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There’s more to Sam Winchester than meets the eye
We already knew that, and yet this episode, the first of a three-part finale, gave another character study of the younger Winchester that showed us some more aspects of his nature, amazingly so.
This episode begins in a lab, exposing two doctors to the Croatoan virus. We don’t hear of the surviving scientist, but he could just be the one who will carry the virus out into the world to pave the streets with blood so that the events we learned about in The End will not stumble on their way to the apocalypse. In addition to that, Pestilence has loosened some swine flu infection, at least it appears to be so to the MDs responsible – and not for the first time I wish 28Days Later was a compulsory subject at Med School.
Again the Winchester brothers are (sort-of) forced to team up with the most unusual of allies. Another great character resurfaces out of the blue, after living under a stone like a ‘bloody salamander’: ‘The name’s Crowley’, and he’s so suave, funny and creative that I could easily imagine Bela having an affair with this guy. He is intriguing. We just don’t know what his agenda is, yet. 
Personally, after recalling the numerous encounters with demons, I incline to believe that Crowley might have struck a bargain of some sort with Lucifer to save his skin. Looking at an eternity of torture on planet Satan surely is no promising idea to this arrogant schmuck.

Was Brady (wonderfully played by Eric Johnson, by the way, gosh, I hated his guts) the only demon around who could have given them the whereabouts of the disgusting horseman? Or did it have to be Brady to push Sam more into anger mode, since Lucifer already mentioned how much he relied on all that wrath in the younger Winchester’s soul… All part of a secret scheme?

Also, Crowley is the one providing us with moments of laughter while watching this episode, and we need them. It is not yet the heartbreak de luxe I expected, but there are moments that kept me on edge.
Crowley’s one-liners gave me the occasional breather I was grateful for. ‘They ate my tailor!’ Hilarious. ‘Mine (the hellhound he brought) is bigger!’ Who said, size wouldn’t matter? Fantastic baddy. In the end he even gets Bobby to ponder to sell his soul, respectively borrow it. We know that he will do it. The demon has been selling ‘sins to saints for centuries’.
The loose ends are going to be tied up, it seems. The storylines we’ve followed for five seasons are making sense and some will come to a close. Many issues are addressed here – the brothers’ fear, their guilt, their mistrust. Crowley, with his quicksilver mind, is one who pushes the right buttons, while Brady is another. Damn you, demons. You are masters, indeed, with manipulation and deceit. The key here might be to add a not too small portion of truth to this paranormal Croatoan Dry.
While the brothers still try dealing with some of those truths, the demons push them into their faces: the guilt issues they keep in their souls concerning the deaths of friends dear, like Ellen and Jo (‘We lost people on that suicide run, good people!’ – ‘Who you take on the ride is your own damn business’) and the inevitable pull of innocent Jessica into a supernatural scheme she was no part of and Sam almost escaped (‘You had a devil on your shoulder even then.’)… but was not allowed to and her death ensured that.
Crowley even manages to convince Dean to go on a mission with him – and by that leaving Sam behind which is a major weight being dropped here: after arguing with Sam for almost a whole season about how Sam chose a demon over his own brother which resulted in Dean’s difficulties with trusting him ever again (and in part he still doesn’t) – now Dean follows a similar path, teaming up with Crowley according to the demon’s rules. The shock on Sam’s face (after first looking at Crowley in triumph for being sure Dean would not do that) tore at my heart. I believe Dean knew what he was doing to Sam in that moment, but eleventh hour methods are at play now and he is desperate. He is not yet back to his former self, and I’m grateful for that, because it makes sense. Psychologically. But that’s just me.

Crowley, however, had good reason to leave Sam behind – Sam probably would have jeopardized the mission entirely. He needed some time to get a grip in regard to Brady later on. On the spot who knows what might have happened, and the demon could not have that unaccounted element.
This is going to get ugly.
Apart from being a promising set up for dreadful things to come, this episode delivers another perfect study of Sam Winchester’s state of mind. And boy, did Jared deliver!
There is so much beneath the surface that it scares me. I remember some of Ed Harris’ movies, an actor I respect immensely, in my opinion one of the best American actors alive.
Harris has a unique way of showing absolute and moving tenderness and is capable of being utterly and disastrously terrifying in his anger an instant later. Jared is not yet a part of the acting league Harris belongs to, of course, but he has the talent to be one day, as he shows the same quality regarding his display of barely controlled rage. It’s almost coming out of the tv set, dripping onto your floor and creeping up your spine while watching him…
It’s the kind of rage that scares me the most – the dangerously quiet kind, like the sea pulling back from shore in silence before unleashing a lethal tsunami.
Sam is no stranger to drinking. After Dean leaves with Crowley, Sam gets into a devastating mode, hurt and disappointed and probably afraid that Dean might have gone back to mistrusting him, he turns to Bobby and empties a whole bottle of Whiskey – and is still able to walk straight. He has been drinking often, obviously. We only haven’t seen it. A man showing hardly any signs of having consumed alcohol has developed some tolerance in that department. His mind is clear. He is not light-headed, but straight to the point, although the alcohol might have triggered some of the hubris that eventually made Sam believe at the end of season four that he was strong enough to stop Lilith.

Sam:    When Meg told you to kill Dean, you didn’t. You took your body back.
Bobby: Just long enough to shank myself.
Sam:    How’d you do it? I mean, how did you take back the wheel?
Bobby: Why are you asking, Sam?
Sam:    Say, we can open the cage, great. But then what: we just lead the devil to the edge and get him to jump in?
Bobby: You got me.
Sam:    What if you lead the devil to the edge – and I jump in?
Bobby: Sam…
Sam:    It’ll be just like you turned the knife back on yourself. One action, just one leap.
Bobby. Are you idjits trying to kill me? We just got done talking your brother off the ledge and now you’re lining up to say yes?
Sam:    It’s not like that. I’m not gonna do it. Not unless we all agree. But I think we gotta look at our options.
Bobby: This isn’t an option, Sam!
Sam:    Why not?
Bobby: You can’t do it. What I did was a million to one and that was some piss ant demon I was brainwrestling. You’re talking about taking back control from Satan himself.
Sam:    Yeah. Yeah, I am.
Bobby: Kid, it’s called possession for a reason. You of all people oughta know.
Sam:    I’m strong enough.
Bobby: You ain’t. He’s gonna find every chink in your armour, Sam, and use it against you. Your fear, your grief, your anger. Let’s face it: you’re not exactly Mr anger-management. How are you gonna control the devil when you can’t control yourself?
‘I wage you a thousand’ that Dean will never learn of this conversation.
Sam’s plan is actually brilliant, except that it’s plain stupid. Ingenuity and madness are indeed two sides of the same coin. But – it might actually be the only way. This reason for Sam eventually saying yes seems logical.
I can understand him. For one part, he is desperate. Dean teamed up with a demon, leaving him behind (and on Sam’s planet this might bring back countless arguments about Dean’s mistrust in regard to Sam’s self-control, a bell that began to ring in season four).  

I don’t think the issues he barely dealt with in the first episode of this season, when he admitted to DemonBobby that he was the one who started all this have left his system, yet – I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt compelled to set it straight and end what he started, even if that meant laying down his life.
After all, this could just be the kind of sacrifice he, as a follower of the Winchester tradition, is willing to make. A part of Sam has been craving to die, ever since he lost Dean and couldn’t get him back. He embarked on kamikaze attacks before; it’s a modus operandi he’s familiar with – as it makes sense to him.
He might have even remembered the day he witnessed his father taking back the wheel in Devil’s Trap – and that was not a fifth class demon, but YellowEyes. To assume that he could be capable of doing it is not too far fetched.
Another fact troubles him with the truth IllusionJessica confronted him with in Free To Be You And Me: ‘I was dead the moment we said hello’. She was right. Brady hooked him up ‘with a pure, innocent piece of town and then I toasted her on the ceiling’. Jess had to eventually die, because Sam loved her. He had always known that fact, but realizing that it was all a part of a plan he was never meant to escape must have ripped open his guts. I can hardly imagine the pain that raged through his body and soul.

His anger reflects that, though. He is ready to kill Brady. Nice and slow, probably. He wants nothing more. And he will get his revenge in the end – in the Supernatural version of Fight Club. A scene that gives another facet of Sam, through the words of this bastard Brady:
Brady: Gonna make up for all the times that we yanked your chain? Yelloweyes, Ruby, me? Wasn’t all your fault, was it? No, no, no, no – you’re the one who trusted us. You’re the one who let us into your life, let us whisper in your ear over and over and over again. Ever wonder why that is, Sammy? Ever wonder why we were so in your blind spot? Maybe it’s because we’ve got the same stuff in our veins and deep down you know you’re just like us. Maybe you hate us so much because you hate what you see every time you look in the mirror – you ever think of that? Maybe the only difference between you and a demon is: your hell is right here.’
Sam, after killing him: Interesting theory.
The expression of Dean, looking on, could mean a lot. I think he might be starting to wonder how much truth lies in Brady’s words. Observing Sam’s face we see the horrific, cold mien of an experienced hunter, a trained assassin. Epitome of danger. Nothing is left of the innocence I loved so much in young Sam’s face. Life does that to us, sometimes. It takes away our purity with cruel events that leave us scarred for life, just as Sammy has been.
And there will be more of those events – Bobby will sell his soul, that is for sure. And he will do it for his boys. Every bone in my body is screaming: No!, but I think Bobby might welcome it. Each day he wants to die. Each day, as he told the brothers, he takes out that bullet and thinks about killing himself, but doesn’t – because he promised Dean. This might be a chance for him to escape this existence that he dreads. He ended up in a wheel chair for saving Dean’s life. Eventually, it is Bobby’s decision, and his alone. This will also lay heavily on the brothers’ shoulders, and on Sam’s.  
I believe we are heading to the clash of the Titans here – ‘Dean starring as Michael, Sam starring as Lucifer’. We won’t have to wait long anymore and speculate, the next two episodes will throw it at us with merciless vigour… Buckle up, get ready to feel like basket cases. I, for one, am sure I will have trouble finding some coherent thought after watching the following episode, and not to mention the inevitable cliffhanger of the season.
What do you expect? What do you dread? …this couch is open, cosy and generously big. Snuggle in and find relief… 


# Faellie 2010-05-03 04:52
Sam and Dean don't tell us everything, particularly when they are planning something novel, sneaky and risky (think Jus in Bello, or Heaven and Hell). At the end of Point of No Return, Dean said screw destiny, we'll keep on fighting. So I like to think they've got something planned that they are not telling us, and that the ending to Season 5 will be a (mostly but probably not entirely) happy one.

For as long as Show allows, I'm going to live in my state of happy denial. Happy to snuggle in and share the chocolates until I'm proved wrong. If I am proved wrong, serious therapy will definitely be indicated.
# faye 2010-05-03 07:30
I think Sam's got to know that Dean wasn't choosing to trust Crowley over him, because clearly Dean doesn't trust Crowley at all, but preferred to go alone because the last time they went along with Crowley's schemes, not only did Ellen and Jo get killed, but Sam ended up face to face with Lucifer. I think Sam and Dean both suspect Crowley of playing both sides so he ends up OK no matter who wins the big confrontation.
But I think Faellie's right. The boys are playing the big con themselves. The demons always saw the boys as chumps, Dean as sloppy and emotional, Sam as self righteous and over confident.
But Sam has proved that he can be strong and not show his hand. He's the planner of the brothers. I always thought, in Heaven and Hell, that Dean didn't really know the plan, but he's real good at dealing with what's in front of him, and he caught on quickly.
I loved how Sam seems to be taking control these past few episodes. And yet showing how much there is to be controlled. They are both pretty much at the end of their ropes, but Sam is gaining power over himself, I think by acknowledging his mistakes, his flaws. I don't think it's hubris that makes him think he can control Lucifer, I think he knows Bobby got control because something in him refused to hurt Dean, and Sam has that thing in him, too.
We should all mark Dean's words; It's them the demons and angels should be afraid of.
# Karen 2010-05-03 09:36
Hi Jasminka
I’ll more than likely be needing a seat on this couch of yours.
I’m becoming a nervous wreak wondering what will happen to our beloved brothers and to Bobby and Castiel. I don’t want Bobby or Castiel to die. I don’t want Sam and Dean on opposite sides. I know most want the big showdown, Michael and Lucifer staring in Dean and Sam’s vessels, but not me. I just want them to finally have something go their way, no more sacrificing, no more losing another person they love. Yes I’m an old sap!

But I know in my heart they will end up at the abandon Church were Lucifer had be freed from. I’m pretty sure they will have all four rings, otherwise they won’t be able to open the gate. The question is how and or will they get Lucifer back in. Will they both become the intended vessels? Will they pursue Sam’s plan?

As for this plan of Sam’s, I need help with this one, it doesn’t make any sense to me.
Both Bobby and John were possessed by Demons, Lucifer is an Archangel.
A whole different kettle of fish.
In Hammer of the Gods, not one GOD was a threat to Lucifer. Even Kali’s fire bomb didn’t even faze him, he was that powerful. But yet Sam is suppose to be able to find the strength to take over his body to jump Lucifer back into his cage. Not once this season have they even shown the slightest glimpse of Sam’s powers, without the help of demon blood, so I’m to believe out of nowhere Sam will suddenly find his inner strength and powers to overtake Lucifer?
Maybe I’m over analyzing this.
Maybe I should just go with the flow and take it for what it is.
Yeah I think I need a seat on the couch.
Wait! Ok meds, booze, Kleenex, 911 set up on speed dial. I’m ready for that couch now.
# Sablegreen 2010-05-03 09:48
Great article Jas. Crowley is just the kind of character to bring in here. He is what he is and makes no bones about it. He is totally upfront with the boys. I even believed it when he said he didn't know the colt wouldn't kill Luci. I definitely think he has his own agenda, but right now, it is getting Lucifer caged again, and the Winchesters are the perfect allies. After all, they want the same thing.

Dean going with Sam is not the same as Sam and Ruby. Sam and Ruby connection was one of manipulation and Crowley's isn't. And like you said, as a statistician, Crowley did the right thing. Sam needed time to deal with Brady, and that's what Dean gave him by returning to Sam. This is what the show was supposed to be about all season, the boys working TOGETHER, not apart.

This episode was great and yes, uplifting. The utter dispair of 'having no choice' is gone. Doesn't mean more tragedy won't befall the boys, however. And I'm sure the season's cliff hanger won't be happy.
# Julie 2010-05-03 10:33
Jas , really loved your article , you should start doing recaps in some of your spare few minutes!
The more I re watch this one the more questions start spinning round in my already overloaded brain , and the more I worry about the direction we seem to heading in . It`s like looking at a train wreck about to happen, you so want to look away , but you cant.
I`m like you I think Crowley is fantastic ( They ate my tailor - wonderful!) but I do not trust him at all and I am sure that our boys dont either .
I feel that Dean was all too aware of the effect his going with Crowley had on Sam but that , at end of days as they are , he was so desperate there was no other choice , and bringing that smarmy sod Brady ( I hated him too) back , hopefully this went some way to demonstrating a return of the faith which Sam showed in him in PONR .
Yes , we are seeing glimpses of the old Dean but no way is he `back` either and I agree if he was it would totally cheapen everything that`s happenned over the last 102 episodes getting us to this point .
Then to your boy. I am also very scared of the road he is hurling himself down at the moment , the lack of sleep, the chugging whiskey straight from the bottle , sounds familiar? Think we may have seen this behaviour somewhere before , and look where that led us. The `Interesting Theory` line was so chilling and as you say totally unrecognisable from the sweet Sammy of the past. His idea is brilliant and idiotic at the same time and and as Karen said , after witnessing Lucifers power in HOTG does he have any hope of being able to control or overcome that? Perhaps the answer is in Michael , after all we were told back in SFTD that he is , not like Kate Blanchet , but actually `The meanest SOB ` heaven has , perhaps he`s the one to pull Sam back from that brink.
Then there`s the question of Cas and Bobby but at this point I curl into the corner of this , what I hope is a bloody big couch and bury my head in the cushions. I may be there a while , but hell at least I know I have a lot of company.
Well just 2 to go now , you know the saying `When you get to the end end of the rope , tie a knot and hang on!` We are going to need each other to get through this , that couch is going to get very crowded I think.
# trina 2010-05-03 11:08
Maybe we need a scene between Castiel and Sam asking if it's even possible to overcome possession by an angel. If Cas says yes, then I think this will be the plan. (Oh no Sam!!) A desperate, last resort type of thing, but it is the apocalypse after all. Also, Sam says that he isn't going to do it unless everyone agrees so I think Dean will be in on it (soul crushing angst, here we come).
# Jasminka 2010-05-03 12:27
Hi Faellie, faye, Dany, Karen, Sablegreen, Julie, trina and Leslie92708 thank you for your generous comments!

Faellie, I do hope you are right about the brothers (respectively Kripke) keeping secrets from their audience. I can’t forget the last scene of The End, though – when Dean says ‘we make our own destiny’ and Sam answers ‘Cause we have no choice’. Two completely different standpoints. Dean promoting free will and Sam still on the slope of destiny. They look differently to their future, and I think that will be a major problem in sorting out the situation at hand.
You’re welcome to snuggle in at any time. There is still hope, though, that there might be no need.

Faye, I agree with you that Sam should know that Dean would not choose Crowley over him, and I think deep down he does, but at the moment when it happened, he was shocked. Probably felt betrayed, too. Which might be a result of not sleeping enough, drinking too much and being terrified of the things to come.
I like your idea that Sam might know that he had something in him that will keep him from hurting Dean (it’s a beautiful, poetic thought). I still think he is biting off more than he can chew because he WANTS to believe to be strong enough. He might be relying on his powers, however untested, and perhaps does not realize that those were demons, but this is an angel. A different animal entirely. Let’s hope he will be able to gain the necessary power over himself, my heart is so full for the man, but I have doubts, too.

Dany, I don’t think they will kill everybody in the end, dear, don’t fret. The cost, I fear, for both of the brothers will be outrageously high, I believe. But, try to relax your mind, if possible. We will have a season six, which means both Winchesters will be there. We might lose Castiel, though (but there are chances that Misha will come back as Jimmy or fallen-angel Castiel). Bobby? I’m at a loss here. This would be one of my greatest fears – losing Bobby.
Don’t worry, Dany, I’ll be here ‘all the freakin’ summer’, in case you need the comfortable couch.

Karen, your idea of them ending up in that church Lucifer sprang from is really logical. You’re not a sap, dear, really! I know many are rooting for the big showdown. I’m one of those for one reason only: I want to see the actors stretch their acting muscles and deliver the kind of fantastic work they can. But character-wise I’m on your boat. I would love them to end this in peace, not torn into pieces body and soul.

You just love the characters, as do I and so many of those tuning in every week, that we don’t want them to suffer.

I understand your difficulties comprehending how Sam was going to find the power all of a sudden. You’re right, it’s a different matter – angel or demon, in this case the second most powerful angel (second to Michael, if I’m not mistaken) in creation. That’s why I assumed Sam’s idea to have sprung from the kind of hubris he sometimes falls victim to when drunk or at the end of his wits…
If you want my advice – go with the flow. The writers might have some interesting surprises for us

Sablegreen, it’s amazing you found this episode uplifting. Wow. You are truly bound to see the positive aspects of it, and we need that, too. Since we are all dreading the possible tragedies that might befall the brothers, please remain the voice of light to remind us of the strong aspects.

Julie, thanks, I might just do that, we’ll see.
You have an interesting idea – Dean giving in to Michael might be just the only one to be able to pull Sam back from the brink of hell. Perhaps that will be the way things will go down. The thought alone is chilling, dear, I can imagine you needing the warmth of a cosy corner here and leave the thought of Bobby and Cas out- Do that, sweetie. With this show tugging at our nerves with his vehemence we need to relax our thoughts as often as possible. Try to concentrate at the moments at hand. The tragedy will find the story by its own.

Trina, I like your idea of Sam seeking advice from Castiel. Perhaps we’ll see that. Actually the plan is as stupid as it is brilliant, and maybe you’re right and Dean will agree to it, when realizing that might be their only real option. To overcome that soul crushing angst, you might wanna stock up on chocolates or any other stuff that relieves that…

Leslie92708, indeed Sam has not lost sight of the big picture – I like your thought of Lucifer relying on Sam’s anger and perhaps not getting it. That might actually weaken him, who knows? Sam has been shocked a few times with Dean’s decisions over the last episodes, even though Dean always came through to be on his side, but I think it does something to him. He took control so often lately, but Sam is suffering, we can see that.
We all hope the boys will come through, eventually, on top of things. Don’t lose hope, dear. I don’t think the writers will let us down like that. They probably will give us a cruel cliffhanger, but not put our heart through a meat grinder… Don’t you worry. Plenty of room, plenty of chocolate and whatever else you might need.

Thanks, ladies, Love Jas
# BagginsDVM 2010-05-03 13:12
Jas, I'm reserving my spot on your couch, please!

I was upset with the way that Dean abruptly left Sam to go on the mission with Crowley, but your explanation has me feeling better about it. Times are desperate, & Dean really should not be back to himself yet, not after all he's been through. And yes, it's tough to see the cold, controlled Sam of now compared to the innocent, impulsive, youthful Sam of 5 years ago.

I too would like to see the boys both say yes, but ONLY because I want Jensen to get the chance to play Michael against Jared's Lucifer. If John was able to regain control against Azazel, maybe Sam has it in himself to do so too, even against an archangel (& Dean's going to have to be able to do so too). He certainly is beginning to believe so, but at least he said he wouldn't do it unless they ALL agreed. I do hope the boys have a "con" in the works, but I don't know...

I'm going with the flow, & trusting in Kripke.

# Jasminka 2010-05-03 13:29
Dawn, thanks - and I'm glad I could make you feel a bit better... In these desperate times we need all the holding on we can get. Sam is another person compared to the one we met in season one, but that's organic.
Let's go with the flow... spot reserverd, by the way, love Jas
# Bevie 2010-05-03 13:40
I don't know how this is all going to go down, but I do know what I DON'T want. I don't want to see the human Winchesters as mere meat suits for archangels. Its the human Winchesters I've been in love with for 5 seasons and I don't want to see them disappear behind alien personas no matter how great the acting would be!

Ah well! It will all come down to Kripke anyway, (and it already is a done deal, we just haven't seen it yet) and I am hoping he wasn't fibbing when he said his story was all about family, love and free will.

Mostly I have this feeling of dread that Bobby will not survive and this will upset me something fierce. I don't want the boys to lose Bobby as what else do they have that even resembles a family? How cruel that would be! And I would also miss Cass if he went back to heaven never to return. These two guys have wormed their way into my (and our) hearts and ripping them out now would really hurt, but then I remember that Sera does like to kill off the ones we love. Ah me! Why do I love this show so much when it hurts so much?

I have a feeling Jas that I am going to be in great need of your couch this summer.
# Jasminka 2010-05-03 16:33
Bevie, loving this show even when it hurts so much - you're in good company, and I think when we feel that way, it reflects our personal needs. That certainly holds true for me (in terms of family and not loosing courage even in the face of great adversity), and it might do that for you, too.
Apart from that the characters are simply very attractive, not only in ourward appearance, but in their compassion, their flaws, their humour...

As long as it is clear that this is fiction and you're a part of reality you're fine. Movies and tv-shows are supposed to affect us emotionally. Couch reserved, dear.

Thank you, Jas
M. Júnior
# M. Júnior 2010-05-03 19:33
You know, I think Sam is able to control demons because he's Luci's vessel. Perhaps Dean, been Michael's vessel, is able to control angels?(but that wouldn't come out of the blue: Castiel could "lend" some blood to Dean - ok, now I went a little too far :lol:-)
# AndreaW 2010-05-03 19:43
The more I think about this plan to trap Lucifer with the rings, the more I doubt it. Lucifer is no fool. He's the Devil, just in case anyone forgot it. Will he fall for it? Besides, he's adamant that Sam will say YES in Detroit. How would he know? What does he know? Is it possible that he has known about the plan all along and that's exactly what he's waiting for? What if the boys fall in their own trap? If it's so, then Crowley is a double agent working for Lucifer.
# Ardeospina 2010-05-03 20:58
Nice article, Jas, liebes!

I, too, really like Crowley and think he's a really intriguing character. I love how he's so out for himself, and yet, I also really want him to be telling the truth and working with the boys instead of against them. All of the demons we've seen on this show have been so cruel and manipulative that to see one actually do what he says he will would be a major surprise!

When Dean left with Crowley, I also kind of felt like Sam, alongside his hurt at being left behind, kind of had a small realization of, "holy crap, is THAT what I did to Dean when I kept leaving with Ruby? Yeah, this sucks." Perhaps a bit of character growth for him since the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak? Because I would like that, and it would fit with his growth in Point of No Return.
# AndreaW 2010-05-03 21:13
I think all of them are having the chance to learn one or two things about what it's like to be in each other's shoes. As for Sam, Ardeospin already said it. Dean sided with Crowley this time leaving Sam behind, he who deep down never forgave Sam for siding with Ruby. Bobby wanted to "kill" Dean for seeling his soul and now he, Bobby, will do exactly the same. Maybe they'll all understand that in times of war you do what you can to win.
# Suze 2010-05-04 05:30
I reckon Bobby's soul's a gonner. he's practically a Winchester after all, and what's the tried and tested family reaction to tough times ...

I see Sam's body being used as the cheese in the trap for the Big Bad and him keeping control while possessed as the ultimate proof of his strength and good intentions, and Dean agreeing to go along with the Sam-as-bait-sui cidal-plan-Z showing that he trusts his brother to keep the faith in spite of everything.

I hate the idea of a celebrity death match with the humans as puppets ...

Who knows though? It might end up as a total bloodbath, everyone dying and the whole of S6 devoted to Ghostfacers and cockroaches ... Now that IS scary ... Jas! I need to talk! :shock: :shock: :shock:
# Jasminka 2010-05-04 06:25
M.Júnior, AndreaW, Ardeospina, Leslie92708, Suze, this is so interesting, thank you!

M.Júnior, your hypothesis that Sam is able to control demons because he is Lucifer’s vessel is truly interesting. This might actually be an answer – ‘you didn’t need the feather to fly, you had it all in you, dumbo’ as Ruby said. Hm… an angel’s blood? In this universe nothing seems too far fetched. Who knows what Kripke has in that crazy mind of his?

AndreaW, you have an excellent point here. It may well be that the devil, being an angel after all, has access to the future respectively has been there and will be prepared for the Winchester plan, whatever that may eventually be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Crowley was a ‘double agent’, as I said I think he has his own agenda and primarily wants to safe his own skin.
The brothers are pretty much experiencing how it feels in the other’s shoes. Eventually, as it is my firm belief, it will make them stronger. But might see this not before season six which would make sense with Kripke stating they wanted to return to the vibe of the earlier seasons…

Flamey, dear, how sweet, you didn’t forget! This is like a hug… thanks.
As intriguing a character Crowley is, I have difficulties trusting him, but then again, we’ve had the manipulative kind on this show, so far, I could imagine the writers twisting the knife in the fans’ flesh with a surprise of a truly loyal demon… I don’t think that will happen, though. Not really.
I agree with your assessment of Sam realizing one more time how Dean probably felt when he was in league with Ruby. We’ve seen him capable of growing and getting a grip after the initial shock of whatever revelation. That he was able to remain in the saddle instead of being thrown off by that bucking horse of his rage is a testimony to his growth – he didn’t kill Brady right away, even though every fibre in his being screamed for it.
I still have faith in Sam. I always have had. But you knew that, already.

Leslie92708, don’t worry, going nuts over this is part of the learning process here, I guess. The creators are playing with our emotions. I believe most of the loose ends will be tied up eventually. I agree with your and Sam’s idea that – given the right circumstances – everyone is capable of saying yes. Even Bobby will sell his soul, and he used to be the voice of reason.
I think, with his ‘interesting theory’ remark, Sam meant more Brady’s words on how deep down he was just like them (the demons), because they had the same stuff in their veins. That might have also opened his eyes to why he was so into his powers – and, if we’re lucky, that might trigger his powers again and allow him to gain control over them.
I am not the only one around rooting for his powers’ return, am I?

Suze, you are pointing at some of my biggest fears, too – Bobby being gone in season six (which would be hugely unsettling!). Of course, the Winchesters as human puppets would be degrading to them and a slap in the face of everyone belonging to Team Free Will, but, let’s face it – it seems that we are going to see exactly that.
We need to stock up on booze and chocolates, I guess, depending on individual needs… Oh, and of course, couch room. Already bying a new and bigger one, Suze.
Don't fret, though - there won't be only cockroaches and Ghostfacers in season six... Whatever the writers will do to us now, they will make amends in season six. Let's believe that...

Thanks for this fascinating discussion, ladies! Cheers to you all, Jas
# ElenaM 2010-05-04 13:03
I'm trying not to think about it too much, like before--just going to sit back and see how things go down. But my gut feeling is that both bros will still be standing at the end of things. Sam talking about gaining control over Lucifer was very interesting--so me combination of desperation and daring, I think, but how much of each? You'd think his prior experience with posession--havi ng his meatsuit dragged around by Meg for a week, being helpless inside, forced to murder--might make him more cautious. Assuming this was what Bobby was referring to, "You of all people should know."

Another guess--apparent ly I'm thinking ahead after all--I'm with Suze, thinking Bobby's soul is a goner. Maybe Crowley'll doublecross them, or he'll get killed or something and won't be able to give it back. Just my guess. Seems like Crowley--whom I absolutely adore and want around 4ever--might be more up front about how slimy he is ("that's what you get, working with a demon") and that this is a temporary alliance, than, say, Ruby. Although she did admit that "manipulative's kind of in the job description."

Totally agree about Eric Johnson as well--loved him.

And yeah, these boys like their liquor! Their high tolerance is almost alarming . . . Nice to know your couch is available as an alternative--go easy on the booze, ladies! ;-)
# ElenaM 2010-05-04 13:08
And using swine flu paranoia to engineer wide distribution--h ence rapid spread--of the Croatoan virus via tainted vaccine? Hmmm. Epidemiology as done by demons.
# Jasminka 2010-05-04 16:14
ElenaM, easy on the booze... we'll see what our couch mates will be in need of at the end of this season. ;-)
You are obviously hoping for the best, dear, and that's the best thing to do, I reckon, as the perspectives we have these days are not exactly those of wine and roses.
The liquor question... It's no wonder both are no strangers to huge amounts of booze, and I love how it's shown in the show. We see that they are drinking too much, which suits their characters. Were they some NYC yuppies they probably would use drugs (only not on national television). This is more like them. It's not less alarming, though.
Thank you for your thoughts, Elena, Best, Jas