doom is upon them, tough. Before I can get any more emotional, Crowley (thank Hell for him) comes and breaks the tension with ‘And… scene!’  More information – Niveus Pharmaceuticals are preparing for the ‘simultaneous worldwide distribution’ of Croatoan. Quite a plan, indeed.
‘O Death… o Death… would you spare me over another…? … my name is Death and the end is near…’
The fourth horseman, the oldest and most defining one, arrives in Chicago in a beautiful, pale Cadillac, ready to wipe out the city in style. Since we learn later that he needed Dean to find him (because Lucifer has him on a leash, spellbound) the omens and Crowley’s information on Death’s whereabouts probably were a part of his plan to get the elder Winchester hither. 

His introduction, though, is amazing. Very Ridley Scott. Slow motion, haunting music, and the fact that when Death touches you – you die. Plain and simple.
The brothers can’t be at two places at the same time. Clearly. So, they need so split up. They prepare for this step like weary warriors – which they are – exhausted, almost out of hope but clinging to it like a drowning man…being matter of fact here, no lamenting… reactions that are so authentic and real…  At this point that is the only option – do what needs to be done. There is no more time for discussions. Or world weariness. So, their goodbyes are equally short despite the fact that they are aware that this might actually be the last time they see each other alive. Each mission is dangerous. Way too dangerous.
Dean is hardly able to say anything, except ‘Good luck stopping the whole zombie apocalypse’ with Sam answering ‘Good luck killing Death’. Sam, however, remembers – not without a sense of longing, I think – the early, much simpler days when they still hunted Wendigos… They have indeed come a long way from the early season we began to follow their exploits. Let’s hope, should they survive, that life will get a bit simpler for them, at least. But …life’s hardly ever that way…
‘Bobby, just gonna sit there?’
Who would have thought that Crowley is an altruist? He added a little something to the contract when borrowing Bobby’s soul – giving him his legs back. At this moment my heart jumped. And Jim Beaver made so much of that scene with hardly any dialogue… give-him-hell attitude, surprise, confusion, elation, incapability to believe what’s happening, unfathomable gratitude. Oh, Bobby! I missed you in action so much… This is lovely scene. I’m in tears.

I’m only afraid Crowley threw him a bone here before Bobby’s life will be taken. That’s one of the possible character deaths I fear. There have been speculations that Crowley might turn out to be God, as it is so un-demonlike to do a selfless deed like that. At this point, although I love to speculate away sometimes, I won’t indulge in it. I don’t trust Crowley. The following episode will prove me right or wrong. I’m okay with either, yet hoping that Bobby will be standing at the end and continue to be an asset in the sixth season.
So, the Anti-Croatoan team gets to Niveus, but this is Supernatural, and nothing goes smoothly here… Castiel, still pining over the loss of his angel mojo, informs Bobby and Sam that Michael has chosen a new vessel – Adam. An idea everyone had but feared to actually think about. That’s not the only quake shaking the truck. Cas likes Sam’s plan, but:
Cas:        ‘Sam, if you say Yes to Lucifer and then fail, this fight (the celebrity death match) will happen And the collateral, it’ll be immense. There’s also the demon blood.’
Sam:      ‘What? What are you talking about?’
Cas:        ‘To take in Lucifer you’d need more than you ever drunk.’
Sam:      ‘But, why?’
Cas:        ‘Strengthens the vessel. Keeps it from exploding.’
Sam:      ‘But the guy he’s in now-‘
Cas:        ‘He’s drinking gallons.’
Bobby: â€˜And how’s that not the worst plan you’ve ever heard?’
After being happy to see Bobby on his feet again, this twisted the knife in my body with typical Kripke-esque sick pleasure… What exactly does this mean? Ruby’s words at the end of season four ‘you didn’t need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time, Dumbo’ keep ringing in my ears. Did that not mean that Sam in fact was not in need of the blood to wield his power? Or did I miss something? Not paying attention?
What if – the angels have probably seen Nick/Lucifer swallowing huge amounts of blood… what if that is the only intel they have on the matter. Observation. Do they really know that Sam will need the blood or do they assume he might? I’ve been convinced that he had enough power within him. That’s what we have been told, right? 

Sam remains silent, but his face, wonderfully lit by Serge Ladouceur, master of photography, speaks volumes. Castiel’s words must be shattering news for him, but he won’t allow it to torpedo the mission. Bobby and Sam get into the pharmaceutical storehouse and save as many civilians as they can. (allow me a shallow note to ease my soul – didn’t Jared look incredibly handsome in that scene? That decisive look on his face as he was shooting the Croatoans, so silent, so gorgeous… sorry, SamGirl Moment over).  And hopefully – none of the saved civilians was already infected with Croatoan, or.. well… it might get nasty..-
‘You have an inflated sense of your importance.’
In the meanwhile Dean finds Death, with Crowleys help. The scene with the reapers waiting outside that building (which eventually proved to be the wrong one) creeped me out – what were they waiting for?

Death is having a pizza (as a European, can I ask – Chicago pizza is famous in the US, right? So then Death’s choice of lunch would be understandable. Personally I would have expected him to have some five-star meal in a fancy restaurant.)
Death is pissed, and rightly so, being ‘enslaved to a bratty child having a tantrum’, but with so much elaborated style that I almost like the guy. Well, being afraid of death would seem more appropriate, just as Dean is – but he needs to do this. Again, there is no other choice if he wants a shot at Lucifer. He listens in awe as Death explains to him who he is… and what he is capable of, in fact even reaping God one day (perhaps the day people will cease to believe…?).
He couldn’t be more surprised (neither could I) as the horseman offers him his ring freely. 
Death: â€˜There are conditions.’
Dean:    ‘Okay, like?’
Death: â€˜You have to do whatever it takes to put Lucifer in his cell.’
Dean:    ‘Of course.’
Death: â€˜Whatever it takes.’
Dean:    ‘That’s the plan.’
Death: â€˜No, no plan, not yet. Your brother. He’s the one who can stop Lucifer. The only one.’
Dean:    ‘What, you think-‘
Death: â€˜I know. So I need a promise. You’re going to let your brother jump into that fiery pit. Well, do I have your word?’
Dean:    ‘Okay, yeah. Yes.’
Death: â€˜That’d better be: Yes, Dean. You know you can’t cheat Death.’
As Dean returns, having been given the instructions manual, he is freaked out. Of course. He lied to Death. To his face. He knows he will have some nasty punishment to expect the moment it’s discovered. He has doubts. He’s not okay with Sam’s idea at all, but in all likelihood doesn’t see another option either.
Bobby, who is sore from walking up and down steps all night, quite happy, actually (we have rarely seen Bobby smile, ever, so this scene is a real treat for me…), tries to reach out to Dean in a manner only he can. By first stating the ‘character defects’ and ‘darkness’ that Dean is afraid of might sabotage the mission (as they approach the final battle). He needs reassurance.
Bobby puts Sam’s asset on the table, how he has been saving many people at that storehouse, ‘never stopping, never slowing down’. He has been running into burning buildings since he was twelve… What a life. Both brothers have. If there has to be a price for redemption – haven’t both already paid more than enough? ‘Sam will beat the devil or die trying.’ That’s exactly what he will do. And Dean will have to let him go – maybe for good, this time, to save the world.
Can a price be too high? Sure, one person here and six billion there – no contest, right? I pray to never have to face a decision like this in my life. In terms of ripping apart my heart and soul this show is reaching for the peak…
‘What exactly are you afraid of: losing or losing your brother?’
Looking at Dean’s face, we can guess the answer. Jensen… what an amazing actor. All the despair, confusion and pain in one glance… Where are those damn tissues again?
We need to stock up on whatever we need to get through the next episode. If any of you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read on, as I’m looking out to Swan Song.
The promo many of you have seen – Sam in front of the broken mirror in both roles, Lucifer talking to him (‘we are your family’) and Sam being defiant (‘I’m gonna rip you apart from the inside out’ – hope I got that right, I had a sound disturbance here). So, I assume the plan will be set in motion. Knowing what Jared can do, as he’s already given a hell of a performance (yes, pun intended) as Lucifer in The End, he will be marvellous here, as he has grown so much as an actor over the last couple of years.
Just as Jensen delivered an award worthy performance in All Hell Breaks Loose, mourning over Sam, this one will be Jared’s award worthy moment. I’m sure.
Everyone in this episode was fantastic; to see so much talent and fulfilled acting promises in one episode alone left me speechless. I’m hungry for more.
In the same promo we see a fight between Dean and Sam which is going to get ugly. Jensen referred to that particular scene at the L.A. Con, talking about how Jared helped him act this scene – since his eye was closed (by injury make-up) and he couldn’t see, so Jared helped him by indicating the coming blow with his other shoulder which made it possible for Jensen to react accordingly. Since that confrontation hasn’t been in the other episodes, we will see a nasty fight scene in the last.
Sera Gamble allegedly stated that the Impala will have an important role to play in the finale. Well, she has had a hard time, lately, a rip in the back seat upholstery… Let’s hope the car won’t be the beloved character death that was announced. Though (I expect Alice to hate me for this) I could live with losing the car better than with losing Bobby.
In the picture Ardeospina pointed out to us in her SwanSong Speculations Sam is lying on the floor. So, basically, I expect him to die and find redemption in the final and greatest sacrifice. Knowing that Jared will be around next season, this is fairly safe thought.
But – nothing is really safe on planet Supernatural. It’s time to cuddle up in warm cushions and find comfort there, to get our strength up for the finale – which is going to be mind-blowing. I’m quite curious which of the story lines will be tied up. Will we see the amulet? Will Jessie reappear? What about Chuck? And – where the heck is God, anyway?
What is going through your head concerning the upcoming episode? What is bothering you after this one? Need group therapy? Doctor’s in the house.


# Deborah 2010-05-10 04:01
Thanks, Jasminka. This episode was amazing for all the reasons you mention above, and I am so worried for our boys (and Bobby and Cas) in the finale. I don't want to be left with a cliffhanger. Kripke can drag me through the coals during the ep, but I would love it to end something like the end of Season 2, with the boys together at the trunk of the Impala, with one or both of them saying "we've got work to do."

Hey, a girl can dream, right?
# Galina 2010-05-10 05:52
It’s quite uplifting to witness your enthusiasm. It’s contagious.:-)
But I’m afraid I have to take you up on the offer and say what bothered me in the episode…

Curiously enough, it was the acting that gave me pause on more than one occasion. :-? First, Sam’s declaration that he felt as the least of all members of TFW was… not entirely convincing. There was this weird half-smile / half-smirk on his face that looked more condescending that self-depreciati ng to me. I didn’t need to be told how he felt since I suspected as much myself but the way he said it unnerved me for some reason.

Then there was Bobby. In his case I think it was more the writing / directing than Jim's acting choice that had me scratching my head. His role in the warehouse was to mostly sand around with his jaw swinging in the breeze as he gaped disbelievingly at Sam. I cannot for the life of me believe he hadn’t realised that Sam is a hero and needed a first hand demonstration as proof. Then there was his conversation with Dean at the end of the episode where he verbalised this same thought. Bobby darling, on what planet have you been living for the last four seasons? :P

To end on a positive note, despite my ranting I really enjoyed the episode. It was a good setup for the finale. The promo is brilliantly unnerving. As I was watching it I remembered Castiel’s statement last year that drinking enough demon blood to defeat Lilith would change Sam permanently. It didn’t happen then. Either because Cas was wrong, or because God interfered maybe? What if that permanent change occurs this finale considering Sam apparently has to consume even more blood to hold Lucifer? Also how do they plan to get so much blood without committing murder in the process? It makes my blood run cold...
# Julie 2010-05-10 07:54
Great article again Jas.
This is the one where I want to give everyone a hug. Seeing our little nerdy angel all alone and upset in that hospital bed with his headache and itchy bug bite made my heart ache for him . I did love the fact that he got the chance to be the hero and arrive just in time to save the day .
I must confess to being a little sad that we didn`t get more time with Pestilence in the form of Matt Frewer , he was deliciously evil , boy did he enjoy his work. But once again we were reminded why it is not a good idea to eat during this show .
Any moment of light relief is so welcome at the moment and the scene with Bobby`s confession was wonderful ,I just loved that it was Sam who asked the `Dean` question and again how much do we love Crowley , what a great addition he has been.
Then came my hug moment for Sam , ( I know you will forgive me this once ) , When he said `I am the least of any of you `, it ripped my heart in two and I wanted to yell at him `No you are not `, to see all the familiar Winchester self esteem issues bubbling up in him as well was so hard to watch , as was the resignation with which TFW split to all face there own tasks in the fight .
Of course the Bobby hug moment was a bitter sweet one. The lovely expression when he stood up again , how wonderful to see him smile , we have not seen enough of this.
You are totally forgiven for the fangirl shallow moment as your boy was awesome in the warehouse scene !
Then to Death , When Dean was coming through that restaurant door I had another `yell at the tv moment` this time it was `Run away!` but of course he didnt and that whole scene freaked me out. I found Death the scariest of all the horsemen , and after Famine that`s saying something , there was such a quiet calmness about him , sat there admist all the bodies and choas eating his pizza. This was surely the only time ever we have seen Dean not enjoy his food.
So to the Dean hug moment , you just have to look at the last sceencap!
I am left with such mixed feelings , I want it to be Friday now and I want Friday to never come as I am so damn scared what will happen especially after seeing those dreadful clips from the final one .
Heaven or something help us all!
# Jasminka 2010-05-10 08:17
Hi Deborah, Galina, and Julie thank you for commenting!

Deborah, I am pretty sure Kripke will drag us through the coals, and hopefully put our minds at ease at the end. Try to expect a mean cliffhanger, also, you might not be so shocked then. Of course a girl can dream. Don’t we all?

Galina, maybe that’s what I was injected with – an early version of Croatoan, untested, which resulted in contagious enthusiasm? So lovely of you, thanks.

You didn’t convince me, though, with your description of Sam. ;-)To my mind what you interpret as condescending I thought to be embarrassment and insecurity, as he is not quite sure how his words or his plan will affect his brother in the very end. As Dean is afraid to lose his brother, I think so is Sam, and he’s trying to get him on his side, maybe like wolves do in a pack – exposing their vulnerable down side to the alpha male.
Sam, I believe, truly means it. His feelings of guilt and insecurity, of being responsible for the whole thing and so many deaths, starting with Jessica, have been eating away at him.

As for Bobby, this is an interesting thought, actually it had me wondering, too, why Bobby was that surprised as Sam was doing everything possible to save the civilians, since ‘he has been running in burning buildings since he was twelve’. I think, though, in the end he just wants to stress Sam’s qualities again to his doubting brother who still is not sure yet if Sam will be able to come through.

Whatever will happen in the end – if your blood runs cold… you’ll be in good company. We’ll be here to warm you up.

Ju, I can imagine a group hug might have been in order, dear. Kripke has a way of twisting the knife in our flesh. I think everyone here, at the eve of doom, are battling the feelings of resignation and fear, knowing what needs to be done. There is no drawing back anymore.
I think next week most of us will be yelling at the screen: Oh, no, Dean! Saaaaaam! Please, Bobby! Oh, God, Castiel!
But think – we’ll be doing it together and find each other here on our nice, cosy, supportive couch.

Hugs to you all! Jas
# elle 2010-05-10 12:10
Hi Jas,
Great look at a fantastic episode! I love all your theories, too.

The only thing that was really off for me in this episode was Bobby at the end - I just thought the phrasing he chose for his conversation was weird. I get his message, I do, it was just the words of delivery that were bizzare. Whether Dean is "hard" on Sam can (and has been) debated to death, so I won't reignite that here. However, I don't believe between the age of 12 and Sam today, Dean and Bobby have been unduly critical or overbearing toward Sam - I think the doubt is a more recent occurance in light of the last few years.

Crowley - there is just so much speculation about him I don't know what to think anymore. I wonder though, the demonic faction had Ruby undercover with Team Good Guys, is it possible that the angels did the same to Team Pure Unadulterated Evil? It's possible that Crowley is exactly what he presents himself to be - a demon out for his own self-interests, but somehow that seems too simple to me.

The trailer for next week was brutual and wonderful at the same time. Dean's lovely face all crushed!! Sam's emotional torment!! Gah! I hadn't heard about the Impala playing a key role - it better not die! Maybe it will come to life and save the day a la Herbie, lol. I think the amulet is going to make a comeback in a big way - I just can't believe we've seen the last of it.

Well, better get back to work now.
Thanks again for the article Jas!
# Jasminka 2010-05-10 12:43
Hey, Elle - thank you for elaborating on this! I agree with your thought that Bobby's and Dean's being-hard-on-S am is a reference to the recent events and the past years, especially Sam's choice of honing his powers in secret, and their (or rather DEan's) difficulties to forgive him. We know, though, that Dean had often trouble with Sam leaving for Stanford and even doing his own thing as a kid (like when he ran away and left Dean with a very pissed Dad).
It might also be, that Bobby was only voicing Dean's thoughts, to help him with that.

I'm very curious about Crowley. We'll find out soon enough. WEll, and the next episode with those horrific moments we already know... will have us hanging by a thin thread, I guess.

Thank you, hugs, Jas
# joelsteinlover 2010-05-10 16:12
Chicago pizza is THE pizza.

I think they are hard on Sam, in a way. Dean, at least. He's been trailing after him, looking up to him and trying to be like him, and it was only recently that Dean accepted him as an equal. He'd considered him one when they were on the job since the first season, yeah, but it took Sam begging him five seasons later to understand for Dean to finally see him as a person, and not as a little brother who, recently, keeps messing things up. And since then, Dean's been too proccupied (not that I'm blaming him, I'm totally on his side almost all the time, I attribute it to an older sibling thing...we're, at least the ones I know personally, of the belief that we're always right, and we, at least I, tend to agree with older sibling mentalities ;P ) to take a minute and realize how much Sam has grown up. Well, until now. He always seems to realize right before they DON'T have a chance to get to re-know each other as friends and not brothers.

I loved this episode though. I didn't find anything insincere, I haven't since season 1. All the actors were perfect as usual, it's almost becoming passe to say so.

The title of next week's episode is giving me the anxiety jitters though, it speaks volumes.

So sad this season is almost over. It's the first one I watched on tv, having been in the process of Netflixing during 4, and the season where I bought all the DVDs. Today, someone said something was six weeks from now, and I because I count weeks by tv shows, I said, "Oh, six more episodes of Supernatural until...ohhhhh wah" because there's only this one! I'm so sad. I can't decide if I want a cliffhanger or a season 2 ending. Not sure if I could stand a whole hellatus with a cliffhanger, but also not sure if I would want a "boring" ending with no propellsion into next season. I'm thinking it will be a mix of both. I know Kripke won't let us down.
# magichappening 2010-05-10 16:19
Hey Jasminka. Really good article - am also always interested in a SamGirl's perspective as it balances my own out! Your guy looks like he is about to come good :-)

I wanted to ask you (and Alice) about the Plan though (although please note am a spoilerphobe so have only seen the promo for next week and avoiding everything else like the Plague!). On another page on this site Alice talked about the sacrifice Sam is planning to make by allowing himself to be possessed and imprisoned. Is that the plan? I thought that it being permanent is a risk rather than the aim - the plan being to somehow wrest back control and work with the others to exorcise Lucifer in the 'Nick' (sorry!) of time ...hence Sam and Bobby's phone conversation... otherwise it is simply a suicide mission I getting this wrong?

I was also taken by the way you started with the poetry reference. You immediately made me think of the amazing video I came across on YouTube about Season 2 - I wish they would make one for Season 5.

I know we are now looking at things on an Apocalyptic-sca le, but what Sam and Dean said to each other all those highways and stories ago still rings true to me now even though they have grown and changed since: 'I couldn't let him die Bobby. He's my brother'.

'You can't protect me'
'I can try'.

And that kid offering his brother the prize from the Lucky Charms is now the one who said 'I wanted to believe so badly ...maybe I could be saved' and his brother is the one who said 'and if its the last thing I do I am going to save you'...

Looking back over this season, I remember trying to work out what the difference was between FutureDean and PresentDean in The End. And then I realised it was the certainty. FutureDean was certain. He did not doubt and he did not hope. Sam as Lucifer had the same certainty and Sam in Season 4 had echoes of that – but not in Season 5.

I am a DeanGirl but over the course of this season I have remembered why I fell in love with Sam as well in Palo Alto five years ago. Sam cannot disappear into Lucifer. Into the Pit. Into that cage. He can't. No 'man in the wind and the west moon'. No. Just, no.

And even though death shall have no dominion and there will be a Season 6, the number of things that could go wrong ' scares me sometimes'. I think we are all going to need your Open Couch after this Thursday ;-)
# Jasminka 2010-05-10 16:53
Joelsteinlover and magichappening, hey, thanks so much, folks! On my way to bed a phone call kept me and taking a last look at this site I came across your comments.

Joelsteinlover, thanks for the pizza heads-up! Well, Dean might have been hard on Sam, but only because he could not yet change his role of his protector which he has internalized from childhood on. It's a huge step he's finally taking. To my mind it's not too late. It is late, but not too late. I think Dean's confidence and belief in Sam will help his little brother with his task, by knowing that Dean sees him on eye level.

Yes, Swan Song is indeed volumes in one word. it's going to be sad. Very, I fear. But don't fret - we'll looking at another season.

Magichappening - though lovers be lost, Death shall have no dominion!
Thanks for the youtube link, didn't know that one. And that Dylan Thomas poem is also one of my favourites.

As I understand Sam's plan - he wants to say Lucifer and when Lucifer is in him, take control for a long enough moment to jump into the prison they freed him from.
This is the sacrifice he would give - give his consent and risk being killed in the attempt to save the others by laying down his life. It is very much a suicide mission, though that surely is not his intention. The plan is to take control for just a moment. Though the risk is pretty much suicidal.

Happy to hear you've grown to love Sam, too. As for this SamGirl, as much as I feel drawn to Sam, Dean was always in my heart, too. Dean would be the brother I never had. Sam, well, he's the kind of guy that floats my boat. You can love both. I never understood that liking one character would exclude the other. DOesn't have to be.

Couch will be open, cosy and stuffed with chocolate from next Thursday on, don't worry.

thanks a lot, all my best, Jas
# AndreaW 2010-05-10 17:07
It just occurred to me that the "being hard on Sam" maybe is a veiled reference to fandom. Could it be? Sam went through truckloads of bashing on account of the Ruby affair.

As for Dean, I'm a big sister and I'm very proud of him, because what he's doing can't be easy. If I had to choose between my little brother and humankind I'm sorry, but humankind would be screwed...
# faye 2010-05-11 07:25
Does anyone think that Death made Dean eat pizza to seal the deal? Like Persephone in Hell? Dean may think he lied to Death, but he may find he has no choice. The boys always did what ever it took to get the job done.
On another note, I only got to watch this once so far, did I miss something, or did Cas ever say anything to Crowley? That was the first time they met, wasn't it?
# Jasminka 2010-05-11 08:10
AndreaW, Dany, Leslie92708, faye – your minds are working overtime, eh? Can’t blame you. This show is keeping us on edge…

AndreaW, though I agree with you that some fans have been particularly harsh on Sam, I don’t think that the show would go that far.
And I think everyone could be proud of Dean and/or Sam, since neither is making easy decisions. I wouldn’t want to be in their skins, however pretty those are, for the world.

Dany, for a gal ‘not having’ a coherent thought – you did a lot of thinking, sweetie!
I’m with you, hoping that Sam won’t need the blood, that he will find some of his powers, I just have no idea yet how. Well, we won’t have to speculate much longer, as Thursday will be upon us very soon…. No comment necessary…

Your strategy of bracing yourself for the worst is probably a very good one. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Might lessen the shock. And, dear, of course I don’t charge rent. You could get me some fine Portuguese vegetables born under that beautiful sun, though… don’t mind me, I just love tomatoes to taste like tomatoes…

Leslie92708, so happy that you’re able to feel support here with us, that’s the plan. Don’t forget to breathe. In and out… in…. and….out…. that’s it…. Don’t be afraid, we’ll all be here from Friday on to try to calm our nerves…

Always wanted to ask you, if I may – is that your place’s zipcode? Somewhere in sunny California, by any chance? Sigh… wish I was there right now instead of here where it’s still kinda winter…

Faye, I agree that the guys will do what needs to be done, I just fear the consequences of Dean lying to Death. I don’t think the horseman will take lightly to that.

Intersting observation here – I don’t think Cas said anything to Crowley. Have to re-watch it to make sure, but I think he didn’t… This could indicate they actually know each other…? Could Cas be under orders not to say anything to Crowley…? Ah, I won’t go into speculating again.

Thank you so much for your comments, it’s a great discussion. Cheers, Jas
# Jasminka 2010-05-11 10:30
Hi Californian Leslie ;-), it would have been great to meet you in L.A.!! Maybe we're lucky next time. There's always hope (keep clinging to it).

I love Dean's backing up Sam in the preview clip. He doesn't like the idea, as you pointed out, no one does, but he is willing to go with it, because he loves his brother - and that's what you do. You back up the people you love. It's deeply human and just what Sam needs. Going through with the plan is hard enough. To know they are in his back must be like a ton of honey on his shoulders...

The price will be high under any condition. We know our show, don't we? Don't worry, dear. We'll back each other up here. We're gonna need it, I fear...

Handing Kleenex to you! Jas
# Suze 2010-05-11 11:25
Jas, that was sort of puzzling me, too ... Cas and Crowley meet and by rights they ought to fight like cats in a bag but what happens? Nada ... Not even a spot of snarkiness ( which is more or less obligatory for this show ) Hmnnn ... Bit curious?
# Randal 2010-05-11 11:35
Everyone knows that the Ghostfacers show up, dazzle & distract Lucifer with some extra-nerdy quips, giving Sam just enough time to jump out and everyone piles into the Impala, riding off into the sunset. Angst? Pain? Tears? On this show? C'mon.
# Jasminka 2010-05-11 12:07
Hey Suze and Randal, typing slowly here, prone to typos today...

Suze, maybe we'll learn some secret here... What if Cas is God... and he's just forgotten about it? Nah... I'm at a loss here. ;-)

Randal, gosh I love your theory! You happen to be an agent that spied out the CW? Come on, spill some more beans!

Thanks for raising your voices, dear fellows. Love Jas
# anene 2010-05-12 17:00
Amulet! Amulet! Amulet! Amulet! Amulet! Amulet Amulet! :-)
Brotherly hug! Brotherly hug! Brotherly hug! Brotherly hug! :-)
# Jasminka 2010-05-13 10:47
anene, chocolate and tissues, chocolate and tissues, chocolate and tissues... ;-)
Hugs, Jas