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“Sittin on a Rainbow” is another amazing episode, proving that Walker is really stepping it up with season three. There is something for everyone - action, drama, comedy, and a face from the past that had the audience screaming in joy. Heavy topics are broached, such as how corrupt society is, and the best way to affect change. And throughout it all is woven the high ideals of faith, belief and trust. Though this review is normally divided into specific characters, this episode lends itself more to being described by its pairs, mostly siblings. And at the heart of it all are…

The Brothers Walker

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Evil often believes love is a weakness, thus why they kidnapped Liam in order to break Cordell. This was a miscalculation, for it made Cordell’s drive that more intense, to not break, to escape. Jared and Keegan are magnificent as they portray myriad emotions of pain, fear, love and faith. They wonderfully show how the brothers were able to work together to break free, and even save others, because they built on the trust they had for each other.  Liam loves and looks up to his brother, and spent much of last season working to regain what he thought was lost trust. But he also knows that his brother is a self sacrificing hero, so he makes sure to get Cordell to promise not to sacrifice himself for Liam. As for Cordell, the days of torture have taken their toll, and he must trust himself that Julia wasn’t bad, and even the fact that Liam is his brother. He must also not fall for Sean’s faulty logic. And this is where Sean overplays his hand, by threatening and hurting Liam. This strengthens Cordell’s resolve. He has to convince Liam of the urgency that they can’t have faith in a cavalry to save them in time. Liam is quickly convinced and they work on a plan.  Because of their trust for each other, they are able to work in tandem, and are quickly free. Except Cordell needs to be a hero again, and Liam has to trust in him to make it out alive. So Liam has faith once again in his big brother, and Cordell honors his promise. Them working together to both survive and get free proves the belief in them by …

The Walker Parents

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The fear when losing one child almost shattered Abeline in the previous episode. At the beginning of this episode, she goes through old photos with Geri under the guise of helping, but more reminiscing.  Now, both sons are missing and she is consumed with fear and worry. Then there is Bonham, busying himself around the ranch. This disparity is due to differences in faith.  Abeline has lost hers. However, Bonham helps by reminding her that their sons are together, and their mother taught them to stick together. Mitch and Molly made this scene magic. And he was right, Cordell and Liam did stick together and escape. But they should have had less faith in …

The Walker Kids

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While lovable, with their hearts often in the right place, their decision making skills need work. It’s funny that even Violet & Kale recognize this. In this episode, Stella’s desperation leads her to trust the wrong person. August refuses to let her go alone, which may have saved Stella, but put him in place to get injured. Stella also lost her mother’s Mustang in the ordeal. However, they aren’t the only siblings that get into trouble, there is also …

The Perez Siblings

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The recently reunited sister and brother offer both the comedic levity the otherwise serious episode dearly needed, but another look at trust and keeping promises. Ashley Reyes and Matt Pascua just joined last season, but already are delightful additions. Their banter is touching and hilarious. When Ben explained why he thought Liam was also missing, Cassie immediately believed him, enough to tell Captain James immediately. Cassie also made good on her promise that Ben would never go through something like Lucas alone again. But, they also get into a whole different level of trouble for the greater good. Ben trusts Cassie enough to impersonate a federal officer so that Cassie can break into protective custody to talk to Miles. And though Cassie is arrested, the information she received directly leads to Captain James saving Liam and finding Cordell. So, sometimes getting into trouble works out.

This episode was amazing. It showcased the intelligence and prowess of Walker, a man who was kidnapped only to take down the head of the organization that captured him, and save the city from a biochemical attack.

It also cleverly answered questions the audience had from the first episode, and created questions for the future.

Jared also gave the viewers Colin Ford back as a younger version of his character. The perfect younger Sam was also the perfect younger Cordell, and he played the earnest innocence of a new marine wonderfully. Hopefully, he returns in the future.

Season 3 has started out incredibly strong. It’s exciting to anticipate what else is to come.

4.96 stars out of 5.

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