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So, you want to know how psyched elle was over this episode?  She sent me a review at 3:14 am this morning!  (Sorry, I usually check email after I get home from work).  I read it over and love it!  It's also her longest review yet. She was definitely running on some inspiration. 

This is a good way to start for I'm hoping to share some deep analysis on this one this weekend.  There's so much to discuss in the terms of Gabriel, angels, destiny vs. free will, Sam and Dean and their man pain, etc.  So let's see what gets sparked.  In the meantime, enjoy the review!


Thoughts on Changing Channels
First “ confession time. I skipped my night class so that I could watch this episode. *hangs head* Okay, that isn't entirely true. I was actually sick and being home on a Thursday night before 11 for the first time in two months was just a fringe benefit. On to the long, long review - my longest to date - now. The only way to tackle this episode is scene by rich-hilarious scene. Right away, this demanded an instant second (third and fourth) watch because “ how could I not?
The Teaser/Sitcom
Supernatural is filmed before a live studio audience. I wish there was a live studio audience -  I'd kill to be in it! Jensen's expressions in this segment were gold.  The best part? Son of a bitch! This opening sequence was so cheesy but oh-so good. The ostentatious decor and the off-screen audience that laughs at everything are delightfully comical.
The Opening Credits
Oh dear god, I thought I was going to die from laughter. How much fun do you think the boys had doing that tandem bike ride shot? And if I'm not mistaking, those mini-bikes are their own in real life.
Real Life
We jump back to two days ago and once again the boys are feebs, questioning a œbear attack story “ the bear that chased a man through his front door, upstairs and killed him. Right. What is really appreciable about Dean and Sam is now that they've been through enough of these weird interrogations they hardly blink at the answers from the witnesses. Though, I guess once you've been to Hell, ipecac-exorcised demons and Paris Hilton has tried to devour you, it takes a lot to phase you. Dean recovers a little faster this time, asking whether it was œBana or Norton and whether Lou Ferrigno (œspiky-haired Lou Ferrigno?) had a grudge against the dead man. Dean's knowledge of TV and movies always astounds me “ you'd think he wouldn't have time to keep up on Hollywood/TV and yet he does. I like that he's the databank of film and television information.
I admit, I wanted to see the shape of the Hulk-hole in the house. That would have nicely iced the cake. That's just me though. So, what is Dean's dirty little secret? He watches soap operas. Now, I once condemned the SO watchers of the world, wondering what was so compelling that they tuned in day after day, until I was seduced by General Hospital a few years back. I don't watch anymore, but it's not hard to see how some people can get sucked into those uber dramas that are daytime TV (or, some of those night-time SO's “ personally, I classify CSI:Miami as a science-based soap opera). Compared to Dean's other pleasures in life “ this is mild.
Glad to see the boys connecting the dots faster this time around “ their culprit is the Trickster, right off the bat. What is something great about Supernatural and that sets it apart? The characters actually learn from and act on past experience. Now, at this point, I wondered if it wasn't sloppy of the Trickster to leave the wrappers, but of course, the Trickster is playing the Winchesters all along and wants them to come after him.
Sam's plan “ ask the Trickster for help in this war “ does have merit. It isn't the first time I've wondered about the other creatures “ such as witches and vampires “ who might not want the world to end and I wonder why the supernatural community hasn't been a little more vocal in this war? Seems to me that all the mid-level, cognizant creatures (excluding demons, of course) would have a vested interest in the world not ending. As Sam puts it, the Trickster œdoesn't want the party to end and maybe the Trickster can be their ally because of this.
Not bad logic, except, can you really trust a œbloody monster? Dean has an ethical problem with aligning himself with the things they hunt to which Sam replies that they œdon't have the luxury of a moral stand “ careful Sammy, that is a little reminiscent of the œwe're above the law attitude from season four. Sam has definitely changed from his experiences last season, but this is another reminder of his loss of innocence and it is somewhat sad to see. Season one Sam liked the moral stand. I'm not judging Sam, or saying that he's necessarily wrong here either “ in war, we do things that wouldn't normally be done for the greater good and this is what I think Sam is getting at here- œthe enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that jazz.
Oh, an abandoned warehouse. We haven't been to one of those in a while. A second great point about Supernatural? The boys realize when something is off and acknowledge the possibilities of what they're walking into. (As opposed to the people on, say police procedurals (which Dean hates because there's too many of ˜em) when the citizens of a town are told there is a serial killer on the loose, hunting women at night on the running path and inevitably, some doe-eyed ditz takes a nice night-time jog only to end up [shockingly] as the next victim.)  Upon pulling up to the warehouse and finding no police, they recognize that something is a little off “ but whether that's because they think it's a trap or because they suspect the Trickster's trick has done something to the people it's hard to say.
Dr. Sexy, M.D.
Enter warehouse and exit in Seattle Mercy, a place where sexy nurses and doctors abound.
Right away I notice the emotive music and I'll bet the team had fun with the soundtrack for this episode because it's such mix but at the same time, meant to poke fun at the genres. The soft, gentle, heartfelt music is so perfect for the emotional hospital-drama. Next, we learn about the hospital and it's characters, to Dean's delight this is Dr. Sexy, M.D. You have to appreciate the inside joke about the œghost. Even though I don't watch Grey's Anatomy I heard all about the controversy involving Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Denny and his return as a spirit from beyond the grave - it's compelling.


# Random 2009-11-06 19:41
Great review Elle.I'm really curious if where going to see Lucifer try to turn Raphael and Gabriel to his side.Since they add this element to show that there is just not hate between Lucifer and the other angels.IT seem to me that Gabriel seem to care about his brother Lucifer. So I could Lucifer trying to use that to his advantage or to that point Michael and Raphael doing the same thing to get Gabriel on there side but I hope he helps Dean and Sam.It be cool to see them try anyway. Idk I just thought I share.
# Mandi 2009-11-07 01:09
Could I please know the name of the song that has worlds, that I think was playing during the Soap Opera scene?
# Karen 2009-11-07 04:19
Wow Elle
What a fantastic review.
This episode is definitely be added to
'My Favourite’s' list.
Thank-you sharing your thoughts.
# Dany 2009-11-07 10:50
Hi Elle!
Felt inspired for this one didn't you? 3 all pages! Not complaining!
Loved this episode, it's definitely going on top 5! Loved your review too, very god thoughts in the end part. I really hope we get to see Gabriel again ( it's always good to see Richard) and hope that he listens to Dean and end up helping the boys.

I did see the original Knight Rider (I'm getting old!) from beginning to end and I've got to say that, aside for the car and the awful hair (thank good they didn't do that to Jensen) it was spot on.
# Dany 2009-11-07 10:52
Hi Elle!
Felt inspired for this one didn't you? 3 all pages! Not complaining!
Loved this episode, it's definitely going on top 5! Loved your review too, very god thoughts in the end part. I really hope we get to see Gabriel again ( it's always good to see Richard) and hope that he listens to Dean and end up helping the boys.

I did see the original Knight Rider (I'm getting old!) from beginning to end and I've got to say that, aside for the car and the awful hair (thank good they didn't do that to Jensen) it was spot on.
# Randal 2009-11-07 11:45
Great review! The ending was so incredibly important for exactly what you stated: they (Dean) is sick of the bullshit, which goes back to last year about the prophecy garbage. Don't sit back and watch, make your own destiny.

The fact that they *do* learn from past experiences, which sounds so "duh" to us, is a rarity on teevee. Hell with servicing the plot, service the characters. I can't believe I just typed that HERE of all places, I meant no double entendre, ladies.

As for Castiel finding them, nothing was mentioned on screen, but hey, not the first time a character has tapped into a cell's GPS. Maybe when not practicing pickup lines on the ladies, he's learning human technology. Though I'd still wager that his VCR flashes 12:00. (do they even make those anymore?)

What made this particular episode work where it could have easily fallen apart with all the gags and rips on other genre shows was how brilliant the acting was. You've got to have timing in physical comedy, you've got to sell the bullshit here and Jensen and Jared have become masters. I think of when SNL was still funny and they had great, over-the-top impressions of celebrities and they worked every time. That's what happened here.

The trickster/Gabri el has to come back, even heroes need help. And where's Raphael? One and done? He'll be back, just wonder how and in what capacity of evil. Yes, evil, both sides have plenty of jackassery to go around.
# Faellie 2009-11-07 13:18
Thanks Elle, great review.

Also about Castiel finding Dean and Sam, as far as I understood it, all the action took place in the old warehouse, so all Castiel had to do when the guys went missing was to find the Impala. Dean won't have allowed any Enochian sigils to be carved into its chassis.
# Maria 2009-11-07 13:19
Does anyone know the music in the background while SexyDoc!Sam tilts his head back when Sexy!Doc1 wants to slap him, and starts all her 'You are a brilliant Doctor' cliche round of cliches?
# Maria 2009-11-07 13:53
Something else. Anyone else adored the way Sam laughs at the Supernatural title after he hits against Dean's back and realises it's just his brother? Brilliantly over the top, I love it!
# Elle2 2009-11-07 15:41
Hi, Elle,

Great review! See, this week you did get one done quick. Whee! This was an excellent episode and I have a 'date' tonight to watch it again...had to stand it up last night, darn. I can't wait to be engrossed in this episode again and enjoying all the wit and reveals and looking for the deeper threads that are surely there.

I agree with your thoughts that Dean is finally growing into his leadership role and his continuing stance that destiny isn't all it's cracked up to be...I don't for one minute believe that just because Gabriel says these two have to battle it to the death means that that's where it has to go...we haven't heard from the true architect of destiny...altho ugh reportedly he will be making an appearance sometime this season.

As for my survival kit? Uh, yeah, gulp, it's here, somewhere...right?

I hope you will be part of the upcoming 'team' of survival specialists who will go forth bravely and help everyone 'cope'
# Suze 2009-11-07 18:05
Good one Elle ( Right one, Hurrah! ) You busy little beaver, you ...

Lots to ponder. I might grow into the idea but right now I hate the Trickster being an angel. One of the things that I really used to love about the show was the way it hoovered up elements from loads of different mythologies and threw them into the mix. They're losing that now. I know it's all hands to the Apocalypse but still ...

Anyway, still a great episode ... "Shall I honk?" was perfect, the whole TV Hell section was just so snidey spot-on wonderful!
# Maria 2009-11-08 09:22
So I could not find that music on Supernatural's soundtrack? Or in Gray's? :sad: It has to be somewhere I can listen to it other than the show! It's too cruel not to!